The Hotep/Alt-Right Alliance

Have you seen this?

I first heard about the Hoteps when I noticed an incoming link from The Root:

“You’ve seen them before. Maybe you dated one because you liked the way he called you “king” or “queen,” before he chastised you for wearing your skirt too short, putting lye in your hair or—and, no, I’m not kidding about this—getting so far away from your African roots that your body does unnatural, Eurocentric things like menstruate.

Perhaps one of them called you a “bed wench” for refusing to go to see The Birth of a Nation, or maybe you just know someone who spent all his lotion money on copper ankhs and donations to Umar Johnson’s mythical Hogwarts for black boys.

They are Hoteps.

Hoteps are people who have overdosed on “Pan-Afrikan” ideologies they obtained by reading badly designed websites, Hidden Colors DVDs (yes, Hoteps still play DVDs) and poor-quality YouTube videos explaining Illuminati symbology to scary background music. Hotepness is unshakable because Hoteps don’t read primary-sourced, peer-reviewed anything, and if you dispute any of their made-up dogma with actual facts, they can always dismiss it with, “That’s what they want you to believe.” …”

The Hoteps sound like an identitarian movement.

From the author’s disparaging description, it doesn’t sound like we have much in common with the Hoteps. The Alt-Right is based on radical realism. We value the truth above all else. I don’t have a problem acknowledging the contributions of, say, the Chinese or Japanese to civilization. At the same time, we have a racial interest in Europe as a whole and its outposts around the world.

What is this Hotep/AltRight alliance?

“Over the past few months on Twitter people have noticed that a few Hoteps and I have become quite friendly with white nationalists / Alt-Right. People don’t understand it so allow me to take this time to explain.

Firstly, both sides represent the alpha traits of their respective races. Hoteps represent that for blacks and Alt-Right for whites. The Left is quite feminine in their approach whereas they like to cry, complain, and protest but never actually want to do anything for themselves. Hotep and Alt-right want to do for self. They want independence. …

In Muslim countries, blacks are forced into slavery, especially the women. There is even proof of ethnic cleansing performed by Arabs to remove the African from the territories they hold. How come we never hear/see the far left blacks protest this? Because the media didn’t tell them to. …”

Read the whole thing.

Amazingly, there is nothing in this article that I disagree with. The Hoteps even call out Talcum X. I’ve proposed secession, the end of forced integration and the creation of racially homogeneous zones as the endgame on this website. Within the racially homogeneous zones, embryonic ethnostates would be created as each race rebuilt its identity and culture.

What does Hotep mean?

“What does Hotep mean?

There are many misconceptions that are associated with the Hotep movement. Through this article, I will explain and clarify what it means to be “Hotep” as well as debunk and breakdown the various misconceptions associated with the movement. Let’s begin with the meaning of the word Hotep. The actual term Hotep is thousands of years old and can be derived from Ancient Africa more specifically Ancient Kemet (Egypt). “Hotep” has several meanings but mainly it means, “Peace”. Here is a lot further in depth detailed explanation.

To me, being Hotep means Self-Accountability, not a being victim, not having an oppressed mindset, healthy living, black economics, financial responsibility, and maintaining the black nuclear family. These are key elements that are the core of the Hotep movement. …”

What is objectionable here?

Everything in this article is absolutely true. More than anything else, the collapse of the black family, the demise of the black economy and neighborhood and the obsession with politics over morality and economics is responsible for the present day condition of black people. The Talented Tenth seceded from Black America and moved into the White man’s neighborhood.

It sounds like someone has been reading the Wizard of Tuskegee:

“Character, not circumstance, makes the person.”
— Booker T. Washington

“Character is power.”
— Booker T. Washington

“No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.”
— Booker T. Washington

“It is important and right that all privileges of the law be ours, but it is vastly more important that we be prepared for the exercise of those privileges.”
— Booker T. Washington (Up from Slavery: An Autobiography)

“In all things social we can be as seperate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.”
— Booker T. Washington

When the Talented Tenth actually had to live in the black neighborhoods and was dependent on its own community for its income, it clamped down on black dysfunction. Fatherlessness has nothing to do with slavery or segregation. When blacks were emancipated from slavery, they eagerly formed their own families and churches. The decline of the family is a recent phenomenon. It has become a serious problem in the White community as well because it is due to cultural changes.

Are Hoteps race traitors for allying with the Alt-Right?

“Following my last post, “What is this Hotep and Alt-Right alliance?” I have been both praised and attacked. Praised by whites and mostly attacked by blacks. Obviously, one of these groups is confused but only one of these groups actually read the article in detail, though.

Before we begin this piece, allow me to clarify the mission of Hotep Nation so it won’t be confused – although because people choose not to read, I’m sure there will still be confusion.

Hotep Nation is a group of people looking to restore integrity to the term “hotep” as it has been smeared by left-wing black media and the likes. Hotep Nation is about self-empowerment, self-accountability, and independence for people of African descent. This is a “pro-black” movement for the benefit of all Earth people.

Now that we have that squared away, hopefully, we won’t be confused with being a white supremacist group. Although, I’m sure we still will be. Ha! …

Note the next few quotes from Garvey’s editorial, “The Negro’s Greatest Enemy”, written in Current History Magazine, September 1923.

I asked, “Where is the black man’s Government?” “Where is his King and his kingdom?” “Where is his President, his country, and his ambassador, his army, his navy, his men of big affairs?” I could not find them, and then I declared, “I will help to make them.”

“Here I found a new and different problem. I immediately visited some of the then so-called negro leaders, only to discover, after a close study of them, that they had no program, but were mere opportunists who were living off their so-called leadership while the poor people were groping in the dark. I traveled through thirty-eight States and everywhere found the same condition.”

I can definitely relate to Garvey here. I too see the landscape filled with race pimps and hustlers. We have way too many of these in the pro-black community. I’ll reserve the right to call them out here but if you check the comments section, I invite everyone to call them out. From there, do your own investigation. …”

Read the whole thing.

This is brilliant. I have to say that Ali Shakur has done his research. He knows his history. Future black historians will conclude that W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama were the worst thing that ever happened to black people. They are all representatives of the tradition that black empowerment through politics was the solution to all the problems of the black community.

Is it not obvious that this is absurd? I mean you can start by looking at Haiti and Jamaica. Look at Detroit and Birmingham and Selma in the United States. Look at how black people emerged worse off after eight years of Barack Obama. Look at Liberia and Sierra Leone. Look at virtually all of sub-Saharan Africa in the early 20th century compared to the late 20th century. Africa had a World War in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the world didn’t even notice!

Barbados is the ultimate refutation of these people. It is the place where slavery, colonialism and white supremacy lasted the longest in the English-speaking world. It is one of the most successful black countries in the world which is the exact opposite of what black liberals would predict. If these people were correct, then Barbados should be one of the most backward black countries in the world while Ethiopia, Haiti and Liberia should be among the most successful.

If you have cultural and economic black hole in your neighborhood, it doesn’t matter how many politicians you elect. They aren’t going to be able to solve your problems.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace is the founder and editor of


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  • I’m down for this if nothing else than propaganda. Most of the commenters on the second vid are /ourpeople/ We shouldn’t be thinking too far ahead. We’ll be working on this for our life times. Work things out when they need to be worked out.

  • Great Alliance!!

    Those quotes by Booker T. Washington are Powerful……

    Alliances are necessary for any group to survive on the Planet Earth……

    Japan is almost 100% Ethnic Japanese and it has alliances with countries around the World……

    The Alt-Right also has an alliance with some Ethno-Nationalist Orthodox Jews…..

    Hoteps want their People to Survive……

    White Goyim want their People to Survive…..

    Jews want their People to Survive…..

    Japanese want their People to Survive……

    The Left is the Anomaly…….

    Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism is a Mental, Cultural, and Societal Disease which should be eradicated from the Planet Earth…….

  • In my brief sojourn on Twitter I befriended a lot of Hoteps, they are very articulate, not only do they want to be positive in their own lives to reach their own goals, a big part of their philosophy is to be a positive influence on others, something that is also missing in our culture, so alt right people and Hoteps connect, I would say people on both sides are unselfish and are thinking about future generations and positive reinforcement of good values, setting a good example, and creating strong and safe communities.

  • No, no, no… lol, there’s a lot of wishful thinking in the comments below. It is said that democratic countries don’t go to war with one another, be that as it may. It can also be stated that democratic countries exist because of immigration and there hasn’t been to date a single democratic country to oust an entire ethnic group from it’s borders. What did you have in mind? A dozen cruise ships parked over on the east coast with one way boarding passes bound for the ivory coast? This could be quite hysterical. Good luck!

  • I’ve seen a fair bit of this, yes.
    And again, my opinion is not everyone’s: I accept that.
    Hotep is much, much more tolerable than the literal fucking filth walking in the middle of the street everywhere I go here in the Detroit cesspool. Are they right? On some things yes, but the general appropriation of the Egyptian empire and the majority of its accomplishments is archeologically and scientifically unsound. I don’t think they’ll ever understand or accept that; and I don’t actually blame them for that.
    Can you imagine a creature more depressed than a black African who has obtained enough knowledge to know that his entire race has collectively accomplished virtually nothing? Less even than the Mayan, Aztec, and Inca kingdoms? Egypt is the closest thing they’ve ever had to a prosperous, accomplished civilization on their continent; the only ancient glory they can see, much like our golden ages of Greece, Rome, etc.
    Even though it is misguided, it gives the Hotep a drive to improve their race. I almost pity them. Almost.
    So, while I do oppose an alliance for a few reasons, I would not, and do not, support an actual opposition or attack against them. Hotep poses no threat to the Alt-Right, nor do we threaten them; we may hold some common enemy but both groups seem to understand the need for and benefit of a segregated approach.
    If they want to improve Black society into holding actual values, ethics, and family units, let them: I will not hinder them. I’ve known a small number of tolerable Blacks (roughly 1 in 500 if I’m being moderate) and I wouldn’t mind living near a small number of them. Much better than being a literal minority surrounded and governed by complete fucking degenerates.
    tl;dr I won’t raise a sword for them, but I won’t raise a sword to them either. I support anyone who wants to improve themselves and their race towards a respectable end, but my focus, efforts, and goals are exclusively reserved for the White race. There’s no need for us to oppose them when they’re largely harmless and both groups have muuuuuuuch bigger (((problems))) to fix.

  • I definitely support our men having an alliance with the Hotep men. As a woman I believe part of my journey in the alt-right is realizing my place as a female is not to make such alliances or participate in male spaces.

    However, I could possibly have civil conversations with Hotep females if they are just black women who are anti-feminist black nationalists that love their people and have located their “last real men” the way that women in the Alt-Right have done… At the very least, we have no reason to be at each-other’s throats.

    Black nationalism is the solution to the problems that black women have with things like our Eurocentric beauty standards. They like to argue online, and this is the point which I regularly fire back at them, is that if they are separate from us (FINALLY) they can set their own standards and it would be great for the self-esteem of black women. This would also be great for the self-esteem of white women as well. There are two sides to this coin. We have (((CERTAIN PEOPLE))) pushing mixed-race as the ideal beauty standard in the West.

    One need only glance at the most famous women in (((HOLLYWOOD))) to see the type of features that are being promoted. These women are either mixed-race or appear to be mixed-race at the very least. I will use examples of both. Skin-bleaching, straight weave-wearing black women with recessive eyes like Rihanna Fenti have been pushed onto them while white women we have very dark-skinned or self-hating lotion-tanners, sun-baking, limp and buttock plumping white women like Kim Kardashian… I won’t get started on the effects of women like Mariah Carey or Snookie….

    I’m sure that black women are as fed up as we are. I do propose that we create and trend a hashtag concerning our issues with the mongrelization of our respective beauty standards.. It also effects our men, as they are the ones who get blamed for it all… and have to look at the monstrosities that result from it.

  • Obviously the WE WUZ KANGS part is pure nonsense but if they want to take responsibility and go back to Africa then some form of loose alliance is fine by me. We want them to get out and they want to go, looks like a win/win to me. We don’t need to agree on everything to work together on some things.

    I found this Ali Shakur guy a few weeks back, he seems solid and level-headed. Well as much as a “woke” negro can be at any rate. Basically he could hold down a job and stay out of jail, probably even raise a stable family. They need guys like him to become leaders in the black community so we can do this thing civilly. If BLM is the main voice for the blacks then this is going to end in a race war. They’d lose badly but I’d still rather it didn’t come to that.

    If we want to keep the civil war and ethnic cleansing to a minimum or avoid it completely we’re going to need to work with the rational actors on the other sides. I think that there’s inevitably going to be some level of violence, people like Soros will see to that. However we have a solid argument, divide and prosper rather than divide and conquer. And for that to work we need groups like the Hoteps to talk to their people because they’ll never listen if it’s coming from “rayciss” white people.

    • No, sorry, blacks aren’t going “back” to Africa, not a chance. That’s final. Deal with it.

      • I disagree to the point where I’m willing to fight a war over it. If you beat us then you can stay, good luck with that.

        • Fair enough. I can’t see enough people ever agreeing that that is a fair solution. Making “back to Africa” a central part of the issue is a colossal moral and pragmatic error.

  • A telling comment on about “hipster racism:”

    The scary similarity you don’t mention here is how many white nationalists are into “hippie” shit (except for the political values). A whole lot of them are into natural foods, not vaccinating their children, homeschooling, herbal remedies, AIDS denialism, and even neopaganism (because Christianity is a conspiracy to make them deny their True White Nature or whatever).

    Many years ago, when I was a naive young hippie mama and hung out on the forums, someone there discovered that a bunch of members, including some moderators, were also posting on Stormfront. The worst offenders were banned and then the moderation team wanted everyone to shut up and pretend everything was fine and there was no racism on the forums. At that point, IIRC, most of the non-white members left, leaving a bunch of clueless white hippies scratching their heads over what the big deal was.

  • It’s interesting to read the comment on The Root. It’s about what you would expect from college educated Black leftists.

    Lots of class signaling about “white trash” and mockery of the low-class Afrocentric types. Lots of stereotyping about nationalists and “Trumpettes.” A complete inability or unwillingness to understand pro-whites, conservatives, Republicans, or nationalists or anyone who isn’t a left winger. Complaints about “hipster racism” and white liberals too.

    Communication with these people is impossible because they don’t want to understand their perceived enemies – all they want to do is demonize them.

    It’s truly a hate site.

  • The pro-white movement has flirted with black identity groups many times over the decades and nothing ever comes from it. There is no reason to be hostile toward them but I wouldn’t put much hope in forming any kind of meaningful alliance. Good luck to them.

  • We can’t expect a lot of help from non-whites. What do we have to offer them? The globalists aren’t attacking non-white people and countries anything like they’re attacking white people and white countries. No one’s flooding Japan with tens of millions of non-Japanese. So this “alliance against globalists” angle isn’t that appealing to non-whites.

    What non-whites want above all is a white standard of living and most won’t get that unless they live in a white country. Which is exactly what we don’t want. Blacks already have 50+ countries where they can live as authentically as they care to. Whites, on the other hand, are being turned into minorities in ALL their homelands. Blacks choose to live as minorities in non-black countries. No black has been forced to live in a white country since 1865. If these Hoteps were serious they would already be gone. In short, this is black LARPing.

  • The only future we have with black allies is mutually & mandatory resegregation. The chief obstacle to allowing that is international Jewry. If they can help rid us of Jewry, then I’m happy to have them, but this doesn’t end with our people staying together.

  • I’m concerned that such an “alliance” comes across like we need affirmation from blacks. Whether all blacks love us or hate us- our position should be unchanging: THEY NEED TO GO BACK. This kind of rhetoric (namely the picture above with the hands interlocking) comes across as really dildo.

  • The best way to deal with non-white nationalists is benign neglect or at the most a friendly nod in their direction.

    As usual, RamZPaul has this right. He “officially” supports nationalism for all people – but his focus in on nationalism for whites.

    What we should avoid is both “teaming up” with non-white nationalists against a common enemy (“globalists,” “The Jew”) or using non-white nationalists as a sort of shield against the accusation of “racism.” (“Globalists are the REAL racists!”) We should avoid what a certain “celebrity WN” did – jump in front of the media cameras with an equally retarded looking black nationalist and talk about “hanging the bankers” together.

    But there is no reason to antagonize black nationalists like these Hotep people, or other nationalists that focus on building their own nationalist communities – good for them.

    Incidentally, it’s useful to have the same attitude towards Jews. Jewish nationalism is great, in Israel, but we have no reason to involve ourselves in it. So just a friendly nod in their direction and leave it at that.

    • We believe in things like truth, identity, ethnostates, etc.

      If for whatever reason these people believe in the same things and have a similar agenda, their interests align with our own. Good for them. I believed in strong families, self reliance and a positive sense of ethnic identity before I ever heard of these people.

    • We should avoid what a certain “celebrity WN” did – jump in front of the media cameras with an equally retarded looking black nationalist and talk about “hanging the bankers” together.

      Have you seen the recent protest that said guy organized in Chicago? He was screaming ‘National Socialism’ while Jeff Schoep (aka the guy who dresses up in 30s costumes) was wearing a WWII era trench coat. They looked utterly ridiculous.

      It’s street theatre if ever I’ve seen it.

    • “But if you’re talking about destruction, you know that you can count me out.” – John Lennon

      The biggest barrier to a white ethnostate amongst virtually all normies is the fear of upheaval and civil war in order to establish it, not the ethnostate itself. Having a 360 degree plan that includes everyone creates the possibility of a peaceful transition, and opens all kinds of doors to real and lasting solutions. That’s not using non-white nationalists as a shield against the accusation of racism, that is being forward-thinking and having a vision for society that people can support.

      What is good for white people is good for all people, and vice versa. It is good for all life. The alternative of endless conflict is what the diversity crowd offers, because they force people together and then divide-and-conquer. Allow the natural process of cultural and racial congregation to take place and you have a more peaceful world, not death and destruction.

      One thing is for sure, if the Hoteps gain more ground, it will be great for the U.S. economy, and fantastic for the social improvement of the black community. And that means that even if separate ethnostates are not achieved, sharing the land with a millions of Hoteps would be far more peaceful and to the benefit of both races as miscegenation would be minimized and crime kept under control.

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of Hotep. The situation for some reason reminds of a few meetings between White Nationalists and Black Nationalists of the past such as George Lincoln Rockwells’s meetings with Malcom X and Stokely Carmichael.
    There’s also a story of Malcom X meeting the KKK in which they agreed that both races were working toward the same ends of separating themselves from the damage of legislatively enforced “integration.”
    I always thought the rational solution to race in this country, since Blacks were certainly not going to be repatriated to Africa – kind of late for that- was at least territorial separation.
    Integration was a basically a communist plot by the (((youknowwhos))) to create an endless race war to destabilize homogeneous White communities which has also destroyed Blacks. They kill two birds with one stone so to speak.
    A good question would be, how do we get together and create a workable plan over a period of time to separate so Whites and Blacks can once again live with “people who look like them” rather than to be useful idiots forced into associations that are fueiled by media incitement to racial hostility.
    Anyone who follows Black on White crime knows that the situation as it stands now is deadly, among other things.

  • Ok…so the Alt-right uses science to show that race is real and that there are significant gaps in IQ and aptitude between collective races. Hoteps use fantasy (we wuz kangs). I’m all for allies anywhere we can find them. I just don’t see a sturdy relationship forming here. We should applaud negros for wanting trad values, African values and for being anti-zog, anti-race mixing. But that’s as far as I can see it going. Eventually the white nationalists must ask the Hoteps this question: when are you going back to Africa?

    • China and Russia have historically hated each other yet they formed a fragile alliance against the USA. Alliances against a common enemy by groups/ people who don’t like each other and only have a bigger enemy to unify them can easily break as proof of China putting nukes on the Russian border.
      I hope you can see the parallels

      • This sounds like Spencer’s proposed alliance with Milo and his alt-light fags. How well did that work out and now Spencer has to embarrassingly backtrack a little on the Milo issue. Some alt-righters want an alliance with jews. Why? All I’m saying is support (indeed, help) them create their own identity. Support their anti-jew, anti-race mixing ideas…and leave it at that. If we bond as allies, we will be pressured to compromise. Just call them niggers, laugh at their “kangs”, shake hands on the JQ, and that’s all.

    • The descendants of slaves have been in America for as much as 400 years. I am in favor of racial separation and for Blacks having an ethnostate. That ethnostate could and should be in America. America is a big country. If enough people are willing to move, we should be able to draw up different living spaces for all the races and accomplish this peacefully.

      • I don’t know about sharing close quarters– ie, the same continent. Black societies tend to fail, and fail big. And the chaos spreads.
        Also, the closer they are, the more likely there is to be a push from within our own society to sympathize, to send aid, blah blah blah. Before you know it, our descendants are back in the same crap we’re in now.
        The Black man evolved to survive and thrive in Africa. Let him go there.

        • True, if we were to create a White ethnostate in N. America bordering either a Black ethnostate and or a multiracial state like the current America, the White state’s borders would need to be air-tight and the immigration laws would need to be completely exclusionary to non-Whites. Because, after a short time, conditions in that White ethnostate would be noticeably better than that of the multiracial state and absurdly better than that of the Black ethnostate. Within a decade at most, there would be a huge surge of everyone from the bordering states of any and all types to emigrate to the White state. This of course could not be allowed. What the HELL would have been the point of even creating that White ethnostate in the first place.
          All that said, I believe border and immigration control could and would work in such a situation. There is president for it; the Dominican Republic shares a land border with Haiti and my understanding is that the Dominicans do a good job of keeping the Haitians out. Keep in mind that although by First-World standards, The Dominican Republic is a shit-hole, it still looks very good to Haitians who live in the worst shit-hole in the hemisphere.
          Also, it would be almost certain that the Whites living in this supposed White ethnostate will have fresh memories of how bad it had been living with the Third-Worlders and will not be very soft hearted.
          If this situation ever comes about, the real interesting issue to resolve would be how to treat the Whites living in the bordering multiracial state which will presumably be the remnants of the current USA. One can assume that these will have been the “Good Whites” who loved the multiculturalism of the current America, always voted Democrat and were essentially race-traitors.
          My vote would be to let them all rot in the shit hole they helped create and suffer at the hands of the various Third Worlders.

          • Dude, borders need to be airtight regardless of how far or close the nearest non-white territory is. Unless you plan to take over the entire western hemisphere (don’t laugh – many a WN larper has suggested it), you’re going to border some non-white territory, so I just don’t see why it matters so greatly whether that border territory belongs to blacks or to some other non-whites.

      • That is not ideal, but it will work as a second choice…as long as there is a border wall. Frankly, I don’t care about nig nog feelings. We tend to project our white ideas into them. They don’t care about liberty or civic peace or prosperity or respect for property. At best, their “ethnostate” would just be a reservation much like we gave the stone age natives. They will revert to building grass huts (which will be destroyed by a hurricane every year) and subsistence farming. The whites will be pressured to giving aid and providing for these animals if they stay here instead of going back to Africa. I could care less about their fate. I refuse to feel guilt for slavery or oppression or even their eventual self destruction once whites stop giving aid. Nature has not chosen them. Nature seems cruel. But Nature is very benevolent in the big picture.

        • Maybe the Blacks should be resettled in a series of regions? It would help break up the impact of sending millions of them to any one place. From a logistical and international perspective, it would also be much easier than sending millions upon millions of Blacks to any one part of the Earth.

          Some could go to Liberia, some could be sent to Brazil (which has far more mixed race people than Whites), some could go to other majority Black regions of South America (like Suriname), and maybe some to the Caribbean?

          Blacks are an overwhelming majority of the population in the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, etc. so it would make sense to deport them there.

          • I agree. And give them a choice will make it seem more humane to the leftover humanitarian normies when that time comes. (But frankly, i personally couldnt care less for non white feelings) Eventually we will have to address this issue. Right now practically we cannot obviously. We must first overcome the (as Hitler described it) overwhelming desire to give in. We need to overcome our anthropomorphic tendencies to view and treat non whites as “white people with a brown skin”. We need to stop our guilty knee-jerk reaction to buzz words like “anti-semite”. The alt-right is doing wonders waking people to this.

          • Maybe, but nothing seems simpler to me than carving out part of the south as their American homeland. It’s fitting that the people most responsible for the presence of blacks in America – southerners – should have to make the greatest territorial concession.

    • Hoteps use fantasy (we wuz kangs). I’m all for allies anywhere we can find them. I just don’t see a sturdy relationship forming here.

      And Southern Nationalists like Hunter use “We Wuz Cavaleeyuz,” so I there’s a family resemblance there.

      • The obvious difference is that the antebellum south was aristocratic. The southern gentlemen was a warrior, a horseman, and lord of his land. This is a cavalier by definition. It’s documented historical fact. “We wuz kangs” has no historical record (except for that one nigger Pharoah). Blacks have never built and sustained a kangs-dom, or empire, or so much as a well organized village…at least not on record. That’s what’s so funny about the kangs meme…it’s fantasy. To compare the old southern gentlemen and ooga-booga is a bit reaching, don’t you think, Silver?

        • Sure, I can agree with that. But we wuz cavaleeyuz is still pretty larpy. I resent it most for its intrusion on what I believe identitarianism to be “all about.” For me it’s not about revelling in the imagined greatness of your ancestors; it’s about valuing your group existence in the here and now for the simple fact that it’s your group and you belong to it. At the risk of oversimplifying, the latter is marked by a distinct future orientation, while the former remains rooted in the past.

          • Tradition is vital to continued civilization. I understand your concerns about being fixated on past figures and times. We aren’t going back, we can only go forward. Yet history is (understatement of the year) important. It provides a reference to the here and now. To dress up as a civil war reenactor or a third Reich goose stepping nazi is silly. But to feel no connection to one’s history is worse. What does white pride even mean unless we are talking about past achievements and great ancestors? I think the past has just as important role in group identity as the here and hereafter.

          • That’s surely a very common perspective, to the point it even seems incredible anyone on our side could disagree with it. But disagree I must. Human history is simply appalling. That’s the one thing I can agree with leftists about. Obviously ‘great’ things have happened, that really have propelled human existence forward, but the vast, vast majority of history has been the strong oppressing the weak and making life miserable for them. Traditionalist reverence for the past demands that I blind myself to this revolting reality. Well, sorry, but no bloody way.

          • The strong oppressing the weak is the theme of all of nature, not just humanity. It’s nature’s way of moving onward and upward, evolving, progressing. Go to a forest and see how every tree competes with those around it for sunlight. To a tree, sunlight is wealth and strength. Do we blame the largest trees for being oppressive to the saplings that will never have a chance? Same with humans: nature selects the best and strongest and smartest to rule over and eventually snuff out the weaker.

            For as long as you’ve been with the Alt-Right, it’s interesting that you hold this libertarian idea, that men are not made to rule over (oppress) one another: that this is “revolting” to you. That the weak are supposed to be propped up by the strong. What is your vision for the future? A utopia where we all sit down and talk out our differences brother to brother? Its not nature’s way. Survival is a violent battle. To perpetuate the genes of the weakest at the expense of the strongest is unnatural. What next? Are you going to swing social justice warrior and fight for the oppressed minorities?

            It may offend our modern sense of egalitarian theory, but this is real…people are competing for the top. You either win and rule, or you lose and submit or die.

          • No, nothing utopian in my vision. To me it’s just obvious that some things can be very simply improved and therefore those improvements are worth making. For instance, at no point in history was it ever a “good idea” to have hereditary elites ruling over everyone, solely in pursuit of their own interests; the only the reason they did was power relations backed by religious claptrap and people’s innate “traditionalist” notions. Fucking that bullshit off was an obvious move, and virtually everyone’s better for it.

            I don’t give a flying fuck about so-called “nature.” It’s “natural” for the biggest caveman to club you over the head and take your woman. How the hell is it not a fucking obvious improvement in human life to consider that deeply wrong? To me, the idea that the strong oppressing the weak is nature’s way of improving things is complete bullshit.

            Competition is real enough, but it’s up to us to decide what the consequences of losing are. The notion that losing ought to imply submission and death is fantastically deluded nonsense, as far as I’m concerned.

          • The consequences of losing are chosen by the victor. If you want that control, you’ll have to win. Are you serious to imagine that the weak loser should have some “right” to chose his punishment for losing? WTF kind of soppy enlightenment shit is that? What else is in your “bundle of rights” as a pretend “equal” to the victor? That’s why classical liberalism is a failed experiment. It’s make believe. There is no equal. There are no guaranteed “rights”. Your so-called rights are permitted to you by your master, your better stronger man, either Rex or Lex.

            As to the hereditary lineage of power…it worked much better than democracy. However it was flawed. But a strong dynasty would usually overthrow a weak dynasty after a hundred years or so. So….nature.

            Sorry a bigger caveman stole your woman. Nothing’s changed. The bigger, stronger man always gets the women still today. (No, I dont buy your Discovery Channel nonsense about early man being extreme individuals, murdering and looting hedonistically.) Women do not share your sense of loyalty and devotion. They are concerned with their safety…they are afraid the sabre-tooth tiger will eat them. So they naturally seek a bigger, stronger man (fatter wallet in today’s terms[?]). How have things “improved”? Besides developing newer, easier ways to do things, we are yet the same cavemen at heart like our forefathers 20,000 years ago. Life is still life. Nature, whether you like it or not, is still nature. (Nature doesn’t give a fuck about you either…and it controls your fate.)

          • Society today permits the strong to dispossess the weak? We just sit around and accept this? Really? Not sure where you live then. Human “nature” has multiple aspects and capacities; it’s not one fixed entity. That’s why moral standards can change and – dare I say it? – progress, as they have for centuries now.

  • Barbados: also the home of Neville Goddard, and the black Ethiopian rabbi, Abdullah, who was his mentor. Abdullah was a higher-up in Marcus Garvey’s Back to Africa movement. Neville, in turn, influenced Norman Vincent Peale and thus, Trump’s meme magic. I’ve got an amazon kindle that explains it all.

  • Nothing he said was objectionable but the real question is: Why should we care? We have limited resources, manpower and time. There are more pressing issues the AltRight should be focusing on.

    • We should care because the fact that blacks are aligning with our views would drive Liberals as crazy as Richard Spencer’s existence does.

      Seriously, if the Hoteps can become as mainstream as Spencer, it’d be a fantastic way to grab more people’s attention and because of the groupthink of most blacks, they’d be much more willing to listen to a Hotep than a white nationalist.

      • Oooh, oooh! I know what you should do! You should donate all your money to the Hoteps to help them go mainstream!

        They’re just on the cusp of taking over the entire cultural zeitgeist within the black community already anyway, right? I think they just have to gain an eeeeensie-weensie bit more influence, then they’ll eclipse the Black Hebrew Israelites, then they’ll be kangs!!!

        It’s a sage allocation of resources. All White nationalists would be wise to follow suit.

        • I never said donate anything, just acknowledge their existence for any Liberal dindu to take a look at the Hoteps to see if they’ll go on the Hoteps side and they’ll grow as fast at the Alt-Right White Nationalists.

          • Yeah, OK.

            *Things That Have Been Tried Before*

            -Developing some kind of fruitful, mutually beneficial cooperation between White and Black nationalists.

            -Converting the jews to Christianity.

            -Building a perpetual motion machine.

            Let me know how it goes. Your enthusiasm is both admirable and inspirational, I’ll give you that.

  • Seems pretty good to me. I ran into one of these dudes on Twitter and was like jyeah but still cautious. If they are our “dark” mirror, so be it.

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