Marine Le Pen Savages Angela Merkel To Her Face

She also calls out Merkel’s lapdog Hollande:

Note: In other news, antifas rioted against Le Pen in Nantes and Francois Fillon recently suggested that France is spiraling toward “a civil war.”

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  • Vive la France et la Republique des hommes et femmes françaises! L’Union Europeéne c’est pas pour nous les europeenes, c’est pour les musulmanes! #fact

  • WOW!!

    I Love this Woman!!

    I hope she’s the Future of France……..

    And the Savior of Europe…….

    Times are a changin’…….

  • If any of you have travelled across the English Channel and back you will run the gauntlet of the primitives as you journey home.WHY would any country want them?Of course we know!

  • Not sure about Vive Le France, biggest bunch of socialist losers the world has ever known, hopeless, had to get bailed out in WW2, all baguettes and cheese, they have a woman fighting their battles for them, this will not end well, history is a cycle, and France is a flat tyre

    • Firstly, it’s “La France”, not “Le”.

      Secondly, regarding your snide comment about a woman leading their battles for them. It wouldn’t be the first time a fearless and inspired woman has had to come to France’s rescue and spur the rest of her men and women into action. Ever heard of a rather significant woman in French history named Jeanne d’Arc? (Joan to English speakers) – St. Joan? That turned out rather well for the French battling the English in the Hundred Years War. St. Joan remains to this day the

      Thirdly, regarding your “all baguettes and cheese” comment. France has contributed more to Western culture and civilization than the USA could ever dream of. Berdyaev once said the works of Dostoevsky alone justified the existence of the Russian nation. One could likewise say the the great Gothic cathedrals of France justify the existence of the French nation. Think any modern glass and steel box skyscraper will still standing and be marveled at 900 years after it was built?

  • That was the brutal 138 seconds of (((Merkel)))’s face melting I’ve ever seen. Like damn, Viktor Orban’s got competition for the title of “#1 Merkelstomper”.
    And Viktor Orban is VERY good at crushing that rat XD

    • Thanks for the votes, comrade.

      And did I mention that Charles Lindbergh is my favorite American hero of the 20th Century?

      Thank you for all you do and stay strong.

      And here’s what I’m listening to now…

    • If anything can snap the snooty fruity French out of their stupor perhaps it will be the drastic decline in tourist money as North Americans and East Asians avoid the whole country. I’m glad I went once upon a time when Paris was Parisian. I doubt my children will get to see the real Paris until they are middle aged.

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