Tom Perez Elected DNC Chairman

This is the new face of the Democratic Party.

Tom Perez, right, was elected DNC Chairman yesterday afternoon. He defeated Keith Ellison, left, an Afro-Muslim identitarian who he chose to be Deputy DNC Chairman:

“Former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez—the candidate backed by the Democratic Party’s establishment—was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday, as its members chose a close ally of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to lead the out-of-power party in the era of Donald Trump.

Perez defeated Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the favorite of many progressives, and a collection of lesser-known candidates in a vote of the 435 committee members who participated in the balloting in Atlanta. Perez won on the second ballot after coming a single vote shy of capturing the simple majority needed in the first round of balloting. The final two-way vote was 235-200. In a bid to head off a revolt from Ellison backers, Perez immediately moved to name his rival as deputy chairman, which the party members ratified by acclamation. …”

These two are charged with the task and winning back the rural White working class voters in the Rust Belt who defected from the Obama coalition to President Trump.

Tom Perez made the rounds on the Sunday shows this morning:

Perez’s plan is to rebuild the Democratic Party by appealing to its “values” which have alienated and driven off White Democrats across the Heartland for decades now. Needless to say, I don’t see it happening. The Democrats suffered huge loses under Barack Obama and he had a sort of cornpone Midwestern charisma going for him that is utterly absent in Perez and Ellison.

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  • I’m at the point where I don’t see the ethnicity of these ugly little fuckers anymore. Spic, kebab, flip, it doesn’t matter. They’re all just fucking brown people.

  • The Democrat Party is the anti-White party. Any White who stays in that party is nuts. Always ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? If it is not good for Whites–and the Democrat Party is not good for Whites–distance yourself from it, no matter what it is.

      • The point is that nothing the Dems do is good for Whites. And until Trump, nothing the GOP did was good for Whites either, not since Eisenhower.

        Before Trump, America was a one-party state for decades. That’s why the naked globalist empire so hates Trump, the boy who calls out their state of undress.

  • Funny that Thomas Edward P’s parents are from the white upper class of the DR but the DNC is playing him up as a ‘diverse person.’ Way to throw a bone to their Aztecan fruit picker base.

  • Ellison would probably have been better for Republicans… and the Right. Perez seems pretty slick.

  • Awesome. So white working class America in masse rejected the Democratic Party and elected a man who pledged to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico -so the DNC nominate a Hispanic dude to lead them and he picks a Negro Muslim to be #2 at the DNC. Seriously? Are these people that out of touch with the working class whites in the rural areas, the South, and the Midwest? Are they that stupid, or just so out of control that they cannot contain themselves from making stupid decision after stupid decision?
    White Americans must unite against this multicultural stupidity. And let us not overlook panders to non-whites; regardless of what civic nationalist stuff he might personally believe, non-whites did not elect him. Trump when he The Amerikaner identity concept might be a good place to start.

    • It’s a bit off topic, but I think you should take your Amerikaner blogpost and boil it down a bit to the core ideas (what an Amerikaner is, Amerikaner culture, etc.) and then submit it to this site.

      I don’t know if they’ll publish it or not, but I think it would be worth a shot. The Amerikaner concept also helps to clarify a lot of issues that White Nationalism suffers from (which symbols to use, what ‘founding myth’ should be emphasized, etc.).

      • Yeah, I second that idea: I’d be very interested in an article about Amerikaner culture & identity. If you (Joe Putnam) have any inclination towards writing such a thing, please do: I think they’d publish it (I hope they would, because I’d defo want to read it!)

        • Thanks for the interest, invincible white owl. My full piece was posted on my WordPress blog last November, and can be read here at the link in my original comment. It may be that I should write a second piece on it, either a trimmed down version of it -or perhaps just a definition piece instead of a philosophy & definition piece. Perhaps a piece half the size of my original might reach a larger audience?

      • Thanks for the input, Arthur Vicstrom. I will consider writing a trimmed down version to submit to The original is about 6 pages when in 6×9 in format, which might be a bit longer than a lot of people want to take the time to read online.

  • I don’t know fully what to make of this, I am a little disappointed that Nation of Islam Keith Ellison didn’t win, can’t say I’m surprised though, Perez is the establishment candidate and far smarter than that dim bulb Ellison. At the same time Perez’s establishment cred could further disillusion the “progressives” (and perhaps even blacks) with the Democratic Party.

  • Tom Perez and Keith Ellison are both Anti-White…….

    Tom Perez led the Civil Rights Division of the Eric Holder Justice Department which said that Civil Rights Protections don’t apply to White People……

    I’m pretty sure that he also was involved in dropping the charges against the Black Panthers in Philly threatening Voters outside a Polling Station…..

    This is what the Democrats think is their Winning Ticket……

    I will never vote for the Democrats again……

    If Democrats and Liberals think they’re going to continue to Cuck White America into Submission…..

    …..they must have missed what happened on Nov. 8th……

    White People are growing tired of Anti-White PC Liberal Progressivism…..

    Tired of being talked down to and preached to about our ‘Guilt’ and ‘Privilege’…..

    Tired of the Lugenpresse lying about and hiding Non-White on White Violent Crime…..

    Tired of the Liberals, Democrats, and Lugenpresse trying to Shame us about our Magnificent History…

    ….and Wonderful Heritage…….

    Tired of the Liberals, Democrats, and Lugenpresse pushing for Mass Immigration and Open Borders…

    The GOP sucks a lot……it’s getting better………

    But, it’s the only practical route to fighting our Enemies at the Voting Booth…..

    We need to all come back to the Voting Booths in November 2018 and vote for the GOP En Masse….

    ….to keep the Democrats out of Power……

    Vote for a RINO Cuck is better than voting for a Liberal Democrat or not voting at all……

  • Trump is right, and this is great news. We need to keep pushing them and showing how they openly hate White people. The cucks will double down, which is what we want. We want to weed them out of the gene pool. They will become openly, explicitly anti-White in ways the Jewish media can’t hide. Jewish contempt for Whites needs to be the narrative. Jewish media editing stories to hide the anti-White behavior of POCs, Jews, Muslims, and Leftists needs to be the narrative. Make the divide explicit. Force Jews, POCs and Muslims to either say the 14 words or be anti-White.

    • Not all Jews have contempt for White Non-Jewish People…….

      Some Jews are allies of the Alt-Right…..

      A lot of Jews (maybe most) consider themselves White……

      There were Jews at the NPI Conference last year…….

      A lot of Jews voted for Trump…..

      But, I agree with you that there are many Jews who are engaging in Anti-White Activism, Efforts, and Behavior……and have so for Decades……

      And the Lugenpress, Hollywood, and Academia are full of them…..

      Bill Kristol and the Neocons have revealed their contempt for the White Working Class……

      I just watched the ‘Reactionary Jew’ interview with Lana Lokteff on Red Ice TV (YouTube)…..

      ……and I think allying and befriending Jewish Nationalists who share some our our Interests….

      ……is a great idea……

      After watching that interview……

      ….I remain as puzzled as ever regarding the Jewish Question…….

      It’s really a Complex Issue……

      We need Richard Spencer, Hunter Wallace, Lana Lokteff and others……

      ….to clearly explain where the Alt-Right stands regarding Jewish People…..

      ….and how we can engage with, ally, befriend, and work with Jews who share our Interests…

      ….and fight those who don’t……

      We need to go beyond Reactionary……

      We need Leadership…….

      • Most jews do not consider themselves white. Most jews see themselves as a minority group which is why they overwhelmingly vote democrat. Even among conservative jews, very few of them are willing to side with Europeans in calling for white nationalism.

        • Yes! I do believe there are a few ((Righteous-Goy-Jews)) out there, but It’s time for them to plop or get of the pot. The majority of Jews still put a lot money into anti-Western (white) institutions, and that’s what counts. Meanwhile Shlomo Six Pack, if he’s really out there, says nothing about it.

      • Getting too cozy with Jews is seriously NOT a wise idea.

        I know (from previous posts of yours) that you’re pretty new to this movement, & I’m truly glad you’re in it, but sometimes when folks are new they’ve still got some wishfulness to them, wanting to believe that folks can all unite across tribal lines, etc.

        I actually do support the “allies of color” idea—I’m very pleased re the recent recognitions of common ground between the Alt-Right & the Hotep movement—but Jews truly are a different story.

        An individual Jew might be a good enough guy by themselves, but once they’re acting as a group—i.e. thinking of themselves AS Jews, as part of this ethnic collective known as “Jewish people”—their tribalism DOES kick in to some degree or another.

        As White folks, it’s perhaps difficult for us to even envision the powerful force that their sense of tribal identity is, because due to evolutionary circumstances, the tribal instinct of Whites is not strong, whereas the tribal instinct of Jews is VERY strong.

        Due to our different histories, Racial Souls, & destinies, Jewish interests & European interests don’t tend to be compatible. And thus, if the Jewish tribal instinct comes into play, Jews WILL do what benefits their people, regardless of whether it benefits anyone else.
        Their loyalty WILL always be with their people, which is in a way admirable—I wish White people actually acted in their own interests more often & had racial loyalty—but because of that, notions of aligning with Jews are very dangerous.

        White people are better off keeping them at arm’s length (or further) & most certainly NEVER TRUSTING THEM.

        If you’ve not read “The Culture Of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald, I’d urge you to get it: you can find it at & probably plenty of other places too. Everyone in the Alt-Right should read this book (really I wish every White person would read it, Alt-Right or not!)

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