Politico: Alt-Right Casts Shadow Over CPAC

Politico has a new story on how CPAC is grappling with the influence of the Alt-Right:

“Ned Ryun was strolling through the offices of the American Conservative Union two weeks ago when he stumbled on a whiteboard with a draft schedule for the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference.

“I looked at the board and said, ‘Why do we have Alex Marlow of Breitbart speaking for 30 minutes?” said Ryun, an ACU board member, referring to the editor-in-chief of the controversial right-wing news outlet. …

“We disinvited him over pedophilia,” Ryun said. “The debate I wanted to have, and which [ACU Chairman Matt] Schlapp didn’t want to have, is why are we inviting somebody who calls himself a fellow traveler of the alt-right?”

The episode encapsulated the debate that’s roiled the Republican Party over the past year, as Donald Trump and his army of nationalist-populist followers eviscerated a field of more traditional Republicans. The controversy is casting a pall over CPAC’s kickoff on Thursday, throwing the identity crisis that wracked the conservative movement during the presidential campaign into stark relief once again.” …”

It must be quite a dilemma for them.

As recent years have shown, there are lots of Millennials who are rightwing and inclined to vote for some Republican candidates, but who simultaneously clash with “True Conservatism.” The average National Review subscriber is 66-years-old. The average FOX News viewer is 68-years-old. The largest generation in the country who now have their own children don’t remember Ronald Reagan.

Regardless of how we feel about MILO, he was right when he said these people are dead. They are literally dying off every year. They really needed him more than he needed them. The MILO demographic loves President Trump, but hates National Review and The Weekly Standard.

Note: From what I have heard, the idea that CPAC is a bastion of traditional Christian morality is kind of laughable to begin with. Young people go there to hook up and get drunk.

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  • Watch the media try to spin CPAC as John Kasich’s comeback to challenge Trump in 2020 for the nomination. That will be their backup plan if impeachment fails.

  • While Milo said some things that could be construed as supportive of pedophilia, when did Alex Marlow ever
    do that? All I could find is that Alex Marlow condemned Milo for those comments.

  • Just ask these cucks: What drawback would you, personally, experience if you lived in a white ethnostate?

    Because white people’s lives would improve dramatically in this kind of system, where we wouldn’t have to play all these stupid games to try to avoid offending nonwhites, feminists and sexual defectives like the world’s Milos; and we would no longer have to pay diversity extortion money in the form of higher taxes and a lower quality of life.

  • I’m really starting to believe that physiognomy is a real, legit discipline. Just look at that disingenuous cuck-face. Slightly conniving, and definitely more motivated by power and wealth than any purported “principles”, let alone anything approaching a deeper spiritual ethos.

  • Let’s be clear what alt right really means : Immigration, trade, and an end to foreign inteventionism mixed with populism and nationalism.

    • The core ideology of the Alt-Right is White Ethno-Nationalism — with an immediate focus on throwing off the yoke of Jewish control over White Nations.

      All other considerations are secondary.

      And we’re Nationalists. — Not Populists.

  • Trump isn’t particularly “right wing” and he’s definitely not a conservative. Nationalism and populism can be both “right” and “left.” I bet those millennials who voted for Trump and hate political correctness don’t even consider themselves to “right wing.”

    I’ll agree that “alt right” is a great label, but it’s pointless to alienate other Identitarian White people who might be more “left” inclined. The pro-White “Rabbit” gets this:

    • I don’t think the Alt Right does that. I constantly tell Berniebros for example they will probably have more in common with us, than the third worldists that have taken over the DNC.

      Many care about the community “safety nets”, renewable living, among other White interests of course. The catch is that we, rightly in my opinion, believe that many of the programs they discuss are only possible in a homogeneous nations, specifically all White.

      • Rabbit points out that a lot of the “alt right” is about Christian (especially Catholic) conservatism, “traditionalism,” capitalism and anti-socialism, or (at its worst) all sort of historical LARPing (Hitler fetishism, faux-fascism, etc.)

        Your appeal to the “Berniebros” is very much in line with Rabbit’s ideas. He points out that the culture in places like Portland and Seattle are such precisely because they are majority White cities and if Whites ever became a minority, those places would lose their unique culture.

        I’ve called it “hipster racism” for years.

        • Yeah, those white people in the Northwest haven’t had enough experience with their brown replacements to see how quickly their standard of living will deteriorate when they reach the demographic tipping point. I’ve seen this started to happen in Tulsa, where I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

          Hispanic students now largest racial group in Tulsa Public Schools

          • Of course. That’s why Vermont is the “least racist” state in the country and Alabama is the “most racist” state in the country.

            Alabama is 50% black, 50% white. Vermont has like one black family.

            The more diversity = the more racism. The more lily white an area is, the easier it is for white people to pretend to be “universalist” or whatever.

          • And working class whites don’t like blacks because they have more experience with blacks than the foo-foo whites who can pay for isolation from blacks in their whitopias, while indulging in their fantasies about “equality.”

          • The foo foo whites are isolated and naive idiots who have never experienced minorities other than the black lady that works in their company’s HR Department.

          • And Apparently stupid enough to vote for Hillary Clinton in record numbers, so why the hell are you defending them? Because they had the fortune to pass through some woman’s vagina in Oregon rather than Alabama?

          • You have such a hard on for me you are trying to attack me by referencing a Huffington Post article that is literally suggesting that white people are causing the premature deaths of black people by googleing for the word “nigger” online.

            Have you considered what you are doing with your life?

          • All of your arguments and comments are whack as fuck, but this whole point of Hipster SWPL liberals being superior because they live around other Hipster SWPL liberals takes the cake.

            You made the stupid and unverified claim that Vermont is the least racist part of the country. Well, data shows that is not the case. Who cares if the data was gathered for some libtard theory? If I run data and it unintentionally cures Cancer, should I throw it out because the original intent of the study was not to cure cancer? I’m so sure these academics were thinking Vermont and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan would come back as some of the top racist areas in terms of search algorithms when they commissioned this study.

            “Have you considered what you are doing with your life?”

            At least I’m not writing a stupid blog no one reads.

          • Did you even read your own HuffPost article? It wasn’t “data” – it was bullshit propaganda based on a highly selective supposed count of what areas of the country were searching for the word “nigger.”

            You are just desperate.

          • You don’t find it hilarious that your “non-racist” superior SWPL Hipster liberals who have the intelligence to live in Whitopias are googling “Nigger” at high frequency?

            I do. I remember reading about this study a few years ago and laughing out loud because 99 percent White areas came back as the most hostile to blacks.

            You made a retarded argument about Oregon or Vermont Hillary Hipsters being smarter than Cletus Trumphat because Hipsters live around Whites while Cletus lives across town from the blacks in Bumfuck, Alabama. Deal with it.

          • Wait, are you talking about rural Vermont rednecks or SWPL hipsters in Burlington?

            It doesn’t really matter, does it?

            I’m sorry I made you feel inferior to us Racist White Liberals who live in nice white neighborhoods. Hey – not all White people are equal, Cletus.

        • Agreed. The problem is that Berniebros also represent the most altruistic and high trust (genetically imo) of the White race. It is a tough balance to make, that is the problem. That is why, while I constantly reach out “White leftists” in the end our salvation probably lies with more clannish traditionalists. The altruists simply are not going to make it through the up and coming bottleneck.

          • White hipsters are awfully clannish which is why they are always accused of “hipster racism.”

            If we had a conservative movement that was pro-White, there would be a legitimate argument that the “right” is the way to go. But since the entire “right” movement like CPAC (outside of the still tiny “alt right”) is all about “liberals are the real racists” there may not be.

            It’s the Christian groups that are in bed with the government to settle non-white “refugees” into America. White liberalism is white flight writ large – especially all those hipster racists in places like Seattle and Portland.

            In any case, there is no reason the two “sides” need to be in conflict. If the conservative white traditionalists start actually standing up for White interests, I’m sure they will grow in numbers and get plenty of white people on their side.

            In the meantime, there is no reason to alienate the “alt left” hipster racists who are in many way more implicitly white than conservatives. White liberals outbreed less than white conservatives, for instance.

            Also – altruism for the ingroup is still quite healthy. Again, it’s the Christians that are extremely altruistic toward racial outsiders. Quite often hipster racist altruism means planting a community garden in some gentrified neighborhood or doing volunteer work to clean up pollution in a natural forest preserve. There’s nothing wrong with that sort of altruism.

          • I agree with you on the “Christian right”, or churchians as I like to call them. Jewish worship has all but replaced their previous ethos.

            I look at the Alt Right and see where the tributaries that are feeding its membership come from and it is pretty much undisputed that the libertarian scene has been the biggest pool. This flies in the face of what both of us are saying tbh. They are as a group the least socialist, and the least traditionalist.

            I am definitely not saying there should be any conflict between the left and right in the White identity world, I just find that traditionalists have more of the raw characteristics necessary for White survival. They have more children, they are less trusting of outsiders, and are more willing to sacrifice for a ‘greater good’, outside of community gardens of course.

          • “White liberals outbreed less than white conservatives, for instance.”

            By “outbreed,” I take it that you mean “interbreed with other races.” I suspect you are correct, although I haven’t seen any statistics on this issue.

            It is notable that even very diverse American cities are quite segregated. New York City neighborhoods and the NYC school district, for instance, are very segregated. Brooklyn public schools are crowded, I understand, and white, Brooklyn hipsters are appalled that their children might have to go to majority black schools outside of their neighborhoods.

    • interesting site. thanks for the link. somehow it never entered my mind to search for an alt-left since i use ctrl+left to describe them.

      • Rabbit describes the “alt left” as “the left wing of the alt right.” It’s all about White Identity, thus it is White Nationalism, without any conservative baggage. Basic, it’s “liberals are the real racists” – but that is taken as a compliment.

        The “Control Left” is a label given by traditional liberals, libertarians and conservatives to the SJW anti-white progressive left, so it’s a completely different thing.

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