Charlie Gasparino: Breitbart Has Sold Out To Advertisers

If this is true, it is good news for us:

“Breitbart News, the conservative news outlet that gained a reputation for being associated with fringe, right-wing politics also known as the alt right, may be changing at least some of its stripes, the FOX Business Network has learned.

People at the news outlet say that an effort is underway to make Breitbart more mainstream, by hiring reporters to cover news and devote less space to political commentary that has been its forte, particularly during the course of the long and contentious 2016 political year where Breitbart openly sided with President Donald Trump. …” is the platform of the Alt-Right.

If Breitbart starts hiring a bunch of mainstream conservatives, toning it down and becoming just another boring mainstream conservative site, a large swath of its audience would migrate to Infowars and We’re not interested in advertisers. Unlike Breitbart, we don’t want to fit into mainstream conservatism. We won’t hold back.

The concept behind this website was to create an Alt-Right version of Breitbart. We want to move toward a world where Breitbart’s success has inspired a host of competitors.

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  • The problem with Breitbart as with infowars is they refuse to confront the Jewish question. They go after the puppets which is fine, but not the puppet masters. I wish they declared open war on Soros.

  • If wants to be the Breitbart of the Alt Right, I’m all behind it, but I do not take any gleeful pleasure if Breitbart is going mainstream (“selling out”)…the more websites that present Alt Right friendly perspectives, the better. I have no interest in seeing the rise of any kind of Alt Right monopoly, or otherwise. There are divergent opinions and perspectives in the AR, and Breitbart reflects some of those, despite occasional cucked perspectives.

  • Kikebart has no future anyway. Nearly every story is either straightforward Jew news or Jew apologia, or, when the Jews are up to their usual unethical and destructive behaviour, a wildly ineffective attempt to not notice the Jews. They must be getting really tired of trying to square so many kikels.

  • Breitbart isn’t taken seriously by most, so of course they will hire more reporters and water it down – gotta fit in with CNN. What we need to be cautious about is how it will attempt to carry the water for Trump. If Trump starts to slow or fail on his promises, you can believe BB will be there to peddle it as success or blame the democrats. Richard Spencer should start preparing to deliver a SOTU rebuttal on all the alt-right platforms, much like the Democrats, on the heels of Trump’s first SOTU address. Make it dwarf the Democrat response.

  • I’m disappointed in the Alt Right – and myself – for not ever writing about the Breitbart vs. Kellogg’s issue.

    The fact that a major Fortune 500 company like Kellogg’s took their advertising off of Breitbart was a big deal – an attempt by the real powers that be – the Fortune 500 – to isolate what was called the “Alt Right.”

    Yes I realize that Breitbart is basically a neo-con site and it’s full of “liberals are the real racists” (which is true, we are.) But it Breitbart was associated with Trump and it is somewhat of a bridge between white identity and mainstream conservatism.

    I suspect the real reason that Breitbart has staying power and has never actually been sidelined is because it was started in Israel and it’s a hardcore Zionist publication. But if Kelloggs had started a general run of Breitbart’s advertising, that could only be bad news for any alternative “conservative” media.

    The Kelloggs deal was an attempt to get the Fortune 500 to isolate the growing White Identity movement. If you can get Fortune 500 advertising, you’re considered a “mainstream” site – if not, you are fringe.

    One of the most effective things the pro-White movement could do is to seriously go after any Fortune 500 companies that do anything anti-white – with boycotts, bad publicity, etc.

    This is America – capitalism rules. The major corporations are the real “shadow government” and the real “deep state.” One of the most amazing things about Trump is that he broke a long standing taboo among politicians and started naming these corporations by name. We should follow his lead.

  • Breitbart is my favorite place to troll. So many cucks and lovers of the (((international merchant))) to wind up. What is really a shame is the lack of historical knowledge of the average cuck. Easy pickings. More entertaining than arguing with shitlibs.

    • Is The Blaze really that bad? They have ‘White Power Barbie’ Tomi Lahren on now.

      The Alt Right and Trump have shifted the Overton Window so far that even bad sites have become quasi-interesting.

  • the sky’s the limit. we are winning and we are going to continue winning until we have thrown the parasite off our neck and are finally free to explore the stars.

  • It’s not a competition as far as I’m concerned (although I’m not the one relying on this site for income). There’s plenty of overlap between Breitbart regulars and Alt-Righters, and Breitbart deserves loyalty from its readership and commentariat for having stuck with Trump through thick and thin during his campaign. Without Breitbart, my belief is that Trump would have lost due to garden-variety conservatives hopping on board the NeverTrump wagon.

    I’d like to see Breitbart become an independent news source. It’s unfortunate that right-wing sites still rely on reporters from the NYT, WaPo, USA Today, etc. as their primary sources.

    • Agreed. Despite its flaws, and despite all the shit-talking by immature purity faggots, Breitbart has contributed substantially to the rise of Trump, and to some of the causes important to the Alt Right, wittingly or not. It may not be representative of the AR, but it has been helpful.

  • I like the site, but if you want to have the same to have the same reach/success as Breitbart, you’re going to have to refresh/update a lot faster than you’re doing it now.

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