Make Estonia Great Again!

Ruuben Kaalep, leader of the Estonian youth organization Blue Awakening, put on two important events in Tallinn, Estonia to commemorate Estonian Independence Day – EtnoFutur I, an identitarian conference, and Tõrvikurongkäik, the torchlight march.

Ruuben Kaalep, leader of the Estonian youth organization Blue Awakening, put on two important events in Tallinn, Estonia to commemorate Estonian Independence Day – EtnoFutur I, an identitarian conference, and Tõrvikurongkäik, the torchlight march.

EtnoFutur I

The first event that took place early in the afternoon of February 24th was the inaugural conference of EtnoFutur I, a conference of European Identitarians. The list of speakers included: Adrian Bartos, Yurii Noievyj, Daniel Kaartinen, Lorenzo Delcazzo, Vlad Kovalchuk, Ruuben Kaalep and the infamous vlogger Paul Ramsey, also known as Ramzpaul.

Daniel Kaartinen, Chairman of the Finns Party Youth of South Eastern district, gave a fascinating speech about nationalism, populism and the role they will play in the future in Europe.

Ruuben Kaalep spoke about a concept he calls “Ethno-Futurism”, which channels a lot of the ideas of Guillaume Faye’s ‘Archeofuturism’.

Paul Ramsey, the popular vlogger known as Ramzpaul, spoke about the history of leftist violence in the United States.

Vlad Kovalchuk, member of the Ukrainian political party National Corps, gave a presentation about political opportunities for European nationalists and finished the presentation with a video explaining a fascinating geopolitical concept called ‘Intermarium’, which is to be a military alliance of Central and Eastern European countries in order to counter Russian aggression and the Islamification of Europe:

Be on the lookout for the speeches from this conference. They should be uploaded to YouTube in the next few days.

Tõrvikurongkäik (Torchlight March)

Ruuben Kaalep’s organization, Blue Awakening, is the main organizer of the annual torchlight march through Tallinn on February 24, Independence Day of Estonia. The first Independence Day torchlight march was held in 2014. According to Blue Awakening, the torchlight march is meant to honor those who have fallen for the nation of Estonia and to signify that Estonian youth have not abandoned the nationalist principles.

Over 2000 people showed up for the Torchlight March this year which took place in during a freezing cold blizzard. Here are several videos of the Torchlight March that took place:

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  • The alt right should not be getting involved in the tribal conflicts of the Balts and Polocks. What’s next the Basques? Or how about the IRA? We need to unite with all right thinking whites and that includes Russia. These pesky little sock puppet countries need to adjust to reality. That reality should be making nice with their neighbor Russia whose military could crush them in 24 hours.

    On principle I support these countries’ right to exist. But not their right to start wars that will be a catastrophe for us. These countries border Russia and Russia has a right and responsibility to ask them or demand of them to be friendly nations. If they insist on making an enemy of Russia then they deserve whatever Russia does to them.

    Let us not forget the illusions of grandeur of the Polocks having a hand in the catastrophe of WWII. That should never be allowed to happen again.

  • Ruuben Kaalep is an impressive young man. His notion that a new concept of the future needs to be imagined, which involves technologically sophisticated European nations connected to their past, is entirely accurate.

  • Estonia lost 10% of its population since joining the EU. No “Russian agression” was involved. It’s just that young people have no use for Estonian nation-state. They would rather clean toilets in Sweden.

    • Estonia is a very small country. They have less than 2 million people. Latvia and Lithuania are about the same size. Many eastern Europeans have moved to western countries where the standard of living is higher. That is the downside of free movement in Europe. Poorer countries can lose significant portions of their population.

      The Baltic countries lost many more people during the war and thereafter. Estonians have a good work ethic and if the Baltic countries can grow their populations (which I suspect would not be that difficult) they could do very well again. Before WW II, the Baltic countries were centers of engineering and manufacturing, but WW II changed that. The countries suffered very badly and also lost their significant German population and their Jews (who supported the communists against the local populations).

      • kev is a pro-Putin sock puppet…he might be a Kremlin troll!

        I googled his name…he or she is highly active on many other forums outside the alt-right always bending over backwards to defend Russia! Highly suspicious.

        Of course, he mocks an Estonian nation-state because he wants it to be part of Russia! He doesn’t want Estonia to exist and just gave us a very vulgar reason why it shouldn’t!

  • Why did US soldiers become demoralized in Vietnam?

    Because they didn’t know where they were, what they were fighting for, and didn’t identify with the locals for whom they were fighting for. Worse, many non-whites resented Americans as the Other.

    As US becomes more diverse, it is becoming Vietnamized and Saigonized. White folks no longer feel a deep connection to the nation of their own making. White folks don’t feel a connection to the globalist elites who tell them America is all about white folks surrendering their traditional place in America and becoming ‘just another minority’, or worse, the ‘evil minority on whom everything must be blamed’.

    When American soldiers were demoralized and tired in Vietnam, at least they had a homeland to return to, a place where they could feel ‘at home’ once again.

    But if US keep changing, whites are going to feel in America like American soldiers did in Vietnam. Strangers among strangers.

    They will become Casualties of Globalism. Globalism leads to AWOL-ism. No wonder Andy Warhol is so popular.

    It is happening to all the world.

    Indeed, contra the Foreign Affairs article by Nathan Smith about a borderless utopia, much of the world is already borderless and that is precisely the problem. Much of Africa has useless arbitrary borders, and that means tribes and marauders move all over and cause problems.

    The recent Middle East Wars were the result of weakening of borders. US violated borders in invading nations. And then massive unrest led to trampling across borders from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Iraq to Syria, Syria to Turkey, Black Africa to Libya, Libya to Europe.

    All these problems were produced by a BORDERLESS WORLD.

    It is one thing to loosen barriers WITHIN Europe among fellow Europeans with respect to certain mutual rules. EU, as originally conceived, was not about borderless anarchy. It was about creating a larger domain of people of shared European identity and values where people can move more freely. It was an opening of Europe to all the world.

    Much of the world — Africa, Latin America, and Middle Eat — are defacto borderless. Latin Americans violate each others’ borders all the time. (In contrast, US and Canada have gotten along nicely because they respect each other’s borders.) Latin America nations are ineffective in controlling anything. So, people move all over. Africa is worse. And Middle East Wars have rendered much of the area borderless, and the problems of one nation overflowed like sewage into another one and then another one.

  • geopolitical concept called ‘Intermarium’.

    Another European Union version 2.0 but formed of Eastern block countries.
    Might as well go ahead and quit the EU version 1.0 first.

  • Like most of Europe it suffers from a sub-replacement level birth rate. How do countries fix this? How do you counter all the counter signalling against normal reproduction?

    • Poland has increased benefits for families, cut back on abortion, brought 1 million Ukrainian immigrants, and is importing thousands of ethnic Poles from poorer regions of Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc.).

          • I didn’t say otherwise. But I am sick of seeing people around here ignorantly pretend there are no real differences between us and the Russosphere (for lack of a better term). The differences are real, the differences are significant and the differences go back millennia. Russia and its satellites are fundamentally of a different civilization.

        • They’re white Europeans that are either secular or Christian. We’re talking about civilization and ethnicity – not some arbitrary political divide inherited from the Cold War era.

          If they’re Not Europeans, then what are they?… East Asians, like Hun Chinese…or South East Asians, like the Punjabi…or maybe they’re Africans?

          • Lol. The divide between “the west” and Eastern Slavs is neither arbitrary nor a relic of the “Cold War era.”

            I never said they weren’t European or that they weren’t more assimilable into “the west” (let alone Poland) than Arabs, Dravidians, Orientals or Africans. That’s a silly strawman.

            What I am saying is that even implying that those are “western” countries is infinitely ridiculous.

    • Yeah. Eastern/Central Europe views Russia – the government not necessarily the people- as potentially dangerous. This comes from history not hysteria. Russia has in the past – not only during the Soviet era – destroyed the economies of these regions and tried to destroy their national identities.

      These people also know what Americans and
      Western Europeans don’t- that Russia is a multiracial, multicultural
      society with a 20% Muslim population that’s growing.

      Russia suffers from greed and globalism like the West. It has a
      Customs Union- the Russian version of EU- and is flooded with
      impoverished Muslims from ex-soviet republics like Azerbaijan, who, like
      Hispanics in the US, are used as cheap labour to undercut the wages of
      ethnic Russians.

      • I think that this is one thing that people misperceive about Russia. Russia is not an ethnostate. It has not been since the 16th century, when Tsar Ivan IV started conquering the Tatars & other peoples. In this way Russia is not, & cannot be, an ethnostate. Russia is, even today, an Imperialist state. The 20% Muslim population is mostly Tatars, Chechens, & other peoples Russia conquered over the centuries. Most of Russia’s Muslim immigration, though, come from former Soviet countries.
        Also, considering the centuries of conflict with Russia & its Western neighbours, their actions are completely logical, Poland’s especially. Between the Soviets, Ribbentrop-Molotov, the Three Partitions, the Great Northern War & all the various Wars before that, that is the kind of history which cannot be forgotten easily, if at all.
        And with the last paragraph, to me it smells not of Neo-Sovietism, as it is commonly portrayed, but Neo-Imperialism by stealth mixed with Eurasianist ideology. Considering their geography, they can’t help it.

        • It’s the old Russians are not white trick. John Sobieski must be a Polock with a bone to pick. Look, no western nation is an ethno state any longer. America never has been. The fact that White Russians have to deal with lower human forms amongst them makes them natural allies. I’ve been to Russia and I’ve lived in Poland and traveled extensively in the region. Russians are as white if not more Aryan than Poles. The great thing about Russians is that they are aware of their Aryan ancestry and the lower types are consciously kept in their place. Great people. Rich heritage and culture. Polock will get us all into another genocidal war like they did in WWII. Poles are a nation of simple peasant farmers not thinkers. They need to be put in their place.

          • And what, will John McInsane soon be speaking at events? Don’t be toadies. Maybe next we can have Make Mexico Great again. I mean it’s evil bully Aryan neighbor to the North has been hampering it’s natural progress as a world leader and all. Haha. When have the Baltic states been great? I was in Tallinin a few years back. Totally dead town. Every business was a Swedish or German corporation. Streets devoid of life. Then I went to Saint Petersburg. Life abounded. Streets were lively. Small businesses were thriving. The Balts should stop whoring themselves out to the West. Its pathetic.

          • I know. I have always found Russia’s history fascinating, especially their particular dynamic in dealing with Islam. Whereas in the West there is a history of either being ruled by or fighting Islamic peoples, Russia after the Golden Horde has had a history of conquering & ruling Islamic peoples like the Tatars, an achievement that I believe no other European people has ever done outside the Colonialist ventures by the European powers, perhaps with the exception of Serbia with Bosnia.
            I also believe that another misperception made about Russia is on its multiculturalism, & equating it to the Western variety. Problem is that the Russian version is an Imperial-style multiculturalism, achieved by expanding your borders to swallow other peoples. In contrast, the Western variety today is not achieved by expanding your borders, but by importing people inside your borders.

            (In John’s defence, Poland has a long & proud history. Going from European power to quite literally being wiped off the map in the course of a century is certainly something).

          • That’s not helpful; Poland is also full of nationalists and has an anti-immigration government most of Europe and the U.S. could only *dream* of. Estonia’s concern about Moscow is real (you don’t have to be anti-Russia to appreciate that).

      • I get it. Eastern europeans have their own historical grievances against Russians. But is there an actual ‘Russian agression’ in the present against Estonia or Poland? Let’s face it, it’s mostly scaremongering.

        Poland and the Baltic states do themselves no favors by lobbying for hardline anti-Russian policies within NATO and EU. Their countries will be the first to go if actual fighting starts.

      • As a big fan of Europe, in particular the Baltic states, they and most of Europe, including Germany (country of my parents), they all appear to have a screw loose in their heads. Russians (Russia) let those countries (all the former Soviet Republics) become independent and they let Germany re-unify. Gorbachev didn’t have to do that and the Americans lied (as they have so many times) when they told Gorbachev they would stay out of eastern Europe (former Warsaw Pact countries). Those countries were part of the USSR and before that the Russian Empire for hundreds of years.

        It’s very simple. I really don’t think European leaders are stupid; they’re cowards. The US, led by its Jews don’t like traditionalist Russia and the fact that Putin is preventing them from completely taking Russia over. The US runs NATO and the western European media and governments do whatever the US wants, in particular because the US is run by Jews. This is why Europe goes along with the hostility towards Russia. The resistance to this comes from the right wing parties in Europe (Germany’s AFD, France’s Front National, Orban from Hungary, etc.) They see the lunacy and they want to pursue policies that are good for Europe, which would mean good relations with Russia.

      • If it were not for Russia Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Ukraine would not exist as we now them now. There is a reason why the statue of Tsar Alexander II is in downtown Sofia. The balts and some western slavs are not doing themselves any favors by antagonizing Russia and crying to the west. Push comes to shove Russia will knock its near abroad enemies over and there is nothing the cucks in london, dc or paris will do about it.

        • What’s “antagonising Russia”?

          What do you suggest they do? Leave Nato, Disarm Completely, and Hope that out of the Goodness of their heart the Russians won’t try to take control of them, like they’ve done off and on throughout history?… That’s Insane!

          Haven’t you ever thought that maybe the Russians, and their pro-Putin fanboys in the West want these countries disarmed Precisely so Russia can take control of them?

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