What Stephen McNallen Thinks About Race

Stephen McNallen
The Asatru Folk Assembly, or AFA, an organization of Germanic neopaganism, is a US-headquartered, but international folkish Ásatrú organization, with chapters worldwide, founded by Stephen A. McNallen in 1994.


  • Modern day Christianity is a case of cultural reappropriation like no other as its highly filtered through the Northern European pagan filter. Holidays we Westerners practice are just repackaged Norse holidays. The only reason this particular Abrahamic Faith doesn’t still resemble the other Abrahamic faiths is due to Germanic peoples like Martin Luther who cleaned it up. ML was also highly critical of the Jews (his book, “The Jews and their Lies”). If we really want to be authentic in our Whiteness, we should worship our native Gods and not the Middle Eastern Tyraninal God (one god to rule them all). I was raised Christian but I am a practicing Heathen / Asatruar. Don’t get me wrong, I love the kind of Christian that fights against Marxism and Globalism…but I’m seriously at odds with the Christians that believe in the Zionist Chosen People myth. Down with Islam, Down with Zionism. And I do understand that Christianity is part of White heritage, too. But we were Pagan for FAR LONGER than we were Christain. And the only reason we became Christian is because some greedy Kings decided to join the EU and sold us out to the Romans so they could do business with them. So to me, though there is still a place in my heart for the Christianity of my parents, it’s the relgion of the Invaders.

  • I urge the editors here to publish the best of Stephen McNallen’s brother in law Jost Turner’s essays on history, religion, culture – including his best presentations of the positive parts of German National Socialism.

    Jost was/is the best.

    • Pretty funny considering their support of Christianity. They bannrd larpers like you in the Thule Society.

  • People sperging out about Christianity need to relax. I have a lot of respect for traditional Christianity but this is a movement about saving our race. Whether you’re Christian, Pagan or aren’t particularly religious doesn’t matter. We all have to stand together to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children.

  • I get the sense that Pagans are more open-minded about forming an alliance with Christians than vice-versa. Strange how Christianity can be simultaneously universalist and yet so insular and parochial. Perhaps a reflection of its Judaic origins?

    It is helpful to remember that the word ‘Pagan’ derives from the Latin ‘paganus’, meaning ‘a person of the countryside; rural folk’ (Jews, in contrast, have long been inveterate urbanites). It’s about rootedness, and immersion in the natural world and its processes.

    • I think you miss the point. I am open to most people (not weirdos into dark shit though) but paganism is going no fucking where.

      The West and that includes Eastern Europe cannot be unraveled from its Christian heritage. Paganism is not coming back.

      We don’t dungeons and dragons larpers ruining this movement.

      • Paganism never left.
        And if anything ruins ‘this movement’, it will be shrill, witless church-ladies like you.

      • It’s not about “dungeons and dragons larping.” I’ll admit that those people exist, but most pagans aren’t interested in dressing up like 9th century Icelanders and drinking horns of mead.

        To me paganism is about putting a spiritual importance on race. The gods aren’t even the primary focus.

        • So when you read about pagan Europe the scholars tell you their religion is about race?

          I only am aware of one religion like that and it is Judaism and it is a plague on humanity.

          • So you believe in one humankind? That’s what you seem to indicate when you are against a religion that is for one race only.

          • That is called Judaism, the one for one people. Learning to read should be your first step.

            This paganism you larp about is not historical. It is made up by people like that McNallen who looks eerily like that Heavens Gate nutjob who cut his sack off and went to join his people with Haley’s comet.

          • Once again, you try to quick step out of your internal inconsistency by wandering off into left field. My point was simple. Let me restate it this way: If you believe in a religion that is universal and holds that all humans are essentially the same, then you can’t really be for Whites above all else. The belief in the sameness of all humans and a belief in Whiteness above all else are mutually exclusive. And, your constant attempt at childish insults seem to indicate some cognitive dissonance on your part. You see, that’s what happens when one’s beliefs since childhood are challenged and shown to be inconsistent with new beliefs or new knowledge.

          • So the Chinese must believe in mixing with all the other people’s that are Buddhist? Illogical.

            And what makes you think that in a hypothetical situation, that once all Whites were converted to paganism that they would not still race mix? The Aryans in India did it. The Aryans in Iran did it. The Aryans in Rome did it.

            Yet we know that under traditional Christianity Europe remained free of such insanity. In fact it may be argued from the historical record that pagans are more prone to race mixing

          • I am not a pagan if you define it to mean someone who worships the old concepts of gods in Europe. My beliefs are different than that–my beliefs flow from the major belief that the White genome (and White people, or more simply Whiteness) is essential above all else and that Whites are a selected people who, if they make it so, are destined to take the next steps for mankind and evolve into a higher type that is closer to ineffable divinity. To be “selected” means one must be born of two “pure” White parents. You will note that Jews, who claim to be a chosen people, have a lesser standard for their supposed chosenness since, at least in Orthodox Jewry, it means one only needs to be born of a Jewish woman and the father can be anyone else.

          • And, more…You wrote: “And what makes you think that in a hypothetical situation, that once all Whites were converted to paganism that they would not still race mix?”

            Right. You see, I am not a pagan as I think you define the term and as I point out immediately above. Any faith that puts something other than Whiteness first is subject to at some point have race mixing. My beliefs put Whiteness above all else for all places and all times. And, with such a belief no one who believes as I do would race mix and still believe as I do. You do see the logic, don’t you?

          • Thing is I don’t think you will find many followers for this new religion. It’s bound to be a pipe dream. We need to be realistic to win this battle.

          • I’m not looking for followers. My beliefs are my beliefs and they don’t depend on having followers. Others can believe as I do or not. That is their choice.

          • “I don’t think you will find many followers…”

            Click the youtube video and see how many views, how many likes, and take note to how many people are arguing with you here.

            That’s a few thousand right there.

          • And you are confusing the Christianity of today that has bended knee to the secular left with traditional chistianity. The Pope of the day wove with his own hand a crown of thorns for Jefferson Davis as he languished in prison. Why? Because the church supported race based slavery and the superiority of White men.

            How about the church’s support of the Third Reich? How about their support of the Ustasi? And the Iron Guard? And the White Russians? Learn to read and learn who are your friends and enemies. The athiest/secular left that planted all this hatred and subversion in your mind is not your friend. Like the ghetto nigs say “you done got got”

          • Judaism is a plague because Jews are a plague. No, the ancient Europeans did not practice an ethno-religion. However, I’m not a strict reconstructionist and think a revived form of the traditional European religion should be more of a white ethno-religion.

      • Alt-right, I’m putting my foot in my mouth here… if I’m not mistaken paganism evolved into Science. The bible was used to lay the foundation of our country here in the United States; another words, every principle in our constitution was extracted right out of the scripture; one of the reasons why I state numerous times, Jews (e.g. capitalist zionist) control both politics and religion today! Traditional Roman Catholics know this! I find Jews to be problematic and I will not pussy foot around pretending these are nice everyday average folks living next door. Don’t forget were most of you Alt-right followers came from politically speaking, you were liberals at heart. It’s only because of your lack of control towards immigration did you pluck the feather from your hats and swung towards Nationalism but I believe you are in bed with kikes! Just my own observation; these articles being written by the Alt-right crowd don’t even make Jews blush! Bullsh@#$%t

    • Don’t play into your enemy’s hands. So you want to play the part of the tolerant minority? Right up ( more like down) there with your muslim and jewish commrades?

      News flash. Pagans constantly warred against Christians. The first missionaries to Scandinavia were killed. As soon as Britain became Christian the pagan Norse raided, raped and looted.

      You know very well that if you pagans ever had the upper hand that your intolerance to a religion you hate would end in blood.

      And which paganism should it be? Not all European peoples are Germanic. What about the Celts? Try telling an Irishman he should worship Norse gods.

      I understand your argument because I used to be you. I matured learned a lot more about our history.

      You pagans need to be Red Pilled on Christianity and Medieval Europe.

      • Which paganism should it be?! It doesn’t have to be just one, that’s the whole point. We don’t think in universalist terms – Christians do.
        McNallen himself is at least half Celtic/Irish and follows a Nordic path. So I don’t have to tell an Irishman to honor (we don’t worship – again, that’s you guys) Norse gods… some do it of their own volition.

        You understand nothing, and didn’t used to be me, creeper. Get over yourself.

        • Don’t flatter yourself. I didn’t mean you lierally. Stop gazing in the mirror.

          Obviously you don’t know anything about Ireland or its history or people or you would not make such an ignorant statement. Everyone is not itching to be a German or Nordic.

          I think you need to get out and travel. Try reading some peer reviewed books and put down the comic books.

        • So all the various whites in America will all have different paganisms and we will be united and healthy in this system? The wiccans, the Odinist, The Celts, The Romans, the Alien worshipers, the goat followers, the Setians.

          Quite the rainbow nation you imagine. Sounds like the one you already live in. I left the states years ago and this type of pie in the sky thinking was one of the reasons. You will fail if you don’t wake up.

        • That’s the real problem: “honoring” vs “worshipping”. I’m German Lutheran. I worship the Christian God but I also revere my ancestors and honor their gods and beliefs. It doesn’t have to be exclusive. It doesn’t have to “either/or”. It can be both!

      • “Pagans constantly warred against Christians.”

        Christians also constantly waged war against Pagans. Christians also constantly waged war against Christians.

        “The first missionaries to Scandinavia were killed.”

        Yeah, and? They were spreading a foreign faith that served to kowtow the world under the Pope. They wanted to keep their power, independence and yes, their Gods. Christianity brought plenty of trouble to Scandinavia and as soon as the Scandinavians could, they freed themselves from the Pope.

        >As soon as Britain became Christian the pagan Norse raided, raped and looted.

        Parts of Britain were still Pagan when the Norse were invading. The Norse did not invade them because they were Christian but after a population boom and the climate warmed causing them to expand, but the first invasions were because monasteries were easy pickings (treasures held on structures on hilltops or on islands with no standing armies around).

        “You know very well that if you pagans ever had the upper hand that your intolerance to a religion you hate would end in blood.”

        Not really.

        “And which paganism should it be?”

        Which Christianity should it be? I’m pretty sure Catholics and Protestants hate each other more than Pagans hate Christians.

        “You pagans need to be Red Pilled on Christianity and Medieval Europe.”

        Nah. You’re the one that needs the redpill.

      • 1. Actually, many of the first Christian missionaries were welcomed. When they were perceived (correctly) as undermining the culture and in particularly subverting the heroic ideal, that began to sour. When Christians gained control, they almost uniformly killed, maimed, or fined anyone following the Old Ways. On the Continent, Charlemagne fought a persistent insurgency with the Saxons under Widukind, who did not want to be Christianized. The Norwegian kings in particular were ferocious in repressing the free practice of pre-Christian religion.
        2. “…[our] hate would end in blood.” Who on this formum has shown the most hate?
        3. Celtic religion – all for it, but it is less structured. Wotan certainly made his appearance in the Twentieth Century (per Jung), and Jung predicted he would re-emerge in his wisdom aspect…which is largely underway.

        • I’m not trying to portray Christianity as tolerant. It was not and should not be. I am being honest. You and yours on the other hand are playing the oppressed, tolerant, aggrieved minority card. Pagans were not tolerant and I am sure your so-called tolerance is out of necessity as there are how many of you out there? A few thousand? Just be honest.

          This is the Right! You belong on the left with the fags, blacks, jews and other assorted aggrieved, tolerant minorities in your rainbow nation.

          Undermine the warrior ideal? I know you know that is a lie and you are lying to uneducated, young, disillisioned men. That is a cult. More like ending an era of warlordism is Scandinavia and bringing them a superior way of life. Guess you have never heard of a knight?

          Hopefully most people on here are educated enough to see through your lies.

  • This is a great speech, I agree with ALL said, and all Whites would do well to watch this.
    HOWEVER, other than recommending broad and general philosophies, he never actually tells us what to do to save our Race. I’m not talking about BIG-PICTURE issues like stopping immigration completely, expelling non-whites or the eventual creation of an ethnostate. Even if we could eventually achieve those things, they are a long way off at best. All of us, we Whites, need to start doing things yesterday to begin the reversal of our demographic degradation.
    Perhaps you might say that we all already know what those things are; they are very obvious. Well, maybe they are not so obvious and someone needs to spell them out.
    Even if we reach our Holy Grail of an ethnostate, it will be such a long way off that we need to get used to preserving our White identity while living in increasingly multiracial countries, at least for some time.
    Right off the top of my head, here are some things that any of us should be able to do immediately to advance our cause.
    -Do not even consider interracial marriage; HECK, do not even dabble in romance with non-Whites. One cannot be bitten by a shark if he does not go into the ocean.
    -HAVE CHILDREN!!!! nothing more need be said.
    -Let your children know, in no uncertain terms, that interracial marriage is unacceptable. I could probable write 1000 words about this issue right now but perhaps I’ll leave that for another post. One of the best and shortest and sweetest arguments I ever read in opposing interracial marriage was by Jared Taylor. To paraphrase him ‘I want my grandchildren to look like me’.
    -Socialize with other Whites who have our same philosophy, and do it in person. We will never get anything accomplished if we only sit at our computers. And, the socializing should NOT only be with regard to our demographic predicament. We need to foster healthy and productive social networks amongst our like.
    -Look out for and help other Whites. Do business with and hire Whites preferentially. If we don’t do it for each other no one else will. Trust me. I work in Biotech in Massachusetts. If an Indian or Chinese scientist is in charge of a lab, you are more likely to find a unicorn working there than a White man or woman. The same thing does not happen in reverse when a White scientist is in charge.

    • Your bullet points show that you understand what needs to be avoided and what needs to be done. We can’t control others of our kind, or always awaken them or save them,but we can do what we must do as individuals and, again, you’ve shown that you know the way. Live a good and decent life and seek happiness in a White context and Breed, breed, breed. It all begins with ONE and you are ONE and I am ONE and we are all ONE.

  • The difference between a White Nationalist and a White Supremacist, summed up well enough. Always did like the guy.
    “14 words into 8 words”. Please tell me I’m not the only person who giggled at the 1488 joke knowing that he isn’t 1488.
    I’m far too obvious to get into the religious bullshit goys. I don’t actually care if your Helenist, Odinist, Christian, or kneel before Lord Molag Bal like weak bitches: If you’re White, defend the White race, and reclaim our homelands, you’ve got my arm and my steel.
    Remember who wants us divided. Never forget who wants the eradication of every White faith and tradition.
    It’s us or them. They choose that fate.

  • If Heathens have to bear responsibility for a couple dipshits in the faiths recent history, shouldn’t Christians have to claim responsibility for Westboro Baptist?

    • I like Westboro Baptist. At least, the head woman, can’t recall her name right now. Yes, their approach is “offensive” and “shocking”, but it is really just a form of tough-love. The head woman is an American archetype. Many church women of the past were like her. She’s awesome. Look at the clarity, the conviction, the fiery certitude and righteousness in her eyes. “Thank God for dead troops” is a bit over the top, but the essence of their message isn’t wrong. REPENT.

        • Boy, then I guess you would have been constantly soiling your trousers in fear if you had lived in America before the 1960’s, because that’s what a lot of Christians used to be like. Fire and brimstone and damnation preaching and all. (((Seader)))? You might have some red flags of your own.

        • Then I guess you would have been constantly soiling your trousers with fear if you had lived in pre 1960’s America, because a lot of the Christians were like that. Fire and brimstone and eternal damnation preaching. (((Seader)))? You might have some red flags of your own there.

          What is so bad about Westboro Baptist? They say mean things to people?

          • “What is so bad about Westboro Baptist”

            Controlled opposition and a false flag. Look up the history of Fred Phelps. Look at how they operate (goad people into attacking them and then suing them in court). They don’t just go after lefties but go after military families, who are going to be right-wing, real wholesome 1950s. Also look up the testimonies of people that have met them in their off time – lots of paid actors.

          • Hmmm. I haven’t taken the time to research all their dealings that thoroughly. Frankly, I’m not that interested in allocating time to that. I still stand by what I said though. The head Phelps woman is an American archetype, and when you listen to her speak she seems to have the courage of her convictions. Apart from the shock-theater elements of what they do, her message is one of tough love, and is much needed.

    • “Shouldn’t Christians have to claim responsibility for cucked ‘refugees welcome’ Churches?” might be the better analogy 😉

  • I loved the video. McNallen is a good example to look to. He rejects Nazism and supremacy, and instead calls for self-determination for all people. Whites are much more likely to get on board with this than they are to listen to skinheads.

  • Come on goys bring out the good ole fashioned Egyptian demonology. Behind curtain one, The Temple of Set.

  • Let’s see. Recent articles here are for a war against Iran, for a war against Russia for pissant little countries in the Baltics, and then paganism.

    I smell a yid!

  • Now all we need is some good ole Egyptian demonology on here. Come on goys, bring out the Temple of Set.

    I’m starting to think this site is a cia front meant to confuse and ruin the alt right?

  • I just remembered the tranny’s name, Stephen Flowers. He also has some fake ass Germanic pen name of which I cannot remember. He and the other heathens try to make a religion out of child like stories from the Icelandic sagas.

    I get it. Our ancestors were polytheist. But that religion was buried. Whatever value it had is lost. The higher, true god, in paganism simply is not there for us to know. If you want to worship a warlord like Odin go ahead but he is not god.

    If you are a well meaning person you simply don’t associate with satanist like Michael whatever his name Blood Axis.

    And yes the religious leaders are into globalism, immigrants and so on. It’s our job to put the religious power in it’s place and that is out of politics. Just as Hitler and Mussolini did. I’ll remind you all that Germans went to the Eastern Front against the Bolshiveks with Christian cross belt buckles. I’ll also remind you that your Christian ancestors had no problem whatsoever with racial segregation. And united under one faith there was NO muslim presence in Western Europe. In fact both the Muslims and Jews were expelled from Iberia.

    Clearly I would save the white man. Are Blacks even human enough to be Christians?

    • Umm…is there any evidence that Stephen Flowers is a tranny or is that just a random assertion? I’m familiar with his work and have never heard this. A quick google search doesn’t show anything. Are you confusing him with someone else?

      • I was told that by a trusted friend who is an Asatruar and founded a kindred. He’s older, a university prof, and been into Asatru for decades. Said he was born a woman.

        Stephen McNallen should know. They both started all this together.

        For those going on about Jesus being a jew it hardly has any revelance at all to traditional Christianity. In fact the Jews are fightened to death of the “anti-semitism” baked into the cake of traditional Christianity.

        For those interested in the pagan myths read The Artic Homeland in the Vedas. You will find that Thor and Odin and all of it is allegory. Not god. Maybe the Druids taught of god but we don’t know because it was all lost.

        • Well, I don’t know anything about that as I’ve never met Stephan Flowers or know anything about him outside of his books and interviews. I do know the AFA does not allow trannies to become members and that sort of behavior is not tolerated among folkish pagans.

          • I was told that was part of the split with McNallen. I don’t know if that was true.

            Then there was the Temple of Set. Some dark demonology shit that Flowers was reportedly ivolved in.

        • >Thor and Odin and all of it is allegory. Not god

          Bullfuckingshit. Go read up on the names of the days of the week. Days of the week don’t named after allegories.

          • Read the book. Again its called The Artic Homeland in the Vedas. It’s old so you can get it free online.

            Read Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World.

            Then come back and make some statements when you have some ground to stand on.

            You remind me of the Black Israelites movement. Great enterrtainment, but nothing but fantasy to back them up

          • “Nothing but fantasy to back it up”

            One book from 1908 doesn’t mean your theory is right.

            “It propounded the theory that the North Pole was the original home of Aryans during the pre-glacial period which they had to leave due to the ice deluge around 8000 B.C. and had to migrate to the Northern parts of Europe and Asia in search of lands for new settlements.”

            Nice theory but this is contradicted by linguistic and the Kurgan theory.

            The Gods were literally worshiped. We can see that in the Iliad or on inscriptions of Anglo-Saxon rings. There’s a lot of shit you don’t know, dude.

            “Read Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World.”

            He doesn’t argue that the Gods were always allegorical. He argues that they can/are allegorical for us.

            You can go fuck yourself, though. You’re arrogant as fuck.

      • Stephen Flowers is not a tranny. It dawns on me now who is being referred to: an individual born as a hermaphrodite who was fairly active some years back. He was never a member of the AFA, and does not share any of our beliefs regarding race and such. I have never even met him. His name? Nobody’s business…but it sure as heck is not Stephen Flowers. Nor, just to head off speculation, is it Michael Moynihan!

        It is despicable when know-nothings make false statement about things like this, smearing the names of innocents.

        • I said I heard it and did not know for sure but I did, do trust my source. Maybe he was misinformed. My point was some real weirdos are attracted to your movement. I have been to blots in both the USA and Europe. And with one exception the people were plain old weirdos. I was younger and curious then. Now I know better.

          But my source used Stephen Flowers books and definately said it was him.

          • Flowers was a member of TOS, and later resigned for reasons he detailed in a document titled “Contra Templum.” He does not recommend the Temple of Set, and actively tells those who work spiritually with him (Flowers) to not join that organization. Speaking for myself, I am not attracted to TOS in any case and I have, in my decades in Asatru, never known anyone who was.

    • Nice character assassination.

      “Uh… I heard of a guy who I’ve heard from a friend of a friend that he may be female to male tranny. Yeah, google turns up nothing but he’s totally a tranny! See how degenerate pagans are!”

      You’re a sniveling little coward for talking shit about people you don’t know just to make a point.

      • So you don’t think there are degenerate pagans? Fool. You don’t even have a coherent religion. Just a bunch of over grown children playing Vikings.

        • You can’t just throw around misinformation about people you don’t know. I mean, you could, but that’s just dishonorable and low, and probably grounds for dismissal from the comments section.

      • The truth is that 1. Stephen Flowers is absolutely not a tranny. I speak as a person who has known him personally since the 1970’s. Flowers has a PhD in Germanic philology and probably knows more about the religious/magical use of the runes than any living person.

        2. Michael Moynihan is a musician who has dealt with dark themes…back when he was in his twenties! He is definitely not a Satanist. I met him in the 1990’s and have followed his intellectual maturation over the decades. We continue to be in touch.

  • Religion has been cause of division between white people since centuries ago. Religion is now a cause of division between the members of the racial resistance movement. Now, religion SHOULD NOT be a cause of division.

    Our movement is diverse in the religious aspect: Christians, Pagans of every stripe, agnostics/atheist, Satanists, etc, etc. And guess what? We should not care about it. The Fuhrer said in Mein Kampf that we are not a religious movement, we are not fighting for a religion but for a race, a people. We are not here to preach the Gospel or spread Runic knowledge, we are here to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    Religious intolerance and disputes inside the racial resistance movement only benefits the enemy.

    • In his Northwest novels, Harold Covington makes clear the irony that it is the National Socialists who wind up being the conciliatory and mediatory voice of reason in disputes between the Christians and the Odinists.

  • In response to some of the commentators below. One should be a White man first, and a Christian, Pagan or Atheist second.

    Nobody is preventing White Christians from running off and creating their own Christian White Indentitarian advocacy movement, apart from Christians themselves of course.

    Like Cuckservatism, Christianity has been a false opposition to the Left for the last 50 years and like Cuckservatism , it has refused to turn up to fight the Left on the battle field where the Left has been waging its war for the last 50 years agains the White man , –which is on the battlefield of Race ( identity politics )

    • Mormonism is the closest thing a white Xtian identitarian movement if you ignore the recent reforms where they conceded that black people are human.

  • I think the great Jost Turner might have married this guy’s daughter. Jost’s NS stuff was the best ever.

    • Jost was my brother-in-law. He was one of the most amazing and original men, not to mention one of the toughest, that I have ever known. I put a set of my jump wings in his coffin (which we built) to speed him on his way…We were both Airborne.

      • I was honored to have corresponded with Jost Turner many times and spoke with him once on the phone. He was like a father to me and I agree he was an amazing original man. He was able to see seemingly complex, chaotic events and bring simple, straight forward incite about what was going on and what could, should or couldn’t be done.

        His very early death surprised me – as he lived such a healthy life.

        I received one nice letter from his widow (your sister?) but haven’t heard anything of his family since then.

        I hope they are OK – I would love to meet them once in real life.

        May the Gods bless you and yours.

        I’m afraid the Judeo Christian world isn’t doing much of anything positive in my life.

  • Great video. Notice how some who want to divide and fragment Whites are now chiming in here against what McNallen correctly says. His most important point (in my words now) is that he puts Whiteness above all else. So do I. This is how we shall survive.

    • Wut? Don’t be silly. Like I said, we are all one and on the same side. But let’s get this paganism weirdo shit straight.

      Like that tranny from Texas. Come on Stephen, you know who he is. He even taught at UT.

      And then what about the satanist goy from Blood Axis?

      I mean we need normal people not homos and satanists.

      I’m a christian and proud of it. All our people should be.

      • It’s fine to be Christian and proud of it and also a responsible sane, race realist that promotes the legitimate rights and culture of White Europeans, European Americans.

        But, that said – be aware of so many corruptions and defections in once solid Christian places.

        The new Catholic Pope is Liberation Theology who likes to do photo ops on Italian Med Islands over run by Black/Muslim migrants. The CINO (Catholic in Name Only) Pope Francis likes to do photo ops where he literally licks the boots/feet of Black/Muslim invaders!

        The once solid Southern Baptist Church is increasingly led by the likes of Russell Moore who gets published in the Jew York Times slandering the small town all White world of the Andy Griffith Show Mayberry has a place of hatred and intolerance.

        Christian Lutheran immigrant aide societies in Minnesota….

        Flooding the upper Germanic, Scandinavian Midwest with Somalian Bantu Muslims!

        Check out a letter to Vdare this week and see what Christian sports hero Tim Tebow has been up to…. total race mixing treason.

        OK, so sure be Christian and proud of it – but also be aware of what’s going down now. If your Christian church, denomination has gone cultural marxist anti White – get out. Go somewhere else.

        Also remember….

        Mighty Thor doesn’t

        Turn the other cheek.

          • Ah, my dear ggggggggranddad Charlemagne who is in my family tree. He was a product of his times and would probably reject Jew worship if he came on the scene today. Christianity is a sect of Judaism. It is Judaism for good little goyim. Both parts of Judaism use the same “holy” books. The fact that Christianity took many turns against its parent faith was inevitable given the fact that Jews rejected Jesus as just another crazy Jew (like many Jews today who are Buddhists or whatever) who wouldn’t stay true to the accepted Judaism of the day.

          • Sure that is why he made the Saxons convert? Because of his jewish religion? I cannot educate you, you will need to learn to read first. Just yelling Christianity is Judaism doesn’t make it true. Read up and come back to chat with the big boys.

          • Jesus was Jewish. He was even called Rabbi. He wasn’t trying to start a new religion. He was just teaching a variation of Judaism. The fact that it turned into a “new” religion can be laid at the feet of Paul, but the fact remains that all the early Christians were Jews. That is, they were born of Jewish mothers and under Jewish law that makes one a Jew no matter what religion one professes. Jesus’ mother was Jewish. His real father? Might have been a Roman or it might have been another Jew. It most certainly wasn’t the big guy in the sky.

          • Christianity is all about Jesus. That is exactly what it is about. The fact that it adopted some trappings found in Europe to make it more acceptable to the pagans at that time doesn’t change the fact that Jesus–the central figure in Christianity–was a Jew and his teachings are straight out of Jewish teachings with some minor changes–mainly involving putting himself as the Big Kahuna instead of the Jewish leaders of his day.

        • Thor is not coming back. Christianity is the religion of the White man. There is literally nothing to replace it.

          And if you will notice the nations that are most resist to multiracialism are the most traditionally christian. The most fucked nations are the most secular like Sweden and there you will find a smattering of larpers spouting on about Asatro.

          • Thor can come back in many ways, maybe as some bad ass Christian Knights Templar warrior.

          • A religion based on a jewish carpenter is the religion for the white man huh. Get out of here little cuck!

          • The time to have this type of conversation is clearly AFTER we secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

            Are you a shill trying to create division, or are you just stupid?

          • Ernst seem an uneducated angry man. He looks roided up too.

            You Americans who only see some cucked version of Christianty need to spend time in Traditonal Christian nations. If you are an intelligent and reflective, well meaning person then will stop your roll playing games. If you are not the above then ignorant people should keep their mouths shut and follow along.

            I was in Budapest Christmas before last. As I walked around a beautiful city and saw churches overflowing at Mass I didn’t get the impression that anyone was cucked or meak or anything but normal healthy white people. Funnu these terribly cucked Christian nations are leading the White man out of the abyss while leftist infected whites from the Pacific North West or Scandislavia role play being Vikings while their daughters and sisters are blacked.

          • Small guys usually accuse me of using steroids, since you are an anonymous little coward we cant see your appearance, but i guess you are a weak little cuck with a mutilated penis, just like your god.

          • Don’t know why I’m responding to an obvious dim wit but I’m 6’2″, 200 lbs of natural muscle. Not fake like you. why have that vain picture of yourself on here?

          • Ha ha, yeah ofcourse you are, and i have a spaceship in my backyard, just trust me 😉

          • craicher “.. leftist infected whites from the Pacific North West or Scandislavia role play being Vikings while their daughters and sisters are blacked.” Spot on with that observation!! I was raised by a loving Scandinavian family (I’m German), …but I also saw first hand what you depict in your comment. Freedom of choice – I don’t believe any parent wants to see their offspring taken advantage of by other non-domesticated ethnic groups! I’m staying away from the religion part of this conversation.

          • “Our tribal customs have become the core of your moral code. Our
            tribal laws have furnished the basic groundwork of all your august
            constitutions and legal systems. Our legends and our folk-tales are the
            sacred lore which you croon to your infants. Our poets have filled your
            hymnals and your prayer-books. Our national history has become an
            indispensable part of the learning of your pastors and priests and
            scholars. Our kings, our statesmen, our prophets, our warriors are your heroes. Our ancient little country is your Holy Land. Our national
            literature is your Holy Bible. What our people thought and taught has
            become inextricably woven into your very speech and tradition, until no
            one among you can be called educated who is not familiar with our racial heritage.

            Jewish artisans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your
            saints, with countless statues carved in their image and innumerable
            cathedrals raised to their memories. A Jewish maiden is your ideal of
            motherhood and womanhood. A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central figure in your religious worship. We have pulled down your idols, cast aside your racial inheritance, and substituted for them our God and our traditions. No conquest in history can even remotely compare with this clean sweep of our conquest over you.”
            Marcus Eli Ravage New Century Magazine 1928

            For the whole article go to:

          • If that is what you wish to focus on. I get it. But still, we are Christian even if the Wiccans, Pederasts, Viking Role Players and Satanist wish it otherwise. And the most Christian nations in Eastern Europe are the ones coming to our rescue, thank god (not the cartoon character Odin or Thor) for that.

          • Im not the one asking for our people to worship a jewish demon. And who started attacking who? Read the first comments again idiot.

          • You shouldn’t put your ignorance of traditional Christianity on display here. Go look at the depictions of Jesus and the saints in traditional Orthodox and Catholic churches then tell me about a meak caprpenter.

            Yes in the heretical sects grown out of the Deformation Christianity was cucked. All I speak for is European Traditional Christianity after it was Aryanised in Europe and combined with paganism.

            I understand your distain for cucked Christianity but it has not always been so.

            Besides, a religion is not what should lead our people.As Evola says, the state should rule. Religion is there for spiritual reasons and for life’s rituals. Kings are meant to rule.

            You need to be realistic. You have no real foundation on which to rebuild your pagan religion. But European peoples are already by traditon Christian.

            Only a few people on sites like this will ever start worshipping an anthropomorphized obviously fake cartoonish god with a magic hammar. Stop larping. And .most of said people will be real weirdos. I know I flirted with asatro and met people irl in both the usa and Europe. With few exceptions real weirdos, misfits.

          • The ignorance of your early church artisans and artists is no defense. Your god was born of a Jew, saw himself as Jewish, and died as a Jew. It was only afterwards that he was transformed into some sort of Germanic savior (read “The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity” by James C. Russell sometime).

            Our gods are our gods because they are also our ancestors. It is that shared bloodline that creates the spiritual bond that bonds our Folk together.

            You seem to be more interested in some alien universalist god that claims to be everyone’s god. You’re welcome to him.

          • Do you have any notion of “sin” in your worldview? Right action VS wrong action? I can tell you from experience, as someone who led a “sinful” life early on, then “repented”, sin is a very real thing, and it is damaging to the individual and the community.

          • My faith does indeed have a notion of wrong action, but not “sin” in the sense of “doing things the gods have capriciously forbidden.” The only sort of “repentance” my faith recognizes involves the forgiveness of the people who were actually wronged, which can be extirpated through the payment of shild.

            People forgive. The gods love us *because* of what we are, not *despite* what we are. We leave that to your foreign desert god.

          • Where do you think Christianity learned to be what it is now? That of oath-keeping, monogamy, courage and honor, and intolerance for pedophilia and homosexuality? Christianity was the opposite of this before it became “westernized” by the Germanic peoples. Heathens molded Christianity into what it has become. Before that, it more resembled Islam.

          • Yep, modern Christians think they are practising real Chritianity. Do they even know that their Holidays are Norse rip-offs? Our people have always believed in oath-keeping, monogamy, honor, fighting for whats right, freedom of choice and will, and definitely NOT tolerant of pedophilia or homosexuality. Christianity is only these things now because of Northern influence. It’s an abrahamic Jewish faith and needs to go back home to the Middle East where it belongs and stop selling its “Chosen People” propaganda to white people.

          • Actually, I’m not an Odinist, but they’re okay in my book. Christians, not so much. When you start with worshiping a Jew, as do Christians you’re already on the road to being anti-White.

          • The father of the “Deformation”, Martin Luther, wrote a book titled “On the Jews and Their Lies”. Pretty “cucked”, huh?

          • He never intended to split the church. and he wrote that in old age after he realized he’d been jewed.

          • He was jewed by being convinced to split the Church? I’m no Christian historian, I must admit. I’ve just recently returned to it as part of my process of awakening.

          • The yids spit poison in his ear as an impressionable young man. In his older years he wised up.Thus his exortation to burn the evil bastards out. So the story goes.

          • Soon you will ask us to mutilate our dicks like your magic carpenter who walks on water did.

          • Sorry but ancient Christians did indeed circumsise, as is Jewish custom (as cited as a convenant with God in the bible). See, you are practicing the Germanized version of Christianity and you don’t even know it. Do you also pracitce the Northern Pagan traditions such as decorating a tree on Christams? How about Ostara and her Easter bunny?

          • You seem to be fixated on the genitalia of other men. By the looks of your roided picture I wonder when you take off your viking outfit do you have a fireman costume? Maybe a cowboy custume with the ass cheeks cut out?

            You have selfie on here. Man you must be dumb. We need dumb people to but we need them to shut their dumb mouths and play follow the leader.

          • So you are not only a coward bit also jelaous because i unlike you have a male body, you are really sad. But thats also why you are anonymous because you are afraid and weak, thats why you go to church, to kneel before your master, like you do for your boyfriend every fridaynight. Now u am finished arguing an anonymous little fagtroll.

          • Yes that is a male body in the same way a sick,emaciated, surgically created female of today with a boy figure (no hips, no hour glass) is a woman.

            You look like a sick modern creature not a man. and homos love that sick look, that body builder look. Now put on your chaps with the ass cut out and go find some pagan love.

          • You call another poster dumb, yet you use the word “to” instead of the proper “too,” in your above post. How about “your” and “you’re” do you get those confused too (note the correct use of “too”)

          • Ernst Almgren “Soon you will ask us to mutilate our dicks like your magic carpenter.. ” Never heard it put that way! That was funny; fresh perspective never hurts.

          • You shouldn’t put the ignorance of the history of your people on display here. Learn how the greedy Kings sold us out and joined the EU / Christendom. Learn your native Gods. Read the Sagas.

          • Thor never left. And Whites were Asatru FAR LONGER than they were Abrahamic Christians. (just so you know, Whites aren’t Abramaic peoples). Whites resisted Christianity for longer than they have been Christian.

        • The current impostor infesting the Vatican is clearly and flagrantly an Anti-Pope of the worst kind. Any Catholics who are not either running for the hills or diligently plotting his overthrow are lost souls indeed. And yes, Protestantism is in just as horrible a condition.

          But there are people trying to rekindle the true Faith. Not sure if they want to be name-dropped here, but they’re out there.

      • So, do you put being Christian above Whiteness? If you had to save a Black Christian from drowning or a White Pagan from drowning but you could only save one, which would it be?

        • Stop asking stupid questions.

          The Bible makes it perfectly clear that a person’s loyalty is to be to his Nation and his race.

          A Christian’s duty is to his own people.

          “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever.”
          — 1 Timothy 5:8

          • Like I said — stop asking stupid questions.

            You save the member of your extended family.

            The White person.

        • White pagan.

          But if its between a White Pagan and a White Christian (REAL Christian, NOT “Judeo-Christian”) the Pagan is sleeping with the fishes.

          Read Revilo P. Oliver’s 50 page booklet “Christianity and the Survival of the West” available on the Solar General website. He argues that Christianity was indeed an “aryan” religion, and I’d agree with him. You “semitic desert cult” and “dead jew on a stick” people need to learn some damn history. Just look at the cultural, artistic, musical achievements under what was known as Christendom. Apart from classical and neo-classical architecture, there has never been anything more Aryan (noble).

          Listen to this:

          Is there anything “jewy” about that?

          Look at any of the thousands of paintings from our deeply Christian history. Look how the women are portrayed. Their faces are the very embodiment of purity, dignity, and calm, quiet grace. Our spiritual and cultural heights clearly occurred under Christianity. How anyone can look upon any of the cultural products of our Christian past and perceive even a slight taint of jewishness is beyond me.

          What you’re really asking here is whether we should be first and foremost materialists, or give the metaphysical/spiritual primacy. I think it’s a false dichotomy. I think physical reality is a manifestation of the spiritual realm. There is a relationship between the soul and the physical form. To put it in layman’s terms, just think about the act of looking in a mirror. Doesn’t one’s self-perception create a kind of feedback loop with the psyche?

          • White Pagan or White Christian to be saved and you choose the White Christian. Okay, so you saved a White which in my view is always the ethical thing to do. That, however, is not the ethical question I set up. But,let me put it in even stronger terms: Your choice is to save ten Black Christians or just one White Pagan. You can’t do both. Who do you save?

          • Pretty sure I answered you directly in a previous response.

            One White Pagan over 1,000 Black Christians. I don’t believe that God wishes for me to destroy myself. It contradicts the whole “be fruitful and multiply” thing. The White Pagan and I can always discuss our differences, and maybe his daughter will end up marrying my son and converting to Christianity. I have been observing what is going on in the world, and I cannot help but learn the lessons of history and current events. What the cucked Judeo-Christians are doing is so obviously wrong, unnatural, and suicidal, I would certainly not mimic their behavior.

          • Nice answer. Yes, a Pagan White can always convert to another religious view, but a Black Christian can never convert to being a White. What many of us are trying to save is White people (and more essentially the White genome) no matter what they believe secondarily or what faults they may have. Each White person, both male and female carries potential entire White civilizations in our bodies. By mating correctly we begin to let those potential entire White civilizations out into the world.

          • Very good reply. I read all of Oliver’s work years ago. RIP.

            Yes most of the pagans are not well read. If they are they read the very same leftist, humanists authors that they claim to be red pilled on. They only can go back as far as the Enlightenment writers who did all they could to slander Christendom. They even went so far as to invent the lie of the Islamic Golden Age just to try and dirty Christendom.

            All educated men know that our Christian heritage is a glorious one and White one.

          • Strange, my bible is about the Jewish people, what version are you guys reading?

          • Come on now we know you haven’t read the Bible. Besides reading the Bible is for scholars or clerics. Traditional Christians don’t read the Bible. It’s a tradition not all consuming. Clearly you have never travelled. Do you think Poles or Hungarians or Irish sit around talking about the Bible? More like normal men things like women and booze.

          • Ah youre a boozer, that explains a lot, like youre low levels of testosterone and why you dot dare yo show youre picture as well as your few braincells left.

          • Normal men drink. But they don’t take roids or wear those nasty chaps with the ass cheeks cut out that you are so fond of.

          • A lot of it, not all of it.

            Ecclesiastes is very Greek, very beautiful

            “Ecclesiastes has had a deep influence on Western literature. It contains several phrases that have resonated in British and American culture, and was quoted by Abraham Lincoln addressing Congress in 1862. American novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote: “[O]f all I have ever seen or learned, that book seems to me the noblest, the wisest, and the most powerful expression of man’s life upon this earth—and also the highest flower of poetry, eloquence, and truth. I am not given to dogmatic judgments in the matter of literary creation, but if I had to make one I could say that Ecclesiastes is the greatest single piece of writing I have ever known, and the wisdom expressed in it the most lasting and profound.”[2]

          • Yes, ofcourse there is non-jewish influence in the bible, and the early germanisation of the church produced a lot of beautyful culture. However the main story in both the old and the new testament is the story of the jewish people. Ofcourse we can learn from it, but its not our story. The greatest story i know is the story of Siddharta, but that is neither the story of my people. A religion for us should be based on our stories, myths and traditions

          • Agreed. And also lots of the Old Testament Bible features the Jewish tribal God just slaughtering non Jewish people just for, well, just because.

            Why do we want that to happen to us?

          • Ok, but St. Paul, the former Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus is very non White, non Aryan and spreads all sorts of BS which changes depending on who, whom he is talking to – Nordic White Greeks, Jews, slaves, Roman officials. Just look at St. Paul’s mosaic: he looks like NYC Sen. Charles Schumer:


            The early, mid 20th century Germans tried to reform Christianity in to a more pro White version – Positive Christianity, seeking to remove the very Jewish ethno centric, genocidal of Gentiles Old Testament (Jewish tribal God Jehovah ) and the intrigues of St. Paul/Pharisee Saul of Tarsus.

            If you want to read the worst of St. Paul/Rabbi Saul’s intrigues lies – read the part where he tries to convince skeptical White Nordic Greeks near Palmyra Syria that

            “There are no Greeks or Jews, no Free or Slave, No male or Female just those who have accepted Jesus”.

            So did that “accept Jesus” thing bring eternal peace to the areas in and around Palmyra Syria then or now?

            The answer is a definite NO.

          • You point to the apparent lack of positive results for Palmyra, while totally ignoring the fact that under Christendom, Europe and its colonies created the highest civilization man has ever known. Cheesy attempt at sleight of hand.

          • How is Western Christendom or classical Greek Hellenism doing in Palmyra Syria or Cologne Germany, Rotherham England now – this year 2017?

            ISIS enslaves or tortures all White Westerners – Greeks, Western Europeans some idiot “Doctors Without Borders” do gooders.

            ISIS even destroyed the classical Greek Hellenic archeology site at Palmyra Syria. So I am confident that St. Paul/Pharisee Saul of Tarsus was simply WRONG or lying when he told local Greeks that all the problems, divisions between Greeks and Jews, Jews and Gentiles, free and slavers, men and women were about to be all over as everyone in the world was accepting Jesus Christ as the savior.

            No, it didn’t turn out that way.

          • None of this garbage would be going on in Europe right now if the continent was still devoutly and genuinely Christian. Most of Europe has either abandoned Christianity totally, or taken up some perverted, cucked, post-modern version of it. I don’t blame that entirely on Europeans, of course. I think the root of the problem is the (((TV))), (((HOLLYWOOD MOVIES))), and the (((EDUCATION SYSTEM))). Europe is being murdered, not committing suicide.

            But you seem to be saying, “look, Christianity isn’t saving Europe”. Yeah, no sh**. They’ve abandoned Christ.

          • Christianity comes from a region of the world where polygamy and pedophilia and oath-breaking were and are part of the culture. In Pre-Christian Europe, it was the reverse. Monogamy was common and pedophiles were not tolerated, nor was oath-breaking. Modern day Christianity is palatable to the Western World only because of Germanic influence. Northern Europeans cleaned Christianity up and “Westernized” it. Northern people are the way they are with or without Christianity. It’s the Marxist attack on the Western (white) World’s natural code of conduct / culture that is the problem: honor, oath-keeping, monogamy, etc. They have tried to move us away from our natural morality. Asatru answers this problem as much (though I would argue more) as modern Christianity.

      • You are a fool.

        Whiteness is above, and I repeat, ABOVE everything else. If they are white and want to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children they are our comrades; and it does not matter if they pray to Odin, Jesus, Satan, The Great Pumpkin or the Spaghetti Monster.

        I simply don’t care if you pray to Jesus, if you are white and fighting for our people you are my comrade. You should do the same.

        • Odinist, Asatru, other pagans, traditional Christians (both Protestant and Catholic), agnostics and NON-MILITANT atheists are all in. Satanists are most definitely OUT. They are worshiping the god of darkness, lies, deception, chaos, filth, perversion… Frankly, they’re jew-tools.

          • And here we go again with the religious intolerance….

            So far as the self-proclaimed Satanists accept the rules and principles of a white traditional society (no human or animal sacrifices, no faggotry/lesbianism, no sex with minors), I don’t care if they disguise in black robes and pray to some goat in the middle of a forest.

          • Human actions and intentions have real consequences. Spiritual, psychological, temporal, and physical. Rituals have meaning and power.

            What you’re essentially arguing is that satanists can LARP, teenage goth style, but not “truly” practice their anti-faith. So you’re being just as “religiously intolerant” as me.

            I’m sorry, but anyone who claims to be pro-white can’t coexist with people who are calling forth chaos and darkness.

            I’m not terribly thrilled with Pagans sacrificing animals either (which some of them are already actively doing). How long before Odin starts demanding human blood? Once you give your mind over to animal sacrifice, it’s not much of a leap.

          • Where and how did humans ever get the idea of blood sacrifice to begin with?
            All cultures the world over have done this. What do they all have in common as their roots?

            Don’t they all tell of “gods” that came from the sky? Did these “gods” set up the human sacrifice as a way to control population growth? They did practice killing all babies of a certain age from time to time.

          • Humans probably got the idea by observing nature. Everything on this planet survives by consuming other lifeforms. Carnivores by tearing their prey to pieces with teeth, claws, talons, and beaks. This planet is simultaneously filled with beauty, serenity, and awe, and perpetual horror and carnage. So maybe the “god of this world” does demand blood. However, to indulge in ritualistic bloodletting is simply to give in to our animal nature. If blood must be spilled, let it be the blood of the unrighteous, as just punishment for their crimes.

          • Satanists don’t actually worship Satan. It’s actually more of an Atheist style creed that focuses on the self.

          • Yeah, whatever. Clearly all the trappings of the sub-culture (darkness, destruction, occultism) are just “accidental”. And internalizing such garbage, getting pleasure from “the dark side” won’t mess up your psyche at all, right?

            “focuses on the self”

            Yes, yes, “do what thou wilt”. That is exactly the problem. Giving in to your base desires is the path AWAY from the truth, the light, and spiritual strength. The Latin origin of the word “religion” means “to tie back”, if I’m not mistaken. Restraint is key.

            Anyway, self-proclaimed satanists of the Anton La Vey/Marilyn Manson variety are mostly just decoys. The real satanists wear three piece suits, sit in the boardrooms of the mega-banks, and stalk the halls of power in our nations’ capitals.

          • But since a lot of these sicko Pedo Elite are into it, I see it as more sinister than that. Worshiping the self is kinda the root of evil, eh? That’s exactly what the Tyrants do.

          • I agree.

            Except the Mormon Latter Day Saints theology of a pre mortal existence Lucifer is that of a benevolent strong man for good – sort of a Vladimir Putin – tough guy, which appeals to me when I live in places like late 1980s New York City or now Chicago.

            I’m sorry – the Libertarian, free will stuff simply doesn’t work in big cities with millions of low IQ non Whites or even with regular Whites who will chase after their own short term gratification or fall in to envy of those who are healthy, prosperous etc.

          • Last time I checked, Satan isn’t real, and Satanists so far haven’t conjured an evil Jew ghost to spread lies about whatever he’s supposed to lie about

      • Satanism is very different from paganism. The values expressed by Germanic pagans are very similar to those expressed by Christian conservatives. Read ‘Germania’, the moral values of our ancestors did not change significantly with Christianization.

      • Be fair now… can’t let a list like that go open ended. I mean, you forgot to mention the incredibly long list of pedophile priests, pastors, and bishops

        • And pedophile teachers and coaches. Those sick bastards seek out access to children. Nothing to do with a religion that had as its punishment for such crimes death. Let it be again.

      • craicher – I hate to break the news to you but there are overwhelming sexual degenerate corruptions within the main/major “Christian” denominations. The Lib Left SJW, Cultural Marxist LGBT Episcopal woman bishop in Washington DC seems to relish in doing BOTH LGBT degenerate sexual decorations AND Islamic religious desecrations in the once sacred Washington National Cathedral.

        And how about this guy – who now leads the International Catholic Church:

        Here’s the South American Liberation Theology Communist Pope Francis who now loves to do photo ops literally licking the boots of Black Muslim migrant invaders of Christian Europe:$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvsm1zvO7R66rw9VtEBaFNEWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

        • I hate to break it too you but sickos seek out access to children. Bring back the Christian punishment and kill them. That will take care of it.

  • I remember finding rhe AFA many a year ago. And I am sure they are well meaning and good people but I am not sure of the pagan thing. Then I was told that one of the original AFA goys was a transexual. Can’t remember his name at the moment but he lived in Texas and was involved with some Satanist weirdos like Michael something or another of Blood Axis.

    Well it made me realize I am a Christian. Just exactly what do these heathens and sexual deviants want? I saw Lana licking her chops talking about blood sacrifice in pagan winter soltice customs.

    What the fuck is going on?

    • Can’t move 5 inches with this movement without someone turning into a fucking degenerate I swear.

      Western Civilisation wasn’t built on fucking Paganism no matter how “white” they think that might be.

        • Yes you’re all defending whiteness by suggesting wiccan style fucking goat worship and shit.

          Gimme a break. You fucking fanboys will go with anything these people say at this point even when they clearly start taking steps in wrong directions.

          • You fucking pimple faced cucks with your fucking this and fucking that are scum. Let me also ask you this: You can only save one person from drowning. One is a Black Christian and the other is a White Pagan. Who do you save?

          • The white pagan, but I can be wishing he was a white christian while I was doing it!

          • Just join the neo-cons and start worshipping the homeland of your desertdemon yahwee and his spawn yoshua

          • “Yahweh” and “Yoshua” are some bullshit names the Jews made up to mislead the “Judeo-Christians” away from Jesus Christ. Nobody ever heard those names before a few years ago.

      • “Western Civilisation wasn’t built on fucking Paganism no matter how “white” they think that might be.”

        I guess I missed the fact that Greece and Rome were Christian societies.

          • You said “Western Civilisation wasn’t built on fucking Paganism no matter how “white” they think that might be.”

            Pretty sure Greece and Rome were pagan, so your statement is whack.

          • Technically, ‘Greco-Roman civilization’ wasn’t Western, not according to the Huntington model, which is somewhat arbitrary, nor the HBDChick model, which is not. However, even the distinction between the two is prone to being a dangerous wedge issue: no one separates out various iterations of Chinese civilization as separate just because of intervening dark ages.

            Never read much Duchesne but he gave me the germ of my own idea: WHITE civilizations are almost as old as any on earth, and characterized by recurrent infusion of the Aryan, steppe element whenever the peripheral, civilized element becomes too decayed.

          • Michael Grant is more of an authority on ancient Greece and Rome. Furthermore, Huntington is a civic nationalist. He’s perfectly OK is race replacement as long as magical “culture” survives.

          • Right. What these so-called civic nationalists can’t seem to understand is that it is our White genome that is the foundation for our culture as surely as the genome of certain birds has them build certain types of nests. Culture is always secondary to the genome. If Whites are exterminated but our culture is then used by non-Whites, how do we profit? What’s in it for Whites? Nothing. We do not exist in our culture. We exist in our genome.

          • Culture is secondary to the genome, yes. “Extended phenotype”? But I think the genome might be secondary to the spirit/will.

            If not for my “awakening”, I would have likely produced mixed children. And that “awakening” was, in my case, an extremely “supernatural” experience. What makes Whites miscegenate? A weak will to survive, and a weak instinct for self-preservation. And/or deception and confusion, foisted upon us by Satan’s minions.

          • Mostly they miscegenate, I imagine, because they’ve been conditioned to believe that all humans are the same. And, if this is so, then there is no real miscegenation. Of course, the premise is very wrong. Race is to man as breed is to dog as variety is to rose. And, a race is a step along the path toward speciation and that’s where we Whites should be going–not blending back in with darker humanity. It is divergence that we need, more and more divergence along an exclusively White path.

          • There are countless examples throughout the world:
            * Detroit
            * Mexico
            * Brazil
            * South Africa
            * Los Angeles

            When Whites disappear through miscegenation or White Flight, then everything we created dies.

          • Right. That’s why I say my Whiteness–that I carry with me, just by being me–is my nation, my philosophy, my politics, my religion, my everything. I am my White genome and it is me. We are one and the same. If my family becomes non-White because my children miscegenate, then I will no longer exist into the future. It is Whiteness that must be before all else. Without it, we are extinct.

          • Norse Paganism does seem to be a bit of a non-starter as far as building an advanced civilization is concerned. I don’t fault them for wanting to get back to their roots, but what are we going to do, go back to raiding and pillaging? Order came from Greece, Rome, and Christendom.

          • Ah raiding and pillaging, Christians never did that ofcourse 😀 and i guess ancient Rome and Greece dont count as civilisations? They were pagan by the way.

          • uh you just don’t know your history. Du ar svensk ser jag. Det at jag inte men jag kan din sprak. Now I know why you are so cheesy and non self aware and uneducated to boot. Sad country that did to a once proud people. And it explains your latent homosexuality. That country is crawling with homo vermin. Swedes lost their religion and what do they have left?

          • Ah you live in Sweden, then we can meet and settle this as men! Name a time and a place and hipe that your jewish god can save you, lets make it official so i can prove this point to your cuck-friends as well!

          • Ah you live in Sweden, then lets met and settle this as men, name a time and a place and hope that your jewish god can save you. Lets make it official so that i can prove a point to your cucked friends as well.

          • I also now understand why you have no idea from personal experience what traditional Christianity is about. 500 years of Lutheranism did a real number on the Scandis. I lived in Sweden and I understand that all you have there is that evil, cucked, weakling on a cross, love thy negro and homo religiom. Now that I know where you are from I get it. But you could visit your eastern neighbors and learn a little. It is very different than Sweden. Sweden is Varldens Modernaste Land (the Worlds Most Modern Country) thus authentic traditions were killed there. It is sad. If I knew you were Swedish I would not have attacked you so. But still honestly, look into Medieval Sweden. You won’t find anything like the desert religion the left has brainwashed you about. The empty nihllism of the modern world has you chasing ghost
            Tradition. That’s what its about.

            And so you know, I’m no religious fanatic and I can’t stand them. That is not what Tradition is about.

          • No, but the Romans understood they were worshiping Mars and Mercury under the names of Thor and Odin.

      • No ofcourse the ancient greek and roman societies had nothing to do with white civilisation? Get your head out of your ass or go to Israel and worship your jewish god.

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