Snowflakes Shout Down ‘White Supremacist’ Charles Murray At Middlebury College

I wish I could say that I sympathize with Charles Murray:

“MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — Hundreds of college students on Thursday protested a lecture by a writer some called a white nationalist, forcing the college to move his talk to an undisclosed campus location from which it was live-streamed to the original venue but couldn’t be heard above protesters’ chants, feet stamping and occasional smoke alarms. …

Middlebury College students turned their backs on Murray just as he started to speak Thursday and chanted “Who is the enemy? White supremacy!” ‘’Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away!” and “Your message is hatred. We cannot tolerate it.”

They continued their chants until the college announced that Murray would speak from another location on campus. Students continued their protests, drowning out the talk.

More than 450 alumni also signed a letter calling the decision to have Murray on campus “unacceptable.” …”

Here is the letter signed by the 450 alumni:

“Dear Middlebury College,

We are Middlebury alumni/ae who were disappointed, confused and alarmed to learn that Charles Murray has been invited to speak at our alma mater. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Dr. Murray a “white nationalist” who “us[es] racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by… genetic inferiority.” Why has such a person been granted a platform at Middlebury?

Since Dr. Murray’s views are not worth engaging on these grounds, this can hardly be called an occasion for open, rigorous academic debate. His invitation to campus, then, is not an educational opportunity, but a threat. It is a message to every woman, every person of color, every first-generation student, every poor and working-class person, every disabled person and every queer person that not only their acceptance to and presence at Middlebury, but also their safety, their agency, their humanity and even their very right to exist are all up for “debate.” As a coalition of eight Middlebury student organizations wrote in Beyond the Green in 2016: “When you ask us to consider the other side of the argument, you are asking us to consider our assumed inferiority as a logical position. In no way does this consideration further our (or your) education.” In this case, there’s not really any “other side,” only deceptive statistics masking unfounded bigotry. In the context of Middlebury, Dr. Murray’s pseudo-scholarship is not merely pseudo-scholarship. It is intimidation. …”

The Southern Poverty Law Center considers …

I don’t.

This is a man who has spent over a year on Twitter counter-signaling President Trump, the Alt-Right and White Nationalists at every opportunity that has presented itself. He wrote a whole book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010, which was solely about Whites because he was too afraid of being called a racist to write again about the black underclass. He is not one of us. His real friends are establishment neocons like Bret Stephens and Bill Kristol.

If those people want to rise to Charles Murray’s defense, the people who sit on AEI panels and call for the “lazy, spoiled White working class” to be replaced by Third World immigrants, they can do so. As I told him on Twitter, we will remember everything he has said about us. Eventually, the same SJWs who destroyed the career of his protégé Jason Richwine were going to come for the author of The Bell Curve, even if he is on Twitter every other day denouncing President Trump.

Without further ado, I present to you “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away!”

Update: The snowflakes are screaming chants about “ableism” and “homophobia.” Yes, we’ve reached the point where the concept of physical disability – the inequality that inevitably results from “a limitation on a person’s physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or stamina” – has become an affront to political correctness and egalitarian dogma and is classified as “hate speech.”

I’m watching this video and it is like these snowflakes have crossed the event horizon of the idea “All Men Are Created Equal” and have descended into a black hole of mental retardation. How is someone who is blind or deaf “equal” to someone who is not in their capacity to see or hear? How is someone who is paralyzed “equal” to an Olympic athlete in their capacity to compete in a 100-meter dash?

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  • Hunter, I disagree with your critique of Murrary’s 2010 book on the decline of White America. It was an insightful book about how our race is going the way of inner cities blacks (children out of wedlock, drug abuse, etc.) due to globalism and the shrinking middle class. It’s a good book showing how degeneracy will destroy our people.

  • I got on Murray’s case last year when he was ethnomasochistically counter-signaling Trump and smearing Whites. Anyone who smears Whites needs to be gone. They have no magical right to live among us. None.

  • The concept of equality is absurd outside of mathematics and theoretical physics. I’m smarter than much of the planet, average amongst my race, and inferior to others. Greater than some of my peers, and lesser than some of my peers – but I am no man’s equal. There is no shame in this; it’s merely science.

    To deny racial differences and race realism, one must deny elementary science. I was raised in public schools in a low socioeconomic household, in a socioeconomically substandard county, in a socioeconomically substandard state. My classmates, the majority of which were negroes in equal socioeconomic circumstances, in the exact same classes in the exact same school at the exact same time, literally sitting next to me, in all ways “equal” to me in an egalitarian viewpoint, all scored 2-3 grades lower than I did on average on every test in every class. How is that possible if we are all equal?
    Asian guy did make look like a tard before I start to sound arrogant though, I miss the guy. Anyway, even at the age of 15 I understood that intelligence was racial and equality was utter shit. Side effect of being the White minority. The next ten years did nothing but stumble into scientific evidence and countless studies confirming what I already knew. I mean, Stephen Hawking would give Usain Bolt the best run of his life if he could move something other than his eyelids and trained just as hard, dontchaknow.

    More on topic, this is the typical, lowbrow “tactic” they’ve been employing at basically every political speaker that isn’t Bernie San- no wait, BLM shoved that Neo-Bolshevik off a podium and chimped out too, nevermind.
    Personally, I’m surprised there was no assaults, arsons, or murders.

  • What can men do against such faggotry?
    Charles Murray will have to adapt to the new paradigm or be left trampled and confused.

  • The Bell Curve was one of the first red-pill books I read years ago and helped me on this Alt Right path.

    It’s unfortunate that Charles Murray cucked hard this past year on Trump. But we have another datum point showing that groveling to the progs gets you nowhere.

  • If “equality” is real, then why does it require a machinery of propaganda, indoctrination, shaming, gaslighting and coercion to enforce compliance to the idea?

    Also look at the real effects of this system: When you elevate “equality” as the social goal, you remove the standards that a hierarchical society offers and rewards individuals for meeting. Our ancestors called the worthy people above them in the hierarchy their “betters” for a reason. With the rise of equality, we’ve seen deterioration in people’s dress, hygiene, health, physical condition, manners, grooming and so forth. If you can’t make yourself better than anyone else, then why bother getting a job, watching your weight or brushing your teeth? Antifa protesters themselves seem disinclined to do these things, so at least they show some integrity in their beliefs.

    • I have more Respect for the Working Class…….

      …….than for many people with PhD’s…….

      Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace are Educated Thinking Men……

      ….but, they are also Working Class in the respect…..

      ….that they are willing to Fight in the Mud and Sacrifice for Higher Goals…..

      It’s the Working Class who helped put President Trump in Office…..

      It’s the PhD’s who mocked and ridiculed him…….

      But, the Working Class was Right……

      Because the Working Class is the Canary in the Mine……

      And the Working Class has the Balls and the Spine to Fight……

      Unlike the RINO Cucks……

      • The working class may be our last hope. “In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion; the more intelligent, the less sane.”- Orwell

  • Every time I see these orc-hordes ooking and eeking I think more and more that the only real hope is succession to one or several ethno-states. Just look at them, there is no way to work, reconcile, or deal with these people. East and West coast Weimerica is doomed, only in the Amerikaner Heartland and Dixie is there any real hope of a genuine human civilization.

    • These white, middle-class people would crap their pants if they had to spend one night in da hood. If the U.S. were partitioned into racial ethno-states, these protesters would be the first to make a beeline for New Europe (or whatever you would like to call the white country). They would be there before either you or me. These folks are hypocrites who would never have the courage to live up to their rhetoric.

      • Unfortunately I think we need to reeducate these people, since for whatever reason, many people on the Left do happen to be somewhat smarter than the average person.

  • We will remember that when the SJWs come for the author of The Bell Curve

    I doubt that fazes Murray at all. What could he possibly gain by siding with us? Do we have the power to protect him? We won a battle last year, but the war is far from over. On the other hand, CM shunning us keeps the lucre from AEI flowing his way.

  • I like watching football, I love to see humanity performing at its peak. I have a theory that we have a strong built in biological attraction for witnessing the highest levels of human energy and movement being expressed, it would explain why 60,000 people show up to watch a football game, we are a curious species and you learn by watching experts engaged in their chosen field. I do not feel discriminated against when I watch Cristiano Ronaldo dribbling, intelligent people do the research and are curious what strategy he followed/what steps he took to get to that point, the whole human race is dragged towards the light by its strongest members. At this rate they will be protesting against the Olympic Games and calling it Ableist propaganda, not sure even discussing this is a good idea, don’t give a spotlight to these idiots, we should be focusing on high achievers in society and providing role models/light givers for the next generation, instead of constantly peering into the darkest holes of society looking for strange and new varieties of fungi.

    • “At this rate they will be protesting against the Olympic Games and calling it Ableist propaganda…”

      I highly suggest we get some trolls/infiltrators on the project of encouraging the snowflakes to do just that. It should be a target that they can’t really do much or any physical harm to, but it is extremely high-profile, and if they make a big scene about shutting down the Olympics for “ableism”, it will certainly shock many of the somnambulant, drooling zombie masses into thinking twice about this “social-justice” business.

      • Truth is stranger than fiction, did you see the story about the boy who identifies as a girl, who just won a girls wrestling contest, surreal. It would be interesting if the lefties started a movement supporting masturbating in public because they always support any strange mental illness, next logical step after that becomes mainstream and accepted is that teachers with this particular affliction should be allowed to masturbate in front of their students, otherwise their human rights are being infringed upon.

        • Absolutely agree on shutting them down right now. We’ll have bestiality and necrophilia “performances” on public street corners soon enough if we don’t. Think I’m being hyperbolic? Not in the slightest. The root of all this madness is Satanism. No, not depressed teenagers with black nail polish listening to Marilyn Manson. Serious people in positions of power who are very good at concealing their actions. The liberals and SJW’s are just their useful-idiot foot soldiers. Their goal is absolute, utter chaos. Hell on Earth. That is what all this role-reversal, tearing down of boundaries, and blurring of lines is about. If we go much further down this road, you will start to see mass hysteria. Literal “zombie apocalypse” level stuff. The madness will become highly “contagious”. Even ostensibly normal people will rapidly lose their minds upon seeing some of these behaviors acted out in public.

          “Slippery slope” is in no way a logical fallacy.

  • We simply need to shun Whites that are like this as a group. Soon, within my life time Whites like Murray will simply have no other community to go to that will accept them.

  • If white progs really care about the non-white world, they should go nationalist and race-ist.

    They seem not to realize that proggism is far more dangerous to the non-white world than white race-ism and nationalism are.

    Even now, the West sets the intellectual, ideological, political, and cultural template for the whole world. So, what the progs do in the West will be the model for the rest of the world.

    So, if white progs commit racial and national suicide as the highest virtue, then racial-and-national suicide will become the template for much of the world, especially more advanced ones.

    White prog suicidalism is infectious. Ideologies like feminism, homomania, atomization, amnesia, hipsterism, hedonism, diversity-mania, invasivism, and virtue-signaling are spreading all over the world, especially in places that have been most successful in imitating the West.

    When white folks were nationalist and race-ist, that served as template for the rest of the world that also adopted nationalism and racial consciousness as the defining visions and values. So, each nation could become stable & secure and grow strong by pursuing its own nationalism and race-ism. Indeed, nationalism and racial consciousness among non-whites were proven to be the most potent weapons arousing fighting spirit in their war against imperialism and struggle for independence.

    If the West weren’t influential around the world, it wouldn’t matter what it thinks. But what happens in the West also happens in other parts of the world because all intellectuals are shaped by Western media and academia. The elites of so many nations were educated in US universities.

    So, even though progs think they are doing the world a favor, they are doing the opposite. If they push for Western Suicide, then national suicide will be the template for the elites of all the world, especially as English is the only world language and US totally dominates use of English.

    A teacher who commits suicide in the name of her students isn’t doing any favor to them. Their only lesson is they too must commit suicide.

  • Snowflakes are driving more and more libertarians into our movement,many we’re not afraid to fight back.

  • “THE BELL CURVE” was still nice, though.

    So he is an ordinary weak bitch careerist, faithful to his class…that’s not unusual…there are plenty worse sinners than him…

    • Murray knows true science, not this corrupt imposter currently masquerading as “science”, nothing but a lot of cowards, cronies, and quacks claiming pushing BS, conjecture, and blatant lies as truth and evidence.

  • On the matter of Race and Society.

    I think we tend to see the world in terms of agendas and intentions. And there is good reason for this because people do have agency, and we can change the world according to our values, ideas, and goals. Intentions have done much to reshape reality.

    And with the rise of liberty, democracy, and equality(under rule of law), we have created a world where more people can enjoy freedoms and rights.

    This is truly a great achievement of mankind all over the world. It has proven that agendas and ideas can transform the world. But it seems so many people have fallen into the fallacy of radical agenda-ism, the belief that if we pursue a certain agenda hard enough, its goals can be attained. After all, if humanity went from near universal tyranny to universal freedom(relative to the past), there is nothing we can’t achieve.

    But there are two problems that undermine such Radical Agenda-ism: freedom itself and genetics. While the rise of freedom around the world(via democracy, human rights, technology, etc) has increased possibilities for change, it also meant so many people can do their own thing. And so often, what people freely choose to do is so dumb and counter-productive to having a good society. So, freedom can work against the Agenda of progress. This is what Chris Hedges willfully ignores. He’s right that Negroes once had much less freedom and rights. But he falls back on that template to explain today’s America. He overlooks that the rise of black pathology was the result of rise of freedom in the black community. If blacks in the past could be said to be relatively backward because of legal discrimination and social bias — that were true enough —, much of black problems since the 1960s has been the result of blacks using freedom badly.

    This sort of explains why so many on the Left have been drawn to totalitarian ideologies. Even as they championed freedom and liberty, they felt freedom might derail the great project of progress by enticing the masses with too many temptations, like the Golden Calf. So, in order for people to be truly free, their consciousness must first be raised and habits remolded to do what’s right. It’s like giving kids too much freedom turns them lazy and spoiled. So, we force them to go to school and to graduate to a higher freedom.

    As long as people have freedom, many of them will not stick to the agenda or program. And it’s just something a free society will have to accept. Utopianism is incompatible with a free society. Free society can seek reform and improvement, but there are limits to what it can do.

    Too many people will do the ‘wrong’ thing, but a free society should allow the freedom to do wrong than right(as long as it’s not criminal). (Also, there is no guarantee that the ‘good’ thing pushed by the Agenda may indeed be good.) Radical Agenda-ists fail to understand the nature of this problem because they champion both ‘freedom’ and ‘progress’. They tend to assume that freedom will lead to support for the Agenda. But when people are free, there’s no guarantee that they will go along with the agenda(which may be sound or unsound). Radical Agenda-ists are under the fallacious delusion that MORE FREEDOM must necessarily lead to MORE PROGRESS. But things don’t turn out that way. So, they use PC, a mind-trick that tries to fool people that banning ‘hate speech’ is about serving ‘free speech’. Radical Agenda-ists want to maintain the fiction that freedom and history are always on their side. Since it’s often not the case, they use all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle threats, nudges, manipulations, and dirty tricks to push their agenda. So, even though they finally got what they wanted through underhanded methods and abuse of power, they pretend that the People freely and rationally chose what the Agenda demanded. Consider how majority of America said NO to the homo agenda. So, the academia, media, courts, and government all conspired to promote it at every level of society and to shame/destroy anyone who stood in its way. Media don’t appeal to reason and sense. It uses all the tricks of advertising and propaganda. And the ‘free’ media used every dirty trick in the book to NUDGE the public into not voting for Trump. “HE HAS NO CHANCE. JUST STAY HOME. HILLARY HAS 99% CHANCE OF WINNING.” There’s poetic justice that the media lost to a salesman who knows all the tricks of hype.

    Another problem for Radical Agenda-ism is the role of genes. This is so obvious to anyone in HBD or with honest pair of eyes, but PC is all about Blind Reason.

    Radical Agenda-ists believe that full societal commitment to any Agenda will deliver the goods and arrive at the desired outcome. It’s the Good Will to Power.

    But genes don’t agree. What might be called a-gene-da has its own trajectory, especially when combined with freedom.

    Genes have natural inclinations, or I should say different genes have different natural inclinations. If people are allowed more freedom, their a-gene-da will follow their natural tendencies.. and these may go against the Agenda. So, if Negro genetics are more prone to ‘let the good times roll’, more freedom for Negroes will lead to more good times rolling which lead to bad results.

    A-gene-da follows a certain tendency, or an ‘atenda’. Take food. Suppose Food Idealists want a world of freedom where people have the choice to eat healthy, shall eat healthy, and be healthy. And suppose they to attain the great goal of creating a world of freedom and more choice of foods and drinks. And suppose they promote the message of what constitutes good eating and health. Will the world live up to their Agenda?

    No. Human genes are coded to love fatty food, creamy food, sugary food. Good or bad, genetics make people crave that stuff EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW IT’S BAD FOR THEM. So, a freedom to eat and drink will leads to lots of people eating too much ‘rich foods’ and turning into fatsos, fatkins, lardasses, and blubbaroons. Now, the Agenda for healthy eating may be good, but give the a-gene-da or ‘atenda’ of what people naturally crave, the equation is freedom + wide choice = lots of people eating and drinking the wrong kinds of foods. That’s why we have so many buffalo-butts in America. All these people don’t want to be fat. And they know they are pigging out on stuff they shouldn’t. But their genes tell them to ‘eat, eat, drink, drink’. They can’t help it under the regimen of freedom and choice(and lack of shame). And freedom and availability of wide range of food turns them into a bunch of minnesota-fats.

    So, while the power of Agenda is real because we do have agency and freedom, the fact is there is a limit to what the Agenda can achieve.

    Also, one good thing achieved by the Agenda might undermine another good thing wished by the Agenda. Progressives wished two things for Negroes. They wanted Negroes to be more free and to make economic success. They thought Negroes with more freedom would use its blessings to achieve success.

    But when Negroes got more freedom, they ignored the Agenda and went with their a-gene-da that told em, “party all the time”. This is what Chris Hedges just doesn’t get. Filled with self-righteous sanctimony and faithful to the Magic Negro trope, his only explanation of black failures since the 1960s is ‘not enough freedom’ rather than misuse of freedom fueled by Negro genetics that tell Negroes to boogie-oogie-funky-all-night-long.

    Too much of what people are upset about is the result of ways of a-gene-da, not failure of Agenda. But because the West achieved so much with ideas and agendas, there is the fallacious notion that it can achieve ANYTHING, and if things don’t turn out perfectly, it must be the failure of Agenda. It’s stupid to blame the West for everything, but there’s a a certain logic as to why this is the case. Prior to the rise of the West, humanity didn’t expect much from reality. They took for granted that things would remain the same or even get worse. There was no idea of progress like we have in the modern world. No one believed that human will, agency, and ideas could radically change the world. This is why people preferred to dream of heaven than create heaven on earth.

    But the modern West truly did change so much so fast based on ideas, will, vision, and determination. So, it created the notion that humanity, especially white humanity, should be able to achieve anything. I mean it even sent a man to the moon. If the West could begin the century with two brother flying crude planes and 70 yrs later send a rocket to the moon, what can it not do? If this utopia doesn’t materialize, it must be the failure of will or commitment.

    But there are limits to everything. And even the great West cannot achieve everything no matter how great its will, commitment, investment, and determination. The US learned in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq that it cannot turn just any part of the world into a new Vermont. US cannot even turn Detroit into new Vermont.

    While will and commitment(in the right people) can do a lot, there are other factors that come into play. Much of the failure of Black America owes to a-gene-da. It’ s no one’s fault. It’s not the white man’s fault. And it’s not the black man’s fault(in the sense that blacks are not willfully trying to destroy schools). It was the result of freedom + black genes. With freedom, black genes naturally gravitated toward ‘party all the time’ or worse, ‘fight all the time’.

    Possibly, things might have turned out better if whites had withheld full freedom while investing in blacks for improvement. With less freedom, blacks might have been compelled to do the right thing. But the ideal of equal rights made such untenable in America. So, freedom + black genes was bound to lead to too many blacks reverting to their nature.

    A lot of things that happen in America is the result of a-gene-da, but Radical Agenda-ism always blames the problem on Society and especially whites. So, if Mexicans in California lag behind whites, Asians, and Jews, it’s seen the fault of society than understood as the result of Mexican genetics being somewhat less prone to intellectual achievement.

    And if men don’t like fat women, that’s just genes at work. Men don’t like fatasses. But some fat women complain that the real problem is that the Agenda hasn’t done enough to enlighten society about Body-Positivity and Fat-Acceptance. While society can invest tons of money to spread the notion that Fat is Beautiful and that men should like hippo-women, a lot of men are simply not gonna fall for this. Even those who say PC stuff about fat-acceptance will go on preferring slim ladies. They’ll say one thing, do something other.

    It’s like OLEANNA. The real problem is the girl is not very bright. It’s no one’s fault. It’s not the professor’s fault. It’s not her fault. But society instilled her with notion that everyone should achieve equally. And so, her failure as student must be the fault of society. The Agenda must be pushed regardless of the fact of a-gene-da.

    • Shitlib “scientists” are attacking Razib Khan for esposing HBD and being linked to the Alt-Right:

      “Still, Khan’s career exemplifies the sometimes-murky line between mainstream science and scientific racism, and it illustrates how difficult it can be to define the boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable speech about race — and to understand what, if anything, science has to do with it.

      “This issue isn’t going away. Researchers are getting better at quantifying minute differences among individuals and among groups, and their findings will almost certainly be used, as they have long been, by people willing to ascribe a sort of racial destiny to all manner of human virtues and faults. Most scientists will object to this application of their work, but the illiberal challenges to scientific scholarship, perhaps now more than ever, seem destined to come not just
      from creationists and neo-skinheads, but from self-styled hyper-rationalists, too — from people who adhere to what they consider a“science-first” worldview, who often ignore history and social context,and who are predisposed to drawing troubling, and sometimes patently racist conclusions based on otherwise dispassionate science.”

      • Holy shit that essay is cancer, as are some of the comments. But there are also a number of commenters on there who value truth over childish blank-slate dogma and ideology.

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