George W. Bush: “I Don’t Like The Racism” of Trump’s Presidency

George W. Bush has done it again.

Yesterday, Michael Cushman wrote about W.’s virtue signaling. I woke up this morning to the news that W. has expanded his attacks to accuse President Trump of “racism”:

“For eight years since leaving the White House, George W. Bush has refused to criticize publicly those who succeeded him, saying he didn’t want to make an already tough job any harder for President Obama and, now, President Trump.

But one rocky month into Trump’s tenure, it’s harder to keep quiet.

“I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” Bush, 70, tells PEOPLE in an interview for the new issue of the magazine on newsstands Friday.

“Nobody likes that.” …”

The couple list some of the center’s work that stands in contrast to Trump’s isolationism: immigration ceremonies, women’s reproductive-health programs in Africa, and leadership training for Muslim women that the Bush Center brings to Texas from the Middle East. Asked if Trump’s determination to restrict immigration and travel from Muslim countries threatens the Bush Center programs, he shrugs. “Now that you mention it, it might bother me but we’ll figure out how to bring them over.”

“There’s a lot of ways to speak out,” the former president says, “but it’s really through actions defending the values important to Laura and me. … We’re a blessed nation, and we ought to help others.” …

As Richard Spencer has said, the Alt-Right rose in the 2000s as a reaction against George W. Bush’s presidency. It was the Alt-Right because it wasn’t mainstream conservatism as defined by George W. Bush and the circle of neocons around his presidency.

We’ve tried to explain this to reporters who have attributed the rise of the Alt-Right to Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Personally, I had already made up my mind about these issues years before Barack Obama was elected in 2008. When I was in college in the early 2000s, I hated George W. Bush’s warmongering. I hated his free-trade policies. Above all else, I hated his immigration policies. I hated his faux religiosity too. In fact, I disliked George W. Bush so much that I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry, not because I was a leftist, but because I was so alienated from mainstream conservatism.

George W. Bush symbolizes everything was wrong with the GOP before President Trump. He’s virtue signaling about “racism.” He’s sucking up to the Lügenpresse. He’s an open borders establishment neocon. He makes excuses for Islam while chastising Whites. I could continue, but I will just say that I am glad he is gone and we have closed the book on that type of “conservatism.”

Note: Laura Bush supports abortion and gay marriage and Barbara Bush is headlining an upcoming Planned Parenthood fundraiser. The “faith based initiative” was fake. Everything about the Bushes was fake and nothing more so than their social conservatism.

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  • Necon Bush creates war which leads to millions of innocent people dying, refugee crisis and greater Israel. Now he says he “doesn’t like Trump’s racism.” Jew owned slave has no shame, worst traitor.

  • “George W. Bush symbolizes everything was wrong with the GOP before President Trump. He’s virtue signaling about “racism.” He’s sucking up to the Lügenpresse. He’s an open borders establishment neocon. He makes excuses for Islam while chastising Whites. I could continue, but I will just say that I am glad he is gone and we have closed the book on that type of “conservatism.””

    AMEN 100%, My Brother!!!

    I wonder if George W. Bush also doesn’t like the Anti-White Racism of the Left?

    I’m so glad there aren’t going to be any more Bush’s in the White House……

    Or leading the GOP…..

  • You would think that a man who’s responsible for so many unwarranted deaths would have some humility.

    How many innocent people has Trump killed, George?

  • If Bush wants to help those people he can do it out of his own pocket and in their own country. He can go fly over there with his money bags and Huwite knight all he likes. Stop bringing them here where they clearly are not wanted nor are they needed in any way.

  • Why was Bush silent when BLM was raging all across America and when blacks were beating up whites?

    And where was he when some black guy killed 5 white police officers?

    • Because he’s weak in the mind and in character. Like his brother Jeb, he doesn’t want to be unpopular. That’s normal. But he came up against someone who was willing to alienate everyone in power on the hunch that tens of millions of Americans agreed with what he was saying and his hunch was right.

  • Gee.. I wonder why all those ‘anti-racist’ Progs called Bush ‘bushitler’.

    I mean he’s such a NICE guy.

  • So, Trump is ‘racist’. Oh oh oh, that is sooooo original.

    Of course, ‘racism’ in the current year means white interests being valid too.

    According to Bushism and Clintonism, white interests(or white mass interests) must take a backseat to globalism whose agenda is to replace whites with non-whites in the West.

    Of course, white elites like Bush and Clinton need not worry. They are well-taken care for their collaboration with globalism.

  • Meanwhile, Bush is completely silent on Obama’s war on Whites. Bush deserves everything people said about him. He’s a traitor.

  • I’d be willing to bet a handsome sum of money that Dubya and Obummer have slept together.

    Definitely the two worst Presidents in U.S. history. I think Dubya might edge Obummer out for the title. (9/11 coverup at the very least, if not complicity, Patriot Act, WMD lies/Iraq War, his “faith based initiative” got the government deeper in bed with the churches and was likely an accelerant to the cucking of Christianity, absolutely shameful non-response to Hurricane Katrina, TARP/Banker bailouts…)

    Obummer is an obvious foreign usurper. Bush is a stone cold traitor.

  • The retarded bush kid was of course installed by the elites to continue a complete confuck on white christendom. Brown bros Harriman has been in the con a long time, they wont take trumps “civic nationalism” laying down.

  • The entire Bush family needs to be assassinated with extreme prejudice. It is obvious that Obama was their stooge.

  • The Jews lapdog and killer of over one million Arabs decries “racism”. He should have been tried at the International Criminal Court.

  • Does Dubya imagine that anyone actually cares what he thinks? The left detests him, the right would like to forget him.

  • He should go back to being an alcoholic. White people don’t need his guilt transference from his former life.

    Some people are just more bearable as drunks.

  • George W Bush, I remember a speech, “he’ll do nothing to hurt the economy. ”

    Maybe W Bush will be revised as a globalist. He has contempt for the American worker. His best buddy was war criminal Tony Blair.

  • George Bush is without a doubt the worst White politician since Ted Kennedy, who helped the Jews give us the 1965 immigration act.

    Ole George bled Whitey dry in for stupid wars in the Middle East, while giving ‘preferred status’ to everyone who wasn’t White. Now, after 8 years of silence, while Whites are trying to formulate a response to ID politics and what does the guy do? He comes along and calls Whitey racist. Him and his whole family are a disgrace to White people. I cannot believe I voted for the guy.

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