Virtue of the West – Black Pigeon Speaks

Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone talk to Black Pigeon Speaks about women and the West.

  • Marcus

    I love BPS, he has the best content on youtube.

  • Joseph Curwen

    Britanny is hot.

    • Alex Harris

      Indeed she is. And she has a twin. The Alt Right has all the best women. Lana, Blonde In the Belly of the Beast, even Ann Coulter is pretty decent looking.

      Tara McCarthy is overshadowed by Britanny, but she is intelligent and presents herself well. She is a good role model for slightly more average women, and any average guy would be lucky to have a woman like her.

  • sturmsoldat

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” -Margaret Thatcher

  • sturmsoldat

    People should actually read “Starship Troopers”- by ROBERT HEINLEIN. A great philosophical book and on the US marines reading list.

    • ThomasER916

      When I served in the USMC there were several books on the Commandant’s reading list that we read as a unit and discussed openly. “Starship Troopers” was one of them. I remember everyone was nervous to talk about it, basically waiting for others to speak first. Back in those days we still had Warrant Officers. Our Chief Warrant Officer wanted us to explore ideas, take notes, and talk about what we were thinking. In retrospect it was far more open-minded than college.

  • Caspar Melchior

    I found it annoying to hear Black Pigeon swear repeatedly for no good reason. He’s also too pessimistic about the inevitability of women voting “socialist”. Women were generally conservative until the era of television and television is dying off along with the rest of mass culture. Other than that, it was a good interview and he does good work generally.

    • ATruePatriotTrump2016

      A single soon as women took the vote everything in society changed. Women will always vote socialist, at least more than 50%

      • craicher

        It is simple. Women should not be allowed to vote. Their husbands can vote for them.

      • craicher

        Yea they will vote for the state to force men to provide for them. When will women start to build houses, fell trees, lay concrete, etc….? Obviously never. They demand a police state to force men to provide for them. I would laugh if it weren’t so perverse .

        This movement is a joke if it doesn’t seek to restore natural, organic relations between the sexes.

        Lana and co. are good but if we ever succeed they need to be gone from public view and involved in women’s issues only. Like weaving, gardening, child rearing. They will be happier in that role anyway.

        • Alex Harris

          I think there can still be a valid role for women in public life. Certain women should be allowed to be public figures in order to set a good example, and help keep the cultural tone high. We need a cultural “aristocracy” to uphold healthy and traditional values.

      • Alex Harris

        Women’s suffrage is only one aspect of the problem. It isn’t the root cause, nor is it the only issue. We are really facing a perfect storm of massive problems. And the (((root))) of that problem is not knowing who we are and who our enemies are. Who is “us” and who is not “us”.

    • vadhajtáska

      Women were conservative because they had an incentive to stick by their husbands. Voting left started when they figured out they can get protection and
      provision from the state. It’s not that they suddenly became evil or something, they are simply following their instincts and the current system lets them to run amok.

  • Albionic American

    Brittany and Tara need to walk the talk by marrying white men of good character and bearing their babies. It wouldn’t bother me if they have to nurse their babies in front of the camera while conducting their interviews.

    • Tyler Burden

      Have some class.

  • Ryan Andrews

    If we are going by the facts alone, the intellectual and psychological differences between men and women are nothing close to large enough to justify the various patriarchal ideas that float around on the Alt Right. If there is some sort of value-based rationale for patriarchy, then let’s hear it (diagrammatically, I can’t imagine how it would work, but I’m open to hearing it), but instead people like Black Pigeon and Devlin base their arguments on supposedly objective facts; the problem is that their facts are either grossly exaggerated or flat wrong. I batted aside most of these arguments in this essay.

    The hosts let Pigeon off the hook to easily when he dismissed the importance of the fact that there is only about a 5% difference in the voting patterns of men and women. Pigeon’s personal feelings about where the political center should be is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter where you put the center if the scale is the same for everyone, which it is, and on that scale women and men are only separated by five points.

    • craicher

      Uhh. We base our values on tradition and the tradition of our people is patriarchy. Your points argument is ridiculous.

    • Alex Harris

      My friend, in case you haven’t noticed, we are at war. We are in a total civilizational crisis. What do women know about war? What do they know about self defense and strategy? Men have a genetic memory for this sort of thing. I think women are also more easily (((deceived))) and taken in by scams and subversion.


    Like the idea of a website with independent contributors, checked out his website – it looks pretty good, has Disqus also, but not a lot of traffic, worth keeping an eye on as a benchmark for growth in the movement