Lana Lokteff: How the Left is Betraying Women

Lana Lokteff speaks about what women really want at the Identitarian Ideas gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • When she has kids she will understand what the real problem is and always was–we have these young girls so confused. But if she never has children she may be fine, this is what we’ve done to women. Some women are brainwashed to believe they are not deserving of money unless they work in the marketplace. Brace yourselves: this is absolutely false. There is a large group of people who believe that women deserve half of the money for having and raising their children.

    The problem has always been historically that men weren’t giving women their share of the money and this is still a bigger problem than any other cause no matter how noteworthy. The well-being of entire future generations rests on this. 50 years after the movement women are having to give up child-bearing and child-rearing to have money they can call their own–now that is just not fair. It’s in a way better than we were before, but it’s not better for the children or for women who want to raise their own children. The upshot of the movement phase 1 is that men are seeing their working wives as a ticket to a better house payment, just throw the babies in a good day care–no we don’t want to leave child-rearing decisions to men. Men are responsible for all their offspring–a not-so-novel idea if you talk to women, that includes giving them a mother–but they haven’t seen fit to make themselves responsible sufficiently by law (today’s “support” of a woman with his children that he’s not married to is way too small. Talk about taking advantage of the other more than half of the population.) Women want to raise their own children without worrying what might happen to them if they lose their husbands. And some women never have husbands. (Do we still have to be prostitutes to get money?)

    Women need their own money regardless of what they do.

  • I never indulge in white woman conservative porn that I see popping up on Youtube these days, but there is something in Lana’s presentation here that inspires me.

    It’s not her message that captured my attention, but how she presented it.
    She is a pretty woman with a natural smile on her face. The kind of smile you can see through the eyes.
    She has the kind of smile that comes from having a sense of community. From embracing the love of her people.

    The content of her presentation is inspiring sure, and she deserves credit for being as intelligent and articulate as she is, but what had an effect on me here is she inspired in me the hope that European women might long for something deeper in life than Starbucks, credit-cards, Instagram, and spinning classes.

    I’ll only speak for myself, but to encounter a woman that gives me the feeling that her and I could potentially create a beautiful family and future together is devastatingly rare. The only redemption I experience from this dullness is seeing these same women discover their desperation and self-loathing as they realize they are thrusted full-speed ahead towards the unavoidable wall of reality. But this is only superficial resentful indulgence… and is no true redemption at all.

  • Ugh, why is Chrome labeling this video as an “unsafe script”? It was pretty easy to fix, but does anyone know how to make sure this doesn’t happen again? I’d hate to miss videos here in the future for instance when more than one video is linked and it isn’t so obvious that something is missing at first glance.

  • Not too sure why she is smiling and laughter half the time, these are serious issues she’s addressing. Yes, a smile is a great way of making people comfortable and more willing to listen to challenging messages but in general she just doesn’t seem very sincere to me.

  • Everybody here run the Google search “Refugees Welcome” and get back here after reading at least 8 pages.
    Enjoy the pictures.

  • Lana, like many of us, have ingrained ideas from The feminist left such as abortion inhabiting us. About 5 & a half minutes into the talk she indicates her support of abortion. In a movement that is always barking about falling european birth rates, being replaced by non Europeans etc., It seems ludicrous to be telling a conference audience of presumably intelligent people that abortion, which many believe to be the betrayal and murder of a child by its mother/father /society is OK, and which contributes to the European decline in births the alt right is deeply concerned about.

  • As a person, I like Lana, she seems fun and cool; but politically I disagree with some of her ideas here. Those claims of ‘sisterhood of white women’, of ‘women participating in politics alongside men’, of ‘women being the force behind the men’ etc, are just feminism infecting the so-called ‘movement’. White women are our most valuable asset because in them lays the hope for the survival of the Race: giving birth and raising white babies, lots of.

    Mathematically speaking we need at least, and I repeat AT LEAST 4 babies (for replacing father, mother, the new one and one more) for every women in the movement; otherwise there will be no new politically active generations and the movement will be dead in a generation. If women are busy giving speeches and making Youtube broadcasts, they are not going to have time to give birth and raise those children.

    • -Communities are important to us. The stronger the white women community, the better we can keep each other in check and also support each other while raising our families.
      -I heard her say women shouldn’t be in political leader roles because we are too emotional not that we should be right next to men.
      -I think you misunderstand Lana when she says “women being the force behind the men.” I took it as women being their inspiration or muse, a motive behind their ambition. A man’s most basic desire to provide for his wife and family are cause alone (for some men) for great ambition.
      -Women aren’t a means to an end here. Healthy, smart, happy women raise healthy, smart, happy children.
      -I agree with you about the babies though… less talking more babies. I hope for the day to see the women that do these podcasts lead by example 😉

      • Joseph, So you think White women shouldn’t have a sisterhood which is close friendship but they should be isolated from each other otherwise feminism? They should be home alone with the kids and have no White girlfriends to talk too? Women need their support system like men and a brotherhood. That is a sisterhood.

        She is right, the woman inspires the man. Maybe you don’t have a woman and haven’t experienced this. Her speech went into depth on this concept.

        Lana did not say women should be in politics beside men. No she did not. She said female nationalists should speak up. Can’t you see how this is a good thing that women attract more women?

        Plenty of women have babies at home and can do a show here and there. Lana does but is quiet for privacy reasons. Other women will. Be patient. Many are looking for men.

        Your kind of attitude and screaming feminist at every prowhite woman who is actively trying to change the tide, will only turn women off. Like Lana said, women listen to other women so instead of putting her down, be happy she is showing her real face saying these things so other women will be drawn in.

    • Good luck attracting a white woman with that attitude. There are only so many blonde Mormon housewives to go around and they prefer men who are similarly brainwashed into the LDS cult. Bottom line, women want to have children. They are in the workforce because their husbands don’t make enough for them to buy a house in a safe neighborhood with good schools. Women prefer to have 1 child they can send to a good school than 2 kids they have to send to a shit school with dindus. So, make lots of money so your woman feels secure and she’ll pop ’em out.

      • OK, so you are virtue signaling my attitude as wrong because I want that the women in the movement to produce more children and not waste time in Youtube podcasts? Following that line of thinking its morally wrong to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

        You are in the wrong place my friend.

      • Women in the workforce are in the workforce because they think they can have a carreer and don’t need no man. All the bribes and meal tickets from a potential husband can’t take this away from them. “Make lots of money”, meaning bribing a woman into breeding, worked nowhere on earth. The problem of population control is much more complex then money.

    • And how many men here actually have any children at all? The fictitious ‘movement’ seems to be composed of life long bachelors, teenagers, and homosexuals. Moreover, if a man were working full time to pay for his children, it’s highly unlikely he would have time for useless youtube rants either. The ‘movement’ has been dead since 1945, and the more childless bachelors express hypocrisy by attacking women, the more dead it becomes. After all, what woman could express in a man whose sole interest is breeding for the ‘movement’ and offering them a life of unpaid drudgery in the kitchen…not a single one unless they are masochists. The ‘movement’ actively drives females away, whilst at the same time promoting homosexuality. Too many fags, bachelors, and not enough women!

      • Also the (((MGTOW))) infiltration that promotes white genocide at every turn (not marrying/breeding with white women, sexual degeneracy, race-mixing) and worships (((TOM LEYKIS)))… crying about their shekels that they would have to spend on dates and providing for a family, etc.

        • For fuck sake now even some virgintow Losers are White Genocide? How will weaklings like you handle actual genocide with rapes and machetes when you already cry and bitch about dying of old age.

      • So, the ‘movement’ is dead because it doesn’t have enough women? so being mother of 4 white children is “(…) a life of unpaid drudgery in the kitchen” ??

        You are either: 1) utterly ignorant about politics, 2) a paid troll/shill, or 3) a male/female feminist. Maybe all.

      • “composed of life long bachelors, teenagers, and homosexuals”

        Revolutionary movements are always made up of these sort of expendale Stormtroopers.

      • Nowhere on earth bribing people into parenthood worked. Not with tax cuts, not with benefits. But thanks for these gifs that show what you wish would someone do but youre too much of a lazy coward to do it yourself.

    • I agree with Curwen’s statement.

      And you will see that when the right grows stronger in their presents and the public state declines further, you will see more women speaking out for rightwing ideas, but just to virtue signal. You will see the same kind of rentseeking behavior on the right as soo there is money involved. And besides my distrust for the ambitions of females in politics, it makes absolutly no sense why some blondy bimbo who pays libservice to right wing vales should be in politics or a media figure when she can just live these values she claims to believe in by having children.

      • ” (…) it makes absolutly [sic] no sense why some blondy bimbo who pays libservice to right wing vales should be in politics or a media figure when she can just live these values she claims to believe in by having children”


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