Daily Archives: March 1, 2017


Explaining President Trump’s Cuckspeak

If you were wondering why President Trump didn’t sound like himself last night, the answer is the two ...

The White Privilege of Lent

Yesterday, I learned that some Catholics had organized a recent conference that took a bold stand against the ...

Little Marco: Immigration Reform Is Doable

I don’t like the sound of this: “Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that he thinks it’s “going to ...

Civic Nationalism Is For Whites Only

HW: I was aggravated by the Joint Address and the other events of the day. I didn’t care ...

Virtue of the West – Black Pigeon Speaks

Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone talk to Black Pigeon Speaks about women and the West.

George Bush and the Political Homelessness of Neoconservatives

Neocons can only parse jihad as a form of fascism (which means “democracy” must be the answer). They ...

President Trump’s 2017 Joint Address

After causing a major scare over “comprehensive immigration reform” this afternoon, President Trump seemed to back away from ...