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  • Richard, I have to disagree with you that “public schools are okay as long they are white”. My daughter went to the best school system in NC that was and is majority White and Asian (you know the area) and her education was severely lacking in the classical aspects of education. What really matters is the communal cultural values of the people who work and teach in it and those who send their children to the school.

  • a merit based points system for immigration is good if you do it the right way. you just need to include a dna test with 90% European as a cutoff. and while your at it you may as well check for heritable illnesses.

  • His speech hit home for me.

    The two California sheriff’s deputies he mentioned (Danny Oliver and Michael Davis) who were killed by the twice-deported illegal happened in my county, and the next, Oct 2014. Their killings didn’t make the national news, like Kate Steinle in San Francisco, but it was a big deal here. So much so, the trial was postponed until Mar 2017. I suspect, that it not be allowed to enflame voters, so close to the election.

    I’m grateful to finally have a president who cares about American citizens, and wants to prioritize them above immigrants, and especially, above illegals. Also grateful to have a president who even wants to know the names of the victims.

    • I agree completely.
      Jeh Johnson in Congressional testimony, when asked if anyone from the BO administration had contacted the family of Kate Steinle-
      Jeh and his former boss can (and probably will) both go to H-E-double toothpicks.
      BTW, I’m in the county just north of you.

  • I don’t pay any attention to the interpretations of Trump from the NYT or CNN. Although if you believe the exact opposite, you’re probably not far off.

  • To assume he is spending massive amounts of money on the wall only to cuck on immigration, I don’t know. I think he’s playing the VERY FAKE NEWS Judenpresse again.

  • School Vouchers are an attempt to put dumb Blacks and Mexicans in White public and private schools. The Alt Right needs to speak loudly against vouchers.Our argument should be that Black and Hispanic test scores will NEVER improve because they have lower IQs.

    • I’m generally not a huge fan of IQ arguments, not because they’re not true (they are) but because anti-white shitheads seize on them as a reason to import more Asians and Indians (the latter who are actually quite dumb on average, but there’s so many you can still get million of very smart ones). It’s like they’re saying, yeah, okay, I admit blacks and hispanics aren’t all that bright and that the reasons are largely hereditary, but what about the Chinese, surely you’d love to import another hundred million of them right? RIGHT?

      That said, a widespread public acknowledgement that racial differences are the single best explanation for difference in scholastic outcomes would represent a monumental political victory for us, no question.

      Funny thing is, it’s something that most students already have a rough working idea of anyway, and they’re not even bothered by it. For them it’s “just school” so they don’t care that their native intelligence is a factor in how well they do. If the issue were framed as “general life success” (rather than just school) I think a lot more of them would care. So restricting the issue to schooling is probably a wise move for us.

      • I don’t like the fixation IQ and Biological Determinism which Amren and others are guilty of.

        But the IQ argument MUST be made when it comes to education policy debates. The plain facts are that most Blacks and Hispanics do not have the aptitude to succeed in higher level high school classes like Physics, Calculus, and Advancement Placement History and Literature courses. The Alt Right needs to make an argument that vouchers are a colossal waste of money, because sending an average or stupid student to a good school won’t improve their academic performance.

        Along with the IQ argument, the Alt Right also needs to state that we recognize the differences in ability inherent in humans. We must bring back trade schools for the low academic performers and segregate them from average and high performing students. A Northern European style education system separating students after elementary school based on intelligence is the best solution.

  • Apart from the obligatory nods to Blacks and Israel – issues about which I suspect most of us think Trump secretly couldn’t care less – it was, tactically, excellent. He basically plucked all the blue-collar issues out of the Democrats’ camp and placed them in the Republicans’ basket. Not much of a stretch, of course, because Trump is and has always been a NY moderate.

    I can only hope that Bannon has impressed upon him the demographic imperative to move along with the deportation/enforcement agenda surreptitiously, while trumpeting the New Deal-type programs he mentioned.

  • Realpolitik requires at least symbolic concessional gestures, to soften the forces of opposition to one’s own agenda. Ergo, Trump’s gestures of compassion toward the idols of progressivism. I believe daughter Ivanka had a hand in this speech, and it shows. Only a fool should be surprised at Trump’s experiment with a different rhetorical approach here. It was inevitable and will help ensure that he is more successful on his core agenda. Last night he made some liberals question their own motives when he asked whether it was compassionate toward jobless American citizens to flood the country with illegals. This is the right framing to softly crush the knee-caps of the opposition.

    • I’m absolutely fine with Trump using softer language and the appearance of conciliation. In fact I’ve wished he was a bit softer spoken many times during the last year. Pointing out it’s not compassionate to destroy the American working class – of whatever race – with mass immigration is great.

      But amnesty? More skilled immigrants like H1B? That’s a disaster – there is no spinning any of that as good.

      Some sort of program for Blacks? No problem. Civic nationalism? Sure, no point in expecting Trump to be a White Nationalist.

      But we need him to stop immigration and in fact start rolling it back – deportation is the only way. If he cucks on that, he’s no good to us at all.

      We already had Reagan who gave us amnesty in return for no more immigration. They gave us amnesty then they forced even more immigration – legal and illegal – down our throats anyway. We can’t let that happen again.

  • Anyone bitching about Trump’s speech needs to remember, “he is not, and never was, the alt-right”. Repeat this mantra everyday for the next 4-8 yrs. and you’ll be better. Trump is a populist, and we need to exploit the tendencies he’s arisen within our people to move things in our direction. Don’t rely on Trump to do our work, and you’ll never be disappointed. He proposed the most sweeping immigratuon enforcement and restriction since Hart-Celler last night and people here are complaining. He couldn’t do more than he’s already doing at this point. We need to build our movement and let Trump do his work. The better we are at convincing people, the more room Trump will have.

  • White People will survive……..

    ….without a doubt……

    We will Endure……

    And we will experience another Renaissance in the Future……

    The existence of the Alt-Right is foreshadowing…….

    A Great Awakening is happening right now……

    America as a White Majority Country is going to end rather soon……

    But, the greater the pressures get……..the more White People will wake up and fight back……

    Like Jared Taylor said……..’even Gay White People having children is helping us’……..

    Work hard, live healthy, have children, take care of your family, don’t waste your Money……..

  • There’s very nearly a billion sub-Saharan Africans right now. Within Spencer’s lifetime there will two billion. By century’s end, it’s shaping up to be in the neighborhood of four billion.

    Mention this, and the typical WN dumbfuck is apt to pipe up that there’s no way so many can be fed, so they’ll all die, so there’s not so much to worry about. Needless to say, said WN dumbfuck has in all likelihood never spent a minute doing the most basic research on food production, but nonetheless feels qualified by the little bit of knowledge he has gathered about racial differences to opine authoritatively on the matter.

    • A huge percentage of those sub-Saharan Africans will be on the march to Europe. Many will do whatever they can to get to the U.S., Canada, Australia.

      • Oh yeah, I don’t imagine for a moment that Africa will contain them. Not initially, anyway. But their dispersal throughout the world could be just the thing to trigger a worldwide anti-black backlash, following which might emerge a sort of global understand among all non-blacks that nothing good whatsoever can come from having blacks settle among us, that the black presence has a devastating impact on the non-black communities on which it alights.

    • Just because they breed like animals it does not mean we are obligated to let them in. Personally I like having green spaces and clean air to breath. And like you said their continued growth is entirely dependent on having white countries to immigrate to. When the gates close there will be a die off in their communities. I do know about food production and we have the means to allow this population boom of third world savages. I have reached the conclusion that the ethical thing is to not allow it. Their growth is dependent on us. They don’t have the means to support a population of 4 billion. Why would we want 4 Billion dumbed down savages to baby sit forever?

      • I have little doubt that African population growth will be one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. Africa is already collapsing at the seams, with its inhabitants fleeing even (relatively) stable/sparser populated countries such as Gambia – hence the million or so a year trying to cross into Europe. I expect that as more authoritarian countries in Africa lose their governments (as the Gambia has recently) the collapse will come faster – in the absence of centralized-national authority, some states will burst into fragments deeply hostile to each other. Similar events have happened all throughout African history, e.g. Biafra (1967), Sierra Leone/Liberia (1989), Rwanda (1994) – and they will occur with increasing frequency even after some years of relative peace.

        Even the Middle East and China are and will continue to have problems with this. There will be increasing pressures by Arabs against their governments as they, too, will oppose the abeed invasion. Morocco seems to want to pass them onto Europe as fast as possible, Libya has no real authority to deal with it… total disaster. Africans can even be found in Japan where the Yakuza import them for use as muscle, as illegal entrants to China, as drug smugglers all across Asia (occasionally some noise is made by the media when they get the death penalty in countries like Indonesia).

        Eventually there has to be a tipping point when the world simply has to say “Enough of Africa”. Whites will have a trouble understanding this simply because they desperately believe in human equality. But I suspect the Arab/Asian response will be very harsh, and at the moment they seem more psychologically equipped to deal with it (i.e. not plagued with the liberal, egalitarian nonsense that prevents a rational response from the West).

      • You don’t have to tell me that. I don’t even want for million of them on earth, let alone four billion. But reality is what it is. Denying them the ability to emigrate doesn’t necessarily imply a die-off, since even if food production within Africa can’t sufficiently increase, food can always be imported.

    • There is no way to make such a prediction in Africa today. If there are 4 billion humans in sub-Saharan Africa by the end of the century, more than half of them are going to be Chinese.

      Food production (and there is almost zero chance you know more about food production than I) is a symptom of cultural and governmental quality. If the Chinese continue there colonization of Africa, there is no reason whatsoever that the continent could not support 4 billion people. I don’t think that this will happen, but it’s not going to have anything directly to do with the inability for that many people to eat.

      • Excuse me, but there certainly is a a way to make such a prediction today. It’s just that you can’t have too much confidence in it, since a lot can change over the next 83 years.

        Still, there are certain demographic factors largely baked into the cake at this point, and no matter how much they vary from here on out, we’re still looking at a monumental increase in the number of blacks in Africa. From the (admittedly crude) demographic modelling I’ve done, I can’t see any way their numbers could be capped at two billion. I feel confident in regarding 3 billion as a hard minimum, and 4 billion an unfortunate but distinct likelihood.

        I’m far from any sort of food production expert, but I’ve taken the time to examine the work of food production experts themselves and the consensus view seems to be that food production can indeed be increased to the point where ten billion humans a hundred years from now could be fed on planet earth. Obviously disagreement is possible on a question like this, but the typical WN dumbfuck evinces total certainty that such a thing could never be, no way no how. (Yes, I’m extremely contemptuous of WNs. Their bullshit retards the pro-white cause far than it advances it, imo. Been this way for decades.)

        Chinese fertility rates today are abysmal and I don’t see that it has anything to do with poverty or the unavailability of land. So even if the Chinese did begin to colonize Africa in some serious way, why would that lead to an enormous upsurge in Chinese fertility rates? That is, why would some Chinese couple who were going to have one child if they stayed in China suddenly decide to have six if they moved to Africa? That’s the kind of fertility Chinese colonists would need if they were to reach 2 billion Chinese in Africa by 2100 (as per your prognostication above).

      • What points? That there’s no way Africa could ever make it to four billion? Pay closer attention. Any time the issue is raised, an army of WN nutters emerges to deny any such possibility. They “just know” it’s impossible.

  • Trump isn’t going to save white people.

    We’re in exactly the same position we were in before Trump was elected. Pro-whites are going to have to win the propaganda war and take power. Everything else is a distraction.

    • Agreed. Trump has prevented the brand of globalism that Hillary was keen to unleash but he’s not going to save us ultimately.

    • >We’re in exactly the same position we were in before Trump was elected.

      That’s only true if Trump fails to deliver on his policies. So far, he hasn’t disappointed.

      >Pro-whites are going to have to win the propaganda war and take power.

      Well, obviously having the Alt-Right running everything is the goal, but I’m a bit confused as to why so many people are unwilling to acknowledge steps in the right direction.

  • Government schools are anti-white brainwashing centers.

    Not vouchers, a non-refundable tax credit if you relieve the state of the financial burden of educating your child by taking him or her out of the government school system.

  • Merit-based immigration is just mass third world immigration in a different guise. I can just see like 100 million Chinese and Indian engineers packing their bags, getting ready to flood the US, and destroy whatever is left of Western Culture and identity.

    • “Merit based” means we will take the richest immigrants from the developing world. The immigrants who study in the U.S. generally pay full tuition, because their families are rich. Of course, these rich immigrants are often entrepreneurial, because they don’t have student loans to pay back.

      • So native White Americans have to compete with the elites of the entire earth? How come we can’t move to their countries and get special visas and take their jobs?

        • Well, you can. It be a lot of work but you could go to China to study and even work there if you really wanted to. And in pretty much any foreign country where the main language spoken is not English you almost always have the option of becoming an English teacher if nothing else comes up. It may not be a road many travel but that doesn’t mean it’s closed.

          • Most countries actually have laws against that including China. To do anything in China you need a sponsor or partner. What non-white countries allow foreigners to move in and set up shop? Mexico is another country that doesn’t allow this. I can’t think of one.

        • Dude I think I banced that dick wallace guy off the net. Have you seen him comment since I told him he seemed small?

    • Sure, but a) it’s a step in the right direction and b) Bannon, Miller, and likely Trump are conscious of demographics, so I doubt we’ll see millions of Chinese immigrating to America during Trump’s presidency.

  • All private schools require extensive testing to enter the school. Even if they could pay for it… they probably still couldn’t get in.

    • Oh, yeah! I should believe those fairy tales. The minute government pokes in the private school systems, they will demand 25% of Black student body in your classroom even if your kids’ tuition is $20K plus.

  • Thank you, Richard, for taking time out of your important James Bond undercover work overseas to give us your official reaction to Trump’s address.

    Is that bourbon again? You rogue! Cheers!

  • Bottom lines are: Trump is cucking. Proposed amnesty is a disaster. Merit-based immigration is garbage. Vouchers will ruin the private school system. Another anti-White step.

    • Trump is a genius with marketing and self image. I’ll believe he is cucking when the policy measures back that up.

      • Well, after this speech we are back in the Obama years: no hope, no future, just die out the White world. And by the way, Trump will be roasted and toasted by Libshit as soon as he loses us as his supporters.

        • It’s a stupid move by Trump!! The “skilled” immigrants that he wants to bring in will largely be minorities (East and South East Asians), who overwhelmingly vote Democrat!

        • “Trump will be roasted and toasted by Libshit as soon as he loses us as his supporters.”

          This is absolutely true and I hope he knows this. Hopefully he is smart enough to realize that he’s finished if he does so.

    • What proposed amnesty? There is no support for that in the speech.

      Personally I reflexively expect every Republican to grab their ankles. Trump has so far not done so.

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