This Is The Future Liberals Want

This scene on a New York City subway became a viral /pol/ meme:

“When Sam Themer rode the subway dressed in drag last week—red wig, turquoise dress, face painted with make-up—he never considered that someone might photograph him as he commuted from Queens to a drag queen gig in Manhattan, sitting next to a woman wearing a niqab. …

A week later, it was appropriated by the alt-right for mockery and derision on 4chan’s “politically incorrect” /pol/ News Network message board, then tweeted by an account of the same name with the caption, “This is the future liberals want.” …

Until this week, Themer had never been targeted online, but nothing about the alt-right’s intolerance surprised him.

“On election night, I was sitting comfortably in a red, white, and blue pantsuit assuming Hillary [Clinton] was going to win,” he said, “but when that didn’t happen it really woke me up to the fact that all of this hatred exists throughout America.”

More surprising were the number of ordinary people who shamed the bigoted shamers. The alt-right meme of Themer was re-appropriated as a progressive rallying cry turned viral Twitter moment that was still trending on Friday afternoon. …”

According to The Daily Beast, it has been reappropriated “as a progressive rallying cry.” Progressives have embraced the image as an accurate representation of their ideal.

Why does this image strike such a chord? From an Alt-Right perspective, it is a drag queen seated next to a Muslim wearing a hijab. Both images are profoundly alien in their own way. The drag queen represents the degeneration of our traditional culture while the Muslim wearing the hijab represents its replacement by foreigners. The message is that liberalism is a cultural disease.

“This Is The Future Liberals Want” means liberalism destroys the social fabric. It makes us sick. We lack the will power to perpetuate our own existence. I haven’t seen this spelled out anywhere.

  • Wanderer

    Well, at least economic collapse is inevitable. At best Trump could only hold it off for a few more years. Trump can’t alter the fact that it’s rapidly becoming mathematically impossible to sustain social security into the future, and the socialist economic policies of the Fed and the globalists only dumps gasoline onto the fire. Once this collapse happens there will be a cleansing fire that removes all of the trash in the above image whether they like it or not. I feel pity for the dude on the right. He’s a victim of the state in the worst way and doesn’t seem to even be aware that he’s a dead man walking.

    • I would agree with you to a point. I am aware how much spending is allocated towards our military; it’s over 50% of the appropriations bill each year. I believe our representatives to be spend thrift career politicians and the mismanagement of those funds is unbelievable. If Social Security should collapse, they intended to see it happen! Trump is only going to buy those of us with a game plan time, spend it wisely.

    • Marcus

      A truly libertarian society could solve a lot of problems. The issue that would still concern me is white’s pathological altruism.

      • Wanderer

        imo Libertarianism cannot function without Nationalism. Even Adam Smith argued for a national bias to guide the invisible hand of the free market.

    • “Well, at least economic collapse is inevitable. At best Trump could only hold it off for a few more years.”

      Eh, people have been saying that for 20 years or more. “Economic collapse is just around the corner! The dollar cannot survive we’re going to have massive inflation!” It just never happens.

      “a cleansing fire that removes all of the trash”

      This is just the Rapture couched in economic terms. Many people, leftists too, have this idea that there will be some Great Revolution that will destroy the old and then we will all live happily ever after in a golden age.

      The Rapture, Ragnarok, the Return of Jesus/Mohommed, the Workers Rise Up, Global Warming, the Great Collapse, etc., etc.

      It’s a fairly universal human instinct, mostly based on individuals contemplating that their life is limited and that they themselves will die, so they project that on “the world.”

      It’s a leftist idea anyway – the Revolution! Don’t think revolution, think evolution.

      • 4DPOETRY

        Very good point, everybody alive today is just one set of people, we will all be replaced 100 years from now with a different set of people, the question is do we want to leave a legacy for the next group of people. Also what will we pass on, need to think big, what great gifts could we leave for the next set of people. medicine, literature, engineering, transport etc, those who will be remembered are the innovators who become immortal for their positive contribution to the world. World Peace 2070.

  • VictoryOrValhalla

    Its “funny” because half the failed meme attempts I’ve seen literally do nothing more than shoot themselves in the foot and confirm the point of our meme. They completely failed to counter-meme. A pack of normie morons with no sense of humor can never match the most dank meme-machine the world has ever spawned. We meme’d “a clown” straight to the White House and watched millions of people cry and shit a brick over it at the same time.

    The comments on it across social media too: “Oh, two normal people sitting next to each other on public transport without killing each other, how horrible!”
    Trannies and time bombs are “normal people” in a White country. The Third-World fetishists cannot begin to understand.
    I mean really, look at the woman in the sheets: she has already envisioned 3 different ways to Allahu Akbar that “abomination in the eyes of Allah” sitting next to her straight to Hell. The eyes say it all.

    • Sean Fielding

      “The eyes say it all” – yeah, they say she’s bad genetic material with a left third nerve palsy.

  • Mo’Hommid Chavez-Weinstein

    A political movement that embraces a butt load of conflicting and competing victim groups can’t serve all their interests. Does tranny man really think a Jihadette in a suspiciously puffy jacket supports his right to pee in the women’s restroom? She doesn’t even support his right to exist.

    • SLCain

      “A political movement that embraces a butt load of conflicting and competing victim groups can’t serve all their interests.”

      No, but it can serve the interests of the people who organize that political movement.

      • Marcus

        Organise might be too strong a word, support is more apt.

        • SLCain

          Both, I think.

  • Johnny Fash

    Ugghh. I wanna go live in a cave.

    • From Ohio

      Shame, that’s where we plan on shoving all these people after the Trumpstag Fire.

      • Marcus

        The Reichstag Fire may genuinely have been done by communists.

        • From Ohio

          It don’t madda, none o’ that maddas.

        • ThomasER916

          After watching Berkeley burn is there any doubt the Reichstag fire was caused by communists and the Brown Shirts were the good guys protecting the normies?

  • ereimenoym

    What both figures have in common symbolically is an opposition to traditional White Christian culture; that’s why libs find the image so appealing. The sad thing is that they’ve been programmed to think that way and they’re not even aware of it.

    • “traditional White Christian culture” I don’t believe we need Christianity to define our traditions and culture. My memory serves me correct, it was Alexander the great who forced 70 kikes to translate the Pentateuch into Greek and this translation is known as the Septuagint. The Septuagint was used to write the Gospels of Christ which were written first in Greek. Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. hand selected the very books (scrolls) that make up the your bible today! More importantly,(fast forward in time) our founding fathers used the bible and extracted the principles to draft the constitution.

      I could draw the conclusion that Jews control us if we adhere to the constitution of the United States! I would prefer to stop immediately this game of the ‘right or left’ mindset but perhaps this tells me a little more about the alt-right and why I should be moving along. My disposition is concrete and to refute what I elaborated upon would be pointless. I don’t care for the Jewish community; I don’t hate them, I don’t want to associate with them at all for my reasons!

      • Robert Bruce

        Thing is Christian culture is the West Geert, and has been since the Middle Ages. Reversing that would be a truly monumental task for the Alt Right or anybody, unless you just wanted to destroy it and not replace it with anything of value other than consumerism, which is what the left is doing. Are you suggesting going back to Asatru and paganism? Fat chance as most people that ascribe to that aren’t practicing the real thing. It is almost like those Goth kids from the late 90’s. A fad more than anything else for a bunch of nerds. You don’t care for the Jewish community huh? Then why all the ties to Zionists then? With what is out there, you could be a Likud agent for all we know.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          Western Culture is more than just Christianity.

          Christianity is a part of it, but not the whole thing.

          Which is why evangelicals who go full Christian and abandon the other elements seem so obviously deranged.

        • Chuckle, chuckle… I had somebody ask me if I was related to Geert Wilders, said I look like him. I thought it to be a bit sinister to use “Wilders” for the name on my avatar and perhaps bring me a dab of privacy. I don’t look Jewish at all in my photo? My nose is as straight as an arrow out of classical antiquity/medieval period. For years I struggled to identify with Christianity. I was raised in a family that practiced Christianity and have many fond memories of Christmas, Easter, and Halloween as a boy growing up; I love the Christmas spirit, family and friends get together, everybody has a festive time, that perhaps is what’s most difficult for me… when I saw first hand what was behind the curtain covering Christianity, I couldn’t believe how “rat” infested the faith had become; Kikes, sadly saying created Christianity and are pulling the strings today because our founding fathers took it upon themselves to use the bible as a bedrock to their Western values. I’m not advocating that we fall back to the 1970’s or as far back as 70 AD. All I can say is wormwood (bitter), I’d be better off ignorant but I’m not.

        • SevereCheer621

          Whites are the west, not christians. Whites come in many forms. Many are atheists. Some are Christians. Some are even Jews. Some are Greeks. Others are Germans. Some are Poles. As for Christianity, it is at this point little more than a weapon in the hands of the enemy. It serves no purpose but to weaken us. Christian churches are making a killing importing Islamic savages. The Pope is peddling pure Bolshevism. He is telling Europeans to embrace their conquerors. The secular power class selectively employs Biblical quotes, which invariably work to our detriment. Christianity is a cancer. Charlemagne’s christianity could be tolerated, but Jesus’s or worse Francis’s, can not be. Not for any civilization that hopes to survive.

        • Cobbett

          Have you read – The Germinization of Early Medieval Christianty? An excellent argument of the paganising of what was a pacifistic, other wordly religion into how we(falsely) imagine it to be(chivalry, crusades etc):the true Christian religion is for the losers of the world…as personified by the current Pope.

  • Rascal

    Yes, these two groups are going to get along just swimmingly. The perfect foundation to any healthy society.

    • From Ohio

      The liberal contradiction and hypocrisy is glaring isn’t it?

  • The irony of the photo is that when the liberal dream is realized, the people representing the chick on the left of the photo will be gleefully tossing the deviants represented by the…whatever that is… on the right side of the photo off of tall buildings without the benefit of a net.

  • unpaidpundit

    The drag queen is obviously dressed as a woman for entertainment purposes. That hair and make-up is not intended to be convincing. He has made himself up as a caricature of a woman for his performance in a drag show. I am amused by how offended the devout Muslim sitting next to him must feel.

    • They’re both anonymous to us in their true uncovered states..

    • From Ohio

      Your drag expertise was enlightening.

      • JosephtheGreat

        Maybe he is from New York and that’s how he knows so much. Such sights are rare for us in the midwest but for him it’s probably a daily occurrence.

        • Y Finkelstein

          Drag queens are common in every major city I’ve been to in America and Europe.

          • JosephtheGreat

            Not sure what you would define as a major city but they aren’t that common in Kansas City I’d have to go to some specific place where they are likely to congregate like a gay bar in a downtown area and I never go there. The only time I go downtown is when I get called for jury duty.

          • Y Finkelstein

            Manhattan, LA, San Francisco, Berlin are what I mean by major cities. Homosexuals don’t tend to work in sectors like construction trades or agriculture where one can support themselves in a rural area, so they congregate in urban areas. Its good to see KC doesn’t have fag enclaves like the Cities I listed above, but I did see the absolute worst black ghetto when I was in Kansas City, Kansas. I’m talking blacks wearing wife beaters with their guts hanging out.

          • JosephtheGreat

            Oh yes black ghettos do exist here, unfortunately. In the Missouri side as well. Those are the parts where most of the crime and murders happens but which never make national news unlike the white guy who killed two indians in Olathe recently.

        • VictoryOrValhalla

          Never seen a drag queen here in Detroit either: that’s because the majority negro and camel populations assault them on sight. Jew York, never been, never want to.

  • Remember what George Carlin said: “When you’re born in the world you get tickets to the freak show .. when you’re born in America … you get front row seats.” …. Honestly, this picture is pure comedy… and of course lefties never see humour in anything… but some weird ongoing autistic screechings about ‘diversity’…. you can have so much diversity that you’ll wanna fucking kill each other people.. remember that… and remember this: drag queens seek attention… well buddy, you got some, didn’t ya?

    • Marcus

      Americans might be in the front row, but Europeans are on stage.

  • Sean Fielding

    ‘When Hillary didn’t win it really woke me up to the fact that all of this hatred exists throughout America.’
    Because every loving American just wants to be surrounded by more, and more, and more degeneracy.

  • Y Finkelstein

    Two things going on in this picture.

    The drag queen represents the utter breakdown of norms and descent into degeneracy of Western Society. In a normal society, drag queens are viewed as the freaks that they are. Also Note that drag queens were quite numerous and popular in Weimar Germany. We are clearly in the Weimar period.

    The Muslim woman is adhering to norms of her own foreign culture. Thus, she is more “normal” than the Drag queen, but is still out of place in Western societies. Muslim norms, just like drag queens, have no place in Western culture. One can tell that the Muslim woman is disgusted by the drag queen sitting next to her. The Muslim woman should not be in America where cultural norms are different from her own.

    • Marcus

      Excellent comment. I was just thinking of how this photo reminded me of the Wiemar Republic and the documentary, The Greatest Story Never Told.

    • Weimerica

  • James OMeara

    ““On election night, I was sitting comfortably in a red, white, and blue pantsuit assuming Hillary [Clinton] was going to win,” he said,”

    “The smoothly efficient First Lady we see before us, with her chameleonlike blonde hairdos and
    charismatic smile, is actually a drag queen, the magnificent final product of
    a long process of self-transformation from butch to femme.” — Camille Paglia on Hillary, 20 year ago.

    • practicallyperfect

      I do so enjoy reading Camille.

  • Scott Schroeder

    To prevent that future pro-whites are going to have to win the propaganda war and take power.

    • From Ohio

      At least (((they))) seem to be making it easier.

  • Helicopter Parents

    The picture is actually a litmus test. If you’re normal, you’re repulsed; if you’re a degenerate, you love it.

    • Vautrin


    • Marcus

      I hate that almost everyone I know would love it. I need to meet normal people.

    • Satan

      Or it doesn’t faze you. You don’t care. It’s not your choice and doesn’t effect you. You think ‘to each their own’ as you move on with your day.

      • Jusqu’au Bout

        If you have children degeneracy effects them and, thereby, you.

        • Satan

          Yeah I rode the subway and took the bus from age 12 on, I saw all manners of ppl with different appearances. And this had zero effect on me or my life. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many ppl that just want to control everyone around them.

          • Jusqu’au Bout

            You sound just like the MSM. “Live and let live” is all fine and good unless you want to live a traditional conservative life. The truth is kids are effected (I don’t know how old you are but I’m sure it’s been a little while since you were twelve). We see the liberal legislation and propaganda injecting itself into our schools, into our kids clubs, into our children’s literature and entertainment.

          • Satan

            Has zero to do with these ppl riding the subway. You holier than though conservtards want to control everyone’s lives just like yer libtarded brethen. No thx! I’ll dress how I like and wear my hair however I like as well! And if yer kids are that sensitive, please, keep them at home, in your safe space.

      • SevereCheer621

        I don’t care. It doesn’t faze me. With that said, it is comical, if not absurd. As the political left imports Stone Age fanatics, it is waging a war on normalcy & tradition. Promote all manner of degeneracy while importing hordes of fanatics that routinely kill degenerates. This is not going to end well. At some point the fanatics are going to have the numbers to really start persecuting these freaks. And not that I think that is good or right, but it’s also kind of hard to care. These folks must really hate themselves. Indeed they do. Because the Western World (or at least large portions of it, embodied by this orange thing), is trying to off itself on a daily basis. And it’s sort of sad & sick & disturbing all at once.

        • Satan

          Except it’s not the political left doing the importing, only enabling it.

      • Conej Hospital

        You don’t have kids I guess or care about the future of western civilization

        • craicher

          well his name is Satan.

          • Conej Hospital

            true the ultimate in myopia

        • Satan

          I was a kid growing up seeing all different types of people. From green Mohawks, piercings, tatoos, to long skirts, buttoned up prim & proper. Didn’t phase me. If it doesn’t hurt me or effect me, it’s not a problem. You sound like a wound too tight conservtard that needs to control everyone around you and what they wear. And what they do.

          • Conej Hospital

            yeah I have a green mohawk I still know there are only two genders and that Islam oppresses the hell out of one of them, these realities have absolutely nothing to do with a political spectrum left ,right or center, so yeah maybe keep living your delusion kiddo

          • Satan

            And beautifully, your shyt doesn’t effect me!

          • Conej Hospital

            but of course, why would rationality effect the delusional?

          • Satan

            Clearly your delusions are easily effected

          • Conej Hospital

            sure thing “guy who identifies with most evil entity in all of theology” LULZ

      • No, that falls into the degenerate response.

        • Satan

          No that falls under to each his/her own if it doesn’t directly effect me. Conservtards are like libtards, both want to control everyone.

    • 4DPOETRY

      They are both on their way to a new ‘Village People’ tribute band performance, the other four band members are as follows, a woman with a shaved head dressed in a business suit, a morbidly obese man wearing just a nappy, a topless man wearing just yoga pants with giant breasts and a man with a dog collar who just makes barking noises.

    • Lurker

      And if you’re retarded, you think this is actually sustainable over the long term.

  • James OMeara

    Perhaps a comment from someone actually acquainted with traditional Aryan culture on the contrast presented here might help.

    Daniélou also notes that transgendered people in particular, but also homosexual men and women are associated with good fortune in popular Hindu culture and that among many of his contemporaries ‘the presence of a transvestite prostitute is still considered auspicious, particularly at a marriage ceremony’ (AD 2007, 43). He contrasts this view with the rival [Judaic] tradition, which corresponded better with the mentality of the colonial rulers: “India is both the land of the Kama Sutra, of erotic temple sculptures, and of the most exacerbated puritanism. Recent invaders, the Muslims then the British, have considerably accentuated this aspect.” (AD 2007, 43-44)

    • Crud Bonemeal

      lol, stop shilling for your perversions

      everyone can see through you

    • Alex Harris

      James, oh James… I bought you a new dildo. It’s right over here in this oven…

  • From Ohio

    “It went viral” the Left is so arrogant they think this would be boon when in reality it’s a giant red-pill.

  • Abcdedcba

    Leftism is insanity. I can get being pro-muzzie and I can get being pro-tranny.

    I can’t understand being pro-muzzie AND pro-tranny.

    • Vautrin

      Leftism is selfhate. The love for beeing degenarated. It makes sense.

  • WR_the_realist

    Well, it’s all out in the open and objective: That is the future liberals want and we are entirely correct to reject that future.

  • DjZ

    These two more than likely cant stand each other, but they are fighting against people with common sense to have each others ideas and rights shoved right down their own throats by the liberal dummies they want to elect.

  • ThomasER916

    The picture makes sense when you understand they’re both united in hatred of Whites.

    Without Whites to unite against they turn on one another.

  • harman1

    Diversity in everything?LOL

  • Churchillian

    What would be the reverse image of this? ‘This is the Future the Alt-Right Wants’

    • Crud Bonemeal
      • Nothing_Much

        Honestly I never thought I would enjoy an image just like that. It looks exactly how I would imagine the American dream as.

        • The version of that from Der Spiegel with the husband holding a rifle was even better. It was supposed to be an attack on AfG but it just came across as “awesomely traditional German.”

      • Albionic American

        In our reality the United States has become Greater Israel, run by Israeli colonial administrators like the banker Stanley Fischer on the Board of the Federal Reserve.

        If Philip K. Dick lived now, he might have written a novel titled The Man in the High Shtetl.

        • Alex Harris

          You can take the jew out of the shtetl, but you can’t take the shtetl out of the jew.

  • Aedra Daedra
  • Aedra Daedra
  • Figured they were friends going to a fancy-dress event. It’s just too silly.

  • Kris Chringle

    You must understand that the photograph represents a future without heterosexual, sisgenders etc. Contrary to Liberal claims, it’s NOT a symbol of tolerance.

  • thumos
  • Gubbler Chechenova

    What do Jews really mean when they say they support refugees.

    When Jews say they support refugees, they really mean they support the-turning-of-Muslims-into-refugees in order to create Greater Israel.

    Muslims are NOT choosing to be refugees. They are being forced into refugee status, and the MAIN instigator of crisis and havoc in the Middle East has been the US that is controlled by Jewish supremacists.

    Jews are playing a very dirty game. They have been behind the very policies that led to the massive Muslim refugee crisis. Through sanctions, invasions, bombings, drone strikes, and funding of terrorists(especially in Syria and Libya), the Jewish-controlled US and its proxies(especially loathsome Saudi Arabia) have been tearing the Middle East and North Africa apart. Most American Jews have done NOTHING to oppose, let alone denounce, this policy emanating from Liberal Zionists and Neocons(there is almost no difference), but they are feigning compassion as would-be-saviors of Muslims. These Jews aren’t interested in restoring peace in Muslim lands and helping Muslims return home. No, they want MORE WARS AND STRIFE(even against Iran) so that Muslim lands will be emptied, whereupon the Greater Israel Project can be realized.

    Jewish Globalist supremacists are a sick bunch. What they’re doing would be like Nazi Germany making a mess of Poland and then feigning sympathy for Polish refugees and demanding that Russia take them. Never mind Poles have been turned into refugees by German invasion and war-mongering. Vile and venal.

    Even though Muslims know Jews are full of shit, they currently go along with the charade since they want access to better material life in the West.

    Jews hide behind Statue of Liberty while summoning Mars, the god of war.

    Jews act as if being a refugee is some kind of wonderful thing that should be conferred with blessing and care. In fact, being a refugee is terrible, and it is A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY to turn people into refugees(like what Zionists did with Palestinians in Nakba). Jewish-controlled US foreign policy is most to blame for forcing Muslims(and Christian Arabs) into refugee status. But Jews dodge the moral blame pretending to care about refugees and also by dumping the burden of taking care of refugees on GENTILE NATIONS even though Israel, which plays a key role in US foreign policy, won’t take any refugees and won’t even offer Golan Heights as refuge for Syrian refugees.

    Imagine some Jewish guy burning down your house, and then screaming about how OTHER people should take care of your family since you are without a home. Never mind the Jewish guy burned down the house. Never mind the Jewish guy won’t offer his own home as sanctuary for your family. He pressures OTHER families to take you and your family in, but he hogs all the moral credit for having made the most noise about need for ‘compassion’.

  • Louise Gadoury

    Look. When you look at strangers there is only black, there is only white and there only is grey. None of them are colors, just shades you make up in your mind to help you navigate through life. Colors are what is inside a person, you can’t see that stuff, only precious precious few show their colours. We are born into a world and brainwashed by whatever pond culture we grow up near and some people drink the koolaid and some people don’t, and they escape the pond in search of something different, some people worship the pond. They are both perfectly ok choices. This picture is of both extremes, and I respect them both, they’re both doing what they feel is right, they both live a life and suffer and laugh. They will both die and so will you. Let them do whatever they want. Leave them alone. Everything you do to try and categorize is for nothing because you don’t see anything inside. All you see is shades and you think rainbows come out of your ass. It’s delusional to think you know what the world really looks like. No one fucking knows anything. That’s the first step. Peace.