MILO Disinvited From CPAC

As I expected, we have more MILO and CPAC news:

Who could have ever predicted that?

I assumed the Dangerous Faggot would be disinvited by sundown. He was out before noon. It caps the quickest rise and fall since the Hindenburg.

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  • I think Milo is incredibly exciting, and can’t wait for Richard Spencer’s campus tour, very interesting to see the antifa reaction as well as student response. Also what he has to say. The whole muslim ban won’t go away I’ve predicted, things will only intensify greatly and they’re already brimming on being out of control. Trumps policies, I believe he has two major imperatives. The TPP (incorperate Taiwan) and the TTIP (sort out EU/Britain), then he can take it easy. The New Executive Order may be the straw that breaks the camels back as far as his reign goes. He won’t be impeached, they can’t catch him, I’m predicting an Alt Right mutiny obvious as this sounds.

  • Actually, the Hindenburg did last a year. It was on it’s second year of transatlantic service when it burned.

  • Ever since the liberals practically burned down half the UC Berkeley Campus to stop Milo from speaking he has shot into fame. The more resistance thrown at Milo the more he becomes famous.

    Berkeley home of the “Free Speech” movement that changed how that generation dealt with speech control showed extreme intolerance. They lost the moral high ground, shamed “liberal” Berkeley of her heritage as the bastian of Free speech and gave Milo unprecedented Media attention.

    I am not sure if Milo or people like Ann Coulter would significantly contribute to White Nationalism or American Nationalism but at the moment they are serving a purpose.

  • Let’s be honest: we totally underestimated the hysteria of the Left. After Texas A&M, Richard was planning a Uni tour of his own, but after the sucker punch, after the antifa shot the guts in Seattle, and after Berkeley, that has presumably dropped off the radar. And with good reason – the Left is inflaming matters enough with Trumpists like Milo; it makes no sense to dial it up with actual Alt Rightists at this time.

    On the plus side, the Left will continue to carry our water for us with crazed attacks and protests over everything to do with Trump.For example, all he has to do is carry on with the rallies, and that part of our work is done for us – the Left will find lots beside Milo to chimp out over. The summer could get interesting. On the downside, we remain largely an internet movement.

    We have bought some time. We must use it for quiet development in meatspace.

  • “Pedophilia” is pretty much the one thing held in worse repute than “racism.” If Milo is courageous enough to disregard the strong taboos against anything that could be construed as “pedophilic,” he should be man enough to disregard taboos surrounding “racism.”

    • Paedophilia is up there with rape and murder, and a crime worse than torturing animals. Look at how the media rightfully crucified Michael Vick for abusing dogs. Milo will have 10X as worse as Vick did.

      • No because Milo wasn’t caught with a 13 year old in bed.

        But this is bad for him. Breitbart will likely boot him.

        But fuck him. He posted a video on Facebook where he alleges to have “exposed” three “pedophiles,” one of whom have claims to be a “white nationalist.”

        How is it relevant whether the alleged pedo he exposed is a WN? He only said that to smear us and make himself look good. Fuck him.

        • “No because Milo wasn’t caught with a 13 year old in bed.”

          Yet. Milo is constantly touring the country, drinking, snorting coke, and fucking other fags. I will bet 6 million New Israeli Shekels that there are a few under 18 fags in the woodwork that will come out now and put the nail in Milo’s coffin.

          And Yes, Fuck Milo. He compared Richard Spencer to Jesse Jackson.

    • Not to leftists. Racism by whites is always the worst sin, even worse than murder and pedophilia.

      They’re only attacking Milo because of his loose association with Trump and Alt Right, remember that.

      Lena Dunham is an admitted INCESTUOUS PEDOPHILE, and she’s still a big star.

  • Stick a fork in the Alt Lite! As Spencer said, the Alt Lite unleashed a firing squad on him for raising a glass and saying Hail Trump, but equivocates and waffles on Milo’s paedophilia.

    Cernovich: Its the fault of the Deep State, Egg McMuffin took out Milo!

    PJW: Mainstream Meteor ignores Rotherham but lynches innocent Milo!

    • The Alt-Lite are hypocrites and cowards who would rather associate with a pedophilia praising jewish homosexual than a white man defending his race.

      Just like conservatives prided themselves on being “principled” and then sold out to Hillary when Trump came along, the Alt-Lite backstabbed the Alt-Right when we gave a Trump toast and are now defending the degenerate pederast Milo. How pathetic.

      The good news is that the Alt-Lite is digging its own gave by siding with Milo just like NeverTrumpers did by siding with Hillary. The AltRight Rises

      • Exactly, and idiots claiming we shouldn’t punch Right and attack Milo miss the point.

        The Alt Lite is now the Titanic. They are going down. The Alt Right now gets to occupy the space Breitbart occupied as the Opposition Right. The Alt Lite was jockeying to do that, that’s why ALL OF THEM (Cernovich, PJW, Vox, Mitchell, etc) immediately condemned Spencer after Heilgate.

        Well, Karma’s a bitch now Alt Lite, were still standing. You called us Nazis, everyone calls us Nazis, were still here. You, Alt Lite, OTH, are done. No one likes Paedos.

        • “…punch Right and attack Milo…”

          To whose right does Milo stand? He’s a sodomite jew drag-queen who loves black dick. There’s nothing “conservative” about him. He’s gaslighting these rubes. He IS the cancer. He is an SJW shill. He’s not a “cultural libertarian”, he’s a LIBERTINE. Did you ever think his defense of free speech might just be a kind of rear-guard defensive maneuver to prevent conservatives/traditionalists from taking control of the parameters of acceptable discourse? He gained a substantial following, and one of the first things he did was start pushing the “white identity politics is not the way to go” meme. The sooner this guy dies of AIDS, the better.

          It is bizarre though, that the left and the “mainstream” right are all perpetuating this preposterous notion that Milo is a “Nazi”. Are they trying to keep all attention and publicity off the likes of Spencer? Why doesn’t that Felarca psycho attack Richard? Are they trying to normalize the idea that anyone who even utters the words “free speech”, no matter how much of a degenerate queer that person is, is now a “Nazi” “fascist”? Seems to make sense. Anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with their revolutionary SJW Marxism is a legitimate target for violence.

          • He’s not a “cultural libertarian”, he’s a LIBERTINE.

            What did you think “cultural libertarian” ever meant? It’s libertarianism without the economics, or philosophy, or principles.

    • I also noticed that PJW and InfoWars in general was pretty quiet about Rotherham and the issues of non-white aggression in general until their audience started holding their feet to the fire. While Rotherham was unfolding InfoWars was pimping for proto-BLM burning down Missouri and handing out free guns to rioters.

      This whole “right-wing” pose currently being struck is entirely them getting out in front of a market trend which was caused by us in the first place. Of course they are hostile. They’d rather be telling everyone how True Conservatism is realizing the vision of Leon Trotsky but they can’t do that anymore.

      • PJW is a fraud. He called Trump a plant to ensure a Hillary victory in Summer 2015, when he was shilling hard for Rand Paul.

  • lol wow that escalated quickly.

    I’m having fun watching Vox Day vainly attempt to try to defend this sick piece of shit.

    • Fuck these Alt Lite bastards. They panicked and virtue signalled when Richard said Hail Trump and raised a glass.

      Would you rather be associated with a Nazi or a Paedo now?

      • The mind-f**K the jews have pulled on the world is simply staggering, isn’t it? In the public mind, white men who express kinship loyalty are on a comparable plane to men who molest children. The most honorable, truthful, courageous, creative, inventive, industrious demographic on the planet is reduced to the level of child-rapists.

    • Idiot logic on full display: Milo dislikes Islam and SJWs(A). I dislike Islam and SJWs(B). I’m the same as Milo and he should represent my views(A≠B)

    • I’ll have to check that out. I can’t imagine anyone has a legitimate defense for pederasty. Cernovich just talks a bunch of nonsense about a conspiracy of the deep state. LOL!

      Milo got too degenerate for his own good. He thought he could say anything and get away with it. Nope!

      Only thing about this whole thing, is it’s really a hit by #NeverTrump cucks. They really don’t care about Milo. Wouldn’t surprise me if half of NRO are pedos. They’re mainly using Milo to attack Trump and Alt Right.

    • Of course he would defend him, he runs a book publishing outfit. A butt-ton of people pre-ordered Dangerous on Amazon, do the math…

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