Mike Enoch Interview With Dr. Thomas Main

This was a great exchange between Mike Enoch and Thomas Main:

  • Main has a most unfortunate, annoying voice. There seems to be a slight speech impediment too. He keeps pronouncing ‘The Daily Shoah’ as ‘The Daily Sowah.’

    • Laguna Beach Fogey

      They both kind of have speech impediments, tbh.

  • Excellent response to the “where does it all end…gas chamber” question around 42:00. That should be fleshed out in greater detail.

  • Eikos

    Mike did really well here. Really demonstrated how smart he is.

  • Eikos

    Mike did very well here. Really demonstrated how smart he is.

  • invincible white owl

    Finally I got a chance to listen to this, & ffs, I should’ve fricking carved out a good opportunity for it LONG AGO!!!
    Dude, Mike, you’re fricking awesome!
    Such a great job explicating Alt-Right ideas, even with this fricking Main dude yapping like a fkin poodle trying to argue him into a corner:
    didn’t work: couldn’t be “cornered,” because we KNOW what we believe, & we truly BELIEVE in it; because it’s based in TRUTH & in REALITY.
    Dangit, he did great, giving voice to us, both by defending Alt-Right ideas & by just unapologetically & unabashedly stating them.
    Somehow, listening to this just really got me in an emotional way: he really imfao conveyed the SOUL of this stuff: the devotion we feel to our Race: the fact that we truly would die for it: that we cherish it, that it is our Lifeblood & our combined Spirit across centuries, into prehistory…..
    BEAUTIFUL job: so intelligent & so sensible he is: I’m so glad the doxing bullsh*t didn’t silence him, because jeez what a loss to our Movement that would be, of a VERY intelligent & articulate communicator of our ideas.