MILO’s Redeeming Virtues

Derek Hunter writes at Townhall:

“It may not always have seemed like it, but there was a method to Andrew’s madness. The same can’t be said for Yiannopoulos.

Aside from being British, part Jewish, and a gay man who loves black men, I don’t know who Milo is. And I have no idea what he wants to accomplish beyond getting more people angry, making money and selling more books (which has now been canceled).

Anyone can make people angry, but that anger should be a means, not an end. With Yiannopoulos, that appears to be his brand. CPAC should have known this. A simple Internet search would have told anyone that. But they couldn’t be bothered.

CPAC’s leadership came off as the square old guy at the club who wants to appear cool so he speaks in hashtags to impress the young people. Their goal should have been to advance conservative principles; the only “hip” they should worry about is not breaking theirs. …”

I’m going to have to defend MILO here.

I’ve already spilled a ton of cyber ink explaining everything that is wrong with him. I won’t go through that well known list again, but there was another side of the ledger. MILO has done more to advance free speech on college campuses than all of these cucks combined over a period going back forty years. The fact that we live under an iron curtain of political correctness is a testament to the failure of conservatism.

In spite of all the faggotry, the makeup, the vaudeville act, you could at least say MILO was doing something productive. Conservatives weren’t doing anything about it. The situation was getting worse, not better. In fact, MILO had just scored a major victory over political correctness at Berkeley. Conservatives can’t take that accomplishment away from him. They only lose culture wars and neuter themselves.

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  • Milo had redeeming qualities when he was attacking feminism, Islam and BLM, and shutting his mouth about pro-White people. Now he’s just a typical faggot who belittles pro-White people and attacks the notion of White pride and identity politics.

  • We should always disavow degeneracy and purge it from our ranks. This “guy” was never alt-right, or even alt-light. Coattail rider at best.

  • If he can still swing speeches here and there, this is probably all for the best. This way, the new Right can move forward maturely, and Milo can perform the task of riling up Leftists and encouraging young people to at least question their indoctrination.

    But I won’t lie… it would have been nice to have a few more Berkeley-like episodes, which are no longer likely to occur.

  • If Milo can be contained to that area I will be more than happy to be honest. Fine, have your little free speech gigs, and make a few bucks off childless millennials. Just stay away from any type of podium that pretends to represent the interests of White people, and keep your opinions on White interest politics to yourself.

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