Milo and Cognitive Dissonance

The big news, not just in the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right but everywhere (including Mongolia), is the Milo Yiannopoulos Paedophilia Scandal.

This is yet another example of the “tyranny of words,” where a public figure is expected to have a flawless record of statements that all line up with a consistent moral position, even when many of those statements are made in fast-flowing conversations, reacting instantly to other people, with shifting perspectives and changing levels of irony. As Cardinal  Richelieu once said, “If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.” Nowadays when “they” want to gun for you, they have your whole online history to construct their nooses from.

I’m not too concerned about the precise details of what Milo may or may not have said, implied, hinted at—or even what he may have done. Honestly, that is a form of trainspotting. The guy is a popular, flamboyant homosexual, and I’ve had him tagged as that from the beginning. And like anyone of that sort, a little digging will normally turn up some pretty interesting and disgusting dirt. Those who weren’t born yesterday all get that. Never mind skeletons in the cupboard, I’m pretty confident his cupboard is like the closet out of The Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe with a boneyard where Narnia should be.

But what made Milo interesting for us on the Alt-Right, who always kept a healthy tactical distance, were two things: (1) he revealed how far someone could go with “gay privilege,” and (2) he did this by turning it to “politically incorrect” ends.

Couching hard-hitting viewpoints on Islam, SJWs, and feminists with exclamations of how much he loved Black cock got him pretty far. By Odin! Was it really that simple? Who knew you could get away with saying all these right-wing things just by being, well, such a “flagrant fag”? Although, we kind of suspected…

I for one was not at all surprised, as I had seen similar things in the past. Back when the BNP were making breakthroughs in the UK, it was called “cognitive dissonance.” I remember the BNP using it to get their message across. Having a right-wing message spouted by an obviously right-wing type simply limits its effectiveness, because, just by looking at the speaker, people have already decided roughly what he is going to say and are already offsetting for it and resisting it. But what if you get someone—a woman, a gay, even an ethnic—to say the same things? Then, of course you present the audience with a cognitive dissonance, which they feel driven to resolve by taking the message “on board.”

In short:

“Why on earth would someone like that (who should be an SJW, advocate for mass immigration, etc.) be saying those things? I’d better listen and find out.”

This is why Milo has been so effective.

This cognitive dissonance was also the thing that got under the skin of the Left so much. This was because they couldn’t help feeling that Milo, as a rampant homosexual, should be on their team. Their hatred for Milo has clear affinities with 1930s anti-Semitism, a form of hatred that was partly powered by the fact that Jews were enough like Germans that the fact of their difference added its own virulence to the distaste felt for them as the mere “Other.”

While the Left soon found that they couldn’t stand him, more generally his homosexuality opened a lot of doors for him, especially with conservatives keen to show they weren’t quite so stuffy. This is basically what generated the invitation (since rescinded) to speak at C-PAC.

One topic that a straight person would have to be extremely wary of touching is homosexuality, but Milo, fortified with his gay privilege, was increasingly challenging the Left in this area too. Recently he made statements on mainstream TV shows, including his recent spot on Bill Maher’s show, saying that homosexuality was linked to pederasty and that he would be happy to be “cured” as he couldn’t have children as a gay person.

Although he always took care to make sure that he didn’t sound pitiable when he went down this road, basically:

“I have a fabulous time being gay, but I know all its flaws, dahling!”

It was in this context that he was prepared to discuss his own homosexualization as a teenage boy by older men, leading to the discussions that were then mined for quotes to suggest that he was advocating pedophilia.

The worst that can be said about Milo is that he has “mixed feelings” about inter-generational relationships between mature men and teenage boys. Essentially that would be the real position of practically any gay man, although some of them might regard it as impolitic to admit it publicly. Instead, they prefer to trot out the myth that homosexuality is something that comes fully formed into the world as soon as someone passes the age of consent and is entirely equivalent with normal sex.

As I said above, everything that you are now hearing about Milo—even if it comes out that he has buggered actual children and family pets—is not news to us in the Alt-Right. We will not be surprised by any of it. We always knew Milo was Milo, and recognized the weird power this gave him in our degenerate society. The only thing of real interest to me is: What does the existence of the scandal itself signify? There is, at any given time, enormous amounts of scandal material extending in all directions, but not all of it becomes scandal. The question therefore is always: Why thisscandal now?

There are two possibilities. The first is that what we are seeing here is a Leftist defensive action against one of the most effective anti-Left and more recently anti-gay-privilege weapons. The second is that it represents a long overdue attack on—or downgrading of—homosexual privilege.

Let’s be clear, homosexuality is a swamp waiting to be drained. It is something that requires a strong critique and a lot of moral input from the rest of society, something that has been absent for decades now. Gay networks operate with comparative impunity and exert a disproportionate amount of influence on society. Therefore a campaign to end to gay privilege—essentially the cucked attitude where society lets them get away with things straight people would be hung out to dry for—is much to be desired and something that we should fully support.

Given the fact that no one is as well equipped as Milo to launch such a campaign, it is worrying to see Milo attacked for being what all of us always knew him to be. This looks suspiciously like the Left rallying to shut down the one person best able to shine a light on the dark side of homosexuality. If, however, Milo’s defenestration represents a growing intolerance for gay privilege, then this may just another sign of the world moving in an alt-right direction.

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  • Republican Yankee

    You mean Anglin’s Republicans.
    The Daily Stormer is America’s Number One Republican Website!

    • Number #1 Wall Street Journal fansite. Try to keep up.

  • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    Their hatred for Milo has clear affinities with 1930s anti-Semitism, a form of hatred that was partly powered by the fact that Jews were enough like Germans that the fact of their difference added its own virulence to the distaste felt for them as the mere “Other.”

    Just like Colin to allow some flagrantly eccentric psychological speculation to infect an otherwise cogent argument.

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA
      • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

        That was probably in Poland (and I can’t condone that kind of mockery, although I don’t know the context – maybe the yid was being particularly uncooperative).

        Obviously huge numbers of German Jews really were assimilated into German culture, just as they are today into American culture. Colin’s weird assertion is that this made Germans hate them all the more.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          the “assimilated” ones caused the most trouble in Germany, just as they do today in the West

          Assimilation isn’t real…if you parse a culture through a different underlying biological substrate… it comes out different, twisted.

          • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            Well, there’s probably something to that thesis, but I’m using the term lightly, in the everyday sense, such as when you meet someone you recognize as being from a different background but still regard him as a cultural “insider.”

        • A. Alexander Minsky

          I’m inclined to think that if “the was yid being particularly uncooperative” he would have been shot, not mocked for his paysees. I am heartened to read that you don’t condone that sort of bullying, even if you would like to familiarize yourself with the larger context.

          • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            It’s a pity you don’t share my fondness for context, otherwise you might consider the context in which I’m posting (and attempting to be persuasive) before taking a poke at me.

            Going back to the pic, the yid might well have been mocked as a prelude to being shot (was that an army (“Heer”) uniform? I don’t think the army engaged in killing civilians – that was an SS/Einsatzgruppen specialty), but if he wasn’t being gratuitously mocked then I still say that’s a plus!

            Remember, my folks didn’t fare that much better than the yids, so if you find any pics of serbs or greeks being mocked/shot by nazi troops, I promise I’ll laugh at any snide remarks you make. There’s hardly anything about WWII that doesn’t disgust me (on both sides), so laughter is often the best medicine.

          • fnd111

            Indeed. There were no “winners.” +FD

        • A hymn to Hermes

          I don’t think this thesis of Jewish assimilation into German culture is actually accurate. It seems to be the case that they adopted some German affectation but still kept their communities almost wholly separate. The ease with which NSDAP was able to remove them from Germany was due to the fact that virtually no German had any relationship with any Jew which wasn’t purely professional. Comparatively the eugenics policy which mandated the euthanization of defectives was quickly shitcanned because of public uproar. A larger swath of German society had personal relationships with retards than Jews (who were about 1 in every 200 people in the country).

          The kinds of social intermingling of Jew and gentile in America does not seem to have been all that prevalent in Germany. The real test of “assimilation” really lies in the degree to which the group in question actually associates with the dominant culture on an interpersonal level. Jews were assimilated in a similar fashion to the way many Muslims in Europe are assimilated. They wear t-shirts and jeans and eat fast food. The assimilation of Jews as a group into German society seems to have been almost as superficial. They partook of and contributed to a shared cultural product but were not a part of the lives of very many Germans. That isn’t assimilation, its’ crypsis or shopping or something. I think if this weren’t the case Hitler would have been a lot less popular, and he was acutely concerned with being loved by Germans and sensitive to populist will.

          • silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            I don’t disagree with any of that. I guess we just have different conceptions of what assimilation truly entails. Personally, I’ve never used it to me that people of the ‘parent’ of group come to regard the assimilated group as undifferentiated members of their own group. In my conception, a group can become assimilated into a certain culture and yet still maintain a somewhat separate identity – not because the two groups hate each other or constantly find each other at loggerheads or anything like that. The relationship needn’t by marked by any negative experience at all. It’s just enough that members of the respective groups find that, despite all the assimilation, they still prefer to associate with members of their own groups than with members of the other group.

            Jews are quite notorious in history for walling themselves off like this. Even if they could – if they had the ability – to associate with members of the host group in a way that would put host group members at complete ease, that would make them feel that they’re dealing with a cultural familiar rather than with a cultural alien, Jews tend to nonetheless stick to their own group. I’m quite sure that Germans, to a less marked extent, behaved much the same way.

            If people want to claim that what I have described here can in no sense be called ‘assimilation’, then fine, I’ll retract it. But what you don’t get to do is claim that Jews, either in Weimar Germany or in contemporary America, are such complete and utter cultural outsiders that no German or American could possibly associate with one and not feel the full force of cultural alienness blast them in the face. That would be complete bullshit.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            Appropriation in a total sense. When blacks whine about a white singer imitating a black sounding inflection. The story is only partly told.

            The coon is using English for fucks sake! European music notation, European designed instruments, electricity and a theater system or recording tech.

            The Jews appropriated Germany.

        • Captain John Charity Spring MA

          No they weren’t.

  • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

    Homosexual individuals have existed forever, and I don’t have too much of an issue with a homosexual who keeps his or her sex life private. I was thinking about this a few weeks ago, and I came to the realization that, apart from the disgusting nature of Organized Homosexuality’s demonstrations of “pride” (the fact that virtually not a single “Pride” event is family-friendly or dignified speaks volumes), I don’t think that distinct minorities should always be trumpeting their status as being distinct from the majority. It’s a poke in the eye, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the 20th century, it’s that identity politics ARE a zero-sum game.

    Milo has termed himself a “faggot”, and (unfortunately) the moniker fits. I have a number of homosexual friends who, while leftist, are not flaming caricatures. I suspect that if the “Pride” matches were composed of civil men in suits, the Right would be far more sympathetic to them.

    • Jarod

      You so hardcore bro. Tell me more about your global ambitions.

      • john_mcclane_2094

        To secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

      • Abcdedcba

        He really is too hardcore for cucks like me.

        All hail our future Führer, (((john_mcclane_2094)))

      • Fiat is theft-end the Fed

        He is not wrong. It happens like clockwork on a historical timeline. Just like how every so often a tribe of whites gets agitated enough to become socially cohesive enough to go on a global warpath.

    • Hard core anti-gay rhetoric is interesting because deeply closeted gays are indistinguishable from non-gays. Obviously they should keep their sexual practices to themselves and not be permitted to normalize homosexuality. I don’t get too upset about gays as long as they stay closeted. Gays have existed forever and they always will. As long as they are closeted and productive members of society, I am happy to ignore them.

      • Vukolik

        Their sexuality is not the problem, but the degenerate culture that was created around it. Alexander the Great had a homosexual relationship yet he is worshipped as a hero and a symbol of the west. If gays can be productive members of the society, then their sexuality shouldn’t be a problem.

        • Alex Harris

          The degenerate, perverse, sado-masochistic culture is an inevitability once you start mingling your semen with another man’s feces. Like it or not, we live in a world affected by spiritual forces. (This is coming from someone who was an atheist for quite a while.) The sexual act is meant to create new life. It is a sacred act. Semen is the creative male life-force. Clearly, the rectum and its contents represent the profane and the unclean. Human actions have meaning, and they have moral, psychological, and spiritual consequences. Co-mingling the sacred and the profane in this way is like taking one of the most precious substances on Earth, and well, literally mixing it with s**t. It is wasting the male creative potential in the most flagrant and vile way. Also, on a psychological level, it rewires the brain to associate pleasure with s**t. Couple that with the libidinousness of homosexual men, i.e. their lack of sexual restraint and self control, and you have a further lowering of their spiritual state. Oh, and for the “catcher”, it is a feminizing act, so that screws up the brain’s wiring too. Basically, the whole affair is “Satanic”. An inversion and perversion of, and a flagrant “F-YOU” to Nature. When you start engaging in a “Satanic” sex-act, you open up your mind and spirit to the darkness. Pretty soon you’re doing S&M, orgies, pedophilia… I won’t use my imagination any more than that.

          • J. Powers

            So… what would you say about gay men who don’t engage in anal sex; those who find it disgusting and unnatural? I guess you’d say the same things but without all the “s**t” references? All the anti-gay tirades I hear/read from the Alt-Right seem to be against anal sex rather than same-sex attraction as such. The two are not synonymous.

          • Alex Harris

            Maybe there are degrees of “bad”, but bad is still bad. They should go back in the closet, act like normal people in public, and stay well clear of our sons. Or else.

      • Crud Bonemeal

        If they were closeted we wouldn’t know about them, so we wouldn’t have an opinion

        Especially since it’s the internet where you can hide your personal info very easily

        Yet somehow they always have to tell us.. or make it obvious

    • A. Alexander Minsky

      I wouldn’t be so sure, CPAC never invited any of the suit clad functionaries associated with the Log Cabin Republicans to keynote one of their conferences. I tend to wonder if some movement conservative types weren’t fond of Milo because he enraged the left while reinforcing some of the most stereotypical ideas about the lives and behaviors of gay men. There were times when viewing a Milo speech, when I felt as if though I was watching a Twenty First century minstrel show.

    • Sean Fielding

      Very strange for a White Nationalist to have a number of homosexual leftist friends. We all have some baggage to jettison, but that’s a caravan full.

      • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

        You try going to college and medical school in the 21st century and getting by without encountering any homosexuals who happen to be likable people. Good luck with that.

        • Sean Fielding

          Even in the 20th century I encountered several. But none were friends.

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            Two are guys who came out years after I’d made their acquaintance. The couple of others are decent people who just happen to be homosexual. If I discovered that one of my friends were a schizophrenic or suffered from bipolar disorder, I wouldn’t jettison that “baggage” either.

          • Alex Harris

            Look, we really need to start thinking about adopting a healthy morality again if we are going to save ourselves and end the insanity we see growing all around us. “Decent people who just happen to be homosexual”? Well, they’ve already got one fairly sizeable strike against them in the “decency” category, now don’t they? Get your head straight, man. That one “decent” homosexual friend you have is in a monogamous relationship. The other “decent” homosexual friend you have presents well in public, but f***s a new guy every night of the week. Those ones lower your aversion to homosexuality, then you start giving flamboyant jackasses like MILO a pass. How many degrees of Kevin Bacon are we removed from “bug-chasers” and pedophiles now?

            Frankly, if I were going to spend any time around someone I knew was homosexual, they had better be deeply and discretely in the closet, and they better have some serious redeeming qualities. For example, I think Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents is homosexual. (Not 100% sure.) But he’s an incredibly interesting intellectual and a WN leader. I would be willing to hang around someone of that stature. Just not too long or too often…

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            To be clear, as far as society is concerned, I’m not in favor of “normalizing” to the point of institutionalized same-sex marriage. But the fact is that homosexuality is a variant that’s been present to varying degrees for thousands of not millions of years. It’s a pathology, but that doesn’t make homosexuals intrinsically bad people.

          • Alex Harris

            Homosexuality is an intrinsically bad trait. It is objectively unfavorable. It is bad enough, that I would say a homosexual would have to be some sort of hero with respect to his redeeming qualities, just to bring himself up to the level of your average Joe Schmoe heterosexual family man. We can agree to disagree, if you like.

  • Nothing_Much

    It’s pretty simple to determine the faggot/conditioned homos from the biological/genetic homos.

    If you’re a man and you’re attracted to femininity, you’re straight, but if you choose to go out with a conditioned homosexual (feminine types), you’re choosing to be gay. These types are the ones with a mental illness and it’s just downright disturbing, especially with those weird fetishes that exist today in the gay community.

    If you’re a man and you’re attracted to masculinity, you are gay and just keep that garbage in the closet, please. Understand you’re a minority and ALWAYS will be. Most of the time people won’t bat an eye when you’re just being yourself, but know that your condition is abnormal and will be rejected by the rest of society, all societies. These homosexuals aren’t the ones that vote for degeneracy and dependency, nor are they conditioned by society, they have a physical attraction to other men and don’t have a mental illness.

    Conservative (biological) homosexuals know and understand this, but they’re the 1% minority whereas the other 4% of them I strongly believe are the ones that are conditioned through cultural marxism and it’s quite disturbing. You notice most of those femmy types seem to go out with other femmy types opposed to other masculine types of men.

    That’s a hypothesis of mine, but after my experience with these anecdotes, the more I would believe it to be true.

    • Mark Thomas

      My experience is that homosexuality is not genetic at all. A predominant homosexual orientation is created in the first few years of life by an overly strong and abusive mother and an absent or weak father. It’s also caused by early age sexual abuse. That’s what causes the kind who will always have the condition.

      Now that society has degenerated, we’re also seeing guys who are predominantly straight but who also will accept some homosexual contact as long as it doesn’t carry a large social cost.

      Ask any “gay” guy in an honest situation and they’ll always tell you about their weird and chaotic childhoods.

      “Gay” is not a problem. It’s a symptom. The damage is not so much caused by the behavior. The damage is caused by the philosophy that equates butt fucking with natural sex. Straight society accepts the ideology of butt fucking only because the whole society is screwed up, or as a young friend put it, “Everyone is screwed up these days.” Straight people know they can’t truly criticize the “gays” while they’re not much better.

      • Alex Harris

        “Straight people know they can’t truly criticize the ‘gays’ while they’re not much better.”

        As they say; REPENT.

        Even if you’re not Christian. Do it anyway. Clean up your behavior, your language, give up porn, degenerate movies and music, develop self-discipline by denying your desires and urges.

  • Sean Fielding

    Suppose you are right, Colin and the two possible explanations for the timing are a Leftist (cucks count as Leftists) pre-emptive action against Milo initiating a draining of the homo swamp, versus shift of the Overton window against homosexual privilege.

    Since Milo originates in and represents groups that have never condemned homosexuality (Jews, leftists, fags themselves, the Alt Lite, realpolitik practitioners at Breitbart and Trump circles), and since he readily condemns the one group that has a meaningful debate on faggotry but is unfortunately riven by it (the Alt Right, Christ-cucks having largely retreated on the issue), what the hell do you think the answer is?

    • Saxon

      Could it be the left’s own problem with paedos (Podesta)? We had the high moral ground…until now.

      • Alex Harris

        Speaking of cognitive dissonance… The left totally swept the Pizzagate thing under the rug.
        Photos of confused, scared looking pre-pubescent children with their hands taped down to a table; “Conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory! You’re imagining things! Nothing to see here!” Nobody has been prosecuted. Megyn Kelly had that Alefantis creep on her show so he could offer “his side of the story”. Nobody took a fall. Yet MILO simply blurts out something everyone tacitly understood, and he is crucified. For a lesser version of the same crimes the left is guilty of. Only months after the Pizzagate scandal broke. The left gets a scalp, the right gets jack s**t. Funny how that works.

        • Saxon

          Funny thing is, you want to ask when females fool around? It’s probably quite a bit younger than 16. Doctors and Nurses anyone?

    • john_mcclane_2094

      “the Alt Right, Christ-cucks having largely retreated on the issue”

      Did you just say that Alt-Right Christians retreated on the issue of faggotry?

      We’re the ones who demand that faggots be executed or sent to mental institutions.

      Get your facts straight.

      • Sean Fielding

        You’re right – it’s not clear. Even a semi-colon would have made a difference: ‘the one group that has a meaningful debate on faggotry is the Alt Right; Christ-cucks having largely retreated on the issue.’

        In other words, the Alt Right is the one group that has a meaningful debate on faggotry (and sure, Alt Right Christians are squarely against it), but normie Christ-cucks have largely retreated on the issue.

        • john_mcclane_2094

          Sorry about that, brother. — I see what you’re saying.

          And, you’re right. — Most of these modern, leftist-infiltrated, Jew-worshiping churches have completely cucked on faggotry. — Just as they’ve cucked on the rest of the Bible.

          The easiest way to wake Christians up is to make them read their Bible instead of listening to their milquetoast pastor.

          “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

          — Leviticus 20:13

          • Abcdedcba

            Lol. There’s nothing Christian about you. Stop LARPng.

          • You know what’s interesting about Leviticus? It was written by Jews, just like literally the entire bible is written by Jews.

            Furthermore, you, since you are a Christian, are literally worshipping a Jew.

            You are the actual problem.

          • Deplorable Alt-Right

            Well lookee here, a kiketalking kike!

          • Always amazing how American Alt-Rightists seem to think that when people ask them to stop worshipping the Jew on a cross, that this simple request is somehow magically a sign of the person making the request being in on some kind of Jewish plot.

            How actually dumb is that? Things like that are why we had to come and hit you at Pearl Harbour in 1941.

          • Deplorable Alt-Right

            Jesus was not a jew you lying kike.


            Do you guys from the Jewish Internet Defence Force have anything better to do than run around in the comments sections of various websites defending Jesus of Nazareth and and accusing your opponents of being the Jews which you in fact are?

            At Majorityrights dot com we do an ethno-nationalist podcast, if you have a problem with me you can always come on the show and get humiliated by me. I’ll debate random nameless persons, so tell me if you are up for that.

          • Deplorable Alt-Right

            Jesus was not a jew.

            You capitalize ‘Jew’. They don’t deserve that level of respect.

            Ergo you are a lying fucking kike.

          • In fact, Jesus was totally a Jew. Here’s a funny meme about that because I don’t even need to make an intellectual argument to demonstrate something that is so fucking obvious:


            I capitalise the first letter in the word ‘Jew’, because that is how you are supposed to write in English, proper nouns are supposed to be capitalised. That doesn’t mean that I respect anyone. After all, I capitalise your handle, Mister Deplorable, but that doesn’t mean that I respect you.

            I look forward to your next response, we could keep this back-and-forth going for months because I will continue to respond to you in increasingly infuriating ways until you give up.

          • Deplorable Alt-Right

            Normally the only people who say Jesus was a jew are kikes. And so do you.

            And they are they most rabid about destroying Christianity. And so are you.

            Which makes you…?

          • Which makes you…?

            It makes me basically a person who doesn’t believe in your god, I guess?

            Keep crying because I won’t worship your Jewish god ever, but also keep responding to me while you are crying about it, because this is really fun and I’m 100% sure that you are just the Jewish Internet Defence Force trying to troll me because you are pissed off at me.

            I’m going to keep tying up your resources whenever you respond to me. My next question is: How much do they pay you per hour in Netanyahu’s anonymous troll bunker?

          • Deplorable Alt-Right

            Whats funny is I only ever see kikes claiming “Jesus was a Jew”. You are obviously the lone exception then?

          • Well, that’s not my problem. Maybe you are literally living in Israel.

            Out here in the rest of the world, particularly in Central, East, and South Asia, as well as in most of Western Europe, everyone knows that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. It’s completely obvious to everyone. That’s why your script is not going to work on anyone, other than perhaps the idiotic Americans.

            The only real question is why it is that certain people (eg, you) posing as ‘right-wing nationalists’ keep insisting that everyone has to worship a literal Jew and accept that Jew’s literally Jewish world view, and why they insist on going around trying to browbeat people in comments sections of various websites whenever they find that people are not going along with it.

            It’s also funny that when I am essentially echoing the views of Martin Bormann, you find that to be ‘weird’. Here’s a quote from that guy:

            Martin Bormann, 30 Nov 1944 wrote (emphasis added):

            Everywhere they [the Jewish lobby] have stirred up the lower classes against the ruling classes. Everywhere they have fostered discontent against the established power. For these are the seeds which produce the crop they hope later to gather.

            Everywhere they fan the flames of hatred between peoples of the same blood. It is they who invented class-warfare, and the repudiation of this theory must therefore always be an anti-Jewish measure. In the same way, any doctrine which is anti-Communist, any doctrine which is anti-Christian must, ipso facto, be anti-Jewish as well.

            The National Socialist doctrine is therefore anti-Jewish in excelsis, for it is both anti-Communist and anti-Christian. National Socialism is solid to the core, and the whole of its strength is concentrated against the Jews, even in matters which appear to have a purely social aspect and are designed for the furtherance of the social amenities of our own people.

            Bormann was correct of course.

            Your move, Mister fake-nationalist troll with the hidden comment history.

      • Lurker

        Who’s “we”? Who is out there with a real world presence advocating that? As far as I can see, a bunch of sock accounts online might be but they’re constantly being shutdown and do not have anywhere near the reach of a public figure like Milo.

        • by “we” he means himself and his fellow Joshua Goldberg internet trolls.

          • Lurker

            My view on all this is we need to not punch right or left. We can have people in our movement advocating for our core issue of immigration restriction with some being extreme right-wingers (i.e., Anglin, TRS, etc.) and others being basic bitch civic nationalists (i.e., Paul Joseph Watson, Milo, etc.).
            It’s a complete waste of energy going on purity spirals trying to purge people who are not as extreme as or more extreme than you. The Left never does this. They stay focused on destroying the Right. We need to be like that with staying focused on destroying the Left and leave the infighting until after we achieve total victory.

          • If the Joshua Goldberg set didn’t spend the vast majority of their time attacking pro-White figures and purity spiraling, I don’t think anyone would care. No one complained when they were trolling anti-Whites. Then they decided what they really wanted to do is to is “punch to the White” and that is what they have been doing for the last two years.

            There is nothing “extreme right wing” about internet trolls posting anime. They are not fundamentally “extreme right” because they are not fundamentally serious. They are just jokers. So “attacking” them (really simply pointing out their idiocy) is not “punching to the right” because nothing about them is actually “right.”

            In this very thread you see the same cast of trolls attacking the author – they do this constantly.

          • Lurker

            Who is Joshua Goldberg?
            My strategy is to just ignore them. They’re not worth the energy to even fight.

          • Joshua Goldberg was a writer for the (((Daily Stormer))) and a certain other (((site))) but was busted by the FBI for posing as an “ISIS sympathizer” and trying to arrange a terrorist attack. We found out that not only was he Jewish, his various “Muslim” and “neo-Nazi” characters were being given publicity by SITE Intel, an Israeli outfit that “exposes” “neo-Nazis and Islamic extremists.”

            Which should have surprised no one. Goldberg was running half of the “neo-Nazi” subs on reddit and was a favored writer at the (((Daily Stormer.)))

            I’m all for ignoring the kiddie trolls and letting them do their thing – but they won’t stick to what they do best – they are constantly attacking serious pro-White people and always trying to drag down serious pro-White properties with their Hitler anime gimmicks.

            Look at what happened to Radix. It was a serious website full of intelligent comments, until the “Hailgate” set-up – then it was invaded by (((Daily Stormer))) trolls posting anime memes and otherwise attempting to turn it into yet another 4chan circle jerk. (((Daily Stormer))) even sent out their employees to “protest” at Spencer’s speeches, where they would jump in front of the Jewsmedia cameras, give “Hitler salutes” and “deny the Holocaust” on cue – as if they were reading from a Steven Spielberg script.

            I say let the trolls troll the media – good for them. But they spend most of their time trolling pro-White people who don’t want to play-act as (((Hollywood Nazis))) – that’s the problem.

          • Lurker

            I used to be a critic of yours but I’m starting to come around to your point of view.
            I remember Goldberg now. Yes, I agree that we need to be careful and intentional provocation for its own sake is ultimately a dead end if there is no associated substance of value.
            On a slightly related note, have you been following the HWNDU trolling by pol with channers appearing on camera? It appears that the “Aryan fascists” mostly consist of mixed-race people and Asians. LOL!

          • ” It appears that the “Aryan fascists” mostly consist of mixed-race people and Asians. LOL!”

            Yeah that doesn’t really surprise me. I’m not sure what “HWNDU” is but I did see that camera set up in Manhattan and how it was constantly trolled by Asians and Indians making 4chan memes for the live feed. It was mildly amusing.

          • Lurker

            Yes, I got a big kick out of it but it was an eye-opener for me to see that a lot of the people who hold themselves out to be serious “fascists” and “national socialists” online who talk about exterminating all Jews and blacks are actually not even White.

  • Sean Fielding

    Longstanding movement drama; don’t take any one guy’s word, including mine. Colin has made many excellent contributions but is quite weak on 88 and slightly weak on the JQ. He has a longstanding feud with Anglin and has often suggested Anglin is a plant, which is indeed a serious charge. Colin seems adequately strong against faggotry.

    • Saxon

      I may be wrong, did counter-currents ban Colin? I just don’t get all this infighting. I’ve made a few comments on that website, harmless enough, but they weren’t published. It’s like no-one can handle anything that isn’t 100% toeing the line. This is all so ridiculous. And paranoid.

      • Sean Fielding

        Yep, C-c banned Liddell over his statements on the Peinovich dox. And that was round 2 of a fight that broke out years ago when Colin was condemning 88 sympathies. In between there was a rapprochement. Fuck, I’ve been in this thing a long time.

        On the one hand, many like to condemn movement drama. On the other hand, it’s still ‘too early to start shooting the bastards’ – too early for much direct action – (hell, it turned out not even to be too late to vote, which basically none of us predicted), so meanwhile we have to have something to do.

        And some who condemn movement drama vociferously do the most to stir it up. It’s in their, shall we say, feminine personalities.

        • Saxon

          Ok. I’ve believed what I do for a long time now, but I’ve only recently waded into online discussions or even found them! It has made my head spin. It’s all quoting philosophers or tearing each other down. No healthy debate at all. What about all us norms? I don’t really understand what you are saying. Apologies. I’m not condemning anything, just don’t get it.

          • I’ve only been redpilled for a few years and the infighting among pro-White people was very discouraging for me. Don’t let it get you down. It helps to find a forum or publication that aligns with your ideas, where you can hang out. My mother ship is TRS.

          • Saxon

            Thanks Mary.

          • Kameron_Iron


    • Abcdedcba

      Anglin clearly is a plant meant to make right-wingers look crazy and cruel.

      Admittedly, the DS does post amusing and informative content; it’s just necessary to take it with a very large dose of salt.

      • Alex Harris

        In terms of a news aggregation site from a pro-white perspective, it seems to be one of the best, if not the best. And honestly, if Anglin and DS are “plants”, then the government is kinda shooting itself in the foot, because there is way too much true, accurate, and consistently on-point information coming from that site. His trolling and taboo-breaking humor could be effective on some, repellent to others. He certainly gives the SPLC a lot of ammunition, but then again, does that really matter? Don’t they have the Council of Conservative Citizens and some Christian family groups listed as “hate groups”?

        I don’t think Anglin writes a lot of the material that gets attributed to him though. Sometimes the breadth of knowledge and insight is too much for me to believe it is coming from that guy.

    • Mailinated

      >but is quite weak on 88

      The “88” is not a necessary part of the altright.

      • Sean Fielding

        88 is necessary for our major intellectuals, though not for all our activists. It is impossible for an intellectual interested in the broad sweep of history to fail to see the significance of the West going so astray in failing to steer a pro-White, pro-Western course during the rise and fall of the 3rd Reich.

        That has enormous ramifications to this day, from the obvious moral disarmament of Germany in defending its own people from rape and slow civil war, to less obvious aspects like why Sweden is the most cucked of the ‘Nordic Five’: because it was neutral in the war.

        • Mailinated

          88 is the intellectual wing… Get the fuck outta here lol.And stop trying to appropriate the alt right. 88ers are under the alt right umbrella, but they don’t fucking own it.

      • The ironic thing is the (((Daily Stormer))) types are repeating the same tired $PLC propaganda about “88.”

        The term 14/88 originally referred to David Lane’s “14 words and 88 precepts.”

        “88” has absolutely NOTHING to do with Hitler – that was made up whole cloth by the anti-whites at the $PLC, and picked up and repeated by the Jewish Joshua Goldberg set at the (((Daily Stormer.)))

        Liddell is actually quite solid on the Jewish problem – the original Alt Right breakup was because Liddell wrote an article against “Holocaust remembrance.” So is the (((Daily Stormer’s))) other hate figure, Paul Ramsey.

        The internet trolls are just doing what they do best – trolling. It’s best not to take any of them seriously – they don’t even take themselves seriously.

        Considering that the entire troll set – (((Daily Stormer))) and their sister site – is actually run by Jews (Aurenheimer) publishes Jews (Joshua Goldberg) in some cases are married to Jewish activists, and repeats Jewish propaganda constantly, it’s hard to not see them as a “plant.”

        But even giving them that much credit is too much – they are not “plants” – they are just “trolls.” It’s just internet wankery. Jews LOVE pretending to be “Nazis” online and Jews have run the entire “Nazi” movement since George Lincoln Rockwell was killed.

  • If Putin is a thug, Bush is a Scum-Thug, Obama is a Super-Thug, and Hillary is a Bitch-Thug. They invaded and murdered far more.

    • Abcdedcba

      Do you ever fucking stay on topic? Goddamn.

  • Saxon

    Ok, thanks. I just know what my beliefs are and don’t pay too much attention to “personalities”. It’s hard to keep up. What a sad state of affairs. Like I mentioned below, CC has blocked a number of my comments, but I couldn’t understand why. I’m pretty cut and dry on what I stand for. Seemed they didn’t get through because of ego? I don’t know.

    • Kameron_Iron

      I don’t think Anglin is controlled opposition. I could be wrong but he seems legit.

      • Saxon

        I don’t know anything about Anglin. I was talking about Colin Liddell. But honestly, who knows what the hell is going on? We are all here, knowing what we know, seeing what we see, but defined by people we know nothing about. Not a good state of affairs.

        • Kameron_Iron

          That was a brilliant statement.

          • Saxon

            Thank you. Obvious innit?

    • Alex Harris

      The tone is fairly intellectual at Counter-Currents. I mean this in the most delicate way possible, but do you think you were keeping up? That would be my first guess as to why something didn’t get posted.

      • Saxon

        It’s ok. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and most of my comments have gone through. But for example, when I question why a site like that would be spending time publishing a 3 part series (no less!) on a book by Dyer and then bringing Jorjani, Lucifer, Satan and the Church of the Sub Genius into the argument, it had me scratching my head. I’ve been around long enough to see the plagiarism in this particular field, repeated about every 10 years or so, so why even bother giving attention to this shite? They all seem to rhapsodize about nothing. Actually, now that I think of it, it could have been MY tone!

        • Saxon

          Anyway, I now see he removed his footnote about the Church of the Sub Genius. Interesting. My point is, with stuff like this, it’s all been done before and better. Reading through Mr. O’Meara’s critique again, it sounds like sour grapes on his behalf. So much plagiarism on both sides, it’s ridiculous.

    • john_mcclane_2094 is lying.

  • Origen89

    >”This cognitive dissonance was also the thing that got under the skin of
    the Left so much. This was because they couldn’t help feeling that Milo,
    as a rampant homosexual, should be on their team”

    I still think this was largely a right wing delusion. I’ve seen it previously with the token black conservative. “Oh man these leftists are going to be just soooo rekt when they see this black conservative. Their heads are gonna explode. They won’t even know what hit them! Their whole worldview, that everybody on the right is a racist, will just come crashing down on their heads! Hahah!”

    And yet I never saw that happen once. I never once saw a leftists see a black conservative or a gay conservative or a female antifeminist or whatever and have his head explode. It never seemed to have much of an effect at all. At most it was a very minor nuisance, that caused them to take a quick pause to denounce the said person as an Uncle Tom or some equivalent, and then immediately return to their regularly scheduled program of bashing us as a bunch of racist, homophobic, sexist, blah blah blah, etc.

    Reminds me so much of the “Dems R Real Racists” card that conservatives love to play. They think they are going to BTFO the left with this but the left is already two steps ahead of them, they just roll their eyes at it.

    • Alex Harris

      Yeah, they’re not going to stop with the “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, anti-semitic” nonsense until one of two conditions is met:

      1) The last White man is exterminated.
      2) White men sack-up and shut their insane mouths for them, PERMANENTLY. As in, there can no longer be any questioning the White race’s continued existence, sovereignty, or status in the world.

      • Ritchie Nixon

        #2 more likely. The “Manly Man gets domesticated”. That’s a hit # 1 book in 2083…It starts like this…Back in 2017 there were millions of these mm roaming the Earth, but last Tuesday, the last mm was poached by a Jewish Doctor on a hunting trip with his gay cousin in Lima, Ohio. When open hunting season started that morning, the mm was spotted and euthanized on the spot. The body was then dismembered, with the head being flown to DC and held up by the President…A transgender, partially cloned Muslim with a father from Indonesia and mother that was previously a robotic-male. The Manly Man is now extinct…never to return….

        • Alex Harris

          That’s quite the fever-dream you’re having there, Ritchie. Let me clue you in on something; There are still Sioux, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Iroquois, etc. living today, right? If the White Devil couldn’t wipe them out completely after all this time, in what alternate reality do you expect it to be possible to wipe out whites? Especially when so many of us are now hip to the game that is afoot?

          And just because you have seen the “Manly Man” made into a clown on TV for the last few decades, doesn’t mean that is reality.

  • BoboBell

    I am not totally convinced the Alt Right is the way to go. Not yet. But looking at Milo for any form of assistance was like counting upon a drunk cab driver to get you home safely from a bar. Maybe a good portion of conservatives are awakening to the truth that the tradition, house brand conservatives are not truly conservatives at all but to bring in a personality with such baggage is not the way to hold their attention. He is/was a liability and only the left banks on abnomalies to further their cause. An American pastime is to set people like him up then knock them down. Milo was simply an easier target but his explosion was particularly messy tending to cover everything he came into contact with. Whether a card carrying member of the Alt Right or not, the movement is getting covered in the goo of his destruction.

    • Saxon

      I pretty much understood that when I watched one of his speeches sipping from a dildo water container seemingly coked out of his head. Disappointing to say the least. I’m also disappointed that when you talk to the folks on the alt-right in the comment streams it’s all pointing fingers at each other. How is this a viable movement?

      • Lurker

        It’s not. I’m sad to say but the AltRight has too many flaws to be workable. It doesn’t mean that personalities in it will not rise into leadership roles in the future but the AltRight, as we currently know it, will eventually spin out of control in a series of purity spirals and infighting.

        • Mo’Hommid Chavez-Weinstein

          It certainly doesn’t attract many people who understand genetics. Put a drop of strawberry or chocolate syrup in the milk and suddenly it’s not milk anymore, but pour a whole bottle of soy sauce in it and it’s still milk? Hell, some people are convinced the soy sauce itself is milk. I’m not having it.

      • Alex Harris

        You understand that the government hires shills to stir up conflict and controversies within dissident political movements, right? I’m not saying every instance of bickering is caused by a government infiltrator, but it is a big factor.

        The Alt-Right, or some future permutation of it will definitely be viable, and definitely be successful. Because if not, the alternative is the enslavement and eventual extinction of the white race. More and more white people are going to start to realize this in the coming years.

        • Saxon

          Yes, I do understand that. But right now, there’s a bigger problem. Identity Politics (capital letters) only exists right now to exploit the white working class. It’s incredibly obvious. I am already seeing our extinction. I get it. But will the “right” white people realise it before it’s too late? It won’t happen until the Indians/Asians start building shoe-box apartments all around their pristine backyard. That’s the only thing that will change things. Even then, it’s questionable, when the “right” people benefit from it during their next 20 years of life on earth, screw their children.

          • Alex Harris

            Listen, on the topic of our much touted extinction; You should internalize the idea that you are part of an unbroken chain of life that stretches back all the way to the Beginning (whatever you believe about our beginnings, the concept I’m illustrating still holds true). Through all the wars, famines, harsh winters, random accidents, animal predation, slavery and indentured servitude, tyranny and intrigue; Your line survived. You are the culmination of all that life which came before you. Call on that collective will and survival instinct. We’ll make it.

          • Saxon

            Thanks Alex. You seem to be a good man and I’ve appreciated everything you’ve said to me. Honestly. Not sure where you live but I live in a “metropolitan” city and It’s a bit disheartening. On my way to work, my very pale skin marks me out as the minority. This has happened dramatically in the last 5 years. And the the powers that be have decided that my once lovely city will increase, goddam it because that’s what they want, another million by 2020, including advertisements announcing it with great pride. Who do you think that’s going to be? Already a heavily multicultural city being expanded by another million in 3 years. It won’t be white people. Maybe if the powers that be were still on our side, I could believe that we had a chance. Not anymore. Can you guess where I live?

  • Abcdedcba

    Excellent article. I have nothing to add really. I just wanted to mention how outstanding this is.

  • Abcdedcba

    Edgy af

  • James OMeara

    Drain the swamp? Start in Massachusetts, where they let 12 year old girls marry. No, wait, that’s our good old fashioned Puritan heritage. Never mind.

    • Aurelius

      Yes, in the 1600’s when people hardly lived past 25, yes, people married that young.

      Would you like to make a real equivalence?

      • Abcdedcba

        The low life expectancy in the past was not due to the average person dying as a very young adult.

        It was due to so many people dying as very young children.

        If you made it to your fifth birthday, you were more likely than not to live to be elderly.

        People married relatively young because they had to have a lot of kids due to the high infant mortality.

        But at no point was it common for WASPs to get married at age 12, and I doubt that ever happened. Most girls were married around age 20.

        • Aurelius


  • Anonymous White Male

    Hmm….a flaming Queen representing your agenda. What could possibly go wrong? Milo will eventually become more liberal because he is a plant and that was the goal all along. He will be publicly brought down, like McCarthy. Shook up the US with truth about the Communists embedded in positions of power and influence. Brought down with a concerted media campaign. Milo is in it for the fame and the money. He’ll settle for money.

  • Fred

    Way too optimistic. It is not about an attack on homosexuals, but on free speech that does not fit the Lefts’ narrative. Attack on breibart, Bannon and, ultimately, Trump. They will try to cut the way for any altrighters into mainstream.

  • Marathon-Youth

    The liberals are the enemy of many, including Trump, Nationalists, Conservatives, White pride, Christianity. I do not want to find a common ground with them. Having said that I also want to say

    -First off I do not much care for Milo, but he shocks both the left and the right.

    -Secondly human sexuality is a primeval act. It is sweaty, passionate, untidy and least of all it is a cerebral act.

    -Thirdly before the 20th century and in most Western nations society decided human sexuality not governments. Even church doctrine went only so far in managing this aspect of human behavior.

    -Finally in the 21st century from transgender issues and just the age of Robots we are about to embark on one of the most sexually charged times.

    -Take Robots for Sexual pleasure. Just in this field there are no bounds to human expression.

    -Whatever moral issues we may have today will change in a million bedrooms with more than a million Robots to meet every human Sexual deviation, and I will be bold enough to include Robots that look and act like underage humans

    • Albionic American

      -Take Robots for Sexual pleasure. Just in this field there are no bounds to human expression.

      That idea really pisses me off, along with self-driving cars, virtual reality and having robots do all the work. The nerds who propose these ideas as some kind of transhumanist utopia must really hate teenage boys.

      Why do I say that? In this sort of future, you would get a whole generation of adult male virgins who won’t know how to drive, won’t know how to talk to girls and won’t ever had held even an entry-level job. You would basically cut off teenage boys from having experiences in the real world where they can explore their potentials and develop skills, and as a result they would have unnecessarily diminished lives.

      And, of course, this outcome would crash white fertility, which a lot of people want to do through seemingly unrelated approaches.

      • Alex Harris

        Think about this aspect of self-driving cars; They’re sure to be connected to the internet, right? So they can be hacked. A hacker or a malevolent government (not that such a thing as a malevolent government could ever exist in reality, oh no) could run you off the road, or they could lock you in and drive you right to a police station or concentration camp. Also, Google was talking about making its self-driving cars work on a “monthly subscription” type basis. So you’re basically paying to rent this self-driving taxi for X dollars a month. Are your routes and schedules pre-planned? Do you need to get authorization to change your destination? Of course, all your movements will be tracked. And, self-driving, rented cars from Google is one more major step towards Marx’s dream of the abolition of private property.

        I think we’ve passed the point of diminishing returns as far as technology is concerned. Continuing with AI development and automation seems like a BIG mistake. I mean, just look what is happening. People are losing skill-sets, we’re losing craftsmanship and the ability to make things with our hands, we’re losing memory. (I can’t for the life of me remember 1 or 2 phone numbers anymore because I just store them in my smartphone. When I was young, I had at least 8-10 phone numbers memorized at any given time.) Ultimately, automation could lead to a scenario where the corporations basically don’t have to employ any human labor, but they will still be profiting of human consumers. It’s pure parasitism!

      • Marathon-Youth

        I agree on your take of Robots and human sexuality. I simply pointed it out. Read (and saw pictures) of the latest robots. they are life like with material the feels and looks like Human skin (not mechanical at all)
        and this is just the 1st generation of them.
        As I wrote Human sexuality is not easily managed, controlled and least of all can be simply discussed. Of all human activity sexuality is the least thing we want to discuss. partly because it is based on action not words.

  • Travis LeBlanc

    He’s a good writer when he’s not trying to start drama.

  • Sean Fielding

    There’s a major retard commenter mailing it in here, and it ain’t me.

  • Joseph Curwen

    No no, Colin is not the flagrant fag, he’s the eccentric alcoholic. Keep your cliches in order.

  • Rutger3

    Very good article! Thanx for keeping it sane!

  • Aedra Daedra

    Milo is a disgusting vulgar excuse for a human being. I’m glad he’s been put down as the sick perverted puppy he is.

  • He’s not hated except by the internet trolls and JIDF of the (((Daily Stormer))) – and only because Liddell outed the (((Daily Stormer))) as being a fake, publishing Jewish disinformation like Joshua Goldberg, and otherwise being a joke.

    The real “Alt Right” movement, outside of the troll site, doesn’t have this problem.

    They really have nothing but dozens of internet handles each.

  • Steven Grogan

    Hmmm. Going by this logic, perhaps we should get Emily Youcis to go on the tour with Richard Spencer, use the cognitive dissonance to our advantage.

  • Alex Harris

    Have to somewhat agree on Colin Liddell. He’s fairly worthless. Andy Nowicki is completely toxic. They should stay in their contrarian ghetto over on their own website. (Which I still read, for some inexplicable reason.)

    What is the deal with Radix Journal now? This new site is great, and grabbing the name “” was definitely a wise move, but is Radix going to become completely moribund now? Did Richard try to put too many balls in the air at once?

  • Rutger3

    Milo strike me as an honest and elequant person who likes to say edgy things. This campaign against him is obviously orchastrated by the left. Because they think they stand to gain from removing him. Furthermore, they strike the alt right at a place where many are sensitive, a blanket hatered of anything that can be construed to be pedophilia. And in so doing allow for the alt right to shame itself by not standing by someone who have treated the alt right decently when the alt right was a fringe movement.

    No, i do not condone pedophelia. But neither am i happy about age-numbers in lawtexts. I see in my country sweden how immigrants who are purportedly 12 years old commit henious crimes. Well, maybe they ARE 12 years old and its just in their culture or genetic makeup. I do not want them to be treated leniently just because of an agenumber. You do the crime you should take the punishment. And it is up to the victim or the victims family to give leniency. Likewise, lawbooks with agenumbers on sex is not a good thing. People mature at different times. And the age of “consent” has been the age of puberty or menstruation or somesuch throughout history since the beginning of time. And this should ideally be the jurisdiction of the family and the community and culture. To hand these things off to lawmakers is just testimony to how scuttled our culture really is. Maybe agenumbers in lawtexts are the least bad things, i dont know. But its not a good thing.

    Sure, i find homosexual sex in general and teenage homosexual sex in particular repulsive. Because im not homosexual. And sexuality is rife with predatory relationships. However, Milo pushing the boundries in this like in everything else he talks about is nothing that i would condemn him for. These denounciations and condemnations are ugly. And from what i have seen Milo is in very many respects an honourable man.