Nigel Farage Addresses CPAC

In his own country, Nigel Farage has been a thorn in the side of the Tories.

As with President Trump, who cancelled on CPAC 2016 after a storm of opposition from #TruCons who supported Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and Steve Bannon who organized the “Uninvited” at CPAC 2013, the fact that Nigel Farage is speaking at CPAC is a symptom of how the global national populist revolution is sweeping aside “conservative” parties all over the Western world.

It has already happened in the United States. The European Spring will be the big story of 2017.

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  • NIGEL FARAGE is a Joke, he’s no Trump, Orban or Le Pen. He’s a Big Tough Guy when it
    comes to attacking Eastern European immigrants who are White, but he scuttles like cockroach when it comes to going after third world immigrants.

    The guy is an anti-white idiot. He wants to deport Europeans and replace them with
    “skilled Migrants” from the Common Wealth (ie. Pakistan,Bangladesh, and Indian). I can just see like 100 million Indian and Pakistani engineers packing their bags getting ready to flood the UK
    and turn them into racial minorities lol

    Canadians and Australians won’t immigrate to the UK – it would lower their standard
    of living. It’s all the poorest nations of the Common Wealth that are coming.

  • If we succeed, Nigel Farage will go down in history as one of the UK’s greatest heroes. The man has tremendous courage. History is written by the winners and we can’t afford to lose.

  • “They’re trying to break your will” – Indeed. everything out of the MSM has to read with that in mind. They will say anything to try to break us and ensure the end of white European civilisation everywhere.

  • Maybe if he’s going to be living in the US he can back off his absurd “anti-racist” position of sloppy affection of Pakis who are so much better than those dirty Poles.

    • I didn’t know that was his position. I understand that the EU forces Britain to take in European immigrants, but Britain made the mistake of opening its borders to large numbers of non-European migrants. Surely,continental Europeans can blend in to British society more easily than Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners etc. If you get a Polish waitress in a London restaurant, you’re lucky, because she will generally hustle faster than a native.

      • I don’t think it is his actual position. At least I hope not. There is just such a pall over speech in the UK as it relates to Muslims that populist sentiment must be expressed against eastern Europeans. Farage has definitely tried shoring up his anti-racist bona fides by giving his thumbs up to immigration from the former British Empire (exclusively the non-white parts of course).

        I’m perfectly fine with keeping non-Brits out of Britain in toto. It’s a totally valid position to take, but the hysterical UKIP campaign put in the context of needing to shut down EU immigration to get the eastern Europeans out so there will be more job opportunities for Jamaican gangsters is farcical. Politically correct nationalism just doesn’t work.

        • Anti-Polish sentiment in Britain is retarded. Within a generation, these Poles will be British and inter marry with White Britons. This happened in German with the Ruhr Poles, who gradually mixed with the German population. That is why there are many Germans today with Polish surnames.

          Regulating the labor market to protect British jobs is fine, but these politically correct attacks on Polish workers serve no purpose. Does anyone hear about ANY problems in Polish migrant communities? Of course not.

          Another argument I’ve heard far Right British politicians like Nick Griffin and Farage make is their preference for Black Britons over other immigrants. Of course, a Jamaican probably assimilates better to British society than a Paki who believes in Radical Islam and child rape. But that doesn’t mean a Jamaican is going to assimilate better into British society than a Pole.

          • You cannot “assimilate” different races. It doesn’t work. It’s biologically impossible. It’s like saying you’re going to assimilate wolves as sheep dogs.

  • You could barely slide a piece of paper between Richard’s public position and the end of Farage’s speech! Quite hypocritical to chase Richard out. Farage : Spencer :: atlatl (spear thrower) : spear. Well it shows that those ideas’ time is here.

    PBS, of course, disabled comments on youtube :p

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