George Bush and the Political Homelessness of Neoconservatives

Neocons can only parse jihad as a form of fascism (which means “democracy” must be the answer). They don’t understand that it is a religious impulse over a thousand years-old to wage war against the infidel and make him convert, pay tribute, or die.

Former president George W. Bush came out of the family crypt this week to condemn  Donald Trump’s policies (which, ironically are corrections of the former’s failed ones). In an interview on NBC, the Texas oil painter and Israeli loyalist said:

“It’s very important for all of us to recognize one of our great strengths is for people to be able to worship the way they want to, or not worship at all. The bedrock of our freedom — a bedrock of our freedom — is the right to worship freely.”

Like many American elites, Bush expresses no understanding that not everyone worships by going to church five times a year and then going out for Applebee’s with their families. Some people worship by flying planes into buildings. Or plowing trucks through crowds. Or shooting up office holiday parties. The Enlightenment’s approach to Christian sectarian divisions that gave us first amendment has nothing to say about this, so neither does Bush in his “conservative” interpretation. There is a severe failure to adapt intellectually to changes in our world. Once a jihadist is in the United States, or on the way here, he has rights he didn’t have in Bush’s prisons in Iraq apparently. You know, because freedom. This is totally what the refusal to make one sect of Christianity the state religion as it had been in most of the colonies means.

Bush pats himself on the bloodstained back, adding: “You see, I understood right off the bat that this was an ideological conflict and people who murder the innocent are not religious people. They want to advance an ideology and we have faced those kind of ideologues in the past.”

Hmm. So Muslim terrorists are actually…  Nazis? Communists? Not Muslims? See this is the problem with neoconservatism. It’s ethnic roots as a Jewish ideology mean its adherents are only ever on the lookout for things that remind them of defunct forms of authoritarianism. Neocons can only parse jihad as a form of fascism (which means “democracy” must be the answer). They don’t understand that it is a religious impulse over a thousand years-old to wage war against the infidel and make him convert, pay tribute, or die.

Moving on to the next of Bush’s asinine viewpoints, when asked about the travel ban on several Muslim countries, he said “I am for an immigration policy that’s welcoming and upholds the law.”

The distinction between religion and ideology matters in the mewling jurisprudence of neocons. Rather than actually solving the issue, the neocon defenders of the right of terrorist-producing peoples to spread in the United States insist we can’t do anything to stop them along the lines of banning their entry (which the President has the authority to do, ban any class of foreigner), because then it becomes a ban on religion and religion is protected (apparently even for non-citizens).

Because neocons like Bush believe in compliance with the words and not the intent of the Constitution, they also think it would be wrong to infringe upon the religious “rights” of incoming Muslims in order to keep out jihadists. Invade the world, invite the world never felt so repulsive. Bush cheers for Muslim immigrants from the countries he destroyed.

The bad faith of neocon legalism is incredulous. How can one possibly separate jihad from Islam? Are we to believe these people are spiritual but not religious? The good news enough Americans didn’t buy into it and elected Trump.

This was a Republican nine years ago, and it is clear he is no longer one today.

There’s something chilling about the cause of the left’s old Bush Derangement Syndrome coming out of retirement to counter-signal the object of today’s leftist hysteria. You’d think, if Republicans were earnest about cries of party loyalty, that Bush would stand with the Trump administration in solidarity.

But really this is the best possible outcome. Bush is denouncing the Republican president and attempting to link arms with Team #NeverTrump, which aside from the legacy deep state and a minority of cucked Republicans consists of Democrats who viciously hate Bush anyway. They won’t take him in.

Bush digs his hole deeper:

“I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. That we need the media to hold people like me to account… I mean, power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power, whether it be here or elsewhere.”

Again he’s basically implying the real enemy is proto-Nazism or something. Also the media are the good guys. Liberal media conglomerates are your greatest ally. We’re hitting levels of neoconservatism that shouldn’t be possible.

But this is kind of new for the Republican party, moving right enough one of their living former presidents sounds like a Democrat. Counter-Buckleyism is something to behold. The old guard is being outed from the Overton window. When you compare where White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon and the ghost of President Bush stand on the media (or any issue), it’s truly mind-blowing how off the mark neocons are versus paleocons. Bannon is absolutely right that the media are “the opposition party.” Bush says they’re “essential to democracy.” How essential is it really to have a powerful faction working to delegitimize your elected government and turn public opinion against you? Has Bush forgotten how despised he was/is?

The creed that could be called My Enemies Are My Friends is losing ground fast. No Mr. Bush, Muslims and the media establishment are not on your side. The real question is, whose side are you on?

Walter Jackson
the authorWalter Jackson
Walter comes from a despised ethnic group that can unfortunately still be found all over the United States. His people are responsible for both defeating fascism and putting it in the White House.


  • May they all die in the streets, broke like what they did to poor Joe Sobran who died in destitution.

  • The rank and file cucks like many liberals have sacrificed their brains to the television set. Can their minds set in stone be budged?

  • “The real question is, whose side are you on?”

    I’d say that question has long since been answered: Israel, Globalist Oligarchs, not America.

  • “Because neocons like Bush believe in compliance with the words and not the intent of the Constitution” let me stop you right there, you should have said “Because neocons like Bush believe in neither compliance with the words and not the intent of the Constitution” not that the constitution is all that great BTW

  • Neocons received their comeuppance. They placed our forebears the Paleocons in the Political Wilderness from Bush I through Bush II. Instead of President Patrick Buchanan and Senior Advisor Sam Francis, we got President George W Bush and a Jewish wedding at State and the Pentagon.

    Of Course Bush loves the luegenpresse, Jewish journos helped peddle the lie that Saddam had WMDs.

  • I think Old Man Bush was shot down in the Pacific twice in WWII.
    The Japs could have really done America a favor if they had put some bullets through the damn cockpit and snuffed out that F%$#ing family 70 years ago.
    Come to think of it, the Vietcong could have also done us a favor by having done the same to John McCain.

  • The striking thing about Neocons is there transparency. They are MOSTLY leftist with a smattering of hand waving”free market” and “democratic” impulses. They are the latest incarnation of the eternal “Court Jew”. Never content with a country being mid-western-stable thus ALWAYS insisting on their ugly brand of Strausian meddling.

    As Ann Coulter practically implores a recent interviewer, “Why can’t WE have a country?”

    Why indeed.

    • “MOSTLY leftist”

      Classical liberalism is a leftist project. It was always going to go this way.

      We have to get off the track altogether, not repaint the car we’re riding in, or hop into the one behind our current one. They all go to the same end.

    • Neocons ARE Left Wing Dems with pro Jewish interests. They all worked for Vietnam and Israel hawks like Scoop Jackson, then left the Democrat Party en masse when Carter forced Begin to cede the Sinai to Egypt.

      I remember watching Bill Kristol whine in 2012 about how Ron Paul wanted to cut so many social programs. I said, WTF this is supposed be the “Conservative” Viewpoint!?!?!?

  • The truth is that the Kushner White House is far more israeli-centric and generally skypish than the Bushes ever were. Neo-conservatism is just a silly word for jewish tyranny and that hasn’t gone away, rather it has escalated dramatically. Now the neocons have rebranded themselves as “alt-right” and are complaining that the old neocons weren’t sufficiently anti-islamic. It’s quite funny in a sick, gallows-humor kind of way.

    Prescott Bush was a good sort, he would have been a fine president if only those old guys had succeeded in deposing the vile dictator, FDR. The Yiddish are a primitive race, and subscribe to the notion of blood debt, so they hold a grudge against the Bushes and against WASPs generally for daring to oppose them. Bush the younger’s pathetic obeisance to these foreign infiltrators gained him nothing, and he will be remembered as a traitor to his people. But at least he was an American by blood unlike Trump who is of immigrant stock – none of his grandparents were even born here.

    “The global war against Islam” being peddled by the alt-right is against the American interest. Arabs are no worse than the rest of these goofy wogs we have to deal with and they’re actually more civilized than the Yiddish. They do have some concept of decency and good manners, even hospitality, all of which are unknown to the jews. As for the immigration question, that was never a problem until we started serving the sh*tty little country by destabilizing the entire Levant.

    • You’re talking about the alt light and their global warming against islam” Zionist crap. We don’t believe in this lol.

    • ur mixing and matching groups and policies. I cant only image u as a ctr shill trying to discredit the alt right that republicans have nothing to do with

  • “So Muslim terrorists are actually… Nazis? Communists? Not Muslims?”

    I suggest: alt-Muslims

  • GREAT Op-Ed…….

    I think I hated George W. Bush and the Neocons as much if not more than Barack Obama and his Administration…..

    The Neocons are a Toxic Poison……..

    I hope President Trump keeps every single one of them out of his Administration……

    …..and ignores their attempts to infiltrate and hijack his Agenda……

  • What Muslim terrorism? 9/11 was bad, but I don’t believe that Muslims were at the heart of it. The FBI has rounded up would-be terrorists, but it always turns out that these would-be terrorists had FBI agents and informants among them. The major attacks in the UK and elsewhere in Europe have been suspicious. The truck attack in Nice, France last year was not believable. The Boston Marathon bombing was also not believable.

    I accept that ISIS is doing some bad things in the Middle East, but isn’t it likely that this is largely at the secret behest of Israel? Hasn’t it been demonstrated that the U.S. secretly supported ISIS and has worked with ISIS? Muslim immigration to the West is terrible. I accept that they don’t belong here and that they commit atrocious crimes. I accept that Muslims have committed terrorist acts in Israel and the occupied territories, but this is not our problem, and it is possible that many of these attacks were also fake and/or falsely presented to the public.

    Muslims don’t belong in the West, but I am convinced that they are being used as pawns by people who are much worse. George W. Bush must be one of these “much worse” people.

    • Bush doesn’t like people to feel alienated. Yet when I step onto public transportation in metropolitan cities like London Berlin Paris NYC LA I feel like an space alien ? and it’s largely down to his Wars For Muh Democracy.

  • Trump should get that family under surveillance. Very dangerous people.

    Effective House Arrest etc for them.

    • Dubya did violate several anti-torture treaties. Wouldn’t it be amusing if he accidentally found himself in one of the countries willing to arrest him? I believe Switzerland is interested in taking him into custody.

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