FOX News Poll: Americans Don’t Trust The Media

It has been a while since we had a poll:

“Some 44 percent have faith in the media. While that’s mostly unchanged since 2014, it’s a significant 19-point drop since 2002. A majority, 55 percent, lacks confidence today.

Equal numbers of voters have no confidence at all in the media (36 percent) or the presidency (36 percent). Both are record highs. …”

It has been that way since 2014 though.

Nothing much has changed. Republicans have less confidence in the media. Democrats have more confidence in the media. Generally speaking, we inhabit our own bubbles now.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
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  • Faux News tells me that trust in media is on the wane – brutal irony indeed. They are correct that I mistrust media from the Jewish/Zionist controlled Murdoch news sources, including their poll results.

  • 44% have confidence in the media?That is surprising to me.Whilst those on the right are undoubtedly more discerning those on the left must have been hugely disappointed at the false narratives they were sold in the lead up to the USA Election ?The media predictions way out of sync with the majority of Americans?

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