The Uncertain Future of the Alt-Lite

Editor’s Note: Since I did this interview, MILO has been reduced to celebrating the anti-fa who attacked Richard Spencer. Although I haven’t seen it personally, I have also heard reports that he has become the new Jack Hunter in an effort to redeem himself.


Hunter Wallace runs Occidental Dissent, where he writes about nationalist politics, current events, and culture. Hunter is also the news editor at Reinhard Wolff hosted this show, as Henrik was out of town, traveling to the Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm.

Hunter joins us for a lively discussion on a number of salient issues: Milo’s recent fall from grace, the Alt-Lite’s future, Trump’s comments on Sweden, and much more. After learning about Hunter’s background, we dive right into the Milo controversy. Hunter tells us that he predicted Milo would crash and burn and thus isn’t terribly surprised about any of this. We then consider and summarily dismiss allegations about the deep state “taking out” Milo. Later, we discuss the Alt-Lite overall, and ponder why it is so adverse to so-called identity politics. The first hour also covers Donald Trump’s comments on Sweden, which were validated a few days later as immigrant riots broke out in Stockholm.

In the members’ hour, we continue our discussion on President Trump. We discuss the ousting of Michael Flynn – an event that revealed the deep state intends to do everything it can to thwart Trump’s agenda. We then consider whether or not this marks the beginning of the end of American democracy, and whether or not Trump will become Caesar. Switching gears, we discuss what Trump must do to ensure he wins reelection. This leads to a discussion on the Democratic Party, which is currently leaderless and in shambles. The members’ hour concludes with a discussion on the future of the Alt-Right and includes some practical advice for how we can strengthen our movement.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Ah I just listened to this at work today, it was nice hearing both of you. Reinhard did quite well, him I’m familiar with, but I’ve never heard you before Mr. Wallace. I’d love to get communities going, and I know… 2-3 good goys here in the Detroit Metro area. Kinda need more than a 3 man garage club, but I agree wholeheartedly with you and a few others who mentioned it: we need concrete, hand-shaking communities. With solid vetting obviously, we’re not exactly advocating an “all-inclusive” group LOL. If there’s a group out here already I’d love to know but I’ve seen nothing across DailyStormer, TRS, and other places.
    The Alt-Light is untenable. Their balancing act and embrace of diversity has literally killed every group, kingdom, empire, and nation to try it for reasons we are all aware of. They’ll either degenerate into Leftists, or cross the bridge when the Left starts openly killing anyone who doesn’t worship Bernie Sanders. They’ll be forced to abandon the bridge they’re camping on and side with the Anti-Trump nutjobs or the “not Anti-Trump” groups, like those evil beer-drinking rednecks and literal Nazi-LARPing Alt-Reich racist meany butts.
    For Lauren Southern, the transgender registration you and Reinhard mentioned was a “social experiment”. She does identify as a women, she’s not a transexual psychodegenerate. She did it to prove how disgustingly easy it is to register as the opposite gender in the Social-Democrat hellhole of Canada. She literally went to a random doctor, said “I feel like a man, can I has registration certificate?” and boom, the government offically registered her as a man, no surgery/hormone/nothing, on a 24 whim/joke, with 0 questions asked. It was a gag, really. I don’t believe she is married, and I don’t think she has any halfbreed children (or any other kids). She’s early 20’s, so it’s not too crazy.
    Milo, yes, he was a ticking bomb but he’s been covered pretty fully here, I don’t have much to add. I doubt it was deepstate, the “takedown” was pretty low-budget and went straight for the low-hanging fruit. Any cuckservative with a grudge could have pulled that stunt in less than a week imo.
    Cernovich, Watson, etc. yes, they’re most likely brands that are actually pro-diversity. One could argue that they may understand and agree with the Alt-Right, but fear the social repurcussion of doing so — and most of the anonymous people on the Alt-Right can completely understand that.
    Either way, as we continue to destroy the media and The Narritive, we’ll see who believes what.

      • “She does identify as a women…”

        You mean, “She IS A WOMAN.” Full-stop.

        more of this “identifying” bulls**t. Your chromosomes are either XX or
        XY. Chopping off your johnson, getting boob implants, taking hormones,
        and dressing in drag does not, never has, never will transform you from
        a man into a woman. It simply transforms you into a mentally ill,
        mutilated freak.

        DO NOT ACCEPT the enemy’s terminology. DO NOT
        ACCEPT their warped view of reality. Using their words is conceding
        ground to them in the psych-war.

  • This is in reference to Milo’s gloating video. I wonder if some of the instances of anti-fa violence are staged. It seems unlikely that anti-fa could have gotten away with certain things in DC during Trump’s inauguration without cooperation from the police. Isn’t it possible as well that some scenes showing alt-light figures holding their ground against anti-fa were choreographed in advance? I think it is possible that Richard Spencer was set up for getting punched. I am not saying he was in on it (far from it), but do I think it is possible that he was led into the situation.

    I think that our adversaries have the ability to create scenes for propaganda purposes. The scenes appear spontaneous, but actually are planned in advance.

    • It’s well known that very often “Black Bloc” protestors are undercover cops; they stage a seemingly violent action which is a legal trigger for police to break up a crowd.

      If I were someone like Gavin McInnes, sure, I might stage a confrontation with a “protestor” to make myself look tough. What is a “protest” anyway but street theater? What is the difference between a “protestor” and an “actor” after all? They both wear costumes/uniforms, recite lines, and do what they do to get media attention.

      I have no doubt that Spencer was “set up” and that it wasn’t a case of one single anti-fa that just happened to stumble upon him on the street giving an interview. I’m certain that it was a planned attack involving multiple people and long term surveillance of Spencer – of course. The attacker was never found and arrested as far as I know, despite the absolute certainty that the DC police have access to multiple videos of him in multiple places both before and after the attack.

      “I think that our adversaries have the ability to create scenes for propaganda purposes. The scenes appear spontaneous, but actually are planned in advance.”

      Be careful with that line of thought, you might stop believing everything you see on TV – or youtube for that matter.

      Then what???

      • It is interesting that you are so certain that Mr. Spencer was set up. Mr. Spencer has not made any statements to this effect that I know of.

        I think it is important these days for people who are actually opposed to the establishment (like the alt-right) to realize that not all scenes and images are what they appear to be. Ole Dammegard likens mainstream media and entertainment to a sewer. It is worse than that, however. It is a feeding tube containing food mixed with sewage that was put there by a malevolent nurse.

    • “I think that our adversaries have the ability to create scenes for
      propaganda purposes. The scenes appear spontaneous, but actually are
      planned in advance.”

      I would absolutely concur. They can also do something similar, without the cameras or media attention, in order to “gaslight” an intended target. The average person simply cannot fathom the idea that people they are interacting with in the real world might be “acting”. They can create situations to “mess with your head”, or to potentially guide you into a dangerous situation. This type of thing is probably a bit beyond the intellectual abilities of your typical Antifa though. Most likely requires intelligence operatives, organized crime operatives, or sayanim.

      If you are involved in politics in any way, I would recommend not consuming any drugs (you shouldn’t do that regardless) and not consuming alcohol around groups of people you can’t absolutely trust 100%

      One thing to watch for is people who persist in spinning falsehoods, then if you try to correct them with the truth, they start giving you the “evil eye”, like they’re literally trying to burn a hole in you. Then they repeat their lies for the “normie” audience in a very deliberate, forceful, even tone of voice. The “evil eye” thing seems to be an attempt to assert psychological dominance over the truth-teller. The forceful recitation of whatever lie they’re trying to spin might be a type of “neuro-linguistic programming”. Clearly, the public is being fed certain “keywords” through the media (“racist” & “diversity” being two simple and obvious examples we know about). If you are in an argument with an operative, or a jew, with an audience of normies around, they will likely try to “trigger” the normies with these keywords (and possibly less obvious ones that we don’t know about). This causes the normie audience to raise their psychological barriers and disregard anything you say from that point forward. Maybe, instead of arguing “harder”, try drawing the opponent into a trap of self-contradiction. Instead of making assertions, ask questions. (Socratic method?)

      • Interesting. It is likely that the sort of thing you are describing happens to pro-white activists who have gone public. Luckily, the evil eye doesn’t work on anonymous commenters.

  • It was only a matter of time. I’ve been waiting for this for years. Eventually these dumbasses will realize that nobody else is deracinated like they are.

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