Virtue of the West – Lana Lokteff

  • Muzeli 2

    This video is trending, however an hour ago it had 6.2million views, it seems to have gone back down to 6m now.

    It’s somewhere in England….the police aren’t interested in finding out where.

    Or view it on breibart:

    • gross — dude in a dress ranting on a british street.. makes me sad

  • Jarod

    This Brittany chick seems hesitant. Some goy needs to knock her up so she takes a harder line on the race issue.

    • Sean Fielding

      It’s the toughest question the Alt Right has to face: gradualism or hyper-radicalism? Because feminism of even the lightest variety – eg women in the spotlight – is gradualism.

      Brittany Pettibone is the most impressive combination of youth, beauty, intelligence and dominant social instincts I have yet seen in an Alt Right or Alt Lite woman – she seems about halfway between – but in the end, what’s the point? ALL faggotry is degenerate. ALL female reproductive choice in the absence of patriarchy is degenerate. We do not get back to racial health with West Coast White Nationalism. We do not get there with low-cut blouses. We don’t even get there with beautiful, intelligent and dominant young women. Not until they’re pregnant.

      What’s particularly fascinating in HBD terms is that she is half of identical twins. Her sister Nicole obviously must have the same youth and beauty and presumably, the same intelligence. That suggests social attitude has a lot of environmental input.

      I will lay – heh – odds: ten-to-one Nicole becomes a mother before Brittany.

      But I’ll also predict that if the Alt Right every gets control of the zeitgeist, Brittany will be famous – she puts me in mind of the oldest and youngest Mitford sisters rolled into one. But the right-wing aristocrats of those days couldn’t feel the water they were swimming in any better than most of us can.

      • Childless “Alt Right” women (or men) have no skin in the game, no matter how smart or pretty they are. One can’t shake the suspicion that they are just chattering away to get attention.

        • Sean Fielding

          In general you are right of course. I’m willing to make exceptions for exceptional people, starting with the obvious one whose birthday comes around next month. People need something greater than themselves to believe in, and if someone of leadership dies childless but inspires many other people who don’t die childless then that is something big.

          Moreover, for such people, a little skin in the game is a vulnerability: as parents, we little people give our best years over to raising kids while treading water in our socioeconomic bracket: that is hard enough for us – many leaders cannot do it all: become leaders while having a family. I even think there is a little of this in Coulter, though there is a lot more of a problem specific to women: plain old frustrated hypergamy – waiting too late to settle, while chattering on. The more attractive, dominant and intelligent a woman is, the more likely this becomes. (You listening, Brittany?)

          Lastly, there is the ‘Japanese question’ familiar to WN. Theoretically, for a few generations, we Whites could tolerate a lower fertility even than we have, if we weren’t being invaded by mud people at the behest of Jews.

        • kenpachi55

          men can still fight for nephews and cousins. maybe ill knock ur girl up though so I can be in ur club 🙂

        • katzkiner

          They probably are more “Alt Right” than a male.
          These women have targets on their backs.
          It is not a safe or easy path they follow.

      • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

        I like the Pettibones. They’re sweet; not snarky and bitter like some other high-profile women I’ve seen in the Alt-Right. And, ultimately, what most normal men want is a sweet woman with underlying strength of character.

        • Sean Fielding

          I agree with both your particular and your general statements.

        • Sean Fielding

          O/T: what should be done with cosmetic surgeons who do this kind of stuff?

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            Probably ought to have been started on risperidone and a truckload of SSRIs before anyone even considered putting scalpel to skin. I’m not sure it’s ethical to perform irreversible procedures on someone who’s psychiatrically unstable.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Impressive, what?

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    The Most Beautiful Women on Earth………

    I Love you….

    I Honor you…..

    I Appreciate you…..

    I Thank you……..

    Without you the Alt-Right would be MUCH less Strong…..

    You are the Core…….

    You are the Vanguard……

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Lana Lokteff……

    You’re a GEM….

    A JEWEL…….

    A DIAMOND…….

    My Life is Strengthened by Strong and Beautiful Based White Women………

    Thank You, Forever!!

  • Pity of Peace

    Look at this:

    More propaganda for the bio-colonization of white wombs by Afro bio-imperialists.

    Africans are not only colonizing white lands but white wombs, the very source of white life.
    And Western Media are promoting this racial and moral ideal.

    White-life-that-could-have-been is pushed out of the womb to make room for more Colin Kaepernicks and lowlife who make stuff like GET OUT.

    Whites face the threat of both geo-imperialism and bio-imperialism.

    Colonization of land is bad, but colonization of wombs is total conquest. Even today, the bio-colonized natives of Latin America are essentially a defeated people of the bio-colonizing Conquistadors.

    Tomb-raiding is one thing. Now, the West faces the massive danger of Womb-raiding by the Africans. It is all the worse since movies and advertising push it, and any white person who objects to is targeted for destruction.

    Jewish Globalists are pushing for the colonization of white wombs with black genetics.

    Jews want every white womb to reject white sperm and be colonized by black sperm.

    JATE: Jews Are The Enemy.

    And Cucks go along.

    • Matthias

      Yeah, this trailer seems about right up in northern maine.

    • adopt from your local shelter

      Yeah it’s everywhere now. Some like to brush it off by saying “well, it’s only like 12% of Whites who marry outside of their race”, ignoring the fact that about half of White girls fuck niggers at some point in their lives, and a lot of them are ending up single mothers with mulatto babies because of that.

      First, Whites have been guilted since birth with slavery propaganda, (fake) black history month, anti-White movies, etc.

      Second, the Music Industry is very influential, and if you listen to Pierce or Rockwell, they’ve been pushing race mixing since the 60s, but especially hard since the mid-90s. That’s when they started to exclusively push rap negro culture as the coolest thing in the world.

      If you want to fit in, you mold yourself after what the Music Industry and Hollywood presents as the hottest trend. The hottest trend pushed by the Jews for the goyim is nigger worship.

      It’s going to be very difficult to take back the culture because of today’s Jewish domination of the “entertainment” media. They push what they want, and the masses just eat it up. And there’s nothing big enough to oppose them yet, plus they censor opposition on social media and search engines.

      We’d have to get into positions of power and go after these people, but the Universities are pumping out Cultural Marxists by the millions every year too, so they’re also going to get into positions of power. This is all unsustainable and that’s actually the point of it. It’s difficult not to get blacpilled on this issue because it’s very rare when one goes out and doesn’t see either a White girl with an obviously low IQ nigger, or a White girl alone with a frizzy haired mulatto baby that looks nothing like her. It’s the most disgusting thing about this who situation.

      • Pity of Peace

        Where did you find the stats that 50% of white women have sex with blacks.

        • From his porn watching habits. Certainly that statistic has nothing to do with reality.

        • katzkiner

          He is more right than you think.
          Since the 1970’s White women have been indoctrinated to love the cool black male.
          There is also tremendous pressure on a White girl to PROVE they are not one of those unforgivable WACISTS.
          White women are not allowed to not date blacks.
          They will get beaten to a pulp if they say they don’t want to date blacks.

          I raised a beautiful White daughter as a single parent.
          The pressure is 24/7/365 on the young White females.
          We almost got our house burned down because my daughter did not want to screw blacks.

  • craicher

    Sorry Lana but we should not just accept that some people fall in love and race mix. Because of international trans racial adoption (cruel child trafficking really) in Sweden, there is a lot of miscegenation going on there. I’m sure your hubby has friends in that boat. But that is how the genocide starts and it snow balls from there. Maybe you are confusing love for lust? There are plenty of territories in the world for mixed race people to live such as Brazil. We need our own territory devoid of any interlopers and subversives. The world has room for our homelands too.

    • Nothing_Much

      We should get a meme going that involves burning the coal and paying the toll.

      • craicher

        The toll should be shunning. Except for the insane, the grossly obese or deformed, and drug addicts most will conform. It worked/works well in place like the Deep South. But the word has to get out. The last thing we need is the people fall in love message.

    • this stuff is out of your control [thankfully] and isn’t a huge percentage of the population [interracial]

      • craicher

        Wrong. It is. I can shun. I can teach my children not to be sodomites or race traitors. I can decide who to do business with. And so on. Why are you here? Get educated or leave.

        That is why we are here. Because we are taking back control over the evil that took our nations from us. No need for you to be here if you are an enemy

  • practicallyperfect

    Why do marriages break up so easily? As someone who has been married for 30 yrs I have to disagree with Lana a bit. Yes, you do have to be intrinsically attracted to a man. However I disagree about a woman knowing herself before she gets married. Only with time and life experiences will you begin to know yourself fully, but what is most important is to have understanding of feminine nature and a grasp of your core values. Marriage has its challenges, takes work and is a daily commitment, it is only through those experiences shared with your husband that you will learn about yourself.
    Regarding self-defense; Women like to get together and do things, perhaps a group that meets for krav maga class would be a great way to stay in shape and form bonds. There has to be a few men here who can offer their services to teach beautiful AltRight women to defend themselves.

    • Jusqu’au Bout

      I married my husband in my early 20s. No way did either of us “know ourselves” (which is leftist made-up balony). The two of us make one unit, not two individuals in a marriage contract.

    • Would you do it again if you had to marry or would you skip it? I know a lot of men who feel let down by long term marriages… humans seem to be moving away from monogamy… just my observation

      • practicallyperfect

        Would I do it again, yes. Have you ever asked these men why they feel let down? I can tell you most of the time it is because the women change after the wedding or after the first child comes along. Men and women approach life from two very different angles. Our wants and needs are very different then those of men.

      • craicher

        You mean humans are being led away from monogamy by the left? Let’s get it straight, any serious Traditionalist movement will not give “most” of the people a choice. Marriage will again be an institution. Shacking up will again be ostracized. Families will again be intact. Yes, some will deviate. Some will be deviants. Some will be spinsters and some bachelors. Some women will refuse to perform their wifely duties. Some men will abandon their wives. Some women whores. Some men philanderers. Some, in the shadows where they belong, will even play the part of faggots or dykes.

        But normalcy will be restored and all of this leftist talk of freedom, finding oneself, and so on will be left in the history books where we teach our children of the evil unleashed on humanity by the humanists.

      • craicher

        I forgot to add. The restoration of normal family life and the institution of marriage like all things on the right will not be predicated on the good will of those involved but on the traditions and history of our people that are rooted in nature and enforced by law. Marriage will again be a legally enforced contract that women (it is mostly women who break up families) cannot easily break. The vows traditional vows and legally enforced. No more no fault divorce. No more winning the lottery by abandoning your husband. Like national borders and race mixing the individuals desires will give way. Any attempt to sneak modermodern views of women and family and deviance into the right must be met head on.

  • practicallyperfect

    Another serious disagreement about what age to have kids. You are not meant to have kids in your late 30’s and 40’s. I do not have time to go into it now, but the incidences of birth defects and learning disabilities increases with older parentage. Because we live longer healthier lives wouldn’t it make sense to have healthy kids when your younger (mid to late 20’s) then work when your kids are no longer at home. It is older women who have nothing to ground them that make up the most of the SJW’s.

    • craicher

      Good post. Does anyone know, do any of the three women here have children? If a woman gets to know herself first she will never be able to commit/submit to a man as she will be too independent. Here in China a single woman over 27 is considered ruined. I hear in Japan it is over 25. Our ancestors married young for a good reason. Sorry Lana you are on the right side but you also have lots of modern, dare I say feminist, ideas that are pure poison for our people. The Germans had it right; kinder, kutchen, kyrka.

      • practicallyperfect

        I was hearing a lot of the modern feminist ideas myself. As a former card carrying member of NOW when I was young I heard and used all of that propaganda. Truth is I only have one child because I waited to long. The majority of my friends who also brought into the lies waited and had to use hormones and fertility drugs to conceive. Children teach young parents important virtues like patience, endurance, forgiveness, wonder, joy of learning and most importantly, unconditional love. The only way you will know yourself fully is to see yourself through another’s eyes. What will be an interesting discussion is how will we shape Traditionalism for the future.

        • Having children later isn’t the end of the world… having children at any age is a blessing…. the women who have them too young often regret it because they feel like they gave up their freedom early unnecessarily.

          • craicher

            And what is this freedom that women should have? Freedom to travel the world on the cock carousel? Freedom to take whore drugs like mdma and explore their sexuality? All leftist poison. Of course they feel like that in a world poisoned by the left. That is what we are fighting.

            At what age does biology intervene and a woman cannot give herself to a man? 20? 25? 30? Traditional cultures teach us that at some point women are ruined. There is a good reason our ancestors saw to it that their daughters were married young. It is because they loved them and wanted the best for them.

          • practicallyperfect

            Thank you for your thought provoking insights Sally Ann.

            Yes, having children later in life is not the end of the world. Needless to say the universal message sent to all young women in our culture is that “finding yourself,” and as you put it, not giving up your freedom to early is the only right and necessary way to ensure a satisfied and happy life. This ideology of a “happy life” like equality is a myth.
            Two thoughts: due to the female inclination towards empathy we give advice to others based on what we would want done for us. Young women today unlike the women in the past have the ability to be more autonomous, this makes us want to have fun and dare I say extend and explore adolescence with all the adult accoutrements. In essence “we have our cake and want to share it too”. Doesn’t this sound like the logic base of every SJW?
            Secondly, finding yourself and exploring your freedom ignores the communal nature of your family, community, tribe, village and or pack. Yes having children later in life at this moment in time is no big deal after all there are immense support systems for children with minor or major disabilities, but what happens when things go “tits up” to turn a phrase. In fact first article that popped up when I googled this topic was from of all places Huff Post that confirmed the increase of birth defects and learning disabilities for children conceived by older parents. Is it not unfair to condemn these children to less than a full life because Mom or Dad wanted to have some fun before they were tied down with a family. What kind of fighting chance will they have against their foes when they are less than whole? Lastly is it fair to make the community responsible to carry the your burdens when in some cases they were avoidable?
            Lastly marriage and family are not the end of life only the beginning.

          • “marriage and family are not the end of life only the beginning.”

            Because our culture is so influenced by Hollywood and TV, that is where young women – and men – get their cultural ideas from. TV shows and movies that focus on romance tend to have the wedding as “the end.” The meat of the story is the romance. Few films and movies show married life as adventurous or desirable and there are likely financial reasons to extend adolescence – easier to sell products to people who don’t have families to think about.

            Our culture promotes a form of “individualism” where people see themselves as isolated from their family and their larger culture. The idea that women – and men – have a duty to have children is virtually forbidden, it’s treated as some sort of oppressive slavery.

            We no longer have **civic institutions** like churches, social fraternities like the Freemason and the Elks club, family owned businesses where grandpa, pa, and son all work together. These civic institutions provide a status system that appeals to both men and women – instead our status system is based on consumerism, fashion, cars, etc. In the lower classes it even breaks down to African levels of “bling” and “bitches.”

            Women are social creatures more than men. If some small town had, say, an Elks club that was the center of social life and conferred status on married families, women would be competing with each other to marry sooner rather than later and have more children.

            People respond to incentives – both monetary and social. Healthy cultures have a status system where status is conferred to those who “do the right thing.”

            Here is an interesting article about the hipsters in Seattle rediscovering a traditional American civic institution – BPOE – and how the community rediscovered the status system that was lost by the baby boomers during the Age of Television:


            “For over a century, fraternal orders like the Elks served as the
            cornerstone of American social and civic engagement. Here’s how one
            Seattle neighborhood has made the Elks, and the community it provides,
            cool again.”

          • craicher

            An organic culture is not plagued by these exclusive clubs. They mostly grew up in the modern mileau of Protestantism, liberalism and secularism. Don’t need. Don’t want.

          • These exclusive clubs are not a “plague” except to those left out of them. These clubs were exactly how racial segregation was maintained in America.

            “modern mileau of Protestantism, liberalism and secularism”

            Catholic LARPing is no different than Pagan LARPing. Catholics blame all problems on Protestants and in the same way Pagans blame all their problems on Catholics.

            Liberalism and secularism brought Europe from a civilization to THE civilization that invented modern science, conquered the entire earth, and sent man to space.

            In fact, recent problems are precisely because Europeans abandoned liberalism and secularism and devolved back to superstition and totalitarianism.

            I did think twice about mentioning the Freemason because I knew it would trigger the Catholic LARPers, but I figured why not.

            Catholic ideology wants all humans to mix after all, it’s just as universalist as Masonry or “liberalism.”

            Catholics have failed to keep control of their own Catholic Church so now they are being entryists in the White movement. It was the Protestant “White are the True Biblical Israelites” that used to do that but they were chased off by the early days of the internet.

          • craicher

            Man, you should change your handle to hipster retard. Ummm, let me check, traditional European Christian ways are to be gone. Because it is all larping?

            Maybe Billy Bob’s church will save us all. I mean Billy done read the Bible and all.

          • You do a disservice to Catholic LARPers most of whom are able to argue their side far better than you.

            Either way, it’s all moot. You can’t even control your own Catholic church, so you can whine about the Freemasons and the Protestants and the liberals all you want. If you can’t even keep your own house in order why the hell would anyone want to follow your advice?

            Go back to your own Catholic church and fix it – then maybe the rest of us will find something worthwhile there. You don’t see White advocates going into the Catholic church and trying to fix them – it’s always the other direction.

          • craicher

            so hipster retard, do you have a better way? Please enlighten us. I’d be the last person to claim that the church is right in all things. but i’d be the first to say you are a fool.

            If anyone is a larper it is you. we have our tradition. It’s called Europe.

          • practicallyperfect

            After reading both yours and Hipster Racist comments I have to say both branches of the church are to blame. It’s time to move forward and instead of fighting amongst ourselves find a new way forward. Let the dead bury the dead.

          • My comments were about LARPers, not actual Catholics that go to church. There is no problem with Catholics that go to church. It’s the LARPers that are the problem.

          • craicher

            Exclusive invitation only clubs are anathema to our people. pure social poison.

            Hipster retard. I’ve news for ya. If you are a white man your people were of the universal church. No larping going on here. Just traditional western culture.

            For sure the Third Reich banned the Masons because they were just decent subversives.

            signing off, hipster retard

          • Catholic LARPing and Nazi LARPing! It’s a two-fer.

            People like you are the scourge of the pro-White movement. At least we can rest easily knowing you’ll never actually do anything but make up wild fantasies online.

            The ridiculous hipsters in Seattle joining BPOE are doing more for White people than all of you Nazi Catholic LARPers put together.

            If you are even White – perhaps not something to take for granted – your people were once pagan. So we should all go back – before liberalism, before Protestantism, before Catholicism, and be Pagan LARPers, right? After all, Christianity originated outside of Europe and most Christians are not White.

            You can’t even get your own Catholic church in order which is why you are attempting to infiltrate the pro-White movement as a substitute. Rather cowardly, aren’t you?

            Why aren’t you taking the fight to your own Catholic church?

          • craicher

            Dear hipster retard, i wonder”why are you here?” Please explain to us why you lurk here.

            This is not a religious fight. I am Catholic by tradition. all of europe is.

            I smell a yid!

          • craicher

            Very funny that you hiptard would accuse Catholics of larping. every king of the last 1400 years would turn in his grave to hear a traitor like you.

            I’d put my money on it that you are some kind of bleed?

          • “every king of the last 1400 years would turn in his grave to hear a traitor like you.”

            Good luck restoring the monarchy. I heard the NRxers are taking donations. Tell Curtis Yarvin the Jew we said hi.

          • craicher

            Mr. Jipster. I was just thinking. Maybe you are a child? Would an adult think that all worthy men would be invited to these clubs like the Elks? Sorry child. I hope you understand that us adults want a world where all our people are included. not some sick sectarian world of billy bobs gang.
            peace to you Hipster Retard

          • Um, there is more than one club. There are the Masons, the Elks, the Moose, the Woodsmen, the Lions – hey, even Catholics have the Knights of Columbus. What exactly is the problem? For people who for whatever reason can’t get into one of those clubs, you can always start your own.

            My point was that these social clubs, which used to be very common in American society, provided a status system that promoted marriage, children, and family. The loss of these social clubs, largely due to television, was a major factor in the breakdown of traditional American society.

            Then, of course, you went on some rant about Hitler and Protestantism.

            If you are such a loser that there is literally no social club in America that would allow you to join, and the best you can do is find comfort in a church – which kind of has to take anyone – well, that is your problem and no one else’s.

            As they say, Jesus loves you, as for everyone else …

          • craicher

            Wrong again hiptard. Have you read a book or two? You know the corporate middle ages? Anyway, anyone who cares about our people understands the poison of adomization and the part the modern world has played in that. as far as you speculating on my life, very funny and way off the mark hiptardboy.

          • craicher

            Wrong. You are clearly not well read. Tough to be a hipster retard

          • I apologize to the reads for feeding the troll.

            My bad.

          • craicher

            yea come on goys. invitation only protestant clubs will save the West!

          • Do you have a problem with the Knights of Columbus? You have to be a Catholic to join, and you have to be invited.

            Why are you making a problem when none exists? Stop playing D&C.

          • craicher

            So hiptard, have you read history? You do realize that all europeans were Catholic? I mean surely you can read?

          • craicher

            well come on now hiptard, tell us all why we should abandon our traditions and people to embrace a fraternal order? surely a lodge named after an animal will help our people reach god and trancendence. The Moose or the Elk will surely give our people purpose.

            Tell us all about it hiptard!

          • practicallyperfect

            Thank you for the link.

          • You’re welcome. Cheers.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            That’s the “Secret of Gay Suspicion”. Men associating with each other fraternally is recast as suspect these days.

          • I’ve read Greg Johnson’s essay on that and there is some truth to it, but frankly the “gay panic” thing seems to be limited to certain parts of the “alt right” and very specific religious communities.

            Homosexuality isn’t even on the radar for old dudes in the Shriners and the young white families in the Seattle Elks club. Gayness is an issue for far left progressive SJW types and “alt right” trolls, no one else.

            The death of these institutions I think has more to do with the TV and economic changes as detailed in “Bowling Alone.”


            “Putnam notes the aggregate loss in membership and number of volunteers in many existing civic organizations such as religious groups, labor unions, Parent-Teacher Association, Federation of Women’s Clubs, League of Women Voters, volunteers with Boy Scouts and the Red Cross, and fraternity organizations (Lions Clubs, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, United States Junior Chamber, Freemasonry, etc.)”

      • Y Finkelstein

        Meinst du Kirche? Sprichst du Deutsch?

        • craicher

          No I speak Swedish but English is my native tongue. Guess I could have looked up the German spellings but was/am on my phone and it’s just not practical. Was referring to the three k’s of the Third Reich.

          I notice a trend here in the alt-right and that is people from leftist families and backgrounds. Like the three women above. Seems a type of rebellion. I’m glad to have them and salute their efforts but I hope they can leave behind the left/liberal poison. Myself, I’m from a conservative, traditional minded background; thus I did not arrive here to rebel but to make things right.

      • Lana and Henrik apparently do have kids…

  • adopt from your local shelter

    I noticed that even girls in the Alt Lite camp are pro-race-mixing. Someone I know showed me a tweet from some Alt Lite Milo fan — she conducted a poll on Twitter asking if her followers were “open minded” to race mixing, and the majority of the people who responded said “Yes.”

    The first thing Hollywood pushed was race mixing, then they moved on to pushing homosexuality, now they’re pushing transsexualism and pedophilia. It’s all degenerate and dysgenic, and that’s the whole point. To get Whites to mix with the races that have a history of being enslaved and completely dominated. Whites have a history of innovation, and successfully overthrowing monarchs and governments. The main threat to the powers-that-shouldn’t-be is White DNA.

    And the young girls growing up now are:
    Supergirl – whose boyfriend is portrayed as black.
    Bella and the Bulldogs – whose boyfriend is portrayed as black.
    there’s too many to name,

  • adopt from your local shelter

    I noticed that even girls in the Alt Lite camp are pro-race-mixing. Someone I know showed me a tweet from some Alt Lite Milo fan — she conducted a poll on Twitter asking if her followers were “open minded” to race mixing, and the majority of the people who responded said “Yes.”

    The first thing Hollywood pushed was race mixing, then they moved on to pushing homosexuality, now they’re pushing transsexualism and pedophilia. It’s all degenerate and dysgenic, and that’s the whole point. To get Whites to mix with the races that have a history of being enslaved and completely dominated. Whites have a history of innovation, and successfully overthrowing monarchs and governments. The main threat to the powers-that-shouldn’t-be is White DNA.

    And the role models for young girls growing up today are:
    Supergirl – whose boyfriend is portrayed as black.
    Bella and the Bulldogs – whose boyfriend is portrayed as black.
    there’s too many to name,

    • Jarod

      Trigger warnings next time fam.

  • Idunna

    Definitely white women are longing for a sisterhood– I have to wonder if part of the reason we don’t have it is because of the individualism of whites. But, as with all things, its seems that we’re a little too paranoid to try to meet in person and build a sisterhood. Hell, it’s hard to get anyone who’s alt-right to meet up period (for obvious reason, but I have to wonder if sometimes it’s an excuse to keep the fantasy alive and live through shitposts). Its good to be careful, but if we’re only getting together once or twice a year, and then with people who may or may not be local, it’s not going to do any good except keep the movement online.

    I personally think that so many marriages fail because people go into them without ever considering what it means to be committed to someone for life– they continue to be self-centered and expect marriage to be another “fun” thing to do, it’s basically a hobby. If they took their vows half as seriously as their caterers or dress, there would be a much lower rate. However, to be fully feminine, a woman requires a masculine presence that she can trust, and is hard to find.

    As to the question of marriage and babies, I heard someone once say: “if you’re a white nationalist and not having kids, then shut the hell up.” I have to agree with the gist of that. Be aware that it does take time to find someone, but be looking, because that’s the only way any of this survives past us. The best thing that could happen to the Alt Right right now is dating meet-ups and group self defense classes– they can be organized on a local level and build a social and creative center outside of an online presence, which in turn builds trust. It’s not that we’re not out there, it’s that we’re not actively seeking each other out.

    • practicallyperfect

      There’s my girl!

    • not a joiner… def. not a joiner .. don’t need it.. long marriages are rare .. when I look around… I wonder why … 21 years has flown by … kids .. moves… travelling and money problems… sticking together seemed always like the only option… divorce seems so weak / quitting so pathetic..

  • Joseph Curwen

    In a previous comment I said that Britanny was hot. I hereby declare null and void that comment, Tara McCarthy, you are the N° 1 in my list now. Doesn’t matter if your grandma was half indian, I would like to take you to dinner, then for a drink (I prefer Gin or Whisky) and afterwards for a walk alongside the Seine.

    • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

      She’s engaged.

    • Jarod

      Cringeworthy stuff, fam.

      • Joseph Curwen

        You clearly have no sense of humor.

  • Y Finkelstein

    I hope these ladies NEVER appear at any Alt Right or Huwhyte Advocates’ conference like NPI or Amren, lest dorks creep them out as happened with that young American blonde fraulein who was David Irving’s assistant several years back.

    Tara McCarthy says her Grandmum is half Indian. Feather or dot?

  • the women have a sisterhood… its just understood… without being spoken about … like when women have babies… they have an immediate connection with other mothers … this sisterhood… its there .. its understood… ‘clubs’ and ‘movements’ are not for everyone

  • craicher

    Why doesn’t Lana take her husband’s name? How can we have leaders of the right who engage in leftist lifestyles? Europe is patriarchy. And don’t tell me there was some great matriarchical tradition before the evil Christian religion arrived. Pre-Christian Scandinavians were also partriarchical as all Indo Europeans.

  • craicher

    Another thing. Why the smirk Lana? Why do I get the impression that this is all about you and hubby rebelling against your liberal upbringing?

    When it is no longer edgy and rebellious will you move on?

    I hope not and I am in awe of what you do.

    • Jarod

      Of course there’s an element of rebellion in this. Are not all movements a rebellion against the established culture?

      • craicher

        No. Not if you come from a traditionalist background.

        In fact, I see a real conflict here between those in rebellion and those upholding the traditions of their ancestors.

  • I love planting a few rich chicks in the the movement to control us

  • practicallyperfect

    One final thought. Ladies a word to you, get your head out of the clouds. Stop watching main stream media and get out in real life. We are one of the biggest reasons men strive for their societies. There are good men right in front of you, stop chasing the MSM illusion. Rediscover the power of the feminine that inspires them.

    Gentlemen a word of advise. If you are to be the vanguard of this movement then do so. Mother nature waits for no man, impregnate your women or someone else will. I see many white women with other races for reasons other than it is the new agenda. Yes white men have been beaten down but until you rise to the challenge of taking control and beat back this huge “fitness test”, something women intrinsically prize and crave in a man, then we are fighting a lost cause. Now is the time to awaken your inner Berserker.