Depeche Mode Is The Official Band of the Alt-Right

I’m also eating some Wendy’s while wearing New Balance shoes.

Seriously though, we have the power to troll the media for the lulz and they will run off now and breathlessly report on a joke. We’ve done it with everything from haircuts to fast food to tennis shoes and now to bands. The joke is that the “free press” is fake news!

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  • No, this “band” is another effect of postmodernism. They represent the destruction of values, truth and strength. I’m sorry but the 80s and 90s were also rotten. If we listen and long for this, they win. They win if we use their language, their music, their mores and spouse their vision of art. No, this is sick. Of course less sick than what came later but it is still sick.

    • Nonsense spewed but I guess that’s what you get from a bunch of SchutzStaffel wannabes! Sorry but the Nazis were clever and very resourceful. You lot are dumber than a door mat!

  • I wasn’t that familiar with Depeche Mode until now. Good song considering most of the pop music of the 80’s seems, in retrospect to share a similar quality to B-movies. I’ve probably renounced most of pop music’s MK Ultra culture and their greatest hits but I do remember this one by the The Call called “The Walls Came Down” that seems now a aptly prophetic:

  • The Alt Right, normie friendly as it is, could adopt mainstream music as ‘their music’.

    We, the radicals, the ones who never compromise, listen to a different kind of music:

  • New Order

    [ …and their dark side, Joy Division ]

    And there’s croaking Pepe’s… (Pacific Chorus Frogs) at around 5:40.

        • I like the Jam too…
          Lots of great music from my era. There’s always really good and really bad being produced.

          Often with these bands, the sound is better than the worldview that shapes the lyrics… Since most pop musician’s achieve noteriety when they’re young, we see them when they are more “Lefty idealists” ad their lyrics reflect that. Though they are technically talented musicians.

          We all get bit more Right was we age, as I’m sure these musicians do as well…

          Unless they’re abject, dedicated ‘pump-n-dumping’ Leftists, like that faggot Bono.

      • Yes, good covers too.
        New Order fits more aptly into the FashWave genre, in my opinion. It’s sugary listenability on top but there’s always a layer of darkness too.

        I like both, admittedly and can listen to darker angry stuff and have in my younger years. Now that I’m older, I recognize that I absorb my surroundings and it has a tremendous impact on my state of mind. Not surprisingly, studies show music has a great affect.

        These days, I’m submersed in so much darkness in reality, with all the shit going on, when I do go to music, which is rare, it’s usually to make me happy. I like Classical, Country also.

    • Like all the meme videos of him getting punched with a Slayer song in the background? That one was pretty easy to comprehend.

      • It was, yes; and even that assault ended up arguably positive for Richard by bringing pubicity, notoriety, and showcasing the violent pack of pussies we know as Antifa right in the open media and sparking discussion of the acceptance of open political violence. Obviously it was *physically* bad and I do not approve of it at all, but it had some light to it.
        The “Nazi-punch” vids and gifs were honestly the most elaborate “meme” the I’ve ever seen the left put out. I mean, these guys are still dragging the long-dead Red Scare memes that predate the internet.

  • Now you’re PUNCHING and you’re kicking and you’re SHOUTING at me
    I’m relying on your common decency
    So far it hasn’t surfaced but I’m sure it exists
    It just takes a while to travel from your head to your ANTIFA FIST.

  • Have you heard the new single? They’re pandering to SJW’s.
    They haven’t been very good since Alan Wilder left anyway. Martin Gore’s best writing days are two decades behind him.

  • Depeche Mode rules. Violator is one of the greatest albums ever along with Music For the Masses. Plus the countless other great singles they have like Everything Counts

      • You’re right. We mustn’t compromise the high intellectual integrity of You guys are a bunch of educated and successful geniuses!

        • Clearly the douchebag making comments like the one up top is our intellectual superior Alex.

          Nobody cares what the Plebs think. Buy some rope and climb a tree faggot.

        • “White Black” is actually (disqus is a beautiful thing, no?)

          (((terry levine))) from

          1 9 0 6 – 2 8 5 M U T U A L S T .

          T O R O N T O (Canada)

          O N M 4 Y 3 C 5

          T E R R Y L E V I N E @ M E . C O M

          4 1 6 . 4 5 6 . 1 3 0 6

          And his “CV” is – quick summary, a (((journalist)))

          From his website ->

          What I do best.

          Working collaboratively with creative, marketing and strategic professionals, my primary goal is to help communicate

          stakeholders’ messages in original, concise and compelling ways – via digital, direct, mass and social media.

          Who I am and what I offer.

          • Two decades’ experience in journalism, politics, corporate communications and advertising, including 14 years as

          an award-winning copywriter in direct response, print, broadcast, digital and social.

          • A thinker with the proven ability to grasp core strategic challenges, and a doer who can develop the appropriate

          communications responses.

          • Strong communication skills with a firm grasp of high-level marketing concepts.

          • Detail-oriented and well organized, with strong ownership of tasks and the ability to manage and complete them

          on time and on budget.

          • A passion for the written word.

          What I’ve done.

          Advertising copywriter, 1996 – present

          A seasoned copywriter specializing in digital, direct response and social marketing, I’ve crafted award-winning creative

          and developed persuasive strategies in all media for leading Canadian advertising agencies and for a variety of companies,

          including Apple, AT&T, BMO, Canada Post, CIBC, Dairy Queen, HP, IBM, Jaguar, Kraft, Land Rover, Laurentian

          Bank/B2B Trust, LoyaltyOne, Money School Canada, Purolator, RBC, Region of Peel, Rogers, Royal Canadian Mint,

          Samsung, Staples, Sunoco and Wyeth.

          Most recently, as Creative Group Head, I played a leading role in crafting successful new business pitches and client

          presentations as well as overseeing and mentoring junior writers and art directors.

          • Levity Ink (freelance), 2002 – present

          • Wunderman, 1998 – 1999, 2005 – 2010

          • Publicis Dialog, 2004 – 2005

          • Grey Worldwide, 2002

          • Arnold Brand Response, 1999 – 2002

          • The Cohen Group, 1996 – 1998

          Marketing communications writer, 1995 – 1996

          As copywriter for STS Systems, a leading retail software developer, I researched, developed and contributed to the

          production of a quarterly marketing publication, a corporate website and a variety of other advertising and public relations

          initiatives that increased awareness of STS products and achievements.

          Political wr iter and strategist, 1992 – 1995, 2004 – 2006

          As political attaché to the Leader of the Equality Party and Member of the Quebec National Assembly, I was chiefly

          responsible for developing and implementing a host of communications strategies that increased the Member’s visibility

          and facilitated fundraising. Work included speech writing, opposition research, riding and party public relations, media

          relations in French and English, campaign fundraising and assorted communications materials.

          As a communications consultant to the Green Party of Canada, I helped the party leader hone his message to help raise

          his profile and increase his effectiveness with the national media. I also worked on a variety of party communications,

          writing campaign brochures, radio spots and print advertising.

          Journalist, 1990 – 1992

          As a reporter for the Suburban Newspapers in Montreal, I pitched, wrote and proofread a range of news and public affairs

          features covering municipal issues, provincial politics and the arts.

          1 9 0 6 – 2 8 5 M U T U A L S T . T O R O N T O O N M 4 Y 3 C 5

          T E R R Y L E V I N E @ M E . C O M

          4 1 6 . 4 5 6 . 1 3 0 6


          Graduate Diploma, Journalism, Concordia University, 1990 – 1991

          Bachelor of Science, Anatomy and Histology, McGill University , 1987 – 1990


          Interests: History, politics and public affairs, blogging, interior and urban design, weight-training, rowing, volleyball.

          Languages: Fluently bilingual in English and French.

          • You googled Terry Levine and Toronto. LOL What a genius you are. Good thing my name isn’t Terry Levine, you dumbass. Not only are you a bigot, but you’re a stupid bigot. Your life sucks.

          • It would be somewhat incongruous for someone with such an impressive CV to be posting asinine comments about the scent of Richard Spencer’s scrotum. That is, in the case of an even semi-normal person. However, that level of stupidity would be par for the course for a jew. So if you are indeed Terry Levine, I’m not at all surprised.

  • Who is trolling whom, exactly? is a dying publication that has been reduced to clickbait. By talking about the Alt Right – they get Alt Righters to click on their links, thus they get advertising revenue.

    Who else clicks on

    “You won’t BELIEVE this one Alt Right trick!”

    • You trying to be Donald Trump deciding which publications are “dying”? LOL Tell me about CNN and the New York Times, too. LOL

  • All kidding aside, Depeche Mode has more in common with Milo than anything in the Alt Right universe. Violator was a great album though.

    • They have a lot of good albums, although, I am trying to shun any music that wallows in darkness, negativity, and degeneracy these days.

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