Charles Murray Was Attacked By Snowflakes At Middlebury College

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I wasn’t aware The Tolerant Left had taken it this far:

“As Stanger, Murray and a college administrator left McCullough Student Center last evening following the event, they were “physically and violently confronted by a group of protestors,” according to Bill Burger, the college’s vice president for communications and marketing.

Burger said college public safety officers managed to get Stanger and Murray into the administrator’s car.

“The protestors then violently set upon the car, rocking it, pounding on it, jumping on and try to prevent it from leaving campus,” he said. “At one point a large traffic sign was thrown in front of the car. Public Safety officers were able, finally, to clear the way to allow the vehicle to leave campus.

“During this confrontation outside McCullough, one of the demonstrators pulled Prof. Stanger’s hair and twisted her neck,” Burger continued. “She was attended to at Porter Hospital later and (on Friday) is wearing a neck brace.” …”

We’re the “bigots” though!

What does the word “bigot” even mean anymore? The term originally meant a fanatic, an irrational person, who was unable or incapable of engaging a person with another point of view.

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  • I first became disillusioned with the far left in October 1971 when Atlantic magazine published an article by Richard Herrnstein entitled “IQ.” In that article Professor Herrnstein anticipated arguments he later with Charles Murray presented in The Bell Curve, which was published in 1974.

    I found the article disturbing and depressing, but also convincing. The Students for a Democratic Society held a convention at Harvard the next spring with the expressed purpose of getting Professor Herrnstein and other professors of like mind fired.

    Until then I had thought that the left was in favor of free speech, while the right, with their witch hunts, loyalty oaths, and black lists, was not.

  • Fuck Charles Murray. The fat dwarf wants to bring his beloved Asians into America as its new overlords.

  • Murray and Hernstein’s book The Bell Curve came out 20 years ago. It told the truth about IQ and race so Murray is now a non-person in the eyes of the left. (Hernstein is deceased.) It doesn’t matter how much virtue signaling he has done since, and Murray has to understand that. The left wants him dead.

    • Interestingly, he is one of the very few academics who has not yet become persona non grata after writing about racial differences in intelligence. That may now be changing.

  • Murray has been very active virtue-signaling against the Alt-Right. It still didn’t stop him from being called a “racist,” “nazi,” etc., by the Bolshevik Youth.

    Incidentally, he has the look of a shitlord, imo. His actions say otherwise.

    • A few things at work with Murray.

      He works for the Heritage Foundation and saw what happened to Jason Richwine. Richwine’s career was ruined and he’s persona non grata in Washington for simply publishing his findings that low IQ immigrants from Mexico suck ass. Murray still wants to go to DC dinner parties, so cucked hard against Trump.

      Murray’s ex wife is Asian and he has half breed children, so he couldn’t stand Trump’s implicit White identity dog whistles and the Alt Right’s explicit White Nationalism.

      • Yeah, we have to discourage this business of producing racially mixed people who have a void where an identity would have gone. We saw what one of them did when he became President.

        • White-Asian marriages are the most common mixed race pairing. And White male, Asian female pairings are far more common than Asian male, White female couples. We need to encourage Asians to stay in their own societies and preserve their cultures which are just as great as our own.

          • I think our cultures are (potentially) even better than theirs. I guess ours may be potentially worse than theirs too, at least recently. But of course their cultures should be preserved and perpetuated in their own countries, and ours in ours.

        • What the fuck is with these intellectual White guys always going for Orientals?
          I think the problem is that these guys can’t handle White women; they need mousey East Asians who will be lead around by the nose.

          • It isn’t that hard to understand.

            Asian women are intelligent. Asian women are more submissive than white women. There are also many Asian women at elite universities.

          • East Asian girls aren’t mousey/submissive, but they are fairly straightforward and comprehensible. Modern white women in the big cities have heads full of cultural Marxism, with Asians you only see this among those who have grown up fully Westernised and middle/upper-middle class.

          • Maybe they want both, intelligence and blow jobs? Easier in Asia.

          • Basically answered by others. I would add that feminism ruined White Ivy League women first, then other White college women, then most of the rest of White women. This happened to my own parents several years before Murray, in the same town. My (White) mother isn’t even all that much of an intellectual, but that’s all the worse: the impression these Synthedral ideas made on small-town high-school stars 60 years ago wrought intellectual destruction for the rest of their lives, and even my father eventually became a male feminist.

            So it makes sense that Yellow Fever would hit guys like Murray and Derbyshire well before it hit White working schlubs in the 90’s when they began to realize there was no wifing up so many White women.

            I will add some items I hadn’t known until I Wiki’d Murray – it was his first wife that was Asian; she was Thai instead of the usual NE Asian choice of the intellectuals, they divorced after 14 years of marriage that sound mostly unhappy (the years he was 23 – 37), and his second wife has a huwhyte surname.

          • In the modern milieu even good hearted white women have their brains ruined by cultural Marxism, if they take a stand for anything decent and true they are viciously attacked by those around them (men & women). East-Asian women are not subject to this to anything like the same extent. I can talk to my east-Asian female friends about race-realist and other topics* frankly, in a way that I can’t with white female friends. So they are more fun to be around.

            *eg had a good chat with a Chinese Indonesian recently about market dominant minorities, compared Chinese to Jews, to what extent a majority should tolerate or welcome minority rule, etc.

          • Feminism also ruined white men, but there is forgiveness for white male race-mixers… I have noticed. People like VeGAINator (Swirling movement) and Black Pigeon Speaks (Asian sex tourism) have no trouble being welcomed with open arms, and have publicly advocated for white men to race mix with Asian and Black women (respectively).

            It’s like this: “once you go black you’re not welcome back… unless you’re a man.”

            I’m starting to understand certain women (that get written off as “feminist shills” for pointing this out) a bit better than I did before.

        • I will undoubtedly get heat for saying this, but I have noticed a great deal of forgiveness when it comes solely to male race-mixers…

          Guys like VeGAINator (Swirling movement) and Black Pigeon Speaks (Asian sex tourism) have no trouble being welcomed with open arms, after they have spent years publicly advocating for white genocide by promoting their lifestyles on YouTube.

          It’s like this: “once you go black you’re not welcome back… unless you’re a man.”

          I’m starting to understand certain women (that get written off as “feminist shills” for pointing this out) a bit better than I did before.

          • women are more accepting. no how amazing she is, if a woman touched a non white they are a totally turn off after that. at least never speak about it. unfortunately that’s how it is. feel free to tell the men that RT to FO

          • It’s a problem, all right. Biology and tradition tell us the double standard on sex, in all its manifestations, is there for good reason. Specifically on interracial breeding, it’s because men conquer or die trying, while women go with the conquerers. So in a way, these guys are doing to Asians what dindu & kebab are doing to Swedes.

            But because smart Whites are so smart and rational, we developed a more-or-less scientific understanding of history, and figured out what a lot of people guessed anyway: even the greatest conquering males can lose their genetic legacy if the numbers of females-to-be-conquered is high enough.

            This happened all over the Mediterranean and Asian periphery of the Aryan world: Vandals, Visigoths, Romans, Greeks, Macedonians in Egypt and the Near East, Hittites, Persians and the Vedic Aryans themselves all literally became lesser races over time. Some left only very dilute genetic legacies (generally for the Vandals and Hittites, caste-based in India), some still have a moderate cultural identity too (eg modern Spain is partly the legacy of Visigothic Spain), some continue in name but are not the men their ancestors were, eg Greece, Rome, Persia.

            Meanwhile in the old center (the Western Steppe) and the expanded centre (the whole Northern European plain, from Bordeaux to the Urals) we are not the men our ancestors were either, but mainly for different reasons. So it is not really conquest, the more excusable form of male race-mixing, that’s going on: it’s more personal desperation.

            The hierarchy of race-mixing is different from the overall sexual hierarchy of human biology, which is alphas>women>betas. Female race-mixing is at the bottom and is ideally verboten: any group that allows it is in the inferior position by definition. Alpha race-mixing (conquest) is not preventable, though for Aryans and their semi-Aryan descendants it is generally quite detrimental in the long-run, as I have explained. Beta race-mixing basically just consists of tagging along with the alphas – getting a pass because they get one.

            Then you add in the detrimental effects of feminism and unleashed hypergamy among White women and it gets bad fast. The old-school, academic-style WN’s, many of whom were gay or effeminate, are absolutely clueless on how huge a role sex has played in the current White racial dilemma. They honestly think violence and war are bad, not cleansing; they think we can get to picket fences, well-dressed demure women and a good space program through moving the Overton Window rightward. Gradualism.

            Ain’t gonna happen.

      • I still have a soft spot for Charles Murray, he red pilled me regarding racial differences. And all of his books are excellent. But I can’t forgive his hostility to the Alt-right, especially considering he knows exactly what is at stake.

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