• Let’s pray that this is the last time we see this (((homo))) and that no one else gives him a platform.

  • Axe in the Deep

    We said when this guy started coming onto the scene, “oven him”, and people didn’t believe it was worthwhile. “He’s a good entry point” they said, “he fights SJWs” they said. Now they’re not sure whether or not a pedo is a ‘good entry point’.

    O V E N

    • Mo’Hommid Chavez-Weinstein

      In Milo’s case the entry point is also the exit point.

      • Axe in the Deep

        I thought about that when I wrote this… and then stopped.

  • I seriously got a NAMBLA vibe when I watched the video. Creeped me out a bit.

  • )))GOYKNOWS(((

    Congratulations on a great and growing site Richard.

    • Ragnar Blåskägg

      Congratulations to Richard indeed but lets pay homage to Daniel Friberg and Henrik Palmgren as well, this is really a supergroup.

  • Newfoundlander

    BlackPigeonSpeaks (and probably others too) are arguing that some on the ‘extreme right’ just want to get rid of Milo for reasons of ideological purity. That is nonsense. Richard Spencer was one of Milo’s defenders among the altright. When he was on the Daily Shoah he argued in Milo’s favor. When Hailgate went down, Milo was quick to get as far away from Richard Spencer as he could. Hailgate was bad optics and a mistake, but it wasn’t immoral. Pedophillia is morally repellent. People who want nothing to do with us over a few ironic Roman salutes, but have no qualms defending pedophillia need to take a serious look at their priorities.

    • A hymn to Hermes

      IIRC Milo also implied Spencer getting punched was deserved.

      • Edd the cat

        Punching a pedophile is far more acceptable to the general public than punching a “Nazi”.

        • ThomasER916

          Clearly (((pedophiles))) disagree.

    • VectorPrime

      The problem is you, and all alt-righters who focus on the issue of pedophilia, miss the forest for the trees.

      Of course every sane person condemns pedophilia, but it doesnt matter. What matters is one of the main destroyer of leftism is probably gone forever, and who will replace him?

      I literally considered Milo some kind of neo-Goebbels. He was amazing in his rethoric. His appearance on Maher was great. Who replaces him? Spencer? Give me a break. No straight normal alt-righter can deliver what Milo delivered.

      • Rascal

        What did Milo deliver exactly? You do know the guy denounced White interest politics, right? “the main destroyer of leftism”? Give me a break. Stop falling for marketing.

      • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

        It’s interesting that you thought Milo did well on Maher’s show. I didn’t watch the one-on-one segment, but I thought he came off as extremely immature and irritating on the segment with the panel.

        • ThomasER916

          What I saw when I watched the Milo appearance on Maher is a Hollywood Jew controlling the dialog and forcing Whites to cuck. Those two Negroes were not impressive at all but they were given the position of authority. The Cuckservative subordinated himself and teamed up against Milo, imploring him to join. That tells me a LOT about the Beltway right and how they betrayed the White race. Milo isn’t a “Nazi”, “White Supremacist” or even Alt Right but they were happy to continue slandering us and him to put us in a subordinate moral position.

          No where was this more evident than when the house negro Larry went after Milo for mocking Leslie Jones. Then they attacked Milo as insecure about his sexuality and dog-piled on him. The hit piece was brewing a long time ago. Milo was able to hold a microphone and laugh at both the sacred Negro and the Elite Jews, and they burned him for it.

          • VectorPrime

            Whats even more interesting to me, is that Milo, whilst being a Jew himself, was destroyed anyway. Call me naive, but I thought Jews regardless of their politics, were untouchable. I learned something when Milo fell…

          • Technically he’s a mischling and a Catholic, and doesn’t “present” as Jewish. He’s never to my knowledge gone out of his way to defend the Tribe and I recall him saying, in response to a question about Holocaust deniers, that he would debate them. So I guess you have to try a little harder than that if you want the Tribal immunity.

          • VectorPrime

            Well, I only said that because I believe anyone with matrilineal Jewish descent is Jewish. Of course those are my personal beliefs.

            What I originally thought was that Jews were completely immune to being destroyed completely.
            Think of the Hitchens brothers (Christopher, Peter) and many other examples. They push the envelope to a level that 100% goyim would not be able to push on media, but dont get killed for it.

            In any case, what this shows is that the Jews did kill Milo, because he was ramping up too much support for the alt-right. The ironic thing is I dont even think Milo did that intentionally, since again, I dont believe a Jew would want to do this. Ever.

            Milo did shoot himself in the foot here. I think the mistake he made was go from destroying feminists, to going in the altright camp and starting to criticise immigration and other altright topics.

        • VectorPrime

          Admitedly he didn’t do aswell as he usually does.
          But he got the negroes to yell at him “F-OFF F-OFF” like enraged baboons. In classical argumentation, thats a win for anybody.
          He did well, Maher was his real stepping into the mainstream, watched by millions, this is why he got destroyed. I mean…That footage was on youtube for years. Its non-news.

          Im just gonna legit miss Milo touring across the USA and pissing blacks and leftists off.

      • Brent McKaskell
        • Tasos826

          No thanks. He’s more oriented to your identity politics. Keep him to yourselves.

      • jaye ellis

        Yes he was amazing

        But there are still rules to the game


  • Mo’Hommid Chavez-Weinstein

    If he does his next interview in a burka and comes out as a transgender Muslim woman I might warm to him.

  • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

    Mixed feelings. On the whole, I think this is a positive development. The Right doesn’t need some guy smirking about how much he loves Black men and diverting kids from the actual Right to the “I’m not a racist!!” Alt-Lite. On the other hand, at least he was tearing a number of people from the Left’s hanks and smashing some of the Left’s sacred cows.

    The Right will need to put forward a replacement for the void that will be left… and soon.

    • Lurker

      >The Right will need to put forward a replacement for the void that will be left… and soon.
      That’s my concern. Milo is outed by the cuck right and the AltRight celebrates like it opens space up for them when, in reality, some even cuckier public spokesperson, like Tomi Lahren, will take his place.

      • VectorPrime

        There is no replacing this guy, because no alt-righter could replace him.
        He was so dangerous BECAUSE he was a liberal Jew phaggot, shooting volleys into his own camp.
        Thankfully I think Milo will be back. I just dont think this will kill him just yet.

  • infidelijtihad

    RIght on dude. Just turn on anyone the left sics you on. Good little liberal lapdog. Good boy.

    • Ghetto Tarzan

      I think you might have a point if Milo and Thernovich hadn’t spent many hours counter-signaling Spencer and the alt-right.

      • infidelijtihad

        Yea you have a point vis a vis the personal animus. I still think it’s pathetic to see dissidents eagerly turn on one another at the bidding of alynskyite radicals (learning nothing from history) while we are facing way bigger problems. Large organizations are deplatforming and marginalizing dissident figures. Conservatives have been losing for decades by being such pushovers. I hoped smart people like Spencer would know better than to follow a losing formula.

        • GoyToy

          It’s laughable to call Milo a dissident. In what serious way does he challenge the status quo? What part of his personality/political positions are any different than neoconservatism or National Review?

          Milo is Jonah Goldberg with glitter.

          Either way, Milo publicly denounced everything we do, willfully misrepresented what the alt-right is by saying it wasn’t about White Nationalism (spoiler alert, it is), and in general tried to make the movement look like a group of basic bitch conservatives. Milo spearheaded the attempt to make the alt-right term meaningless.

        • Rascal

          Milo is a gay neocon who denounced White interest politics. He is no “dissident”.

          • infidelijtihad

            Oh, the campaign to destroy him was motivated by pure moral righteousness? No, it was a political hit because he made the establishment uncomfortable, and the useful idiots on the right acted right one cue. They did it to spencer, they did it to milo. But you don’t see a need for a change of tactics. Well enjoy the permanent liberal majority.

          • Rascal

            Milo denounced White identity politics there buddy. I have pretty simple, and to be honest, low standards for “allies” and Milo couldn’t even manage that…..I owe him nothing.

          • He didn’t make them uncomfortable. If he did, he would have never got invited on CNN and Sky News. He only went for the low-hanging SJW fruit, which even South Park ridiculed for an entire season. He was targeted because he’s linked to Bannon and Trump.

          • infidelijtihad

            Yea, you’re probably right. It’s ust a bitter thing to see the knives come out, so predictably even the liberals anticipated it like a force of nature. Damn, can’t get any loyalty. Least from the conservatives. Less, still less, from those who turned on the slavs. Dogs nobody else had to make you pay the bitter price.. . Like the germans, you suicide on command. What a waste.

        • LyovMyshkin

          What exactly is ‘dissident’ about Milo?

        • Lawrence

          Never punch right. Unless they are excusing pedophilia. Then punch.

          • infidelijtihad

            Or unless they are nazis. Then punch them. It’s okay to punch anyone the left lies about being a nazi or who the right lies about supporting pedophiles . Punch away at whoever they slap the label on. Good doggie.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            Milo has already condemned Spencer and the pro-white movement

            We don’t owe him anything

          • infidelijtihad

            Pro-white. Yea, because backstabbing people who hurt your tender feelings will get you what you’re OWED. I know who get white people power – at least where I live. They don’t worry about political correctness. They do what is needed to help their families. They aren’t backstabbers. That’s a hell of a reputation to live down. I wonder if you believe this rhetoric about white privilege. Are you really that foolish? There’s no advantage that you have that others don’t. Only cunning – which advantage you squander. Too bad.

          • Lawrence

            The Nazis would put pedophiles into camps. Very admirable.

    • Bantz Henriksen

      Whoa, don’t hurt yourself pushing that Vox Day meme!

      • infidelijtihad

        He was a fag, brought down by his own hubris, but he was our faggot. Vox understands that, though he’s hooded by his own little clique. Don’t cut down your own too hard though. Someone might suspect you don’t want to achieve anything. (((someone))) might find decent evidence that you’re useful idiots, worth only what you detract from your cause.

        • Bantz Henriksen

          I’m not thrilled the cucks and shitlibs can now gloat over his scalp. But Milo was never our own.

        • A hymn to Hermes

          He’s been campaigning against us for about a year. Most of us were fine with him doing his thing since he came on the scene in 2014, but since 2016 we’ve been his primary target, directing his audience specifically against us.

          All he had to do was stay in his lane and attack feminists or whatever but instead he set himself up as hall monitor for acceptable right-wing thought and was attempting to use millennial right-wingers as barricades against attacking the Left where it will have actual effect now that Boomers are drying up. His primary goal in his activism is inculcating a new generation of whites into Are Values. Those “values” basically being carrying water for non-whites and opposing their own group’s interests.

          TL;DR Jews gonna Jew.

          • infidelijtihad

            Fair enough. I have been way out of line. I need to fucking inform myself better before opening my stupid ass mouth. Forgive me, but I need to grow the fuck up.

  • Rascal

    Milo/cerno/PJW fans have pretty short memories when it comes to scandals. All of them dog piled Spencer when “hailgate” happened, but are pissed when Spencer distances himself from pedo talk.

    Milo denounced White interest politics. So did Cernovich for that matter. As did PJW. Spencer, and the Alt Right in general owe nothing to those Charlatans.

    Great video Richard. We cannot allow degenerates to bring us down. It isn’t like this is some weird, incident that was a set up. Milo pretty much spelled it all out himself. I have defended him in the past many times, but I am not defending this.

    • Simon_in_London

      I’m conflicted, I admire both PJW and Spencer while not fully agreeing with either. Really I don’t think we’re that far apart – I think of it in terms of 14/88: I don’t think PJW would reject the 14 words, he just wouldn’t say it out loud. And I don’t think Spencer is an 88er, he just might be reluctant to throw his 88er fans under the bus. Really we are all “14 not 88” and it’s a question of degree, and of personal survival.

      • Rascal

        I was willing to give Milo wide leniency until he denounced White interest politics. When he did that he became just another gay Jew to me. Without White interest politics Milo is what, fighting for “freedom”? libertarianism? conservatism? His own ego fame and money? The guy can be witty, I will give him that, but he is also shallow.

        Yea, I will pick Richard Spencer and/or the Alt Right every time over any of those things.

        • Simon_in_London

          I guess I agree. But early Milo did a lot of good work – seeing transgenderism denounced by him in a ‘mainstream’ publication was a big morale boost for me at a time when the Left were wholly ascendant. I guess his time has past; Spencer’s view that he has lost it and become a Liberace figure seems reasonable.

          • Rascal

            tbh I don’t care if you personally are a fan. It’s cool. I understand what you are saying. All I am trying to point out is why Spencer wouldn’t defend him, and why I don’t blame Spencer at all for taking the stance he did.

  • LyovMyshkin

    McInnes thinks he’s the new right LOL


    • Bantz Henriksen

      This “New Right” is really laughable. It’s like they’ve never heard of the European New Right. Well, to be fair, they probably haven’t.

    • Real Human Being

      Gavin “Adopting black children is what a real man does” McInnes

  • Lawrence

    Nice spanking 🙂

  • Gubbler Chechenova


    “…and because the New York Times and Washington Post are documenting some of it, with the fervor of Watergate.”

    The media were out to get Nixon back in the 1970s BUT Nixon and his men really did something blatantly criminal. Also, he was easy to nail because he’d already been president for 4 yrs during which time he could a lot of bad shit*. (Btw, just how did Reagan and Bush survive Iran-Contra? Though the transgressions were more egregious, I suppose it could be spun to sound high-minded: US dealt with Iran to SAVE HOSTAGES and to support FREEDOM FIGHTERS in Nicaragua. In contrast, Watergate seemed sleazier because it was so petty in deed and purpose.) So, even though MSM back then relished the Watergate scandal, they really had something real. This time, they are trying to concoct something like the Watergate Scandal with bits and pieces that don’t come together. This should just be called Waterworks. It is so engineered by the pissant media owned by the GLOB. And it is not to bring down the Power but to PROTECT it, the Dominance of the Glob. At least, those who went after Watergate was going against real power(even though they were, in a way, doing the bidding of other powerful groups). Today, those going after Trump are nothing but whores and shill of the Top Power. And they fear Trump because his nationalism is a threat to global hegemony of US supremacism. Also, Woodward and Bernstein were mavericks in their time when someone like Ellsberg could be considered a folk hero.

    In recent times, most of Prog community sided with Obama against Snowden who still hides out in Russia. Also, the relations between media and government have grown exceedingly incestuous over the yrs. Many reporters back in the day were from working class background. And many Jews in journalism were children of immigrants and small businessmen at odd with Wasp power. Today, a lot of the main reporters and news people are kids of the privileged with intimate associations — friends and families — in government. Also, back in Nixon days, Jews were still on the up and up and in power conflict with Wasps. Today, Jews and Wasps(served by homos) have formed an Iron Alliance for globo-hegemony. And their kids are raised to serve this power, and many serve in government or journalism.

    This is why most real journalists who care about the truth and real alternative views are banned from MSM. Their only recourse is the internet. Philip Weiss is like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. He does have some real journalistic ideals and speaks truth to power often. But, deep down inside, his main identification is nevertheless with globalist Jewish-supremacist power. His real beef with Israel is it that is a thorn on Jewish-Globalism’s side cuz all those ‘anti-Semites’ can denounce Jews as ‘hypocrites’. If push comes to shove and if Jews must choose Zionist-nationalism and globo-hegemony, Weiss would opt for the latter.

    Btw, Weiss can spare us the BS about how globalism being for ALL humanity equally sharing power, wealth, and influence. NO, it’s about ALL HUMANITY coming under the power of Wall Street, Pentagon, Hollywood, Rap, Las Vegas, Homomania(as proxy of Jewish power), and etc.

    Bernstein in this video clip complains about Trump’s demagoguery:

    I share his concerns because we need a free and honest media to speak truth to power. While Trump may be at odds with the Power Elite, he can easily resort to demagoguery(and he has throughout his campaign, but then, so have Obama and Hillary, but when Democrats do it, it’s not called ‘demagoguery’ because the ‘progressives’ are deemed as smart and rational). Even if we have a perfect saint as president, his power needs to be challenged and countered by critics and truth-tellers, and such people should ideally abound in media and academia.

    And I thought one of the positive outcomes of Trump victory was the hope that the media would finally do its job(something it reneged in the Age of Obama). Instead, the media are not really challenging Trump but merely serving the GLOB and Deep State to do WHATEVER NECESSARY to bring Trump down. This isn’t a check on power. It is a collusion with Deep State to subvert a presidency. It’s a form of nihilism. It is WHATEVERGATE. They will dig up whatever crap they can find and piece together bits and pieces to create the illusion that Trump is the ‘Siberian Candidate’. This is actually damaging to media credentials because one of the great shibboleths of modern Liberalism has been the denunciation of McCarthy’s Cold War ‘paranoia’ and ‘hysteria’. But surely even McCarthy wasn’t this nutty. Trump a puppet of Putin? Where do they get this? If anything, there was far more evidence to argue FDR was a puppet of Stalin. Harry Dexter White? I would argue FDR was a dupe, not a puppet. But the media are just foaming at the mouth over Trump. Why such craziness?

    One might argue it’s because 90% of media are controlled by 5 conglomerates, all run by Jewish globalists. But surely many reporters are not rich. And they don’t have much stake in globalist domination and anti-Russian-ism. So, why are they so passionate about attacking Trump?

    It’s because of the mission of Journalism Schools. Run by the likes of Victor Navasky, Journo Schools primarily prepare students for ‘social justice’ crusades centered around a few hysterical themes: “We must root out racism, antisemitism, and homophobia.” So, if the predominant narrative is “Trump is racist”, the war cry is BRING ME THE HEAD OF DONALD TRUMP. Journalists see themselves as modern Jesuits disseminating the holy truth, and everything Trump supposedly stands for is ‘dark’ and ‘dangerous’. They’ve been encouraged to think in holier-than-thou terms and see themselves on the right side of the history, the only correct one. These people are addicted to moral supremacism. They are like little children. Also, the media world is now so status-conscious and thin-skinned and ‘entitled’ in their attitude. It doesn’t have tough cookies like in the past who could be abrasive.

    Everyone in Current Journalism has to be ‘nice'(at least among their own kind, because it is apparently okay to ‘punch nazis’, laugh about Trump supporters getting bloodied in the streets, and turn a blind eye to Hillary & Obama’s destruction of the Middle East), and Obama was ‘nice’ whereas Trump is said to be ‘insensitive’ and ‘rude’. Boo hoo.

    Someone like Mike Royko didn’t care what others thought of him. Today, we got snowflake journalists who are totally anxious of what others think. They find Trump so ‘triggering’.

    But these snowflakes can easily become hailstorms. They have a list of special groups to be favored: blacks, Jews, homos, and currently Muslims cuz of Trump’s ‘ban’. They are hyper-sensitive to any criticism of such people. BUT, these overly sensitive snowflakes can turn into hailstorms when it comes to violence against whites, Trump supporters, and ‘nazis’. This explains why so many Progs reacted to Richard Spencer getting sucker-punched with laughter; it’s like how Hillary reacted to the lynching of Gaddafi. So, it’s a matter of ‘sensitivity for me, not for thee’. And now, with more conformist Asians entering journalism, the new yellow journalism will be more generic and predictable. Asians got no agency. They only follow, obey, and imitate. And there are MORE WOMEN, and the natural tendency among among is consensus, not controversy. Just look at this yaggle of gaggles:


    And the kind of people in Deep State aren’t all that different from those in media. They are bunch of geeks like that Nate Silver guy on 538.

    And what are these Deep State geeks and Big Media dorks up to?

    They are up to the Osterman GEEKend or Osterman Deepend Project. They are just taking bits and pieces of whatever they can find and gluing them together to create this semblance of collusion between Trump and Putin. (In fact, Hillary was the one who had all sorts of secret talks and agreements with leaders all over the world. She also had secret meetings with MSM, and they pulled all manner of dirty tricks. We should be grateful to Wikileaks for exposing all that crap.)

    In the movie OSTERMAN WEEKEND, an intelligence operative pieces together bunch of unrelated images and sounds to create the illusion of conspiracy. And this is what the Osterman Geekend project is about in media and deep state. They accuse Trump of demagoguery(something we should be wary of cuz emotional populism can easily be derailed and the demagogic ego can easily become over-inflated), but they willfully overlook the fact that the bigger danger is plutogoguery, elitogogery, globogoguery, and ethnogoguery. We have willful and rampant abuse of Power by elites and shadowy people in government.

    There is no free and independent media in MSM since they are all owned and/or controlled by plutocrats, elites, globalists, and ethnic network(mostly of Anglo-Ziono-Homo bent).

    Trump wouldn’t have to go into demagogic mode if the MSM really did its jobs. MSM massaged and manicured Obama for 8 yrs. It was officially sanctioned Soft Demagoguery of Hope for hopeless idiots.

    Now, MSM is out to kick Trump in the balls. When so many low-blows are thrown his way by the media, what is he to do? He is going to feel ‘alone with the people’. The very government that is supposed to serve his administration is out to get him and even ensure he dies in prison. The media are out to crucify him over false rumors than ask real questions about things that really matter. There are even hints in the media that Trump should be assassinated.

    I don’t mind Bernstein being worried about Trump’s attack on the media, but he is willfully leaving out the context in which this is taking place. The media throughout the 2016 campaign was utterly disgraceful. It wasn’t a case of being biased despite efforts to be objective. It was out-and-out committed to aiding Hillary and destroying Trump. The media were also disgraceful in 2008 when they played cheerleader to Obama the total phony. And media played cheerleader to Bush’s wars. It served Hillary in the destruction of Libya. Media told lies about Ukraine and Syria. And as Weiss points out, on the issue of Iran and Israel, the US media are downright surreal.

    If the media were doing their job and if Trump attacked them, Bernstein would be in the right. But he’s too much of a teamplayer for his tribe(Jewish power) and profession(journalism) to acknowledge the larger context of what is happening and why.

    Same in regard to Putin. Yes, Putin has done dirty things. Russia as autocracy is far from ideal. But why did Putinism rise in Russia? We cannot understand this without addressing what globo-plutocrats and sharks did to Russia in the 90s, which makes Great Depression in Weimar Germany look like a picnic. If anything, Jews should breathe a sigh of relief that a sane person like Putin took power because someone like a Russian Hitler could have resulted from the massive looting and disaster in the 90s. But some people NEVER learn. If Putin is a ‘thug’, the rulers of the US have been total monsters. (Btw, one of GOP’s biggest funders is Sheldon the ‘nuke Iran’ Adelson. I don’t see the media referring to him as a lunatic and psychopath.)

    Now, why is the media acting like this? One reason would be reporters are mostly ‘liberal’ cuz they graduated from ‘progressive’ universities. But ideology is secondary, especially since the ‘new progressivism’ is mostly about silly stuff like homomania, 50 genders, and dumb ideas like ‘triggering’ and ‘micro-aggressions’ and pat slogans about ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ that mean NOTHING. After all, if indeed the MSM is all about ‘equality’, how come they don’t mind globalism’s effect on concentrating wealth and privilege in a handful of cities? If they care about diversity, how come they are not worried about the entire world being culturally homogenized with Hollywood and rap?

    Most people in journalism are dodo’s. They may be above-average intelligence, but they lack individuality, agency, and integrity. Indeed, their reliance on PC is proof that they lack courage and conscience. They need the CRUTCH because they are too afraid to think and act on their own. They need PC to tell them what is what.

    Most people in journalism are either dogs or buffers. Dogs, especially of servile Asian bent, really believe in the crap crammed into their heads by teachers. These are teachers-pet-journos. If you’ve come across ‘new yellow journalism’ in NYT, Washington Post, or LA Times, you know the views and sentiments are EXACTLY those of official PC. You might as well be reading People’s Daily.

    But there are also ‘buffers’ in journalism. Buffers are more cynical. They may or may not believe in PC, but they go along since they wanna stay in the game. It’s like Johnny Ola and Cicci in THE GODFATHER. They are buffers and messenger boys. They do what they do cuz they wanna be in the action, not so much because they believe in anything.

    The real power that matters in THE GODFATHER PT 2 is that of Corleone and Roth. Everyone else is ‘small potatoes’ as Roth says of Pantengeli. Everyone else’s interests and agendas must bend to the stronger will and power of Michael or Hyman.

    So, in order to understand what is really happening in US media and deep state, we need to ask WHO HAS THE REAL POWER. And it is the Jewish elites. And in order to understand why powerful Jews act the way they do, we mustn’t look to ideology. Ideology in the Current Year is just fanciful rationalization of ethnic Will to Power. To understand the true nature of Jewish Power, we need to look at Jewish Personality. Personality is the real constant regardless of ideology. Paul Krugman and William Kristol(or David Brooks) are ideologically different. Krugman is said to be ‘liberal’ while Kristol(or Brooks) is said to be ‘conservative’. But what do they have in common? Jewish ethno-personality. And what is the nature of this personality? There is no better indication of a people’s personality than their myths and religion. After all, mytho-spirituality has been a way of projecting a people’s personality onto the universe. If Mike Tyson were to create a religion, he would project his crazy self onto the universe. If an Italian goomba were to create a religion, he would make god act like Tommy in GOODFELLAS.

    His god would talk like this:

    Now, what does the Jewish religion tell us about the Jewish personality? Jewish God is very jealous God. He says He is the one and only God, and that’s that, and there is none other, and all others are false gods. He says “thou shalt have no god before me” and He says smash all false idols. It wasn’t an accident that Jews created such God. Such God came naturally to Jews as a projection of the great will-to-power of Jews. Indeed, consider so many outsized Jewish personalities like Marx, Freud, Rand, Friedman, Chomsky, Kael, Pee Wee Herman, etc. Take Harpo Marx. The guy is mute but insists on being the loudest voice.

    And this is what all this craziness is about. Jews control the US, and by extension the world. Jewish Personality believes this is only right and must remain so for all eternity and all places. It wants to be the one and only god of power. The god of Jewish globo power uses homos as its angels & fairies and employs the US military as its messianic military. Jews come up with reasons to justify their power, but it’s essentially a matter of personality, not ideology. People can use their minds to justify their agendas, but the deeper source of their agendas is their Personality and Will. Of course, not all Jews have the same personality — and there are outsized personalities among others too — , but more Jews are like Marx and Ayn Rand than Poles or Japanese are. Also, it’s the combination of big personality and high intelligence that makes Jewish power all the more formidable. Negroes got big personalities — just listen to rap — , but if given a choice between a free watermelon and college degree, they will go for the former. They are too childish, which is why they rely on Jewish money and help(or hep) to get anything. Even Obama, smarter than most Negroes, totally relied on Jewish power to move up.

    Anyway, the reason why Jews are freaking out is that Trumpism and Putinism offers something different. Jewish globalists have become accustomed to mono-exousia(or mono-dynami).



    Jewish globalists are for mono-exousia-ism, or monon-power-ism.

    Trumpism and Putinism are for poly-exousia-ism or multi-exousia-ism. Trump and Putin’s nationalism calls for a multi-polar world with many systems of power and influence and values. In contrast, the globalist mono-exousia-ism says there is only one truth for all humanity and that truth is to be decided by Globocracy controlled by Jewish Power Elite in collusion with Anglos and Homos.

    At the gut level, this tension feels like the threat polytheism poses to monotheism. In a way, Jews have changed profoundly in modern times. They used to be deeply religious and faithful to one God. But then, modern Jews lost their faith. They now act more like Golden Calf worshipers near the end of TEN COMMANDMENTS. And if anything, the Russian Christians are more like Moses and his flock who condemn the sinful and decadent.

    BUT, when it comes to the Real Power, Jews are still in mono-maniacal mode. They must have the Power. Sure, globalism gives the impression that the power is to be shared by all. But in truth, Jews like Soros and others are seeking total control for themselves. Others get a share of the pie(or some crumbs) ONLY IF they take orders like Johnny Ola. Globalists see the entire world as One Big Cuba. So, someone like Trump or Putin seems to them what Castro seemed to the US imperialists. But if communism is bound to fail in the long run, nationalist-capitalism can succeed and bring down globalist-imperialism. That is the great fear.

    Nationalism + Communism is a dead-end. It is bound to fail eventually. But Nationalism + Capitalism is a new beginning. Look at China.

    The idea that Trump might make peace with Putin opens the way for poly-exousia, and this is a threat to the mono-exousia of Jewish Globalism. Also, if gentile Americans begin to identify as and think as Americans and Citizens than some globo-mass whose main loyalty must be to Jews, homos, and Israel, then the foundations of Jewish supremacist domination will begin to crack.

    In a way, Jews were bound to become mono-exousiac because they didn’t have land of their own. Possession of a particular land is a great source of power and security. Even when the national economy collapses and things turn messy, the mere ownership of land means security, belonging, resources, roots, and stability. So, even though things got real bad for Russia in the 90s, at least they had the land. Even though China was a hellhole for much of 20th century, they at least had great land. Also, true of India and Nigeria, huge land masses.

    But Jews have no such land. Since their power couldn’t be associated with the idolatry of particular territory, they conceived of God who rules all heavens. And in exile, Jewish power gained by penetrating and gaining influence in various lands. Despite their vast networks, Jews in pre-modern times found themselves separate from one another. But with the coming of mass communications, Jews all across the world began to connect with and favor one another. For some Jews, it was a call to return to Israel. For others, it meant linking Jewish centers of power all across the globe to create a True Superpower that TRANSCENDS any one nation-state. So, in a way, the real superpower is not the US. It is Judenia, of which is US is the Jewel in the Crown but not the only jewel.

    Jews got Israel, rich in culture and history, but it’s a tiny piece of territory.

    Land power is inherently polyexousiac since it favors unity of ethnos and territory. Each land favors a particular people. So, Russians have Russian power on Russian land. Indians have Indian power on Indian land. Iranians have Iranian power on Iranian land. Chinese have Chinese power on Chinese land. Turks have Turkish power on Turkish land.

    Their land-power is limited to the land that they control. Jews have no possession of a great land as their own. Sure, they own a lot of private property in the US, Australia, EU, and all over. But private property isn’t same as collective national ownership. It’ s like even a poor Japanese can say “Japan berongs to me”, whereas a rich Jew may own a fancy hotel in Japan, but he can’t say Japan belongs to him or his people.

    The US used to belong essentially and collectively to white Europeans. Even though Jews gained lots of private property in the US, America as a whole was seen the collective property of white gentiles. In order to weaken such notion of sacred bond of ethnicity and territory, Jews pushed mass migration with the new narrative that the US belongs to the entire world. Thus, US goes form national property to merely private property to whoever has the most money, and that would be Jews of course. If US remains in National Mode, it is collectively & essentially the land of gentile majority than of Jewish minority. But if US goes into globalist mode, then it means US no longer has any historical or ethnic meaning. It just belongs to those with most money to buy most property. (Chinese appreciate Canada going in a similar direction since post-national Canada will favor Chinese money over Anglo ethnic claim on the land. If Canada defends its historical roots, Canada remains the collective national property of white settlers. If Canada goes into globalist mode, Canada belongs to whomever can offer most cash. Chinese target Australia the same way. Anglos gotta be crazy to go from the mode of land ownership by historical roots to mode of nation as private property by cash. This is how Palestinians lost Palestine. The indigenous elites abandoned the sense of collective Arab national ownership of land and just saw Palestine as series of private plots to be offered to the highest bidder.)

    Anyway, since Jews have no great land mass to collectively call their own, they prefer the mode of mono-exousia. Poly-exousia says each national territory has a special sacred relation to a certain ethnic group: Russians and Russia, Turks and Turkey, Chinese and China, and etc.

    In contrast, mono-exousia says all nations should come under globalist control, and all national properties should be opened up to ‘privatization’ of highest bidders. This is very appealing to Jews but also to globalist elites of other nations who care more about expanding their own private fortunes than safeguarding their national territory for their compatriots. Look how the piggish elites in the Vietnamese Communist Party are abandoning national sovereignty — won by so much sacrifice by patriot warriors — by turning Vietnam into Vacationland for Lawyers in Love. And Russia in the 90s went from national ownership by the people to globalist expropriation of anything that could be pawned, stripped, and bought. The biggest fire-sale of a nation.

    While private property is a key concept for any society with Rule of Law, it should never be applied on the national scale. Statue of Liberty went from symbol of American Independence and Freedom to Madame of a Brothel where anything is for sale.

    It is ironic that Trump, the kingpin of private property now stands for the sacred need for Nation as Collective Property of Citizens.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    Jews push homomania into EVERY group and movement. Thus, it is rendered silly and trivial. So, Jews push Milo as Alt Right. Jews push Bruce Caitlyn Jenner as face of GOP. Jews tried to use BLM to fuse blackness with homo-ness, not least cuz two of founders of BML are lesbian blacks. Jews push homomania into Christian churches. Jews pushed homo marches into Asian nations.

    Homogenderization of the world is a Jewish plot. Jews want to turn all gentile groups and movements into silly ‘gay’ affairs. More style than substance.

    • However, it was originally a Jewish idea that homosexuality is an abomination. I guess you can interpret it is as a sort of reverse psychology, right?

      • A hymn to Hermes

        It wasn’t original. Germanic pagans hanged homosexuals and threw their corpses in a bog with the nooses still around their necks. It was pretty much a historical norm everywhere.

        Even the cultures which had some kind of formal pederasty were clearly of two-minds on the subject and tried to address the issue with legislation. A society will develop these institutions when enough people with these perverse appetites accumulate power, which is almost certainly happened in Athens for example. They wound up regulating it to the point that the common man couldn’t just hire a catamite to avoid it spreading as a general practice and generating a cultural value but were apparently impotent to stop the practice without civil war.

        • Well, are you trying to tell me that Germanic pagans predate Judaism? It’s simply factually incorrect. The fact is that only monotheistic religions, starting with Judaism, are clearly against homosexuality. The other religions take more lax approach, even if they condemn the act. I suspect that it was one of the reasons that Nazi-homos were persecuting religious Jews.

          • A hymn to Hermes

            Yes, Germanic Paganism absolutely predates Judaism. Probably by thousands of years. Judaism didn’t exist until the Babylonian captivity. Before that they were just a bunch of polytheistic tribes, each with their own gods.

            Also I woudln’t say Judaism takes a harsh approach. If a Jewish homosexual has sex with a gentile only the gentile is punished for tempting the Jew into lust. So as is typically with Jews there is a loophole. Jewish faggots could simply consume gentile slaves for sexual gratification without suffering punishment personally.

            The reality is the more a tribal morality prevails the less concern there is over virtue. A thief who steals from an enemy is a virtuous thief. Morality grew out of circumstance and in primitive times excluding people who could be trusted to point their spear in the right direction simply couldn’t be sacrificed on the alter of morality. Jews maintained a tribal morality into present and so never underwent a eugenic culling of deviants like almost every other race of people. Which is why Jews are fantastically over represented among homosexuals today with around 1 in 10 Jewish men being faggots versus 1 in 200 or less among Europeans.

          • What you wrote is again, not true. I guess, you don’t know much about Judaism, because if you knew even the basic stuff, you would know that homosexual act is one of the sins that Jew should rather die than commit. That’s how harsh it is. There is no loophole you are talking about. I will give it to you that at least you used the word “probably”. Yes, whatever you know about German paganism is based mostly on speculations, given the paucity of written sources.

            Your analysis of tribal morality leaves a lot to be desired. Do you seriously believe that the morality of ancient Germans, whom you appear to value so high, had no elements of tribalism? And btw I hope you are aware that it’s a progressive slander that the traditional Jewish morality is purely tribal. As the progressives are not capable of accepting the absolute source of morality, which is the Will of G-d, they try to explain it away by some primitive, ulterior motives.

            Unfortunately, we live in the era of massive Jewish assimilation. Of course there are Jewish faggots who eat pork and buy Christmas trees. However, your statistics don’t have any valid source. By the same token, I could firmly assure you that there were more Nazi-gays than Jewish gays. Just because I said so. I think like 80% of Nazis are faggots. Deep down they don’t feel like real men, so they have to find a scapegoat for their feelings inferiority, and bam, how convenient that a Jewish container for all the vile things you can’t tolerate in yourself exists for millennia…

          • Simon_in_London

            I expect Germanic pagans must have had varied practices in varied times and places; although I don’t think there’s any evidence of them accepting the pederasty that was/is common in other pagan cultures, we can hardly say it never happened.
            Obviously ancient Indo-European/Aryan proto-Germans were tribal. They may have been fractionally less tribal than other races, judging by what we know of Germanic & Anglo-Saxon kinship networks in the immediate pre-Christian era. The growth of modern civil society in NW Europe seems to have been linked to weak kinship bonds.

          • A hymn to Hermes

            You aren’t even responding to anything I’ve actually written as you are probably too triggered. No one is ever going to buy this angle that Jews are especially heterosexual. Who are they going to believe, you or their lying eyes? The culture of Jews in whatever form is a product of genetics so the fact that Jews are overwhelmingly homosexual in secular societies speaks to nothing in particular. Israel couldn’t even keep the cap on Jewish homosexuality. I wouldn’t be too ashamed of it. It is probably an outgrowth of Jewish physical submissiveness.

            Furthermore you are absolutely incorrect about there being no loopholes for sodomy and any sex act at all by consumption of gentiles and even further the entire supposed prohibition of “sodomy” is based upon European mistranslations of the Old Testament which were stripped of historical context for which they are notorious. What you see in Leviticus and Deuteronomy are the abolition of the Temple Prostitute, probably to create a stronger ethnic barrier between Jews and other semitic ethno-religious groups who all featured similar practices including Temple Prostitution. Deuteronomy is detailing a scenario at a time when semitic pagan temples were present in Israel and were being expelled and specifically “sodomite” is inserted in various European languages for the actual word for Temple Prostitute. Two separate words with their own meaning are conflated into one because the context wasn’t understood.

            It’s a religious reformation which is establishing that the Temple will no longer be defiled with a degenerate practice under pain of death, on the auspices that they were foreign even though historically obviously they weren’t. They intermingled with other semites, looked in a mirror and didn’t like what they saw. The same relationship that Jews and Arabs have today, basically. What is not being laid out in the Old Testament was that every instance of buggery was a crime that required mortal punishment and there isn’t any evidence that Jews were ever overly enthusiastic about killing their own faggots. There is no archeological record as exists among Germanic pagans, and no historical records of such either. Jews in antiquity were a backwater people who were excepting their extreme ethnocentricity were not very different from their ethnic cousins and neighbors in social norms. Some buggers were killed almost certainly but the context of these executions would have been that the punishments matched the salaciousness of the crimes.

            Your assertion that Jews will literally commit suicide rather than indulge in homosexual lust doesn’t even pass muster in considering basic human behavior. Of course I expect as much from a Jew in considering their own kind as More Than Merely Human but I always appreciate when a Jew is gracious enough to demonstrate for the world their insane hubris.

          • Well, I did answer to what you wrote, you just conveniently skipped it. Fair enough. I don’t expect you to change your mind, because you just showed me that you are entrenched in your ignorance.

            “What is not being laid out in the Old Testament was that every instance of buggery was a crime that required mortal punishment and there isn’t any evidence that Jews were ever overly enthusiastic about killing their own faggots. ”

            Here you go. There are many details of Halacha that are not laid out in “Old Testament”. In fact, we don’t even read it. We read the original, and we have thousand of commentaries that were written down through centuries that expand the Written Law with Oral Law.

            The only allowed type of sex in Jewish Law is marital sex within specific period of month. All the other types of sex are strictly forbidden, and there is a category of three sexual sins: incest, sodomy, and adultery, that a person has to be rather killed than commit. You misinterpreted that it’s about suicide. No, it’s about situation that either you commit these acts or your risk your life. There are very few laws that are that severe because Judaism values life very highly.

            Now, back to supposed Jewish faggotry. Of course there are faggots of Jewish ancestry. There are Jewish whores, schizophrenics, and swindlers. Like in every group you will find some black sheep. Personally, I never met anyone who fits in these extremes. If you would be able to see the world without the limiting blinders of prejudice, you would see that in the same group you can find many brilliant, good people, who work hard for their families, and raise their children to decent human beings.

            BTW, have you ever visited Europe? Germany, and especially Berlin, are extremely faggy. I guess these German pagan traditions didn’t survive the test of time.

      • Gubbler Chechenova

        Jews lost their religion but retain their sense of righteousness.

        Also, when Jews believed in God, they believed in a power bigger than themselves.

        But once Jews abandoned God, they think they should be the supreme power.
        Homos are useful to Jews because Homomania spreads the notion that all societies should favor the minority elite. Thus, homomania paves the way for Jewish domination.

        The Jew-Homo-Power logic. A society that will go out of its way to appease homos, a sexual minority elite, will be more amenable to appeasing Jewish globalist elites.

        • We most certainly didn’t lose our religion. It’s very sad, that many Jews are assimilated, but there are also many who practice and believe in G-d. Our numbers are growing, as we are the only ones who have many children.

          I agree with you that when someone loses faith in G-d, it’s usually based on his/her pathological narcissism. It applies to both Jews and Gentiles.

          There is no gain for Jews in spreading homosexual agenda. I know it would be hard for you to accept given your preconceived notions of “Jewish” goals, but I will still try.

          First of all, for religious Jews it’s not only against our faith, but it’s also forbidden to spread homosexual agenda, because even though we are not going to proselytize you, there is a basic decency that we expect from Gentiles, and it most certainly excludes rampant promiscuity or deviant behavior. In the end, we are also likely to suffer, as we can be gradually forced to abide by the terror of tolerance, and we will have to go underground for refusal to accept homosexuals.

          We already suffer to some extent. I will just give you one example: 50 years ago it was possible for a religious Jewish child to attend a public school, and get some supplemental Jewish education in the afternoon.
          Now, it’s absolutely impossible due to the deterioration of the culture. We have to carefully shield our children from this sewer. Now, imagine the cost of private schools, when you have a family with 5 or more children. We hope that the school vouchers, that President Trump is supporting, will help to solve this issue.

          As for non-religious Jews, they by definition cannot have any Jewish goals, as they are departed from their core identity which is Torah. Jewishness as an ethnic category is a relatively recent phenomenon, and it’s enforced from the outside rather than from the inside. In the essence, progressivism among the Jews is a self-destructive impulse akin to whites ashamed of their “white privilege”.
          It’s self-destructive not only as it denies their true identity, but also as it engenders reactive anti-semitism, as we can see it in your post.

          • Simon_in_London

            “a self-destructive impulse akin to whites ashamed of their “white privilege””

            It may be long term self destructive, but non religious Jews are not ashamed of being Jewish, and they do have goals, and those goals are not as obviously or immediately self destructive as the goals of self-hating non-Jewish whites. The actions of many non-religious political Jews seem most immediately destructive to non-Jewish whites. I am sympathetic to your view, but I also think that religious Jews – real Jews, according to your view – need to do far more to fight back against the sewer-isation that their non-religious kinfolk have imposed on Western culture. Support for Trump, opposition to the Left, AND opposition to Neocon Jews are all important.

            Edit: Also, religious Jews are not uniformly on the side of the angels. Reform Judaism has some extremely destructive elements. Jews can go to synagogue on the sabbath and still come out energised to do harm, just like Christians at liberal churches.

          • I don’t count Reform Jews (who btw have very high level of attrition) as religious Jews. Reform Judaism is not Judaism, just like Social Justice is not Justice. They accept same-sex marriage which is against Torah.

            I live in a neighborhood were 75% voted for Trump. I know also some not very religious Jews who are conservative. We don’t want Muslim refugees, because we know very well what Muslims are.

            How can we fight back? I wonder how to reverse the tide of sewer. It’s probably the question that you also ask yourself. Non-religious liberal Jews use their Jew-card, but they are actually against Judaism, and they despise religious Jews. We cannot force them to repent, but we are deemed responsible for their deeds. For now the best I can do is to raise my kids well.

            I’m sick and tired of PC newspeak and the craziness going on in academia. I have a hope in future generation that they will stop swallowing the pap of the media, and both Jews and non-Jews will not listen to the tyranny of liberals.

          • Simon_in_London

            “Reform Judaism is not Judaism, just like Social Justice is not Justice”

            Nice one! 🙂

            “I wonder how to reverse the tide of sewer. It’s probably the question that you also ask yourself.”

            Yes, definitely. We all have to keep fighting. Agree about raising your kids well.

          • Joy Whitelash

            “I agree with you that when someone loses faith in G-d, it’s usually based on his/her pathological narcissism. It applies to both Jews and Gentiles.”
            I agree with some of your ideas, and I find this one especially interesting. Besides being an interesting idea, why do you refer to g dash d? I understand that the name of god is not to be spoken in many sects- hence why we just say God.
            “there is a basic decency that we expect from Gentiles, and it most certainly excludes rampant promiscuity or deviant behavior.”
            Jews certainly seem to want to generate these behaviors in the cultures they inhabit.
            Sauce not good for the goose, good enough for the gander? Is that what you say?
            Culture is not to be degraded, unless you are degrading the gentiles?
            Why do you feel that you should have any rights over the behavior of cultures that you inserted yourself into, uninvited? Why do you feel you have some right to control the behaviors or beliefs of cultures that never asked you to impose?
            What is the basic decency you expect? Why are we beholden to that?
            I’m honestly baffled by that behavior.
            Again- I agree with both your points and I find them interesting, but I don’t get why you feel it’s right to infringe on others.
            Particularly when parts of what you impose on others involve us having no right to “judge” others.
            All I’m getting from what you say is imposing some Jewish sense on others, that in fact, does not apply to you.

          • I will give you a short answer: the Jews who reject Torah, have no moral ground.

            Judaism as any other religion has a vision of what constitutes a moral life. Each religion has some form of attitude to non-believers.

            In Judaism we don’t see conversions as mandatory. We have very complicated laws, and it’s better not to convert if you don’t really want to follow all of them. Therefore, unlike the other religions, we don’t proselytize. Instead, we have a set of simple laws, we think each human being, regardless of his/her origin, should follow, and if he/she does she has our respect and the place in the world to come (our version of heaven). Here is the basic link on the topic:

            This is what I meant by “basic decency”. Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t whore around etc.

            I know that there is a lot of confusion going around, as ethnic Jews who are apostates, pretend that they have some high moral ground, when they don’t have any. I would like to turn the question around a bit and ask you: why people in Western countries follow them? Why do you let them influence you? They are bunch of narcissistic morons after all…

    • VectorPrime

      Lol you are protecting BLM?

      • Gubbler Chechenova

        me protect negroes? you nuts?

  • sturmsoldat

    Looks like I’m joining Richard here. Drinking a scotch and watching this video.

    • Two finger Whisky neat! Sitting on a leather couch, he’s not a pet owner that’s for sure. How old is the Scotch?

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    The problem with current discourse is we talk of ‘Russia’ and ‘America’. But there is a third force in the Power Equation: Judenia. US is under globalist-imperialist rule by Judenia. Russia was under Judenia in the 90s, but Russians regained national sovereignty.

    So, it is not about Russia vs America. It is about Russia at odds with America under Judenia.

    Jewish power is globalist, and the US is merely one of its many prizes. Sure, the US is the biggest prize of Judenia, but there are many others. Russia is not dealing with a sovereign nation but with a nation under the power of Judenia, a totally globalist entity(that is hellbent on replacing American and European peoples with masses of Third World folks).

    Jewish interests are NOT the interests of most Americans. Weiss talks about Israel, but the issue is much bigger. Even if Israel were vanish overnight, Jewish Power in America would still not represent most Americans. Jewish interests would still be at odds with that of most Americans and Europeans. If not for the Jewish monopoly of the media, so many people would be waking up.

    THAT is the real key issue. Not Israeli interests vs American interests but Jewish interests vs American gentile interests.

    American Gentiles are better off being inspired by Russian example than remaining under Jewish supremacist influence.

    At the very least, let’s talk of Russia and America and Judenia. If we pretend that America and Judenia are one and the same, we will never understand what is really going on.

    Americans have to wake up to the fact that America is not some ball to be kicked around by Judenia. America is 98% gentile, and there is NO reason for Americans to take orders from Judenia. And what free press in the US when Judenia monopolizes it and uses it to serve the interests of the 2%?

    If Weiss wants Trump out, then he is just a BS artist. Deep down inside, despite his criticism of Israel, he is just another advocate of Judenia’s rule over America.

    Indeed, I wonder if some Jews denounces Israel because he really wants to strengthen Judenia’s hold over America. After all, as long as Jews are associated with Israel, they can be accused of ‘nationalism’, ‘racism’, and etc. But if Jews are freed of ties to Israel, they can pretend to be universal globalists promoting ‘diversity’. But Judenia uses diversity in the West to play divide-and-rule among various goyim, thereby strengthening the supremacist power of Judenia.

  • Aedra Daedra

    Great video. Milo brought this upon himself.

  • Joshua Bates

    Great video, Richard.

    Off topic question here. Do you plan on eventually having transcripts of your videos? Would be a nice addition for the hearing impaired and/or those who would rather not stream while not on WiFi.

    • At first I thought transcripts would be to much labor involved but actually with technology like voice automation – programs like Dragon App could cut down on time in the editing department. Wait and see I suppose

  • Amen!

  • Crud Bonemeal

    Some of these Alt-Lite people are to the left of Trump on nationalism / race issues.

    But they’re also social liberals / degenerates who promote values that make it harder for a society to produce healthy white families.

    So what good are they?

    If we had to pick one group of classical liberal Trump supporting philo-semitic lukewarm nationalists who insist they aren’t racist… then we might as well pick evangelical Franklin Graham supporters. Sure, they got clowned on by the uniparty for decades, but at least they’re somewhat morally straight and promote values tend to result in healthy white families, even if it’s by accident.

    • Y Finkelstein

      The Alt Lite are Conspiratard Morons (Pizza Gate). I think MiloPaedoGate spells the end of the Alt Lite, but we need to divorce ourselves from E Celebs like Cernovich.

    • Tend to agree, but what they represent is how far you can push it can still get invited on CNN and Sky News. Yeah, you could go “full Anglin” but then you’d be blacklisted everywhere. What would that accomplish? I like what Anglin does, but he doesn’t have the same normie impact as someone does if they get allowed on CNN. And not everyone is up to maintaining their own site with zero outside exposure. So I think there’s a useful role to play right on the edge of the Overton Window. Take it as far as you can, and drop hints as to where to go to take it further.

      I don’t think Milo was good at playing that role, but people like Molyneux and Lauren Southern are a bit better, given that they’re, you know, not flaming gay drug addicts.

      • Crud Bonemeal

        I hear Moly has had a positive impact on a lot of people, I was actually going to put in a line at the end saying that my post wasn’t about him, but I forgot.

        I was thinking of Cerno and PJW as pretty much useless

        • Y Finkelstein

          Moly has never thrown Spencer under the bus. Moly is a good dude, despite his ideological differences.

          Cerno and PJW are hypocritical bastards who crucified Spencer for Hailgate. Cerno even mocked Spencer for getting sucker punched. Now these Alt Lite E Celebs rush to Milo’s defense after he endorses Middle School Student-Graduate Student sexual relationships because they’re worried about their brands.

  • Chace Whitaker

    Milo did nothing wrong. Don’t the MSM influence you guys. I thought the alt right was better than this.

    • Putting this whole incident aside, did you see his “art exhibit” where he bathed in pigs’ blood and had pictures of semi-nude teenagers? I don’t think he really deserves this full on media lynching, but he shouldn’t have been allowed to become so prominent.

      • Chace Whitaker

        There were not pictures of semi nude teenagers.

        • Sorry, there were. Look, I thought he was funny too when he first showed up during GamerGate. I feel bad for him and hope he prays and thinks about where his life is going. But we don’t need this in the AltRight.



          • Chace Whitaker

            I highly doubt the people in the pictures are below 18, that would have been a big deal in the news.

          • Yes, fine. They LOOK younger, though.

          • Chace Whitaker

            But they’re not, so it doesn’t matter.

          • If you walked into someone’s house and they had those pictures on the wall, what would you think?

          • Y Finkelstein

            It was also great judgment on Milo’s part to have Geert Wilders speak in front of those sick faggot pictures.

          • Robert Bruce

            Get real, that was done by design to discredit not only Geert, but the alt right . I am not sure if the alt right is a real political movement or not. “Heilgate” was pretty pathetic. Morons raising their arms in a Roman salute and saying stupid crap like “Heil Trump” doesn’t give one a reason to consider that movement to be serious at all. We need a young Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, not some smirking gay dude and a bunch of geeks acting like frigging preteen boys.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            This Milo isn’t Alti-Right. He rejects white identity politics.

          • Rascal

            Chace, give me a break. how the hell can you look at that picture with anything but disgust.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            This is what we might call a Honeypot or entrapment.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          Twinks for Trump was probably perfectly legal, given the big money behind it.

          But it was DISTURBING, you should have been disturbed.

          Especially knowing what we know now.

          • Y Finkelstein

            Great idea to have a European nationalist leader like Geert Wilders speak in front of faggot exploitation pictures!

          • Robert Bruce

            The more better to discredit Geert. The alt right already is pretty much discredited, with the damn video of those sieg heil roman salutes or rather hail Trump. Just absolutely stupid. Acting like a bunch of 13 year old boys that are totally geeked out by puberty. Trump is coming off like a typical bait and switch politician, thus the alt right won’t last through his presidency. Then again the alt right is pretty much a designed political cul de sac. No real program, but white identity politics, which is a loser in the short, medium, and long term. Trump has for a cabinet, a bunch of neocon nut jobs, and total amateurs(including Trump himself) that don’t know a god damn thing about what they are doing. It will be a miracle if we all don’t get vaporized in the next few years.

          • Rascal

            Yea, White identity has absolutely zero worth. White people have never done anything that is worth preserving. Jesus Christ, go back to red state, or whatever shithole you crawled out of.

          • Robert Bruce

            White identity isn’t a winning issue by itself in the political landscape and you are a fool to think so. The majority of folks that voted for Trump want jobs to come back and didn’t want more war. Identity politics is a loser. Whining about losing our place in the sun is useless. Laura
            Southern and her alt right babes need to start cracking on making babies!!!!

          • Rascal

            We agree more than we disagree, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that this snapshot in time is how it will be forever. Democratic America is a declining multicultural empire. Circumstances can change quickly in those.

          • Right, by “teenagers” I didn’t mean anything actually illegal. They were probably 18. But they’re definitely going for a certain physically underdeveloped look here.

          • Chace Whitaker

            Calm the fuck down, its not disturbing at all. Jesus, this is like when everyone made a big fucking deal about trumps “grab em by the pussy” remark.

          • Y Finkelstein

            No, its not. Milo said his sick “14 and 28 year old in a relationship” crap in an interview. Trump bragged about grabbing pussy when he didn’t know he was being recorded, on a bus.

          • Chace Whitaker

            So what matters is the awareness of being recorded. Perfect logic.

          • Y Finkelstein

            Yes, it does. This should be obvious to all. Trump bragging about making moves on hot chicks in a private conversation is a world apart from a taped interview where Milo defended pederasty.

          • Abcdedcba

            You’re right. Unwanted sexual advances are always worse than wanted sexual advances.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            I’m calm.

            I just don’t agree with modern conservatives on normalizing and promoting homosexuality.

            And I do believe that there is a predatory aspect to male homosexuality where they target jailbait as Milo described.

            So, I saw that Twinks for Trump event as a long way off from anything healthy or positive that should be associated with the right.

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Almost everything
      About him is wrong.

  • Tom Colbert

    Love that sofa!

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    He should star in a movie called HOMO ALONE.

    Maybe McCaulkin can play him.

    • Saxon

      Culkins’s band “The Pizza Underground”. You can’t make this up.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    There’s a problem with this logic.

    “When the Nazis came for the communists,

    I remained silent;

    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,

    I remained silent;

    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,

    I did not speak out;

    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,

    I remained silent;

    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,

    there was no one left to speak out.”

    Who’s to guarantee that communists, social democrats, trade unionists, and Jews would have stood up for you? If the Nazis came for you last, it probably means you’re right-wing, and those on the left would have seen you as ‘Nazi’, and if they had the power, they would have come for you first. After all, progs today seem happy with mob violence against Trump supporters. Progs love to see ‘nazis’ get punched.

    Another spin:

    When Asians came to invade my country,

    I remained silent

    because I didn’t want to be called a ‘exclusive’.

    When Mexicans came to invade my country,

    I remained silent

    because I didn’t want to be called ‘intolerant’.

    When Arabs came to invade my country,

    I did not speak out

    because I didn’t want to be called a ‘xenophobe’.

    When Africans came to invade my country

    I remained silent

    because I didn’t want to be called a ‘racist’.

    When the invaders all screamed for my head,

    no one could hear my cry of ‘innocence’.

  • Sultan Pepper

    Found this site through Daily Stormer and David Duke

    • ereimenoym

      Through Duke’s radio show? They both gave an endorsement today on the show.

  • Sultan Pepper

    We knew years ago he’d been sexually active since a child

  • ereimenoym

    Never realized how much of a hero this guy was to the cuckservatives. They’re all in mourning over at /r/The_Donald.

    • Bantz Henriksen

      Mourning a purveyor of warmed over Classical Liberalism with a side of pozz. Sad!

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Well said, Richard. You nailed it.

    I’ve opposed the faggots, degenerates, and subversives of the Alt-Lite from the start, so it’s very satisfying to see these scumbags fall.

    • Abcdedcba


  • mk ultra

    Good video, good riddance.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    If you paid attention to Milo’s appearance on Maher’s show last week, not only did he admit that he considers himself a libertarian, but that he regards his main goal as entertaining people.

    I thought those were very telling admissions.

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Perfect for Hollywood then.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    I find it curious that when Jews say Trump is ‘Hitler’ and his supporters are ‘Nazis’, they never argue for equality.

    After all, Hitler and Nazis were supremacist, right?

    Okay, if supremacism is bad and if Trump is an evil supremacist, then Jews ought to pressure him to abandon supremacism in favor of equality.

    But we never hear Jews demanding that Trump treat Israelis and Palestinians equally.

    We never hear Jews demanding that Israel and Iran be treated equally.

    We never hear Jews demanding that all people be treated equally under Rule of Law. After all, what is a ‘sanctuary city’ but one that allows illegal invaders to be above the law?

    We never hear Jews demanding that US media be more proportionate in representation. Jews have no problem with Jewish supremacist control of MSM.

    We never hear Jews demanding Hollywood, Wall Street, and other elite industries to be more equal and proportionate instead of being dominated by Jews.

    If anything, it seems like Jews are nervous that rise in nationalism will chip away at Jewish Supremacist control of much of America.

    Jews claim to love refugees, but why do refugees exist? They were created by warmongering by the US. Weren’t Nazis warmongering? So, if US is to be anti-Nazi-like, it should offer an olive branch to nations around the world. It should stop with the belligerence, almost always at nations disliked by Jews. But the idea of peace freaks so many Jews out. Jews are as allergic to prospect of peace as Hitler was when some advisers warned against more wars.

    Peace in the Middle East might lead to Arab and Muslim nations rebuilding and growing in power. Oh, we can’t have that. Spread more Wars for Israel and globalist domination.

    And peace with Russia would mean good relations with a nation that emerged from Jewish Globalist Supremacist bondage. Can’t have that either. We need a new cold war where all of us are told that Russia is a bigger threat than during the Cold War. But a threat to whom? To Jewish globalism, of course. But Jews would have us believe their supremacist interests are ours even though they hog the power and wealth while the rest of us got nothing. It’s like a king insisting that the poor wretches should obey and serve him since HIS RICHES AND POWER are their as well… even though HE hogs all of it.

    So, when Jews accuse Trump of being ‘Hitler’, they really mean they want Hitlerian powers to be monopolized by themselves. It is sheer projection.

    Deep down inside, Jews are not angry because Trump is really ‘hitler’. It is because he’s not too keen on serving Jewish supremacist hitlers who do so much damage around the world with control of media, finance, military, intelligence, etc.

    Jews say they are for more immigration because they want all the world to have an equal chance. But the real agenda is Hitlerian in favor of Jewish supremacism.

    It is Jews trying to destroy white Americans with demographic imperialism. It is white ethnocide, like what happened to Serbians in Kosovo. What happened to Palestinians due to massive immigration?

    Also, more immigration doesn’t lead to equal success. Some groups rise higher, some groups don’t. More diversity only creates a permanent ruling caste and permanent servant class. Just look at California. Jewish masters on top, Asian middle management class, and everyone else slipping further and further.

    What are the chances that Mexicans or Muslims will challenge Jews for elite supremacist power? More diversity means more servant classes for the ruling elites.

    So, when Jews say Trump is ‘hitler’, they really mean Trump isn’t doing enough to treat Jews as the Only Hitlers.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Punch your local pedo.

  • JosephtheGreat

    Libertarians on the other hand WILL defend him. If you don’t think so,
    you don’t know libertarians. Questioning the age of consent laws is
    probably the least controversial among them than any other political
    group including standard leftists. If you were to ask someone at NAMBLA what they
    politically identify as I guarantee 9 out of 10 will tell you a
    libertarian of some kind.

    Unlike with leftist, libertarians generally don’t care about feminists definitions of rape and libertarians aren’t as puritan as conservatives so they don’t have the same negative reactions to what conservatives consider degenerate or immoral behavior. Libertarians, especially the ancap kind, also see any kind of law as being part of big government so they are more likely to be convinced or to at least listen to arguments against age of consent laws.

    I’m not saying all libertarians are pedophiles or pedophile supporters but it is definitely the side with the most sympathizers and preachers of this kind of thing.

    • Abcdedcba

      I actually listened to what Milo said and wasn’t all that offended by it.

      Sexuality is complex and most people in our society are able to really talk about sexuality in a rational way.

      Choosing the right age of consent is a balance. Setting it too low will likely increase the number of young people who enter into sexual relationships they’re not prepared for. Setting it too high will harm people by criminalizing some harmless and healthy relationships. I wish people could talk about this stuff without acting like Puritans.

      The only objective marker that shows someone’s readiness for sex is puberty. Psychologically, people mature at vastly different rates.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    I find it curious that when Jews say Trump is ‘Hitler’ and his supporters are ‘Nazis’, they never argue for equality.

    After all, Hitler and Nazis were supremacist, right?

    Okay, if supremacism is bad and if Trump is an evil supremacist, then Jews ought to pressure him to abandon supremacism in favor of equality.

    But we never hear Jews demanding that Trump treat Israelis and Palestinians equally.

    We never hear Jews demanding that Israel and Iran be treated equally.

    We never hear Jews demanding that all people be treated equally under Rule of Law. After all, what is a ‘sanctuary city’ but one that allows illegal invaders to be above the law?

    We never hear Jews demanding that US media be more fair and proportionate in representation. Jews have no problem with Jewish supremacist control of MSM.

    We never hear Jews demanding Hollywood, Wall Street, and other elite industries to be more equal and proportionate instead of being dominated by Jews.

    If anything, it seems like Jews are nervous that the rise of nationalism might chip away at Jewish Supremacist control of much of America.

    Jews claim to love refugees, but why do refugees exist? They were created by warmongering agenda of the US. Weren’t Nazis warmongering? So, if US is to be anti-Nazi-like, it should offer olive branches to nations around the world. It should stop with the belligerence, almost always toward nations disliked by Jews. But the idea of peace freaks out so many Jews. Jews are as allergic to prospect of peace as Hitler was when advisers warned against more wars.

    Peace in the Middle East might lead to Arab and Muslim nations rebuilding and growing in power. Oh, we can’t have that. Spread more Wars for Israel and Jewish globalist domination.

    And peace with Russia would mean good relations with a nation that emerged from Jewish Globalist Supremacist bondage. Can’t have that either. We need a new cold war where we are all constantly warned that Russia is now a bigger threat than during the Cold War. But a threat to whom? To Jewish globalism, of course. But Jews would have us believe their supremacist interests are the same as ours even though they hog the power and wealth while the rest of us get nothing. It’s like a king insisting that the poor wretches should obey and serve him since HIS RICHES AND POWER are theirs as well… even though HE hogs all of it.

    So, when Jews accuse Trump of being ‘Hitler’, they really mean they want Hitlerian powers to be monopolized by themselves. It is sheer projection.

    Deep down inside, Jews are not angry because Trump is really ‘hitler’. It is because he’s not too keen on serving Jewish hitlers who cause incalculable damage around the world with control of media, finance, military, intelligence, etc.

    Jews say they are for more immigration because they want all the world to have an equal chance. But the real agenda is Hitlerian in favor of Jewish supremacism.

    It is Jews trying to destroy white Americans with demographic imperialism. It is white ethnocide, like what happened to Serbians in Kosovo. What happened to Palestinians due to massive immigration?

    Also, more immigration doesn’t lead to equal success. Some groups rise higher, some groups sink lower. More diversity only creates a permanent ruling caste and permanent servant class. It leads to ethnic supremacism and ethnic submissivism. Just consider California. Jewish masters on top, Asian middle management class, and everyone else slipping further and further.

    What are the chances that Mexicans or Muslims will challenge Jews for elite supremacist power? More diversity means more servant classes for the supremacist ruling elites composed largely of Jews and their favored groups.

    So, when Jews say Trump is ‘hitler’, they really mean Trump isn’t doing enough to treat Jews as the Only Hitlers.

  • well deserved.

  • Why are people pretending this is outrageous? This is twenty-first century America. My gay high school friends told me similar stories in school. Did anyone expect less?

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA

      This is why Hitler had Rohm shot.

  • Many of the same people obsessed by Pizzagate seem to be completely unphased by Milo talking about attending parties featuring gay males he heavily insinuated were under-aged on Rogan’s podcast. Then he goes on to say these sorts of relationships are normal in the gay community. It sounds like he’s perfectly OK when gay guys are exploiting under-aged gays. The alt-lite has gone Cuckservative Justice Warrior on this topic in a bizarre, unbelievable timeline were a flamboyant gay Catholic Jew is now a conservative daaaaaa-ling. They know flamboyant Milo is a tent pole in their big lite tent, and when that pole goes down, it drags down the rest of them. InfoWars, Cernovich, they chase internet traffic and ad revenue (and sell water filters, shitty books.) That’s plain as day. When one of their own is knocked down, it hurts them all. Milo is good for business and exposure. They’re all riding the same gay tiger.

    • A hymn to Hermes

      under-aged gays

      They aren’t really gay. We’ve seen who is at these parties from the Bryan Singer debacle. They are young teens who want a conduit to fame, many of whom come from broken homes or are themselves suffering from some psychological issues and are desperate for some security.

      • Simon_in_London

        I once went to an LGBT student musical here in London. They sang “We weren’t born this way, we were made this way” !! Among themselves they know it’s true – they are the products of abuse, of childhood and teenage trauma. These are mentally ill people whose illness is the result of their victimisation by others. I feel sorry for them, but of course they are also dangerous.

  • Pioneer American

    Possibly genuine, defiant Milo reaction to all this on /pol/. He did used to post on /pol/ a lot, so he’s familiar with the place. This time he didn’t use his tripcode (password certification of genuineness) but it looks real – judge for yourself:


    (mfw -> ‘My Feeling When’)

    >mfw you think I’m going anywhere
    >mfw my book is definitely still happening, will now sell than it ever could have before
    >mfw now I am my own brand and am starting my own company
    >mfw I will continue to tour the country and give my presentations as I red pill massive amounts of people by broadcasting the leftist hysterical reactions to my presence
    >mfw the pewdiepie thing just happened so no one is falling for the dirty media’s tricks aside from shills and full on cucks anyways
    >mfw the real pedophiles will always be liberals and everyone knows that
    >mfw the left failed yet again

  • Dominic

    Richard Spencer sinks pretty low in the first fifteen minutes of this piece. He must have used the phrase “stomach turning” at least 10 times! Rambling and hyperbolic —-> he could pass for an Evangelical. The last ten minutes are a bit more intelligent. Personally, I have never read anything by Milo, and knew him only as “a figure” referred to on Red Ice or Radix.

    I have come to expect a much higher standard from Mr Spencer. Hopefully he will return to form in his next podcast, and have a real issue to discuss

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Gays are the new Conservative, honestly goys.

  • Vautrin

    In germany its allowed from the age of 14. I lost my virginity wehn i was 12 years old to a 26 year old woman and i loved it. I felt blessed at the time. Of course she could have gone to jail for it. But for me it actually was exactly how Milo discribed it. Amazing! The cucks hate him now for this because of the catholic priest thing. That was a punsh in the face for them. Milo was honest about the gay lifestyle and becomming gay. To me this is not a big thing. Its not a surprise. He is right. Gays very often become gays in this way.

  • crunchberry

    There is not a damn thing wrong with someone being gay, but there is a problem with this guy. Goodbye Milo, don’t come back. It’s really pathetic to see this much anti-gay bullshit in the comments, this is a hold over from the Jewish cult of Christianity and has no place in a rational person’s mind.

    • Real Human Being

      *tips fedora*

    • Aurelius

      Yea, this thing is that this is how a large portion of the homo community thinks.

      Milo is an instance, his perspective is a trend.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      gay men behave badly, this is one example, but there are many more

      • crunchberry

        the same can be said of any group of people not just gay men, come on.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          no, gay men are sexually disordered, prone to all sorts of depravity when it comes to their sex lives, including predatory interest in jailbait, just as milo described.

          There is no equivalence between normal men with families and gays like Milo.

          It’s ridiculous to claim that “there is not a damn thing wrong with being gay”. It’s a dysfunction.

  • Real Human Being

    What an awesome week it’s been.

  • Abcdedcba

    Spencer, it’s abundantly clear that you are still butthurt over what he said about you. You’ve spent two days endlessly gloating over this. Your ego will be your downfall.

    • Rascal

      Milo is a degenerate who denounced White interest politics in favor of “conservatism”. At this point I am sick of his deluded fans boys and their defense of the indefensible.

      • Abcdedcba

        It’s not a matter of defending him. It’s a matter of not being obsessed. Milo got under Richard’s skin way too much.

        • Rascal

          No one is “obsessed” with Milo, but I definitely understand why Milo and his fans would love it if people would stop talking about the issue. People will eventually move on, but hey, Milo wanted attention, and he sure did get it, didn’t he?

  • Marathon-Youth

    Milo pushed and pushed and how he got pushed back.

  • VectorPrime

    I don’t disagree and will never disagree with the assertion that Milo was never part of the alt-right. I mean, he is a gay Jew, not a conservative White male with a sense of his land and culture/identity. Milo doesnt care about any of this.

    That said, even if I’m at the polar opposite of Milo, I think Richard Spencer’s happiness at him crashing is presposterous, simply because that Gay Jew did more for the alt right & Nationalism, than someone like Spencer or anyone within the alt-right, ever could have done. And PRECISELY because he isn’t part of the alt-right, BECAUSE he is a gay liberal Jew. He was untouchable, and witty like Jews with their verbal IQ typically are.

    This is a HUGE blow to the alt-right, whether you like it or not. Milo was almost a one-man army within the ONLINE/MEDIA CULTURE WAR, and a destroyer of liberals. He was one of a kind. I mean…We still have Paul Joseph Watson, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, etc…But Milo was a huge pillar of the propaganda dept of the alt right.

    I dont even care why Milo did it. Of course I imagine he did all this for fame, money, etc. But STILL, whatever he did helped the alt-right massively, and its terrible to see all our liberal enemies gloating that this guy will not be in their path anymore.

    Finally…You might criticise and demonise Milo. But almost everyone has squelletons in his closet. Maybe not involving pedophilia, but other things. For me this story sums up how easy it is for the MSM & Left to destroy some rising star of the alt-right (or any individual they wish to destroy).

    Richard Spencer is NOTHING compared to Milo. Its clear Milo got “assassinated” due to his quick rising coverage during & after the Maher show. If Spencer would EVER get to such a level, being invited to CPAC, etc, YOU bet the MSM would conduct a similar assassination.

    I am just pissed off that within the altright, people’s hate for Jews makes them see only this, not the massive blow our propaganda dept has suffered due to this.

    • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

      Don’t write him off quite yet, Milo fans aren’t as a whole, leaving, and I expect him to continue to be a force on Twitter, Facebook, etc. His “Dangerous Faggot Tour” will probably grind to a halt, though.

      (I say this as someone who has never been a fan of the guy.)

    • Rascal

      Milo denounced White interest politics, and shit all over Spencer. Expecting Spencer to defend a guy like Milo over these comments is a bridge too far, and rightfully so.

  • johnxr

    The left is fucked, their ideology is dead, and all these people have going for them is violence and hysterics. The MSM has no good arguments against Milo’s alt-lite politics, so they assassinate his character. The alt-lite is a stepping stone. We need to defend these people. Take a note from Roosh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuI3RpeZcc8

    • Rascal

      The favor is rarely reciprocated. That is the little detail that Roosh missed in his little video there. Milo already denounced White interest politics. Cerno and PJW already back stabbed Spencer. Until that behavior changes I see no reason to defend people like Milo.

      • johnxr

        The left has no infighting that I know of. We should model ourselves after them. The right wing has the Cucks, the alt-lite, and the alt-right. Cucks are completely useless, they are just the controlled opposition created by the left. We should be attacking these people. The alt-lite are okay though. They are moving in the right direction, they are objecting to mass-immigration, feminism, Islam, they are moving towards accepting race realism. Milo dishes red pills, he has value to us.

        The moderate right (alt-lite) attacking the extreme wing (alt-right) doesn’t make sense. But it makes even less sense for the extreme wing to attack the moderate wing. The alt-right should be the adult in the room. This is our movement. We need to set the tone.

        • Rascal

          We are the adult in the room. I am really sorry to be the one to say this, but Milo is a clown. The fact that he is in any way a figurehead on the right is a failure of Western Civilization. He is an e-celeb mercenary who has made it very clear he only really cares about his own fame and sucking cock daaahling.

          The left has plenty enough infighting. Their main advantage is that they are far more united on racial questions that the right is.

          • johnxr

            Okay Milo is a clown, he is a fame whore. But his audience is even more clueless that he is. He is fit for purpose. He feeds redpills. He makes it socially acceptable to talk about issues that a couple years ago were taboo. To us he is not edgy, but to most people this is cutting edge politics. Cucks don’t turn into alt-right shitlords overnight.

            This is why the left is intentionally going after him. They are afraid of him.

          • Rascal

            I am not going to dispute Milo’s past contributions to efforts like getting Trump elected. You are absolutely right in cases like that.

            When talking about White interest politics though Milo loses his shine after speaking directly against them. Like has always been the case gay Jewish men generally have little to offer in this regard.

          • johnxr

            Yeah that’s true. He is not explicitly for White identity politics. We need to have explicitly pro-White leaders. But in the mean time feminism is an actual problem. We need White women to take on their gender roles and start raising large White families again. Mass immigration is an actual problem. We need to stop third-worlders from invading our countries, raping our women, and leaching off of welfare. Islam is an actual problem. How about no to terrorism?

          • Rascal

            We agree far more than we disagree, just to let you know.

        • The left has plenty of infighting. Infighting is okay as long as it’s “sparring practice” type of thing and not a fight to the death IMO.

  • Rutger3

    This makes me trust Spencer even less than before. You do not kick people that have been honourable to you in the past. At the very least, you just stay quite on it. Dishonerable.

    • Y Finkelstein

      Milo hasn’t been honorable to Spencer. Milo compared Richard Spencer to Jesse Jackson.

      Jedem des Seine.

      • Rutger3

        Ok. I have not followed it that closely. But the attacks against spencer seem very similar to the attacks against Milo. They pick out what will be the most alienating to isolate them from as many people as possible. It IS dishonerable to join this bandwagon.
        (I edited the post you commented since i finished listening to youtuber Sargons analysis, but i think your comment still stands. Apologies if i seemed sly, it was not my intention)

        • Y Finkelstein

          Yes, Milo is an enemy.

          Would you like if someone compared YOU to Jesse Jackson? Gloves are off, Fuck Milo.

          • Rutger3

            Thats the problem with many nationalists, the usual suspects play us like a fiddle.

          • Rascal

            Milo isnt a nationalist.

          • Rutger3

            No, but Y Finkelstein purportedly is. And the left plays him like a fiddle. We are people that accept conflict as a part of life. That makes it easy for the usual suspects to divide and rule and to play us off against whoever.

          • Rascal

            How are they “playing him like a fiddle”. Milo said some legitimately disturbing things. I know that Milo fans will try and equivocate what he said, or down play it, but as a man with children the excuses are not good enough. It is what it is, and it was disturbing.

            While Milo is quite good at ‘triggering’ leftists and has done some good work, he also denounced identity politics, and nationalism is based on an identity. He also denounced White interest politics as well. The Alt Right community owes someone like Milo nothing. I will applaud him when he does something good, but I feel no obligation to defend him when he does something indefensible.

          • Rutger3

            This campaign against Milo was started either by the soros-left or the nevertrumpers. Jumping on this bandwagon is to be a useful idiot. And kicking someone who has been useful and at least somewhat sympathetic when he is down. It is dishonerable and stupid.
            When there is no good side to take, taking no side at all and remaining silent is the best alternative. Spencers choice of picture on Milo is a disgrace. It exposes Spencer as a small and petty person.

          • Rascal

            Spencer doesn’t owe anything to Milo. Milo pretty much laughed at Spencer when he got sucker punched by a communist antifa. The “alt light” in general accused Spencer of being an FBI agent after “hailgate”. You need to not have a short memory on this stuff. Be mad at Milo for saying such stupid comments.

            In the end, for all the agitating of the Left Milo does, he still pushes stuff that is harmful to White people. Homosexuality, interracial relationships, lolbertarianism, a rejection of White interest politics. I mean he does some good, but I am convinced in the long run it is better for the right wing in general to NOT defend anything that looks like pederasty or pedophilia.

          • Rutger3

            Milo is not important. Spencers and other nationalists reaction to the left orchestrated campaign that brought him down is.

          • Rascal

            Spencer has defended Milo plenty in the past against all kinds of accusations, and orchestrated campaigns. He has defended people like Roosh when every person in the media was calling him a rape advocate. Milo simply went to far, and in my opinion, the right wing is better off in the long run not defending the statements.

          • Rutger3

            Im not calling for defence of Milo. Im criticizing attacking him. Especially now. Are you even literate?

          • Rascal

            Nah man, I completely get what you are saying. It is the same thing I was saying in the aftermath of “hailgate”. Just shut up about it, ignore it, and ‘they’ couldn’t do it.

  • Rutger3

    Vox Day wrote a very good piece on why its idiotic to attack Milo:


  • You can’t warm your hands on this candle. The Milo takedown was orchestrated by a shadowy ad hoc group calling itself the Reagan Battalion. Basically they’re NeverTrumpers who like Marco Rubio. I’m serious.

  • Reagan Battalion:

    ‘A quick run back through the group’s posting history reveals that it backed Evan McMullin for president during last year’s election.’

    dailydot dot com /layer8/reagan-battalion-milo-yiannopoulos-never-trump/

  • Flack youe

    Milo was a first step. He infuriated leftists but paved the way. With him being taken down too soon, I fear a stronger white nationalist will not hit the mainstream. You have to crawl before you walk. You have to walk before you run. Say what you will about him but it’s true. We cheered him on knowing we wanted more. Side note: I have heard about the Jewish question and I agree, but to defend Palestinians is also sickening. They are Islamic muslims and I do not feel bad for them. Fk isreal/muslims, get that straight

  • Simon_in_London

    Well it’s been a learning experience for me. I now more than ever know not to leave my pre-adolescent son in the sole company of any male homosexual friends. That’s thanks to Milo, weirdly enough – he’s helped expose the true horror of male homosexuality that the media works so hard to normalise, that it’s routinely built on pederasty.

  • LeePefley

    I’ve been let to understand that the Jager-Fullerton Institute of Denver has developed a trans-racializing procedure that can reassign racial identities to fetuses under six weeks of development. A safe and relatively uncomplicated procedure, it had been expected to prove a highly popular treatment among some demographics; unfortunately, The American Association Of Basketball Coaches has so far been able to forestall commercial availability.