Richard Spencer Reacts To Being Kicked Out Of CPAC

Richard Spencer is getting really good at this:

  • “less White people”

    • Rascal

      saw that, but there was no ums, so good enough for me.

    • Pioneer American

      No man, it’s alt-right to say ‘less’. King Alfred said ‘less’.

      > The OED shows that less has been used of countables since the time of King Alfred the Great — he used it that way in one of his own translations from Latin — more than a thousand years ago (in about 888). So essentially less has been used of countables in English for just about as long as there has been a written English language. After about 900 years Robert Baker opined that fewer might be more elegant and proper. Almost every usage writer since Baker has followed Baker’s lead, and generations of English teachers have swelled the chorus. The result seems to be a fairly large number of people who now believe less used of countables to be wrong, though its standardness is easily demonstrated.

      While you’re at it, stop using those cucked French introductions:


      • adopt from your local shelter

        Grammar Neo Nazi Punctuation Supremacist!

      • well sperged

  • Y Finkelstein

    This is why Spencer is our de facto Spokesman. He’s telegenic, mild mannered, well spoken, erudite, and comes across as reasonable

    • Aurelius

      As a neo-tyrant space-nazi, I would have to agree.


      I hate the amount of hate he gets. Yeah he’s not a grizzly bear, he’s trying to sell it without selling bullshit i.e. Milo Yiannapedo

      • Y Finkelstein

        Milo is a Cub fag, I’m sure there are bear fags like Andrew Sullivan who Milo hangs around.

    • pgg804

      Yes, he sounded good and spoke accurately about them, making them look bad.

    • – TheFinn –

      I honestly prefer Richard doing this than strategizing. If I have a complaint it’s that strategy is lacking. He’s far better at this imo.

      • Rascal

        I agree. richard is a natural spokesman, or diplomat even. Strategy? Well, everyone can use help with that.

        • – TheFinn –

          Yeah fair comment, I certainly am not damning him for it.

          • Robert Bruce

            Forget strategy for now, he needs to come up with a political program and take it to the next level. Ideology without any action is just intellectual masturbation.

          • – TheFinn –

            This was the main aim of my issue with his moves.

            We had an opportunity there for him to deliver a 10 point “manifesto” or plan or something to Steve Bannon….

            Instead we got heil gate, and breitbart removed the “altright” tag from their website.

            And all the identity bereft Richard Spencer fanclubs are running around telling us that was totally worth it. :

  • Cornish_Son

    Richard wasn’t there to protest or cause trouble, yet they kicked him out. What are the cucks so afraid of?

    • Aurelius

      The truth, goyim.

    • “What are the cucks so afraid of?”

      The word “racist.”

    • Andrew Apex

      A collective Leftist media onslaught in the form of headlines written in bold red letters “White Supremacist Invited to Attend CPAC”

  • sturmsoldat

    That reporter’s obvious disgust lol yea I don’t think identity politics are going away anytime soon

    • unpaidpundit

      I didn’t see a look of disgust on her face. I found her behavior to be quite professional and neutral. Even when she asked Spencer if he were KKK, she pointed out that an organizer of CPAC had said that he was part of the KKK.

    • angrywhiteman

      Oh yeah. Her breathing got faster with that emotional knee jerk reaction she’s been programmed with. (“WHAT? He won’t advocate white genocide/suicide? Must get angry!”)

      • Captain John Charity Spring MA

        She’s sizing him up. It was quite funny.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Richard Spencer……

    Stay strong, My Brother……..

    My favorite band growing up was Depeche Mode……

    Thanks for helping me remember that Great Music……..

    I’m on a Marathon DM listening streak right now…….

    Thank you for standing up for White People and Europa……..

    All Vessels are Human…….


    I understand your Message……

    I expect you to be hunted down by the Left and even the Right……

    They seek to destroy you…….

    Your message is spreading like a Wildfire…..

    Trust me…..

    Peace and Unity……

  • Riopel

    White Celebration
    Waiting for the ZOG to Fall
    Personal Fuhrer
    National Policy Institute of Truth

    • Alex Harris

      Euro-things Count In Large Amounts?

    • invincible white owl

      Oh goddamnit, I love this!!! LOL!!!

  • Wotan

    Richard once again wins, even by getting kicked out. I love how easily he stays on point. The reporterette’s facial expression of curious disgust is priceless. Bet he’s having a drink with her at this very moment.


      Those drinks are done by now, let’s get that field report, Richard.

      • Sean Fielding

        Chick looks kinda like a brunette Jodi Foster in profile, but more Skypish as she turns to the camera. I watched it again to look for any IOI’s but nothing obvious. Still, her face reacted strongly once or twice and as we know, the opposite of love is not hate but disinterest. Remember goys, these libchicks are dying for a fashy bruh because they’re surrounded all day by the likes of the squatamalan dwarf seen in the background here.

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA
  • Looks like the Fashy Cut is now out.

    The Stray Cats Cut is in.

    Hipster Fascists take note.

  • Yourhighness

    Richard was the best thing to happen to CPAC

  • adopt from your local shelter
  • BSKullby

    I love watching these videos of Richard Spencer attending political conferences and stealing the show. I hope you do these every chance you get.

  • Einar von Vielen

    God bless you, Richard.

  • White Black

    I can’t wait to see him get punched out again LOL

  • Aedra Daedra

    Richard is so effective.

  • davidex

    Good to see Richard Spencer looking confident and relaxed in a public
    space so soon after he was attacked. This takes some courage. It’s good
    he’s giving some serious thought to his personal security. As he becomes
    a more familiar public figure his personal safety should become a
    crucial part of his planning for these events and appearances. The
    globalist machine is now tacitly encouraging and legitimising every form
    of violence against altright people.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    The Alt-Right is Moral……

    It’s completely Logical…..



    And Necessary……

    Let them call us any names they want……

    We’re not going away……