Dan Schneider: The Alt-Right Are ‘Nothing But Garden Variety, Left-Wing Fascists’

This is a apt summary of the cuckservative take on American history:

Here’s the retarded speech on the Alt-Right by CPAC head honcho Dan Schneider:

Note: After some reflection, I will just let this video stand as another example of the historical ignorance of mainstream conservatives. They’re accusing us of “hijacking” the Alt-Right label. As Richard Spencer said on Twitter, Schneider couldn’t even be bothered to consult Wikipedia!

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  • CPAC must take full responsibility for more than a 20% loss in White demography over the last 50 years. It is a crime against White people and suicidal for the US.

  • So the alt-right is actually leftist?! Funny one Dan. Confused Milquetoast neo-cons like this guy are emblematic of everything that is wrong with Conservatism Inc.

    “Sovereignty resides in the individual person?” If this is what he thinks conservatism fundamentally means, he couldn’t be more wrong. None of the Founders who produced Schneider’s and Conservatism Inc’s revered idols – the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence – would have subscribed to such a statement. Nor would any Traditionalist or true conservative of any stripe throughout the ages of Western history and culture up until the last half century or so.

    This notion that “sovereignty resides in the individual person” is not in the least bit conservative, never mind Traditionalist. It is Modernist in the extreme, and is the same ideology behind contemporary movements that deny any essential, objective truth in matters concerning thing like sex and gender roles. So-called “progressives” who promote fads such as “trans-genderism”, “gender-fluidity”, and homosexual “marriage”, would readily agree with Schneider that “sovereignty resides in the individual person”. It’s says a lot about the intellectual shallowness of Conservatism Inc. that Schneider and CPAC apparently don’t understand what is wrong with his statement, how it fundamentally aligns them with the most pernicious elements of modernity, and ends up promoting the destruction of Western Culture and everything these “conservatives” claim to uphold.

  • Cuckservatives are the fake opposition the left allows to pretend both sides are represented in a debate. Cuckservatives make their living by steering the conversation away from anything that could really damage the left.

  • Why did he define “true conservatism” as classical liberalism? Right wing = individualism, left wing = authoritarianism? Has this man ever read a history book? Maybe it’s correct to say that contemporary conservatism in America is nothing more than free market capitalism, with little regard for the preservation of a people or culture. The more reason cuckservatism should die. A dream of a multicultural free market utopia will never come to fruition; the more third-worlders we import into our society, the more our society will reject every one of these white ideals people like Schneider hold so dear, the more likely our society is to devolve into chaos.

  • Flail around helplessly all you want, “true conservatives”. In my estimation, all the healthy white people with any functioning brain power seem to be congregating under our banner.

  • Did anyone else see Sean Hannity waddle onto stage to the sound of a cucky western anthem and toss nerf balls into the crowd? This couldn’t possibly be any gayer.

    • I was never a Hannity fan. I think he’s a political wind-sock. He was a major cheerleader for Dubya, who I would argue might have actually been the worst US President in history, beating out Obama. (At least Obama was an obvious communist and usurper. Dubya had everyone on the right believing he was on their side.) Now Hannity is gung-ho about Trump, despite Trump trampling all over Dubya’s “legacy” as well as Obama’s.

      That being said, despite his “flip-flopping”, Hannity is becoming an effective spokesman for Trumpism. This speech was pretty damn solid, and good for getting “normies” comfortable with nationalist ideas. (Civic nationalist, at least.)

  • The real “scandal” here is what the conservative Republicans are actually all about.

    Saving White people from genocide? No, that would be racist. Here, let a Mr. Conservative tell us what is REALLY important:

    “DeMint … called on the GOP-led Congress to immediately dismantle the 2010 health care law” and to “immediately cut taxes and simplify the tax code.”

    Forget losing the country our ancestors won for us – no, we need to cut taxes and get rid of health care.

  • He says that some “sinister” group (presumably NPI) has hijacked the term “alt-right.” This is the first time I have heard anyone claim that.

    He also claims that the alt-right is pretending to be conservative. That is just not true. The purpose of the alt-right is to speak up for whites as whites. He is saying “the alt-right is not one of us.” Yes, we are not cuckservatives, but we are whites who care about our race. We speak up for our people.

    In a way, cuckservatism is the real fraud. It implicitly appeals to whites through its vehement denunciations of the left, but it does not truly represent white interests.

    • “In a way, cuckservatism is the real fraud. It implicitly appeals to whites through its vehement denunciations of the left, but it does not truly represent white interests.”

      That is very well said.

  • Oooh they’re swinging hard now aha. Good stuff.

    He’s trying to group us in with Marxists and ANTIFA and liberals; Put us all in the same boat and then sink it.

    Very sinister little man.

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