Large Immigrant Riots Break Out In Sweden

As if on cue, a riot has broken out in Sweden.

For the past two days, the fake news media has been scoffing at President Trump and pushing the Narrative that there is nothing going on in Sweden, and now the suburbs of Stockholm have mysteriously ignited in flames. As we saw here the other day, the very same people have been rioting in France too where Paris has been ablaze for over a week now.

Isn’t it amazing how that happens? This is why President Trump was right to call out the Lügenpresse. It is too politically correct to tell the truth. It reports fake news. See, for example, how it was wrong about the Brussels terrorist attack which President Trump predicted two months in advance. It was wrong about the election. Now it has been shown to be wrong again about Sweden!

Just look at these videos. Muslim refugees are rioting in the streets of Sweden and France. Meanwhile, we have the Democrats, the media and federal judges who are desperately trying to do everything in their power to prevent President Trump from doing his job and protecting the American people. They are trying to tie his hands in order to allow more of these people to come here.

They are making it out to be a crime against humanity to even suspend the refugee resettlement program for a few months to vet these people. It’s insane!

Update: Tucker Carlson had two segments tonight on the refugee crisis in Sweden:

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