Milk, The New Symbol of White Supremacy

Turns out that milk is the new code word that White supremacists used to communicate and project their superiority upon lesser lactose intolerant untermensch.

This is an excerpt from the twenty eighth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members. Watch the entire episode here

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  • I mean Sweden survived as Sweden because it EXCLUDED itself from the rest of the world that is NOT Sweden. And Norway got independence from Sweden in 1905. How did it do this? It excluded itself from the Sweden-Norway Union.

    This ‘inclusion’ fixation is totally nuts. It is especially hilarious when peddled by elite institutions that retain their power and privilege by excluding most peoples.

    How can any system sustain itself by open-ended inclusion? Sure, inclusion can be beneficial if good things are added. But globalist meaning of inclusion means lack of discriminating standards. It means include everyone. What kind of system can sustain itself under such madness?

    Inclusion is Invasion.

    When a people say ‘include us’, it really means ‘let us invade you’.

  • Symbols and Symbolism matters a great deal. A picture of a beautiful white woman or a handsome white man, well groomed drinking milk sends a message without having to say anything. It is the same with any symbol, flag etc.

    Issue of who is lactose intolerant or not is beside the point. Reminds me of “black power” equating that with ebony. I doubt if most blacks in that movement have anything to do with the wood Ebony

    I liked the part where the guy talks of some of the earliest acts of domesticating the cow and that they occurred in places like Northern Europe with Africa being one of the last places to domesticate the cow.

    Oh yeah, I have an issue about “vegetarians” and “Vegans”. The former consumes milk and butter, some even consume eggs while the latter does not.

      • But Milk is just a symbol to whites as Ebony is a symbol of black pride. I doubt if blacks own a lot of Ebony to be proud of being black
        In the same manner whether a person is lactose intolerant or not the symbol of white milk is the issue, I think.

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