Daily Archives: March 6, 2017


Shelby Steele: The Exhaustion of American Liberalism

Shelby Steele has a new article in The Wall Street Journal on the exhaustion of White guilt and ...

Washington Post: The Dark Enlightenment Has Dethroned Ayn Rand

The Washington Post has a new article on how liberals will come to miss Ayn Rand whose influence ...

STIHIE: California Man Transitioning Into A Genderless Alien

If you refuse to recognize Vinny Ohh’s transition, you’re just a transphobic bigot: “This Morning viewers were left ...

AfD: It’s Time To Discard Germany’s Historical Guilt

As I said on Twitter, the major divide of the 21st century is nationalists vs. globalists. It isn’t ...

How the Alt Right Ruined My Love of Film

As time ripens the mind, wisdom renders a paradigm shift which tarnishes the love and discovery of that ...

Based Stick Man Legal Defense Fund

Trump supporter, Kyle Chapman, who has come to be known as ‘Based Stick Man’ for his courageous actions ...

What Stephen McNallen Thinks About Race

Stephen McNallen, of the Asatru Folk Assembly, shares his thoughts about race