Daily Archives: February 24, 2017


Nigel Farage Addresses CPAC

In his own country, Nigel Farage has been a thorn in the side of the Tories. As with ...

Richard Spencer Debates and Interviews

I graduated from Auburn University in 2005. For years, I lived across the street from the Ludwig von ...

PewDiePie: HowAboutThat

In his latest video, PewDiePie advertises The Daily Stormer:

President Trump’s CPAC Speech

President Trump returned in triumph to CPAC this afternoon. As some of you might recall, he wasn’t so ...

Alt-Right CPAC Roundup

Rolling Stone: “Late the night before the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, Richard Spencer, the de facto leader ...

Democrats Find Out Demography Isn’t Destiny

It is hard to believe they didn’t anticipate the reaction that their demographic triumphalism would ignite in White ...

We Are The Vanguard

Peter Spiliakos has a really dumb blog post about us over at National Review: “The fascination of liberal-leaning ...