Civic Nationalism Is For Whites Only

HW: I was aggravated by the Joint Address and the other events of the day.

I didn’t care for “New Trump.”

I see that I wasn’t alone either. We spent several hours yesterday evening angrily reacting to the news that President Trump was open to “comprehensive immigration reform.” There wasn’t anything about that in the Joint Address, but he broached the subject of an immigration deal.

At the outset of the speech, President Trump condemned “hate,” mentioned Black History Month and addressed the news that threatening calls had been made to Jewish community centers. There was an overwhelming negative reaction to this in my Twitter feed. The President has never once addressed the problems of the White community, but we are supposed to believe that Jews getting a few crank calls are a national crisis worthy of being included at the top of the State of the Union address.

It was a classic example of Jewish privilege. They have so much disproportionate power and influence in the media that their interests and concerns are routinely pushed to the forefront of the national agenda. It has been going on for so long now we don’t even notice it anymore. President Obama had nothing to say when OUR graves and monuments were being vandalized in the summer of 2015. He even went to Charleston to lend his support to those who were doing it. He never showed any concern for the White community. Why is President Trump celebrating Black History Month? Why is he signing executive orders to shower HBCUs with billion of dollars? If we are all going to be “one nation” because we “bleed the same blood,” why are Jews and blacks allowed to carve out their own big fat exceptions?

We’re also tired of hearing about the victimized blacks in Chicago. Why don’t they stop shooting each other? Why don’t they stop hating police officers? If they are so miserable and forgotten, why don’t they vote out their leaders? No one is stopping them from doing this. Instead, we are reminded again and again about the violence in Chicago, but not a word was said about the blacks who tortured the White kid in Chicago while thousands of other black people watched it on Facebook Live. We’re so politically correct that we can’t talk about these people in other way but as “victims” when in reality they are victimizers who have made Chicago less safe than Afghanistan.

The worst line in the Joint Address was “education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” It has been 67 years since the Brown decision and racial gaps haven’t disappeared in integrated public schools. We have squandered countless billions of dollars on the futile effort to close racial gaps. By the 1960s, only the South had racially segregated public schools. Integration is much older in other parts of the United States where the racial gaps have persisted for an even longer period of time. To my knowledge, no country anywhere in the world has succeeded in closing the racial gap in test scores. And yet, the sole purpose of our education policy remains our national mission folly to elevate blacks.

This is what is so aggravating: the party line coming out of Washington is that we all must embrace “civic nationalism,” but clearly that is not the case. In reality, the Trump administration is pleading with Whites to embrace civic nationalism, but otherwise seems perfectly willing to maintain the status quo. Yesterday, we saw that meant signing new executive orders to promote women in STEM and shower HBCUs with federal dollars. President Trump is dealing with blacks, women and Jews as groups with collective interests. Indeed, our whole education system is geared toward the needs of the least intelligent group in the country. To be perfectly honest, if you aren’t in the age range to collect Social Security, you can’t remember a time when that wasn’t the case, which illustrates how little has changed.

What about the interests of White people? That is still a verboten subject. As long as that remains the case, I see no reason to stand and clap and pretend what we saw last night was the best Trump speech ever. On the foreign policy front, we have seen with Michael Flynn’s exit a retreat toward the same old neoconnery. On the immigration front, we are hearing that a new push for comprehensive immigration reform might be in the works. We’re also finding out that “civic nationalism” means every other group in the United States except for Whites has retained their customary privileges.

Civic Nationalism is for Whites only. That’s why you see the media and mainstream conservatives handing out plaudits. What they all saw in the speech was a return to the status quo ante.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Trump isn’t going to be able to take on the Jewish/minority block until his second term unless of course things change between then and now like a massive terrorist attack, BLM starts shooting Cops again or a open Marxist revolution in the streets like I hear may be planned forMay 1st.

  • Quit fooling yourselves!!!! Trump is one of them!!!!! Rich kid that got richer. How can he relate to the folks that voted for him? There are phone records of him calling up
    Bubba the day before he announced he was running. The guy is owned by
    Wall St. My god, they bailed his ass out 4 times!!!!! He fills his cabinet with neocons and Wall St types and you still think he is going to come through?

  • Well, if Trump doesn’t at least un-fuck himself on immigration then we might as well stick a fork in this one fellas.

  • AryanSkynet spent the last year and a half detailing Trump’s history and his connection to the Likud party of Israel. Trump spent the entire Obama presidency acting as a proxy for Likud, using his famous Twitter account to publicize Israeli Orly Taitz’ “birther” conspiracy theory and paint Obama as a secret Muslim that hated Israel. Trump then spent the last few years attacking the Iran deal, Israeli Likud’s number one foreign policy priority. Trump has also broken with the entire American establishment when it comes to Likud policy like moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

    We also discussed Trump’s direct business, political, and family ties to Likud – even Mossad itself.

    AryanSkynet predicted all of this immediately after Trump’s announcement, and so far we’ve been proven completely correct.

    Now that the majority of American births are non-white, the coming minority status of Whites in America is irreversible without implementing extremely radical proposals. There is zero reason to believe that Trump is going to propose these radical solutions, and even if he did there is zero reason to believe he would be able to implement them.

    On the other hand, Trump is just in time to save Israel as a Jewish state and reverse the international pressure Israel is increasingly under due to the policies in the West Bank. So as we predicted, Trump is a complete win for a Jewish Israel, but barely a holding action for White America. Which anyone could figure out by simply examining his public record of statements and actions for the last 20 years.

    Trump may be better than the alternatives like Clinton, Jeb, or Little Marco, but he is just barely a civic nationalist and he will, at best, slow down the replacement of Whites for a few years.

    So it’s time for the pro-White movement to stop the wishful fantasies about Trump as White Savior and start doing the hard work of community organizing.

    • Don’t be such a grouch. Trump’s election was a pro-white triumph, one of the few things in politics to go the white man’s way since God knows when. Not because of Trump himself. We can argue all day about what he really believes and values – and people have a right to have gotten things wrong – but the most pertinent political fact about him is that he had all the right enemies. Those enemies fought us – and it was us they were fighting, not Trump’s hokey bullshit – with everything they could think of and yet we prevailed. That is one hopeful sign right there.

      • “Not because of Trump himself.”

        Of course. But no we really can’t argue all day about what he “really believes” because his agenda was easily discerned for at least the last decade. Trump didn’t breath a word about illegal aliens during the entire Obama administration. Just a few short years ago Trump was singing the praises of open borders for capital and the global economy.

        Trump changed his tune on every issue the very day he announced for President. But he spent the last decade as a reliable proxy for Israeli’s Likud party. So it should be no surprise Trump isn’t lifting a finger to help White people on anything of substance – he’s now talking about amnesty and H1-Bs.

        “yet we prevailed”

        If your goal was electing Trump, you prevailed – barely. Thank Bannon for running hard in the rust belt on a platform of economic populism and Keynesian stimulus. Thank Trump for pushing back against “political correctness,” which is most just anti-whiteness. All that is great and fine.

        But it was a little victory, not a great victory. Now that Trump is President, it’s time to stop playing cheerleader and start actually pressuring the Trump administration and the GOP to act in our interest.

        This article does that – it’s great to see the pro-White movement finally able to call on Trump on his bullshit.

        • You’re being rather small-minded. I think it’s hugely significant that virtually the entire mass media threw everything it had against our ideas and yet people were still not deterred from supporting the candidate who supposedly upheld them.

          As for criticizing Trump now that he’s president, knock yourself out. But you can’t really know what he truly believes based only on his public statements. “Anti-racism” and pro-zionism have been the American way for the last fifty years, so it’s completely unsurprising that a public figure would make statements consistent with those values.

          • I’m judging Trump on his record of words and deeds for the last decade. Trump spent a decade using his political, social, and celebrity capital advocating for Israel, Likud, and the ethnic interests of Jews. He used his celebrity, his wealth, and his social position to advocate for Jews and Israel for the last ten years.

            Trump never spent a dime of his political, social, and celebrity capital on Whites. He never used his Twitter to discuss illegal aliens. I don’t even think he went after political correctness (anti-whiteness.)

            He did turn on a dime the day he announced for Presidency and mention the issues his political handlers told him would be popular, illegal immigration being one (does anyone remember Common Core and Obamacare, Trump’s other big campaign announcement issues?)

            Sometimes it pays to tell the truth even when it’s not pleasant. The truth is Trump doesn’t care about White people or Americans – he is 100% an asset of the Israeli Likud party. The fact that he needed Whites to get elected gave us some advantages in promoting our interests, but he already won and doesn’t need us anymore.

            So as usual we’ll have to take our own side because no one else will.

          • Another question– why the hard core anti-Iran rhetoric from Trump, but the more conciliatory attitude towards Russia/ Syria? Do you think this actually reflects different priorities for neocons vs. Likud, or just domestic political considerations, or what?

          • Another issue we’ve discussed on AryanSkynet. I can say that Putin is quite popular among Russian Jews in Israel, Russian Jews make up something like 20% of Israel and are a major faction of the Likud party, and Putin and Netanyahu made a deal last year over Syria, a sort of “separate peace” that cut out Obama and did not necessarily make the US establishment particularly happy.

            One US faction, spearheaded by Obama but also supported by many Republicans, wanted to make peace with Iran and draw them out of Russia’s orbit, thus weakening Russia’s hand in the Middle East and having the US close to a second major power there (after Saudi.)

            Another faction, seemingly spearheaded by Trump, wanted to take down Iran one way or another because it’s the number one agenda of Likud.

            I suspect there is a rather byzantine network of deals and counter-deals being made for the last year and that these deals are always up for renegotiation. Just look at the craziness in Turkey (a NATO member) vis a vis Russia last year. They had an open conflict with Russia over Syrian, then at the brink of war they made peace, there was a coup attempt, Erdogan survived, then a Russian ambassador was shot. Eh, that’s Deep States for you…

          • I think his mentioning of the cemeteries at the beginning was mainly to shut down the incessant malstream media talking about “when are you going to do something about the rising antisemitism” which isn’t actually rising, it’s just suddenly being noticed again now that a dem isn’t in the white house. do you remember the media complaining about the 8 Jewish cemeteries that were vandalized while obumbler was the prez? No, neither do I, but they happened. I think it will come back to bite the malstream eventually. Trump has good jiu-jitsu when it comes to turning weapons against the wielder.

        • We’ve always called Trump out on his bullshit, we just decided not to be too negative during the election because we wanted him elected as the “lesser of two evils”. The cheerleading era ended I agree and we shold pressure hard now.

        • “But he spent the last decade as a reliable proxy for Israeli’s Likud party.”

          Strange that the neocon opposition was so over-the-top, while Likud/ Bibi pretty much stayed out of it. Is that any kind of real division, or just the need to maintain some sort of fiction that the “American” jews are different from the “Israeli” jews?

          • Sheldon Adelson publishes a free newspaper in Israel and it was nothing but pro-Trump for the entire campaign. If you look up the author Icareviews on AryanSkynet from last year, you’ll find some incredibly detailed and sourced information about Trump’s long standing and deep ties to Israel, Likud, and various nefarious Jewish networks in the US. The “Number One King of All Fun” is a very revealing and interesting one.

            For what its worth, I do believe there are serious conflicts between “conservative” Likudnik Israeli Jews and “liberal” American Jews. In fact, I think exploiting those conflicts is a win/win for us.

            Overheard at a Manhattan cocktail party, spoken by a very high level Jewish fundraiser/networker for Israel, a millionaire and a top CEO at a Fortune 500 company whose name you would know:

            “Look, we hate Trump. But we had to support him because he’s good for Israel.”

            Or the Russian envoy’s statement about the Russian Jews of Brighton Beach saying they were giving more to Trump than Clinton.

    • I think I agree with your posts on this thread. I generally believe that Western democracy has already been effectively “controlled” and that no outsider can really win (“winners” are simply there on behalf of the controlling group). Most people who labelled themselves “Alt-Right” probably believed this until Trump restored their faith in the fairness of the “system”, i.e. “If Trump won, the elections must be legitimate because he was a real outsider”.

      The old view now breaks with “orthodox Alt-Right” views of what Trump is. Originally I had believed that Trump was a sort of leftist caricature of what the left thinks the right is – an actor playing the role of a “rightist” candidate whose sole objective was simply to consolidate all future elections for the left, probably just to propel Clinton to the Presidency. Soon-after I realized he probably would win (especially if he stood against Sanders, who I can’t picture banks, most big business or even blacks really accepting, though against Clinton I was less sure – she was much more acceptable to the powerful “corporate America”).

      I have added to these feelings that the elite actually need a “rightist” candidate simply because the left has gone too far towards views that would be considered “anti-Semitic”, i.e. something fundamentally wrong with Israel’s existence as a state that exists upon mass expulsion of prior inhabitants. Yet the American “right” are still philosemitic (disregarding the silly hysteria of secular Jews) for now (they see nothing wrong with Israel’s existence). It makes switching sides essentially compulsory for Zion.

      We may be witnessing an attempt by Zion to “realign” itself in the face of the simple reality that leftists are increasingly unaccepting of Israel’s “right to exist”. If they suddenly switched to supporting figures such as Geert Wilders (an avid philosemite/anti-Muslim) and creating/supporting similar figures, i.e. President Trump, they will indeed buy time for Zion – which is unlikely to hold on for much longer should the world spiral leftward.

      • “Countries like Sweden favour Palestine the most outside of the Arab world.”

        This is the whole reason for the neocons’ existence in the first place, of course. Non-jews, especially Whites, tend take the “anti-racist” rhetoric at face value, not realizing that it’s supposed to mean “all non-jews are the same.” When the Democrats started to be concerned that Israel was a “racist” country was when a number of jewish Trotskyites suddenly realized that they were “conservatives” and infiltrated the Republican Party. They’ve been doing this kind of thing for a while.

    • That is why I think the alt right is somewhat of a joke. They actually took this clown seriously and are joined at the hip with him for better or for worse. They need to try and build up a political party with a real program that goes beyond the race issue. The movement is all over the place, with no real focus. It will end up like
      Occupy Wall St unless it focuses on key issues. Identity politics is fine, but people are worried about economic matters, etc. Need a real program for change.

      • If the “Alt Right” means Richard Spencer’s particular brand of White Nationalism, then it was a wise strategic move to hop on the Trump bandwagon. It gave us publicity, it gave us a bridge to mainstream normie white Americans, it gave us a platform from which to attack the anti-white Republicans and the neo-conservatives, and we basically forced Trump to not disavow white interests too openly – his consistent rhetoric (not action) on immigration and the symbolic issue of “the wall” and civic nationalism was likely somewhat influenced by the fact that the larger “alt right” would have screamed bloody murder if he had tried to pull a Jeb or a Marco – in fact, he seemed to have backtracked on his statements about H1-B during a primary debate precisely because he started to get immediate negative feedback from the larger “alt right” – including the “alt lites” etc.

        In a sense we were kind of extorting him – by being his biggest cheerleaders, if we had started to attack him he would have appeared weak to his rivals in the primary and general.

        I don’t want to exaggerate the influence of the Alt Right too much – when Clinton said “Alt Right” she mean Breitbart and Bannon – NOT Spencer – but I do believe they had somewhat of an influence. The “Alt Right” became an important part of the story – and the Democrats had a reason to exaggerate its influence.

        But yeah – I hope the smarter people never actually bought Trump’s bullshit. He is the President – there is no reason for us to defend him when he starts cucking – and we have everything to gain by attacking him when he starts cucking.

      • However I strongly disagree with this:

        “build up a political party with a real program that goes beyond the race issue”

        No, not at all. We need to remain focused, laser like, on the race issue. That is the real focus.

        The actual politicians can fine tune the economic policies and we’ll say yeah or nay. But only we can advocate on “the race issue” because no one else will.

        We don’t want to build up a political party – that’s not how American politics work. We need to build a caucus that takes over the GOP – and hopefully one that has one foot in the Democrats so if the GOP starts messing with us we can switch to the other party to punish them.

        • What influence? Trump is a neocon that posed as a nationalist to get votes. The movement stands to get discredited even before it gets traction. Better to create your own vehicle to gain power than to ride in a corrupt one. Both parties are committing suicide! !!

        • The same GOP that barred Spencer from CPAC? Good luck with that. Trying to co opt the party that was created by the original neocons!!!! That is laughable.

          • Yes, that same GOP. What other GOP is there? The GOP was created in the 1800s, long before there were neo-cons.

            America has two political parties, they do not stand for any particular set of issues, they are temporary coalitions. If the majority of White people were voting for the Democrats and the majority of non-Whites were voting for the Republicans, I would be suggesting forming a coalition in the Democratic party. After all, the Democratic party used to be know as the “White Man’s Party” and the GOP used to be known as the “Party of Civil Rights.”

            The parties are just red team/blue team, they do not stand for anything in and of themselves.

          • So the goal is to change the people that run one or both of the parties. That is far easier than to create a brand new party which in practice would mean taking over one of the parties anyway, but also having to create brand new infrastructure.

            There are two political parties because of first past the post voting.

            This is a technical issue, not an ideological issue.

          • Changing the moneyed interests within their own club is futile. Ever hear of the Buchanan Brigades?Look at what happened to the Tea Party. The Establishment won’t let you play in their sandbox!!!!

          • Yeah, that’s kind of a self-refuting argument. The neocons co-opted the party, why can’t another group? Of course, it does help to control the media, the Fed, the justice system…

  • In the end, what exactly is the difference between ‘civic nationalism’ and the old ‘proposition nation’ fakery? Does it just mean nation-destroying non-white immigration happens slightly slower?

    • Pretty much. “Melting pot” vs. “vibrant multicultural diversity,” perhaps? “Civic nationalism” usually means that one acknowledges some cultural element to nationhood, but still believes in the blank slate.

  • If Jews feel more calm with President Trump in the White House…..

    That’s good for White People……

    If Blacks feel more confident with President Trump in the White House……

    That’s good for White People……

    President Trump is the President of all Americans…….

    If non-White Racial Groups are benefitted by MAGA……

    That’s good for White People…..

    The less Black Violent Anger against White People……

    …..means less White Women being Raped and Murdered…….

    …..and less overall Violence against White People by Blacks……

    That’s good for White People……

    If President Trump would try to explicitly gear policies to help White America……

    That would end up being BAD for White People……..

    The best that White People can hope…….

    … that a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’……


    And MAGA means helping ourselves FIRST…….

    • I get the feeling the typical “oppressed” Black or Jew will tend to find fault with Trump regardless of what the hell he does or doesn’t:
      the Blacks because of course they don’t & won’t like Trump: no nifty handouts etc;
      & Jews because, er, they’re just LIKE that:
      not enough to have a nice formal statement memorializing “the Holocaust”;
      not enough to “denounce” this or that thing or person: should’ve done so faster & more vehemently;
      et cetera ad nauseum.

      But, I guess if an occasional ass-kiss shuts them up, so long as he doesn’t actually cuck out…?

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