Is It Worth It? (speech in Stockholm)

Millennial Woes
the authorMillennial Woes
A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.


  • Agree with the commenters who say you’re looking good Woes – definitely trimmer. The doxxing shake-up was a blessing in disguise.

    Our movement has always had the truth on its side. The message of the last several years is that the truth is not enough. Status matters and appearances matter, in self-reinforcing ways. Fake it til you make it. Strive to look better, speak better, be better.

  • I’m sure the SPLC and other Leftist Anti-White Groups review this Website……

    Just to let you guys/gals know…..

    The reason that I’m a member of the Alt-Right now……

    … because when you celebrated punching Richard Spencer in the Face……

    …..the celebration of a Criminal Violent Attack on an Innocent Person just expressing Ideas…..

    ……that pushed me into this Ideological Camp…..

    I was always on the Edge…..

    And no disrespect to Richard Spencer…….a Great Leader…….

    ….but, in some ways I’m thankful for that Punch…….

    Please keep punching White People and celebrating it…….

    ….because it’s only going to increase our Membership……

    • stick around fam – you don’t have to believe everything we do.
      You just need to look at the world honestly, no matter how ugly it may be

    • There are many former liberals in the altRight now. I am a former liberal who was redpilled when I realized liberals did not care that thousands of native English schoolgirls are being brutalized by Muslim rape gangs. Even today when I mention the Rotherham rapes to liberals, most of them deny it is happening, or they mock or dismiss the mass rape of native English girls by Muslim rape gangs.

  • Great Video and Speech……

    My eyes actually teared up a little bit…..

    This guy is Good……

    Thanks, MW!

    This is a Noble Movement without a Doubt…..

  • Nice speech. At one point, it seemed that Millennial Woes was drawing on some Platonic philosophy. Two points that jump out at me:

    1) Americans are armed, but Europeans are not. I remember when Muslims were rioting in Paris a number of years ago, they were setting fire to cars parked along the sides of streets. I thought then, “I don’t think that could go very far in the U.S. Sooner or later someone would come out to defend his car and pop a cap in the ass(es) of the perpetrator(s).”

    2) The left fears the altright. True. The altright challenges the left’s perception of reality. The idea that multiculturalism might not be desirable must induce vertigo in many leftists.

    • Left and Right fears the Altright. The Altright challenges the idea that White countries are shopping malls and Whites built them for everyone but ourselves.

  • “The mainstream media are attacking us, for being alternative, and for being confusing to them. Which is something they are angry about, they can’t understand us. They don’t like this, they aren’t used to this. They have always had the privilege of being able to set the narrative. Now there is the alt-right and they don’t understand. They want us to be rednecks, idiots, and they want us to be hateful. They want us to be villains. But they know that we’re not. And it baffles them.”

    If WE are not the hateful ones – that means THEY are the hateful ones. If WE are not the villains, that means THEY Are the villains.

    If we are not the “racists” – that means THEY are anti-white.

    If they are anti-white – that means their entire pretense of “fighting hate” and “fight racism” was actually them being “racist” and being “hateful.”

    And that means their entire anti-white project is genocide.

    Which means they are criminals, liable to arrest and prosecution.

    Nobody wants to be arrested and prosecuted for genocide and crimes against humanity.

    So expect them to fight.

  • Woes cleans up better than I would have expected.

    “Equality” damages white people’s lives in tangible ways each and every day, and we need to emphasize that fact with example after example to wear down the moral authority of the progressive utopians.

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