Based Stick Man Legal Defense Fund

Trump supporter, Kyle Chapman, who has come to be known as ‘Based Stick Man’ for his courageous actions in defending other Trump supporters from violent antifa in Berkeley was arrested. The folks over at WeSearchr are providing a platform for him to raise funds for his legal defense since GoFundMe shut down his page.

You can donate here at WeSearchr.

  • Y Finkelstein

    Why doesn’t Gorilla Lawyer Cernovich step up to the plate?!

    • I guess you already know the answer.

      • Y Finkelstein

        Gorillion Mindset is controlled opposition.

    • Sean Fielding

      Cernovich has been highly supportive of Chapman since the get-go and is matching donations to $2500:

      • Y Finkelstein

        Ok, but Mike is a lawyer admitted to the CA State bar, so why the fuck doesn’t he personally help with the case?

        • What type of law does/did he practice? That makes a huge difference in a serious felony case.

          • Y Finkelstein

            Cernovich never practiced law. Basically, his wife made a bunch of money working at Facebook, he divorced her, and collected Alimony ($1 million/year). But he can still help out with shit like paperwork, he doesn’t have to be Senior Counsel in this case.

          • I’m not fond of the guy, but this is a fairly new story. Maybe he will do some kind of pro bono work at some point, maybe he won’t. But at least he’s speaking out about this story while 99% of the population(and especially the media) is either ignoring it or doesn’t know about it.

          • Y Finkelstein

            I will find common cause with Cernovich on issues like this, but my experience with Mike is that he never puts his own ass on the line. It is easy for him to donate $2500 because of his own wife’s alimony. Not so easy for Mike to get off Twitter and work hard to exonerate Keith Chapman.

          • Yeah, I know. I don’t trust him. He proved that he is no friend to pro-White people. If he wants to give some of his money away and bring this story to a wider audience, then I won’t get in his way.

          • Y Finkelstein

            Mike is doing this to further himself. There is greed and self interest in ALL his motives.

            Did he fund We Searchr’s bounty on Spencer’s attacker?

            No, because it was not in Mike’s interest to do so.

  • AAA

    Hail Stick Man and help him now as he helped you in the past.

  • Space Turtle

    Why was he arrested? It was clearly self defense. Were any antifa arrested?

  • Vautrin

    God bless based stick man!

    • he already has.. he gave him a set of brass balls and a bitchin shield

      • rick rage

        a pity there were not ten more of us there. where were we?

    • kenpachi55

      he should have left the shield and fought kendo style but he did nothing immoral

  • I think it’s great that Breitbart has picked this up and has used some of their newfound media clout to vigorously speak up for a guy who had enough balls to defend himself and others from the violent Commie hordes.

    • kenpachi55

      yeh but that’s just throwing us a bone. how about calling for the arrest of the sheriffs that don’t allow the cops to arrest criminal antifa

      • I was actually being a little sarcastic. Breitbart hasn’t done a damn thing.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Cernovich is a GOOD Guy…….

    The Alt-Right needs Allies……

    I’ve watched Cernovich’s Twitter Feed for a while now……

    I can’t find any reason to disagree with him……

    The Alt-Right is pushing boundaries and it’s dangerous and heretical…….

    I’m not sure I even believe in Purely White Ethno States…..

    But, I believe in Defending White People against the Violent Anti-White Left…….

    I believe in defending our People openly and without Fear……

    Whatever that makes me is what it makes me……

    It makes me Normal and Human…….

    Just like Jewish Ethno-Nationalists all over America and Israel……


    • Y Finkelstein

      Cernovich called Richard Spencer controlled opposition after Heilgate.

      Pretty good reason to disagree with Cernovich. He basically threw Spencer under the bus, then defended Milo during Pederastgate. Cernovich is a parasite who gloms onto movements to enrich himself (Gamergate, Manosphere, Alt Right, Trump).

      • AAA

        Cernovich (if it really is him) has just contributed $2,500 to Stickman

        • Y Finkelstein

          $2500 to Cernovich is like $25 to me or you. He gets $1 million/year in alimony from his ex wife. Cernovich is once again using a moment to further himself.

    • kenpachi55

      the violent left that killed no1 is no threat. the brown people that kill and rape thousands every year for 50 years straight though is kind of an issue. unless u mean the murderous shadow gov but that isn’t left or right. that is just how they organize us

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    The #BasedStickMan is inside every Alt-Righter and Alt-Lighter……

    GREAT Guy……

    It’s a Good Omen for the Future……

    White People aren’t going to just sit back and take this Leftist Anti-White Violence……

    We are willing to Sacrifice for Higher Goals……

    We are a Noble People……

    We are Conquerors…….

    Just look at our History…..

    I would advise the Anti-White Left to realize that when our backs are against the Wall……

    ……and as heavily armed as we are……


  • Adolphin ++

    We really need some alt-right legions in the tactical formations of our ancestors.

    • rick rage

      let it be done. let every major and minor US city form minute-men who can materialize at the drop of a hat. let there be a stash of bricks and clubs hidden nearby in car trunks. i actually long to break skulls. LONG!

  • tyuchic

    the left wing bullies are poking at a sleeping tiger.