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In his latest video, PewDiePie advertises The Daily Stormer:

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  • BlindLight’s analysis of PewDiePie! interesting view of the Rich race and may be worth a watch:

    I got the impression that Andrew Anglin was called out by Scott Roberts for A.A. saying that the white race needs to be “breed out” 4 or 5 years ago on a radio show.

    Am I missing something about AA & the daily stormer?

    I do like the DS is now the WSJ’s number one fansite, that’s pretty funny…..

  • Seems in all we do in postmodern times Adolf is the anchor. Wow. Billions of people obviously (need to) arrange their daily lives in regard to what Adolf did, wanted, might have done or might have wanted. And, that’s the real anthropomorphic miracle: The longer he’s past, the stronger his impact gets. Might have to do more with us than really him? What, if we really want to overcome Adolf? Ignoring didn’t work. Hating didn’t work. What else can we do?

    • Saint Hitler is like a wayward archetype demanding integration into the broader human psyche.

      The dubious, intellectual, abstract rationalist claims that Hitler was purely “evil” or “psychotic”, that the German people were “brainwashed” or “deceived” is not somatically valid to the more empirical world of concrete biological reality. It follows from there that the situation would provoke some kind of identity crisis for whites.

      The white mind has been trained (by Jews) to hate Hitler, but the white body loves him. To the white mind he symbolizes death, but to the white body he represents life and vitality.

      The Archetype of Hitler will grow and grow in the white mind until it threatens to consume all others, just as in the Aryan Myth of Mahakali in which the Goddess nearly destroys existence in her mad dance of carnage against the demon Raktabija. The unifying symbol between Mahakali and Hitler is of course and not at all accidentally – The Swastika.

  • Did he really need 10 minutes to explain all that. That video was agitating to watch, it felt like a half an hour video instead of 10 minutes because he kept repeating his points over and over again.

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