PewDiePie Trolls The Media With Nazi Video

H/T Daily Stormer

I like this guy:

“You would think that Pewds would lay low for a while and stop with the Nazi humor until the media firestorm died down. Well, you would be wrong.

He’s doubling down. …”

Hunter Wallace
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  • Seems to me the footage is meant ironic. However I think this ‘game’ plot is sick. My grandad was killed by Russians trying to defend his family from being killed (they managed to flee). My uncle was killed in France trying to keep non European armies off from mainland and several family members where bombed. In turn my other grandad dumped British navy vessels, rescuing survivors and meeting with them in friendships in the 80s.

    I am not accusing anybody nor thinking that this is a reason to complain, as there were good reasons to battle against Germany. But close ups of ‘nazi testicles’ being smashed is far below any level of human dignity.

  • Dana Carvey, Bjorn Borg, both of the men from Abba, and Henrik Palmgren all have somewhat similar faces. Pewdiepie doesn’t look like them. I wonder what accounts for the difference.

    • Pewdiepie looks like a typical swede than Henrik. No idea who Dana Carvey is. Not sure what you’re on about.

      • Dana Carvey isn’t Swedish, but he and Bjorn Ulvaus looked very similar when they were younger. Dana Carvey is well known in the U.S.

  • PewDiePie is generating tones of free advertisement for us, the powers that be have clearly learned nothing from Trump.

    • Its the same thing over again. They can’t help themselves but to protect their lies. If they don’t then they will be “giving up the game” and thats not how you win the game, the system is designed to further its own ends.

  • Hey Hunter. — It’s great to see Alt-Right dot com and The Daily Stormer doing some cross-promotion. It gives a good impression of unity and solidarity across the different segments of the Alt-Right spectrum.

    Andrew Anglin has been promoting your fantastic articles on The Daily Stormer for some time now. And just yesterday, Andrew promoted Alt-Right dot com on David Dukes radio program.

    You’ve been writing some great articles here at the new site.

    Looking forward to many more.

    • The Daily stormer is a poison pill of irrelevance. Let youngsters play with nazi memes. It is an idiotic thing to do for grown ups.

        • Nazism has had trillions of propaganda invested in demonizing it. Why turn that supertanker? Jared Taylors aproach is much more rational.
          And on a more natural rational, national socialism is an ideology for a certain time and for solving certain problems. So why chackle yourself to a corpse? It causes huge problems politically and propagandawise without bringing anything to the table. Except self fullfilment for idiots.

          • But what fun is that? Marrying a white woman and raising children to fulfill the 14 words? Going to CHURCH? I wanna post Hitler cats on the internet! After all, Anglin told us that White Women are the Real Enemies!

          • Because fascism/NS can’t be discarded because it is the world-view of
            truth and justice. It wishes to bring about change in the most
            effective way possible, by accepting reality as racist, accepting that races have characteristics that are inferior or superior like in terms of intelligent/culturally/physically compared the other, that our traditional cultures/heritage/nations have inherent value and must be protected and cherished. All of this can only be realized by upholding racial hierarchy. If not then one weaker race will eventually rebel because of Marxist poison, or the values of liberals taken to their logical extreme. Only a strong racial world-view can win against ingrained top down led intellectualism that proclaims egalitarianism as a inherent value or bottom up demands of minorities who wish to gain favors from the system. If the outcomes are different among-st races that some structural system is the one to blame for unequal outcomes or other excuses for why blacks commit more crimes or why Jews lie and conceal truth in favor of race-baiting and mixing the races. Materialism is false, the money or assets are but tools used to attaining and upholding the truth, which means comforts can be sacrificed in service of truth.

            This goal of putting belief into action to right wrongs can absolutely justify any
            action in pursuit of it in the face of great enemies and adversity and
            all the same propaganda that still attack any manifestation of “racism”.
            Many still understand the necessity of the real right to win, to
            overcome, gain victory under any circumstances and not simply give into
            falsehoods as the old right did. This New Right is a manifestation of
            new tactics, new movement, new methods etc But the Fascist/NS while they
            are of a particular time and place, they have adapted in various ways over time.
            First there is the boots on the ground paramilitary and local community
            development method of Golden Dawn, revolutionary method of Iron March,
            several political parties and three movements that are gaining ground
            across Europe. Nothing can stop truth regardless of what labels you carry. New Right and Alt-right fight a culture war but we as counter-revolutionaries, leaders, political philosophers, esoteric spiritual teachers and soldiers fight by putting belief into action.

          • The worldview and the narrative being pushed by todays media and large parts of the establishment (all the establishment here in sweden) is crazy malicious and evil. Yes. It does not take so much to be more truthful and better than that.
            However, core to national socialism are corporativism and the generalized wellfare state. This is catastrophic to a people. As we can see in sweden. The social democrats had exactly these policies and over time the virtue of the people is whittled away.

          • NS as a economic policy was a hybrid, it continued the Wiemar republics 3 decade welfare policy and I disagree with that which is where the problems come in if you’ve read the “Scandinavian Unexceptionalism: Culture Markets and the Failure of the Third Way Socialism”. The virtue of the people is whittled away by capitalism, European liberal cosmopolitanism and American culture & they lose their self-dependence/reliance & work ethic due to the welfare schemes. As for corporatism I don’t see how that’s a problem to accept real authority, hierarchy based-on ranks.

          • NS as a economic policy was a hybrid, it continued the Wiemar republics 3
            decade welfare policy and I disagree with that which is where the
            problems come in if you’ve read the “Scandinavian Unexceptionalism:
            Culture Markets and the Failure of the Third Way Socialism”. The virtue
            of the people is whittled away by capitalism, European liberal
            cosmopolitanism and American culture & they lose their
            self-dependence/reliance & work ethic due to the welfare schemes,
            which is a third-way socialism or state socialism and not so much like
            effective housing loan-schemes & usury ban of Germany. There really
            isn’t the same kind of militant tradition, boy scouts (Hitler Youth) to
            teach duty/responsibility/honor and racial hierarchy as in NSDAP Germany
            to keep people united and virtuous. As for corporatism I don’t see how
            that’s a problem to accept real authority, hierarchy based-on ranks and
            positions based on meritocracy. I think I can see a leftist version not
            working because its not based on real authority but egalitarianism which
            every page explaining Swedish corporatism suggests is happening. Again
            thats not a codemnation of Fascism/NS but rather 3 distinct problems
            that seems to have seeped everywhere from the US hegemony and a
            globalised modern societal influence – communication, travel,
            accommodation & political/financial entanglements speeding this
            process up. Only isolationism can block it. Only rejecting leftism &
            the false left-right paradigm and accepting a real right-wing can stop

          • Corporativism is the state eating up civic society. This is exactly what has happened in sweden. That is why us dissidents stand so increadibly alone and vulnerable. Each and every society and organisation has been coopted by the state.

          • If it was full corporatism then it would be a right-wing state – hence not have the problems you have now. You can’t base systems on leftists ideas because they aren’t in-line with nature. Fascists denounce the systems of Communism and Capitalism both for neither can truely advance the needs of the people in they way they must. Communism stagnates and reduces the people to the misery of State-Sanctioned equality. There is no healthy competition in order to promote the successes of the strong which would then benefit the people and the people have no motivation to strive to attain wealth, the most basic cornerstone of any economy. Capitalism most certainly promotes the competition needed for a health society, but does not control the ugly side-effects that occur from the completely unregulated economy like international finance (usury, speculative financial activity and self-perpetuating debt-based currency), outsourcing, taking over of public resources and privatising it without contributing to the economy but funneling resources overseas and to small number of capitalists, and the need for ever expanding capital in order to keep it going – if you have all of that what your speaking of is capitalism and not corporatism.

          • If you have open borders (and you certainly do in Sweden) thats another sign your not corporatism. Its not for the whole world, but for a nationalist society of clearly defined professions guided by the state – ultimately its about class collaboration mediated by a leader capable to carry the objects/principles of the party in power – for the common good, health or welfare of the people. Anything that corporations do that contradicts this is subject to veto – modification by the state.

            You can say that most societies these days are mixed-economies or third way but if they don’t have the spirit of the right-wing or the original ideas proposed by corporatism which can be called associative corporatism and Prussian Socialism then its likely just going to lead to your either left-wing Democratic Socialism where its about the state controlling the means of production and running it into the ground like you guys have in Sweden or the US model of your usual bloated liberal capitalist social democrat – where corporations run the country instead of the state & the what few decisions the state does do is for the benefit of the few.

          • Society is shaped by decades of policy and generations of people. Corporativism and the genralized wellfare state is a slow poison. But it is deadly. You point to sweden havinig open borders now. And sweden being the most ruined country in the western world. The reasons are further back in time. The reasons are the same that made sweden look so good on the surface four decades ago.

      • If they would just stay in their own sandbox no one would care – but as we see, they stamp their feet until they get attention from the serious people and throw a fit when adults just ignore them.

        That type wants to be a big fish in a small pond. The LAST thing they want is to see a pro-White movement that doesn’t involve play acting or anime memes. They would lose relevance.

        They claim to be successful – but if they really were successful, they wouldn’t care when people counter-signal them or just ignore them.

      • “The Daily Stormer is a poison pill of irrelevance.”


        The Daily Stormer is the most-read Alt-Right website in the world. — It has more readers than the Weekly Standard.

        The Alt-Right was rocketed into the international spotlight because of the high-profile attacks on our ideological enemies launched by The Daily Stormer and TRS. It was the troll armies — not endless, “intellectual” articles — that made “Alt-Right” a household name.

        There would have been no “Alt-Right” speech by Hillary if it wasn’t for the Daily Stormer. — End of story.

        White Nationalist “intellectuals” worked for decades, and got nowhere, until The Daily Stormer and TRS came along.

        The Daily Stormer is instrumental in the process of changing the culture and zeitgeist.

        Richard Spencer understands this. — Hunter Wallace understands this.

        Hunter Wallace has been introduced to more readers through the Daily Stormer than through Occidental Dissent and Alt-Right dot com, combined.

        You’re simply an intellectual lightweight with no ability to recognize effective propaganda.

        Please refrain from commenting further on the subject of Alt-Right propaganda.

        You’re tactically illiterate.

          • Young people enter the Alt-Right through The Daily Stormer. — Not through Amren.

            The fourteen year-olds who read the Stormer today will be old enough to vote to re-elect Trump in the next Presidential election.

            If you want to win the future — win the youth.

          • I’m not totally disagreeing with you, but we can’t rely entirely on converting teens, we need 20+ and middle age people as well and their programming has been miswired for years. We need to be more subversive and the Daily Stormer is many things but subversive is not one of them.

          • We have plenty of outlets that appeal to older people and “intellectuals”.

            And intellectuals are a tiny percentage of the population. Appealing to the masses takes simple, blunt, and even shocking propaganda.

            Every intelligent troll tailors his propaganda for his intended audience.

            In the Breitbart comment-section, for example, we recruit people into the Alt-Right using the “patriot” angle. — “Didn’t you know that our Founding Fathers were White Nationalists? Are you calling our Founding Fathers ‘White Supremacists’? So, you hate our Founding Fathers? Traitor!”.

            It’s all about appealing to your intended audience.

            “We need to be more subversive and the Daily Stormer is many things but subversive is not one of them.”

            You seem to be misusing the word “subversive”.

            If The Daily Stormer is anything — it’s “subversive”.

          • Daily Stormer not subversive? Maybe you should actually read the DS prior to making foolish comments.

        • All facets of the Alt Right are valuable. Anyone who is legitimately pro-White is valuable. The current success of the Alt Right is not solely the doing of any one faction. This is a historical process, that was an inevitability given the actions of the globalists. I came into this through 9/11 Truth, then Alex Jones, then supported Ron Paul, then I was fully “red-pilled” by a combination of personal, real world experience with “diversity”, and further research on the web. Due to what I experienced, I would have been open to the messages of someone like an Anglin, but I can assure you, if that was all this movement was, I would have bailed by now. What gave me the confidence to commit was the presence of people like Dr. MacDonald, Richard Spencer, Peter Brimelow, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, and Henrik and Lana at Red Ice.

          It is like the “hundredth monkey” theory. Once a certain number of individuals accept an idea, it starts to spread exponentially. And frankly, I think there might be some Divine intervention at work too.

      • I’m nearly 50 years old, and I read the Daily Stormer every day. Tons of good content intermixed with some Nazi humor. More people check out DS than all other alt-right web sights combined. A bit more edgy than this sight. We all need to support good content when where ever we find it. Andrew Anglin is highly underrated.

        • Well, that is good. And I do not mind there being such outlets. What I ace about is for there to be nationalist outlets that are NOT 88ers. This is why i warn the cosying up to the daily stormer.
          Imho, Richard Spencer is a fascist. He wants this paneuropeanisk empire, he wants the state to define peoples identity. So it makes sense that he uses fascist symbols and that he goes hand in hand with the Daily Stormer. However, Redice is not fascist. And neither is Arktos. Hence, the should stay well clear of 88 outlets. Or the whole project will just list and then capsize that away.

          • Is there really a massive need for all alt-right sites to cater to the same people? can’t we keep it decentralized and create various subgroups that cater to their demographics of audiences? Younger (4chan, 8chan, /pol/, GTKRWN, Voat/Reddit users),
            middle-aged (truthers, patriots, constitutionalist, ex-liberals) &
            intellectuals (paleo-conservatives, nationalists, ethno-nationalists, identitiarian libertarians).

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