Large Immigrant Riots Break Out In Sweden

As if on cue, a riot has broken out in Sweden.

For the past two days, the fake news media has been scoffing at President Trump and pushing the Narrative that there is nothing going on in Sweden, and now the suburbs of Stockholm have mysteriously ignited in flames. As we saw here the other day, the very same people have been rioting in France too where Paris has been ablaze for over a week now.

Isn’t it amazing how that happens? This is why President Trump was right to call out the Lügenpresse. It is too politically correct to tell the truth. It reports fake news. See, for example, how it was wrong about the Brussels terrorist attack which President Trump predicted two months in advance. It was wrong about the election. Now it has been shown to be wrong again about Sweden!

Just look at these videos. Muslim refugees are rioting in the streets of Sweden and France. Meanwhile, we have the Democrats, the media and federal judges who are desperately trying to do everything in their power to prevent President Trump from doing his job and protecting the American people. They are trying to tie his hands in order to allow more of these people to come here.

They are making it out to be a crime against humanity to even suspend the refugee resettlement program for a few months to vet these people. It’s insane!

Update: Tucker Carlson had two segments tonight on the refugee crisis in Sweden:

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European Whites to Whites in America who are for White pride should go on the offensive demanding Arab nations open up to Christianity, Christian missions, to pushing Pro European values across the Western world. that would be for starters

I would not rule out bringing back colonialism. One of the failures of the Colonial Empires are they ended too soon.

I am bit tired of a defensive war.

Hall Monitor

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The smugness of Azita Raji is more infuriating than the topic being discussed. Drain the swamp and hang them all.

Hipster Racist
Trump struck a nerve when he talked about the “siren song of globalism.” The elites of the USA – both ((())) and White – are committed to a world wide globalism, which is itself a form of imperialism. They want to get rid of the historical American nation – i.e., White Americans – and replace them with a “diverse” population drawn from around the world They want to remake America – which was founded by White Nationalists as a White Nation – into a mini-earth with a population that reflects the rest of the world. That way, America can be… Read more »
Here’s the /legal/ definition of Genocide: “acts committed with intent to partially or wholly destroy a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group; also : the crime of committing such an act” Which obviously fits the NWO like a glove. And here’s the normie definition: “the deliberate killing of people who belong to a particular racial, political, or cultural group” Those are both Merriam-Webster. So as far as the idiot leftists and normies care or know, is they’re not KILLING people directly with bullets so it doesn’t exist. What we need is to get the legal definition to become the common… Read more »

The fact that the former US ambassador to Sweden is a stone-cold non-white Muslim woman tells you what Obama was doing behind the scenes.

Geert Wilders

The snake took hold of Scandinavia and those 5 countries are on their last breath! I hate to see Islam used by Kikes (Jews). Alt-right are you really fallen liberals? What is your platform on issues? It’s really not clear, what exactly are we joining? Articles, blogs, etc. I’m pretty sure you pissed away any chance at holding a congressional seat, less our society becomes awfully stupid in the years to come. I am never to under estimate creativity when in the right hands!

Obviously I cannot speak for every goy in the movement, but let me offer some genereal answers. The Alt-Right is composed of many “fallen” former members of mainstream parties and factions. Republicans, Democrats, liberals, Libertarians, and more have made their way to what is considered the Alt-Right. “Fallen” assumes we were once greater than we are now; we are greater now than ever before. Most people I am aware of made gradual political shifts to get here, often it took years, but even now we have people in the Alt-Right who voted for and supported Hillary Clinton in November of… Read more »
Sean Fielding

They call it Trump’s Luck, but is it Nostrotrumpus? Praise Kek.