Have you heard about the latest esoteric “racist” symbol? No, it’s not Pepe the Frog, but milk. That’s right the gallon you buy at the store every week for your morning cereal has become a code word for “white nationalism”, this threat has become so pervasive that the British tabloid Metro is here to provide an explainer:

For the last few weeks, white supremacists have been proudly declaring that they’re ‘lactose tolerant’, and are adding ‘glass of milk’ emojis into their Twitter names….

Gasp?! Lactose tolerance!

For example Richard Spencer, who is most famous for getting punched in the face, has replaced the ‘Pepe the Frog‘ emojis in his name with the glass of milk.

Who knew Richard had the power to make something racist just by associating his name with it. Next thing one knows, soon Apple products will be “racist”, oh wait.

According to Metro the trend began on 4Chan and escalated at Shia LaBeouf’s faux art exhibit:

It started when one user posted a world map (minus the US for some reason) of lactose tolerance in different countries, apparently showing that tolerance was higher in the UK and northern Europe… Sort of, although there’s another reason why the whole meme has taken off. When Nazis hijacked Shia LaBeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ art performance (which has since been forced to close), they were seen on camera chugging milk and dancing around topless – showing off their runic and swastika tattoos.

Quelle horreur!

Now it has evolved into a general indicator that someone is a white supremacist. So there you have it.If someone you know starts adding milk emojis to their name and talking about how well they can tolerate lactose, it’s probably time to de-friend.

There you have it indeed. The left are so paranoid that a simple glass of milk triggers them. What’s next? Breathing air? After all, he-who-must-not-be-named also breathed air. It could be a gateway to “white supremacy”, to the barricades go comrades!


  • Pioneer American

    Oh man that’s so two or more weeks ago! Since then there’s been ‘trash dove’ and the ‘a-ok!’ symbol, which can be made into ‘white power’. The ‘a-ok’ symbol didn’t get very far, but did get mentioned on huffingtonpost.com (can’t find a link, sorry). But, here: http://www.snopes.com/stephen-miller-white-power-hand-sign.

    /pol/acks actively push this stuff. Actually the latest is ‘Based Stick Man’ / ‘Alt Knight’ as you can imagine.

    FWIW the original guy didn’t drink milk to signal whiteness (as I understand), he was just medically supposed to drink a lot of milk and /pol/ took it from there.

    • invincible white owl

      Yeah, it’s not “new” news anymore, but still funny AF to read about. Good article.

  • Frontierland
  • PLease downvote:

    • invincible white owl

      Will do!

    • Raven_24

      That’s the Jewiest looking Dindu that’s ever walked the face of the Earth.

      The Rebel Media Jews sent this Dinjew out to attack the Alt-Right so their cuck viewers would be afraid to criticize this blatantly, anti-White attack.

      It’s long passed time for the Alt-Right to launch a full-scale, coordinated attack against the controlled-opposition organization called (((Rebel Media))).

    • LyovMyshkin

      Gavin McInnes is in Israel right now being educated about the wonders of Jewish nationalism and they publish this.

      What a joke of an outlet.

    • Mo’Hommid Chavez-Weinstein

      These people don’t understand how useless the virtue signalling of disavowing the alt-right is. If even Yiannopoulos got auto-branded as a Neo-Nazi white supremacist just for showing up, what do these rebels think is in store for them? From the left’s point of view, if you criticize Islam or suggest that trannies are mentally ill then you are a Nazi full stop and no further analysis is necessary. This token jew black isn’t changing anyone’s mind, right or left, about anything.

  • – TheFinn –
    • Jarod

      Context required.

      • invincible white owl

        It’s an esoteric White Supreemist rite!!

        • Jusqu’au Bout

          More white women take milk baths than any other race… and that’s a fact!

      • Martin Manichean

        It’s an ‘art piece’ from a guy who does some pretty degenerate crap, its not intended to glorify NS. Out of context though its still funny

  • Mo’Hommid Chavez-Weinstein
  • Donald Jackson

    A new member to a https://www.facebook.com/groups/AltRightVersusRegressiveLeft asked what is the AltRight… I sent her this video to help her understand. As someone who came into this world in the past 6 months, I’m still trying to understand and keep up with all the layers of the AltRight. Unfortunately, a lot of people online are extremely snarky to people new to or inquiring about the AR… It’s one thing to be proud of ourselves/ heritage etc, but another to be rude to people sincerely trying to investigate the AR. As a movement, this tone needs to stop.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      “It’s one thing to be proud of ourselves/heritage etc”…….

      That one thing is a GREAT Thing…….

      And when did White People ever all get along?

      We’re Humans and Assholes even to those who are supposed to be our Allies……

      And there’s always a Hierarchy……

      And that’s Life…….

      But, I understand exactly what you’re talking about……..

      There are the Adult Leaders of the Alt-Right and those who smoke lots of Marijuana and engage in Strange Conspiracy Theories but create great memes and new language…….

      There are many very smart people in this movement doing things I don’t understand…….

      Every aspect has utility…….

      You and I just have to find our respective place as in any group……..

      Go to theoccidentalobserver.net……..

      The TOO is the Intellectual Vanguard of the Alt-Right…….Kevin MacDonald and company….

      The Mature Adults……the Intellectual Leaders…….

      Radix Journal…….Richard Spencer…….

      OccidentalDissent…….Hunter Wallace……

      Or Amren.com………Jared Taylor…….

      Identity Europa…….Nathan Damigo…….

      I’m sure you know about all this by now……..

      Red Ice TV on Youtube……Lana Lokteff and Palmgren………

      Dailystormer which is the most blatantly offensive………

      It’s a Complex Phenomenon…….

      Lots of different aspects…….

      Some more close to the mainstream others far far far off……..

      Lots to choose from……..

      Lots I don’t know about………

      To call it all Alt-Right is probably inaccurate………

      But, it spans many different aspects of the White Identity Reactionary Consciousness…….

      From the Highs of the Cerebral Cortex to the Basal Primate Id……..

      I’m just as confused as you are sometimes…….

      Just remember that ‘One Thing’……..and you’ll remain Alt-Right Based…..


      • Donald Jackson

        Thank you for this thoughtful response! Very helpful.

    • That’s about as sympathetic, intelligent and fair an interview as any AR can get.

    • Alex Harris

      My suggestion is you check out the following websites:

      The Occidental Observer
      V Dare
      Radix Journal

      If you’re a Christian:

      True Sons of Abraham

      If you’re feeling a bit naughty, and you’re not afraid of a little light genocide humor, check out the Daily Stormer. It’s a good news aggregation site from a pro-white perspective. Just be ready for some “shock treatment”.

      A lot of the bickering and snark you’ve encountered could be from trolls/infiltrators and the like. There are many people who have a vested interest in keeping us divided, and one of the ways they do that is by stoking controversy on Alt-Right websites. Just ignore it. We need White people to wake up and unite now.

      • Donald Jackson

        Thanks for your reply Alex!

    • Jusqu’au Bout

      1) The snark is mostly from troll humor. If you’re not used to it, get less sensitive. It’s not personal. It’s equivalent to sarcasm but in a different way.
      2) Altright is more than just pride in our ancestry. It’s acknowledging that we have a right to existence, especially in our indigenous lands and the civilizations that we created.
      3) Richard Spencer sums it up with “Race is real, race matters, and race is the foundation of identity.” We don’t deny this basic fact to any people, ethnicity, or race on Earth. It should matter to everyone.

      • Donald Jackson

        Thank you for your reply!! Very helpful.

    • practicallyperfect

      To Alex’s list I would add Vox Day and Men of the West. If you’re looking for podcast there is a new one call Alt-Right Politics.

      • Donald Jackson

        Thank you kindly for the additional info. I’m familiar with Vox Day but will look up the AR podcast. Cheers!

  • Psirax

    To be slightly more accurate on what got it started, There was this dindu called paperboy who was a frequent character that constantly tried to shill his shitty music on the stream who claimed it was racist. Because he was such an anoyying cunt the /pol/ board from 4chan meme’ed it into existence. People from the internet ordered milk to the exhibit and then it became a meme. Here is the video which started it all, featuring Paperboy, and /pol/ blart mall cop;

  • Alex Harris

    “Now it has evolved into a general indicator that someone is a white
    supremacist. So there you have it.If someone you know starts adding milk
    emojis to their name and talking about how well they can tolerate
    lactose, it’s probably time to de-friend.”

    This is quite the laugh. We should all lurk around jews and SJWs while drinking bottles or glasses of milk, and giving them knowing, sideways glances. Don’t say anything, just eagerly gulp down the milk while giving them your best Travis Bickel stare.

    Seriously great opportunity to gaslight them and cause paranoia, while having a damn good laugh.

    • Jusqu’au Bout

      Next time I’m at Costco I’m going to buy 8 gallons of milk and see if anyone stares (and yes, we will drink all of it because we’re white, “privileged”, and “racist”).

  • Mantelar