Tim Pool Visits Sweden 2

Part 1.

Here are Tim Pool’s latest videos from Sweden:

Note: At the rate we were going before President Trump, the pixelated psychologist in Sweden would have been Allahpundit or Charles Murray, give or take a few years.

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  • The situation in Sweden is bad, really really bad. The feeling of being a complete stranger in your own native homeland is truly a soul-crushing experience. There is still hope though!

  • My cousin lives in Sweden with a Swedish wife and children. All I hear from him at the moment is that he’s working out how to return to the UK. The family feel engulfed and he’s scared for his kids. Sweden is heading for an Islamic conquest much like Spain, as Victory or Valhalla notes. The Spanish had to retreat to the north to preserve their culture and language from eradication and 800 years later they vanquished the Moors. It was only the territory of the north of Spain that helped them to survive. Unless Sweden finds a Pelayo of Asturias pretty quickly, they’re history.

    • Let him know that London is almost a no-go zone. If things get bad, the US midwest is quite affordable and still nice in most spots. I know a few people from the UK that moved in to the Kansas City (Kansas, not Missouri) area that fell in love with in a week; I’ve been there as well and that’s where my eyes are. The northwestern states are largely White but housing is getting bad. We’ve got still room in America: but only for White people.

      • Muslims don’t really dominate the streets in most of London, though there are certainly exceptions like the Mile End/Stepney Green area. Generally it’s the Afro-Caribbean gangs who are most likely to control the streets in areas where whites live. They commit extremely high rates of mugging, rape etc but tend not to have the group hatred of whites that you get with Muslim groups.

        • The Queen of England pretty much had her “flower” defiled by the well known flagrant kike, George Soros. Listen, you have to create a “monster” in London, afro-Caribbean gangs are not domesticated, nor civilized, pure animal instinct. Only the wealthy class/ruling class are capable of creating a buffer between themselves and where they take a crap! They are using immigration as a moat around their castle so to speak.

          The short term solution to the Muslim problem in London is to drive them out using pigs, pork, and bacon. Every weekend hold a pig festival on the side streets (get sponsorship from local pubs), try an hold them up-wind so the smell descends upon these Muslim groups. Islam made a grave mistake when they quoted the Judaic-Christian bible in their Koran to advance their faith. Long term solution is to discredit the Bible, the Koran will no longer have five pillars upon the foundation of Christianity.

          Closing, just remember when those eggs of dissidence hatch, your problems in England will multiply exponentially! Cheers

      • I live in the south west of England. Perfectly safe and away from any multi-culti ‘vibrancy’. I’m advising he moves this way. But you’ve certainly got more space in the US to keep a buffer.

    • Swedish people are convinced that they have created a working model of an advanced civilization and that everyone else wants to be just like them, they operate under the delusion that if they lead by example and adhere strictly to their liberal doctrine everyone else will see the light, realize the error of their primitive ways and just fall into line. They are making progress, Gummy Bears, Nutella and chocolate have become really popular so newly acquired tastes are being developed, only problem is if they don’t give away the Gummy Bears, Nutella and chocolate their new liberal proteges burn down buildings. Sorry, I got that wrong, that was Germany, so Sweden does have it right after all, the Swedes must be providing a steady stream of delicious treats so everything will work out ok in the end.

    • The Swedes desperately need a modern day Mussolini – someone who can whip working class men into shape – and then march on the capital.

      But before that can happen, we need to get NATO out of Europe. Otherwise America might do the same thing to the ‘racist Swedish insurrectionists’ that they did to the ‘racist Serbs’ back in the 1990s.

      So my message to all Americans is: protest, send letters to your congressman, organize marches, etc. Just get America out of Europe ASAP.

      Once America leaves, the Europeans will start cleaning house.

  • Turn off the power grid and Mr. Third World dies. Yeah they come from shit holz, that doesn’t mean they’re survivors.

    • Oh I didn’t mean to imply that. I meant more along the lines of the inevitable collapse making life even more difficult for the ethnic Swedes, and likely more dangerous as the brown hordes get hungry. They’ll see the ethnic Swedes as the cause of their woes, and start killing and raping even more. Can’t blame themselves for the fact that every country they take a majority in collapses into a shithole, it’s gotta be the white man’s fault.
      I’d cut the free food and water before the power. Won’t harm the ethnic Swedes directly.

    • Yeah, and so do nearly all of the urban and suburban whites. We’re completely domesticated, and a very high percentage of our male population has fallen victim to “learned helplessness”. Can you survive in the wilderness in wintertime? I sure as heck can’t. I mean, at least I’m aware that is a skill I should be developing, but unfortunately, I’ve been preoccupied with other things.

        • “A country boy can survive”

          Yeah, I like our chances better too, but a lot of white people in the cities and ‘burbs will be toast just the same as the “colorfuls” in the event that the power grid goes down. You can say, “too bad for them”, or “natural selection”, but can we really afford to lose millions of whites just because they can’t skin a buck?

          Anyway, the most likely scenario is civil war and slaughter or enslavement of urban whites. Then further invasion. The Chinese and Indians will keep the power grid running just fine. Do we have enough prepped and armed whites in the exurbs and countryside to lay siege to all the major cities? Will the remaining white police and military be on our side? The ones I know, and the ones I see in public seem to be either clueless, indifferent, motivated only by their pension or by petty lust for power, or consciously against us. Look at how the police are giving antifa rioters a free pass.

  • Sweden’s Government needs an economic hit so their treasonous asses can collapse as soon as possible.

    • I’d prefer the ethnic Swedes overthrowing their revolting government and reconquering the land, economic collapse will probably just kill more ethnic Swedes, the “newly arrived Swedes” are already accustomed to impovershed anarchy.

      Like the Reconquista, but about 745 years faster.
      Sadly, total economic and demographic collapse is inevitable for Sweden: they have less than a decade to survive if they don’t wake the hell up in the next 15 minutes. It stabs my soul to say it.

      • Yeah, though I’m sure the Swedes that are awakened to this obvious threat ARE preparing themselves for the collapse. They just can’t say anything about it, I’m going to remain optimistic.

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