Little Marco: Immigration Reform Is Doable

I don’t like the sound of this:

“Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that he thinks it’s “going to be difficult” but that it “is possible” to make progress on immigration reform under President Donald Trump. …

Rubio, speaking to Fox, endorsed Trump’s points on law enforcement and making the immigration system more merit-based. After movements on those two fronts, Rubio suggested, “then you can do something very reasonable with the people who have been here a long time who are not gang bangers, who are not criminals, who are not a threat to public safety.” …”

Why not just call it the Rubio amnesty? That’s what it is.

They haven’t really done shit on immigration. The Muslim ban was struck down by the courts. The Wall has been ordered, but hasn’t been built. Not the first time either. They’ve stopped talking about overturning Obama’s DREAM Act amnesty. Aside from deporting a few hundred illegal aliens, nothing has changed. It was Obama’s policy to deport illegal aliens while leaving other ones alone.

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  • There are quite wealthy South Africans that would love to bring their money and jobs here. I think it should be people who have something to add. Not people who need jobs when they come here.

    • You’ve convinced me to amend my previous comment. We should accept White Europeans in need such as the South Africans and other white refugees abandoned in third world hell holes created in their countries by traitorous elites.

  • “more merit-based.”

    So if by “merit” they mean high IQ, high education, and highly skilled – that’s even worse isn’t it? Even the best of the native White American citizens can be swamped by the elites of China, India Latin America and the rest of the non-White world.

    So we’re going to import a new ruling class? I guess we’ll be able to marry our daughters to our new non-White overlords?

    Why would any White American want ANY immigration at all, much less a “merit” based?

    At least importing the third world peasants we could pretend they were just cleaning our toilets and picking vegetables. But now we’re going to import our competition?

    • What really sickens me is that some of the people who go along with this – is it 50%? 75%? I don’t know – do so only because they can’t bear the thought of “giving in to racism.” See, they might actually agree with you that importing the competition isn’t really such a brilliant idea, but if it can framed as the only alternative to “racism,” then they’ll fully support it. As long as someone like me can be found who is willing to offhandedly describe blacks as a pack of stupid, violent, ugly niggers, these people can always be counted on to support every anti-white cause.

    • we’re already importing our competition via overstays of H1B visas, which isn’t even covered by most discussions of Immigration, although Trump has said he’s going to crack down on that, too.

      Don’t forget they’ve dropped the cap for this year to 500,000 from 1,000,000 (and that part of the EO was NOT stayed by the “so-called judge”. If we eliminate most H1B visas and keep on gradually dropping the immigration cap to, say 25,000 or so immigrants a year, and only allow doctors, welders, skilled craftsmen, Maybe with a requirement that they speak English before arriving? I’m not going to worry about them taking over. We have always had some amount of “free white male” immigration in this country since just after the founding. it’s helpful to avoid dysgenic breeding.

      • “only allow doctors, welders, skilled craftsmen, Maybe with a requirement that they speak English before arriving?”

        Why would we want that? We already have doctors, welders, and skilled craftsmen – and they speak English. So why would we want to import competition?

        OK, sure, I’m not opposed to a bit of immigration from White countries – in theory. But right now? We need to stop all immigration completely.

        What is wrong with Americans First? There are 350 million people in America – we’re full.

    • I feel like there is no salvaging the country. Donald Trump is only delaying the process and acting as an example for whites that it’s OK to fight back.

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