Sweden Is Sliding Into Chaos — and the Media Is Applauding

Sweden is the canary in the coal mine for the West. Originally appeared at Russia Insider

Sweden has been dominating the news since Donald Trump mentioned the troubled Scandinavian country during a rally on Saturday in Florida. Trump mentioned Sweden while speaking about the massive transformations various European countries have undergone as a result of the ongoing “migrant crisis”.

Here’s the line that got Trump in trouble: “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden” — Poor choice of words perhaps but the context was clear. The lying press took this to mean that he was referring to a specific terrorist attack that had occurred recently.

They gloated and guffawed with their typical smarmy snark and started one long collective gloat about how there wasn’t any terror attack in Sweden. Now they had him! Another example of the president propagating fake news! The only problem was that Trump was referring to a Tucker Carlson segment about Sweden. He clarified his earlier comments in a tweet. Trump then doubled down.

The mainstream media jumped at his throat as expected, but this was a classic Trump misdirection. Trump has pulled this trick several times during the campaign, he leaves an opening for the press to swoop in. Almost always, it is a well-laid trap that ends up making the press look stupid and drawing attention to a topic that they had pointedly ignored before that point.

Three days after Trump brought up Sweden, massive riots started in the suburbs of Stockholm. This time it was in the neighborhood of Rinkeby. And just like that, Donald Trump was vindicated. To top it all off, now, many blissfully unaware people are suddenly interested about the situation in Sweden. The media of course, was quick to play down how bad the migrant crisis had hit Sweden. They immediately started doing damage control.

A foreign correspondent for the Swedish liberal tabloid newspaper Expressen fired back. She even came on Tucker Carlson. Her performance raised more questions than answers.

It seems that Tucker Carlson’s careful prodding is also deliberate. He is keen to push the angle that Sweden is suffering from mass psychosis. A sort of country-wide Stockholm Syndrome.

swedish reporter assaulted.png

Speaking of denial

And he is right, the country is run by an Orwellian-tier ministry of truth masquerading as a free media.

The Swedish Media’s Complicity

The media & government have for decades used an array of different tools to gaslight and mislead the native population about the problems that these migrants have brought.

One of the most commonly used tactic is to call any criminal, regardless of origin, Swedish. For example in February 2015, eight “Swedes” with names such as Abdi Mohamed Ahmed and Shakir Bjar Mohamed were detained for gang rape on a ferry. Out of the eight original suspects only one had Swedish citizenship, a man of Iraqi descent. Here is a an example of how suspects are treated by the media.

expressen pixelation.jpg

The identity was deliberately whitened up with pixels. This is a widespread practice in Swedish media.

As a result half of the Swedish population gets their news primarily from alternative media and 1/5th have no confidence in the mainstream media at all. Sweden’s alternative-media comprises of no less than 8 major sites which do a great job of exposing the lies and revealing the names and often pictures of “Swedish” suspects. (Fria Tider, Avpixlat, Exponerat, Motgift, Motpol, Nordfront, Nyheter Idag, Nya Tider.)

Instead of changing their ways, the establishment has doubled down and back in October 2015 the political commissars in the Swedish police created a special protocol for dealing with refugee crime. Known as Code 291, the protocol entails covering up all ongoing criminal investigations related to “the migrant situation”.

One anonymous source in the police told DN the following:

“The situation is becoming dangerous. Anything that touches the immigration question is to be kept secret and my only conclusion is that there is some kind of political reasoning for not daring to tell the truth about the situation”

But commissar Håkan Nilsson, who made the decision to implement the protocol denied such claims.

“We’re completely apolitical, that’s not relevant at all” –

In February 2016, statistics were released to the left-liberal newspaper Dagens Nyheter showing that only 1% of all police reports involved the 180,000 odd asylum seekers. Sweden has a population of 10,000,000 so that’s a slight overrepresentation but nothing major:

“Dagens Nyheter has already previously been able to tell [readers] that asylum seekers and unaccompanied [short for unaccompanied refugee ‘children’] only represent a small share of the total errands in the police register.”

The underlying message is clear. There is no reason to panic. The migrants who recently arrived aren’t committing that many crimes. Most of the criminals aren’t recently arrived migrants but Swedes. What they fail to mention is that said Swedes have names like Morteza Afzali, Mohammadi Aziz Ahmad, Rafi Bahaduri, Rustam, Ghafory, Hedayat Rahmati, Hashemi Salahedin, Mohammadi Salahedin, Mohammadi Zia and Azim Ahklaghi. (Forementioned names are the men responsible for the worst gang rape in Sweden’s history which has barely gotten any coverage in the Swedish press)

The Elephant in the Room

With a population of 10 million people Sweden is home to just 20,000 Jews. Being just 0.2% of the population they punch above their weight. Much of Sweden’s media is owned by the Bonnier family and a disproportionate number of journalists and experts have names like Wolodarski, Silberstein,, Radetzki, Rothstein, Aschberg, Leman, Epstein etc. Another example is Jersey Sarnecki, a Jewish criminologist who is trotted out on a regular basis to “debunk” that crime is increasing or that migrants commit more crime than natives.

In fact, the father of Swedish multiculturalism was in fact not a Swede at all but a holocaust survivor named David Schwarz. The man gives Bear Grylls a run for his money because he supposedly survived no less than four (!) extermination camps (Buchenwald, Nordhausen, Dora, Bergen-Belsen). He contracted typhus and tuberculosis and was transported to a sanatorium for recovery in Germany and later Italy. He was later treated in Sweden until 1954 and once recovered dedicated his life into turning his new host nation into a multicultural country.

When Vox (owned by Ezra klein) responded to Trump’s statements by “debunking” Sweden’s rape epidemic claiming that they “rigorously investigated the narrative, and concluded that it “falls apart as soon as you speak to anyone knowledgeable in Sweden”. Who might these knowledgeable people be, you ask?

“What we’re hearing is a very, very extreme exaggeration based on a few isolated events, and the claim that it’s related to immigration is more or less not true at all.” This is according to the aforementioned Jerzy Sarnecki, a criminologist at Stockholm University.


The Media deliberately uses white profile pics for non-white convicts / using white pixels when pixelating suspects. Both the police and the media avoid mentioning details which can hint at race/ethnicity when seeking the public’s help finding criminals. This is because it is more important to keep up the facade than to find the perpetrators of heinous crime if they are non-white. That might mess up the narrative.

Some great source on the media using white pixels below

Conversely, whenever a European or Swede commits a crime the media blows it up and reveals all the information they have about the suspect. Most Swedes are aware and know about celebrity criminals such as the “Haga man“,  “Laser Man” or “Knutby Pastor” are but can’t name a single non-European crime / or criminal. The hunt for the elusive white criminal is a media obsession, their White Moby Dick.

Here is an old “Sweden’s most wanted” list.

swedens most wanted.png

A picture tells a thousand words. Remember, these are all officially considered Swedes.

Naturally, for more inquisitive minds, the Swedish media has come up with a handy dandy sheet to explain away the migrant crime wave that is hitting Sweden.

Here are some typical excuses from Swedish officials for the increase in crime:

  • Higher propensity for victims to report because society has in fact become safer!
  • Warm weather
  • Pornography
  • Rape definition doesn’t necessarily entail forced penetrative intercourse i.e. broader definition for crimes
  • Patriarchal cultures
  • It’s men who are the problem not any race / ethnicity / religion

Statistics are covered up by the government

Covering up the statistics is also the government’s modus operandi. 1996 was the last time gov statistics bureau compiled stats with the ethnicity of criminals as variable. It found that criminals from Middle East & Africa were massively overrepresented especially in sexual and violent crime.

In 2005, the bureau released a new follow-up study with broader definitions such as “people born in Sweden” and “people born abroad”. By doing so they’ve placed ethnic Norwegians, Finns, Somalis, and Iraqis in the same category thus making the overrepresentation seem less staggering than it really is.

12 years have passed and the non-Swedish population has grown substantially but the government bureau has not seen fit to publish a new report. In a recent debate, Jerzy Sarnecki, professor in criminology and Mattias Karlsson from the Sweden Democrats debated the topic.

The government has said no to demands for a new investigation and Morgan Johansson, Minister of Justice, has stated that he does not think that: “A report about registered crime and individuals origin would bring more knowledge with potential for improving Swedish society”

This is all done to avoid any uncomfortable conclusion about race. Claiming race and crime are somehow correlated or that behaviours differ between groups is absolutely verboten. The racial Tabula Rasa is holy dogma.

The BRÅ is Sweden’s official statistics service. But it is an extremely politicized government bureau that has been completely taken over by the Cultural Marxist left. It routinely finds new ways to deny / find excuses for claims that crime is increasing or that migrants commit most of it.

The Sweden of the past is gone. Even the examples of the worst criminals from 50’s and 60’s are very tame compared to some of the criminals today. There was a time when people didn’t lock their doors & cars at the time due to the high-trust ethnically homogenous society they lived in. Needless to say that particular Swedish tradition has all but disappeared.

A Case in Point

There was a scandal in sweden when Officer Springare, who was a policeman in Örebro, wrote a Facebook post listing the ethnicity and name of the suspects he apprehended during one week. The overwhelming majority were non-Swedish. He was reported for hate speech but case was dropped. He has garnered massive support from some and hate from the more pozzed members of polite society. His words can stand on their own and serve as a chilling note to conclude this piece on.

“I’m so fucking tired. What I will write below, is not politically correct. But I don’t give a shit. What I’m going to publicly say to all you taxpayers is forbidden for us state employees to say. It tends to a result in a non-existent career and salary. Even though it’s true. I don’t give a shit about that, seeing as I’m soon going to retire after 47 years in this field.

I will now and every week going forward explain in detail what’s keeping me busy as an investigator in the Örebro police felonies department. It’s not going match BRÅ’s views (Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) or other left-wing criminologists publicly held opinions.

Our retirees are on their knees, the school’s are chaotic, the public healthcare an inferno, the police are a mess etc. etc. Everybody knows why but nobody dares or wants to publicly say so, because Swedes has always lived on the myth of being the ultimate & magnificent society which has unlimited resources to be on the cutting edge when it comes to being a politically correct alternative in a dysfunctional world which is tearing itself apart, via destructive behaviour in various religions name.

Here we go; This is what I’ve handled Monday-Friday this week: Rape, rape, serious rape, assault rape, extortion, extortion, abuse of judicial procedure, unlawful threats, violence against police, threats against police, narcotics crime, serious narcotics crime, murder attempt, rape again, extortion again and assault.

The suspects are; Ali Mohamad, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again, Christoffer… what really? Yes, a Swedish name creeped in on the edges of a narcotics crime, Mohammed, Mahmod, Ali, again and again.

Countries that represents all of this weeks crimes are: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects we can’t even safely say because they don’t have any valid papers. Which most often means that they are lying about nationality and identity.

Now we are talking about Örebro Municipality. And these crimes take up 100% of our investigative capacity.

This is what it’s looked like for the past 10-15 years.

Will return next Friday with a summary of the past week. image?image

The group, “Stand up for Peter Springare” has 180,774 members at the time of writing. The overwhelming evidence that Sweden’s migration policy is a disaster is overwhelming. While this piece is in no way thoroughly comprehensive, it serves as a good primer about what is truly going on in Sweden.

Visitors to Sweden have remarked that it resembles a third world country in some places. And only alternative media voices even dare to speak out on the topic. Donald Trump may have made a gaf, but he was absolutely right about the situation in Sweden. The lying media has no shame and is complicit in covering up the greatest immigration debacle in living memory. The situation in Sweden will continue to worsen, and this will no doubt be a topic of much media controversy going forward. In fact the scale of the lie is so vast and shocking that it may be the straw that broke the media’s back. Non-white immigration into Sweden has irrevocably damaged the country.

The media could not have chosen a worse hill to die on.

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  • This article is higher quality writing for than we have been seeing. Good work.

    I know this site is new and finding it’s legs. More of this is needed. Thank you!

  • Thanks a lot for a correct version of Swedish “existential” problems. Being Swedish by birth and 64 years old I have seen this tragic transition. Sweden is today balcanised and only have themseves to blame. E.g. David Schwartz should never been given public space but the Jewish Bonnier family gave him this but the Swedes let the Bonnier family into the country in the 19th Century carrying with them a semitic idelogy which Swedes dont understand. As Swedes dont understand to stand up for themselves but let foreign traditions take over it is hard to do otherwise than to accept that Swedes assess their own culture less important than semitic cultures. Where we go from here is an open question. But it must be civilized.

  • I’m curious just how much of the media in Sweden is Jewish-owned. I didn’t realize that (((they))) owned so much of it there; thanks for bringing that out.

      • I guess you are right about 80% Jewish owned media. I always say 70% to be sure not to exaggerate, But it is a remarkable figure, 0,1% of the population of a speific etnicity own 70-80% of the media in a so called multicultural country. This etnicity has never attended Sunday School nor knelt before the cross and still they are allowed to be news constructors/ responsible for information in a country since long before this country stopped calling itself christian, which was 1975 when Richard Swartz and Bonniers manipulated stupid Swedes to convert to multiculturalism. It is an enormous tragedy becuase of Olof Palme and the socialdemocrats unfolding in Sweden. Chaos has only began – believe me.
        Sincerely Dr Thomas Jackson MD PhD, psychiatrist

  • great piece. and it’s wonderful that the media – in trying to mock Trump – has chosen the wrong hill to die on; I am so happy that Sweden is being talked about in the mainstream right now. How many thousands/millions of folks – normies – are digging deeper, reading more about this, becoming enlightened about the plight of our people. Everyone is starting to see how dire the immigrant crisis is . . .

  • > half of the Swedish population gets their news primarily from alternative media

    The internet treats Jews like damage and routes around them.

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