Explaining President Trump’s Cuckspeak

If you were wondering why President Trump didn’t sound like himself last night, the answer is the two men behind him and the audience that was assembled before him:

Reminder: Congress is full of “normal Rs” and we need fewer of those people in 2018. Once again, they have unified control of the federal government and have almost nothing to show for it.

Note: BTW, ‘Civil Rights Icon’ John Lewis boycotted his speech. Multiple Democrats wore white as part of protest for “women’s rights.” They also spent much of last night attacking Sen. Joe Manchin for not being as disrespectful as the rest of the Democratic Caucus.

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  • Regression towards the mean is a natural phenomenon. People tend to tone down their rhetoric over time. Also he’s just being worn down. He now understands just how immense and oppressive the swamp is.

    Trump was the test to see if the system could be reformed. It can’t be. They’re too entrenched. The rival team has scored too many points and the clock is counting down.

  • The Republicans have the Presidency, the Senate, the House, and soon the Supreme Court. The Republicans have so many state legislatures they need only one more to be able to call a Constitutional Convention all by themselves.

    The Democratic party has basically no power. They are sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    So we need to concentrate on the real enemy: the Republican party.

    • Indeed, the only power democrats have are 8 votes in the senate that are occasionally useful, that’s it.

    • There are perhaps there are a few anti-globalist Repubs, but most of them are full-bore globalists. They’re mostly Dems Lite. The Repubs have to disappear for a real anti-globalist movement to appear.

  • Joe Manchin needs to switch to the Republican Party immediately like your Senator, Dick Shelby, did back in 1995.

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