Jeffrey Tucker Goes Full SJW

  • Charlie Primero

    Excellent work! Thank you Richard.

  • Joseph Andrews


  • Y Finkelstein

    A Bow tie wearing cuck and a neckbeard who larps as a Wizard confront Richard Spencer.

    Is it any wonder why the Left fears the Alt Right and not Libertarians?

    Also, I remember Tucker writing articles about the Latin Mass on a decade ago. Is Tucker a gay Catholic paedo who prays on college and high school boys like Milo?

    • John Lindley

      Actually that picture was taken at the wizarding world of harry potter. But nice try on the neckbeard thing. Its actually 6 year Army veteran with 2 tours.

      • ThomasER916

        Quit virtue signalling you fucking faggot!

        Go back to having Leftists and Jews spit in veteran’s faces as they fight Israel’s enemies.

      • Y Finkelstein

        “Actually that picture was taken at the wizarding world of harry potter”

        That’s supposed to not sad any sadder or more pathetic?

        “Its actually 6 year Army veteran with 2 tours.”

        Good to hear you lived out your Libertarian philosophy in real life by fighting in Neocon Jew wars. Was it in Iraq where you were exposed to Islam? Was it then and there that you decided to take your larping to the next level by becoming A floor kissing, ass in the air waving Moslem?

  • Michael Snyder

    Jeffery Cucker feels safe in his SJW narrative, it’s what puts a few shekels in his pocket.
    In 10m years he will be riding what ever narrative is accepted by the mainstream.

  • Sideways Foggy

    Richard, keep doing what you’re doing – that is, making sense and pointing out the hypocrites.

    By the way, Paul Gottfried is an unbelievable fresh breath of air. (Reminds me to go a little easier on the jews & focus on their radical elements) Was he any kind of an influence of yours? (I heard he was somewhat of a mentor)

    • A. Alexander Minsky

      I was under the impression the Gottfried was the first one to use the term “alternative right”.

      • Lawrence

        Richard himself has aknowledged that, but Gottfried only coined the frase, he didn’t build a narrative around it and set the spark in motion, which is what Richard rightfully is taking credit for.

      • Gerald Martin

        Tish tosh young man. I have instructed you on this before at AmRen. Let’s not be petty. Lawrence is precisely right.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Well said Richard. I liked the part of your narrative where you state how Jeffery used the state by calling the police in order to get you removed. That captured liberal intolerance

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Tucker looks like a Jose Ferrer.

    Prof Rosenberg in Hitlers SS: Portait of Evil

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    The world needs Fascist Democracies. Like what Israel has.

    A Fascist Democracy isn’t just about blood and soil.

    It isn’t just about a nation of blood and soil protected by bullets.

    It is a nation of blood and soil protected by bullets and decided by ballots.

    A Fascist Democracy is a nation of blood & soil and bullets & ballots.

    Israel shows it is possible.

    John McCain, the cuck servant of globalism claims to be for universalism and against nationalism of ‘blood and soil’. But universalism of whose supremacy? Which group shall rule the world? Isn’t it the GLOB?

    But then, McCain is totally supportive of Israel that is premised on blood and soil and strong borders and militarism. But then, Israeli democracy is strong precisely because of unity of blood and soil and national pride. In contrast, look what’s happening to Western Democracies as they opt for Diversity and rejection of blood and soil as basis. They are falling apart.

    Democracy is good, but it must be premised on something strong like blood and soil and militant pride.

    What is good for Israel is surely good for rest of humanity, especially since all American and European leaders heap praise on Israel and its need to be a Jewish nation.

  • A hymn to Hermes

    You must remove bow-tie.

  • MylesStandish

    As a die-hard libertarian, I have never heard of Jeffrey Tucker. The alt-right hasn’t really engaged with proper libertarianism, that is, Anglo-Saxonism. This state of affairs can’t last long, and the inevitable conflict should be addressed at once: if the alt-right promotes white identity, then what of the freedom-loving identity of the true American? Ain’t I a white man? Why does this alt-right have to be so larpy and foreign-orientated? All these “trad” Catholics and Eastern Orthodox pushers are so outlandish – regular Americans are Protestant. Why would anyone bother reading this weird-looking foreigner, Evola, when our own literary tradition is so rich and inspiring?

    Real libertarianism is about wresting control of the government from our Yiddish overlords and regaining our ancient rights and liberties. The colored races have nothing to fear and everything to gain from a return to Anglo-Saxon rule. Only criminals and foreign infiltrators should fear the return of libertarian governance.

    It seems like the alt-right is putting a white mask on a jewish project and putting a target on our backs for no good reason. We’re supposed to be overjoyed that these greasy Kushners and Mnuchins and whatnot are fouling the hallowed grounds of the White House? Not I.

    Alt-right = bagels, libertarianism = burgers.

    • Albionic American

      regular Americans are Protestant.

      Some American Protestant theologies, for example the Puritans’, the Huguenots’ and the Presbyterian Borderers’, come from Continental European theologians like the Frenchman John Calvin. I guess Anglicans, Quakers and Methodists have better claims to proximate British origins for their respective beliefs, though.

      • MylesStandish

        Regardless of the distant origins of these various denominations, no one can dispute that the Protestant faith is an important cultural component of the historical American nation. Ergo, these Catholic/Orthodox pushers are working AGAINST our nation and identity.

        • TruthTeller

          I shudder to ask you if you believe that atheist or agnostic white nationalists are beneficial to the movement in general and to American whites in particular.

          • MylesStandish

            The White race is comprised of different nations, each with her own peculiar customs and character. Any doctrine which opposes the essential qualities of a great nation like our own is to be considered an enemy, even if it calls itself “white”.

            People without deep roots in this country and without blood ties to the American nation should just lay low and not concern themselves with politics.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            We have to concern ourselves with politics.

            Politics is killing us.

            If your secret Anglo-Saxon army rises up, defeats the UNIPARTY and imposes a just world order that does not threaten our people, then we would not need to be involved in politics.

            But I’m not holding your breath while I wait for you to do something. You guys have been losing for so long you have no idea what winning even looks like.

          • Albionic American

            To me, the Alt Right’s world view has become the new humanism. If humanism means a secular life stance which promotes the conditions for human flourishing based on reason and evidence, then the Alt Right’s perspective certainly qualifies; we have lots to say about human flourishing, just not the things progressive utopians want to hear.

        • Laguna Beach Fogey

          Protestantism is one of the causes of the present crisis.

          • Albionic American

            I’ve seen the argument that modern progressivism has simply secularized the Puritans’ practice of identifying, shaming and punishing witches and sinners.

    • TruthTeller

      Harping on different versions of Christianity and highlighting “Anglo-Saxonism” which is really “proper libertarianism”? Mostly every alt-right person I follow promotes the interests of whites, wherever they are. You’re overcomplicating this and it’s not productive.

      • Bantz Henriksen

        What’s more, our Anglo-Saxon character is not simply reducible to Classical Liberalism.

        Anglo-Saxon identity, law and culture precedes the Enlightenment and its spawn of Liberalism.

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Haaretz just published its Judea Declares War on Trump.

    • Johnny Fash

      First off I USED to be a die-hard libertarian. I’m getting inceasingly comfortable with labeling myself a Fascist now though.

      -Theres no such thing as the American Race. If your white your roots are in Europe. Be proud of your ancestral homeland.

      -I’m Italian-Canadian and therefore Catholic. It’s part of my Italian Identity.

      -Evola is the based god. Try reading him before judging?

      -Libertarianism has never been directly about dismantling Jewish control/power. The JQ is important to us. Libertarianism on the other hand is FULL of Jews. Always has been.

      -Only white males give a shit about Libertarianism and find it an attractive ideology. As the demographics of America change, it makes Libertarianism more and more of an unrealistic pipe dream. Preservation of our culture takes precedence over economics or “muh individual rights.”

      -Trump isn’t one of us. All of us know this. He’s the first step in the right direction, nothing more. If it was up to me all Kikes would be rounded up and deported to Israel. Let the Palestinians deal with them. Trump isn’t going to do that. Hopefully in 8 years we can get someone who will into the White House.

      Alt-Right = Filet Mignon, Libertarianism = Cold Chicken Wieners

      • MylesStandish

        “Be proud of your ancestral homeland” : America is my ancestral homeland, as my family has been here for four centuries. America is ours.

        Italians are cool, but remember to follow the old rule, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” When in the sweet land of Liberty, try not to trample on the Bill of Rights.

        • Johnny Fash

          Well I’m Canadian. And being Canadian doesn’t mean shit. So I’m an Italian Catholic.
          I get that it’s more complex than that in the States, but I don’t think American Whites should abandon their European identity for something as empty as Americanism. Their roots are rich.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            Americans who rejected the revolution.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          ” America is my ancestral homeland, as my family has been here for four centuries. America is ours.”

          It was, but you didn’t do a very good job defending it.

          Woe to the Conquered.

          Rather than continuing to embrace the ideas that caused my ancestors to lose this country, I’m looking for ideas that might actually let us salvage something from this mess.

        • Bantz Henriksen

          We are about to become minorities because classical liberal idiots like yourself put individual liberty for the common good.

      • There are some actual female libertarians besides early birds Ayn Rand and Isabel Paterson. There are the Canadian Wendy McElroy, the South African Ilana Mercer and the black Elizabeth Wright. Also, Murray Rothbard’s wife, Joey, though she didn’t publish, was an enormous help to her husband.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey

      Libertarians = potheads and pedophiles

      One of the Alt-Right’s top goals is to kill and bury libertarianism.

      • MylesStandish

        “Pedophiles” – Milo’s your boy, don’t get confused.

        As for your little plan to “kill and bury”: come at me bro. You faggots don’t stand a chance against the gun-toting, red-blooded American. Liberty and Independence forever!

        • Y Finkelstein

          Congratulations on getting 3 percent of the vote with Weed Man Gary Johnson, the high water mark of Libertarianism.

          • Johnny Fash

            “What’s a Leppo?” and fat boys doing strip teases is what Libertarianism is now. It’s a movement that doesn’t offer any solutions for saving the only race that is attracted to it. The Alt-Right doesn’t have to kill Libertarianism. It’s already dead.

          • MylesStandish

            Congratulations on shoehorning the slimiest jews in America into the Oval Office.

          • Y Finkelstein

            I really hate having this President who condemns Muslim immigration in Europe and is setting up Le Pen to win in France.

          • MylesStandish

            He’s a kosher clown, everybody knows that. He does their bidding and the white man gets the blame.

          • Y Finkelstein

            I can’t help you with your own Autism. Its an affliction many Libertarians suffer from, and it is why you all will remain a tiny, ineffective minority with weird cultish factions like Randians, Rothbardians, Austrian Economics, Goldbugs, Paultards.

        • Laguna Beach Fogey

          Libertarianism is a front for drug addicts and child molestors.

          Sexual deviants will not be tolerated.

          • MylesStandish

          • Albionic American

            No kidding. Look up the career of the libertarian degenerate Adam Starchild, who died a few years ago: sex with underage boys, financial scams, trafficking child pornography, tax evasion, and god knows what else. Yet he wrote a whole bunch of books about gaming the world’s passport system so that he could try to stay ahead of the law and evade taxes, and libertarians during his life seem to have tolerated him.


          • A hymn to Hermes

            Libertarianism is a 20th century rebranding of Anarchism, which started out with feminists, polygamists and gay rights activists in the 19th century. Modern libertarian philosophical underpinnings come directly from people like “Red” Emma Goldman and Adolf Brand. The foundations of AnCap philosophy in “self-ownership” was originally an argument about why no one can morally stop anyone else from putting things in their butt. The Libertarian Party were basically Bolsheviks at launch whose primary issues were porn, prostitution and hard drugs. They merely didn’t ‘tolerate’ Starchild and people like him. Birds of a feather flock together.

            This “right-wing” libertarianism emerged when doctrinaire Libertarianism failed to coalesce into a market/business friendly form of radical leftism and people involved with egos started gravitating to a friendlier client base of mostly southerners which has been a millstone about the neck of the Right ever since. “Right-wing” libertarianism has always been leftists practicing entryism into the Right.

          • A hymn to Hermes

            The regularity with which people like MylesStandish get exposed as pedophiles is astounding. It’s not just a meme. Every obnoxious AnCap who gets pushed on winds up melting down and declaring the sublime nature of man-boy love eventually.

        • Laguna Beach Fogey

          We’re going to make sure pedos and fags like you don’t attend our events.

          You will be thrown out, got it, faggot?

        • Crud Bonemeal

          milo explicitly identifies as a pro-western non-ethno-nationalist classical liberal

          just like you

          • MylesStandish

            Wrong. Libertarianism is ethno-nationalism for the true American nation.

            He’s a Trumpfag, just like you.

          • kenpachi55

            all u can do is try to relate us to milo. the msm couldn’t do it and neither can ur pathetic videos. what a waste of time. get a job

      • Albionic American

        Libertarians promote white sterility, following Ayn Rand’s precept and example.

    • Dan O’Connor

      White man first….Catholic, Protestant, Atheist or Pagan second.

    • ThomasER916

      If you’ve never heard of Jeffrey Tucker, you’ve been out of Libertarianism for 20 years. Furthermore, no one is LARPing here. You’re just a fucking loser.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      You guys have been losing for so long that people have simply moved on to other ideas

      Just look at a American protestantism today, it’s a joke and a death sentence for our people.

      Just look at how ridiculous the constitution people looked, picking Ted Cruz as their champion.

    • Your explanation of Anglo-Saxon liberty is wasted on the Alt Right commentariat with consists of 50% trolls and 50% LARPers.

      • Rascal

        No, we get it very much. There is a reason why the entire Anglosphere is going down, and that is because they followed the path explained in his summary. Time for something new.

        • The Anglo-Saxon world dominates the planet and has for hundreds of years. Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated.

          If we are ever overtaken by another culture, it’s not going to be fantasy “fash” LARPing.

          • Rascal

            It is going to have to be something other than fantastical muh individualism and muh universal rights which is all modern day libertarianism and the angloshpere is.

  • Merick Kaner

    Libertarian? Not how it was in the late 80’s to early 90’s.

  • Riopel

    At this point, Whites who aren’t either alt righters or at least Trump supporters are simply marxists, third worldists, and globalists, i.e. enemies.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey

      Whites have been given a choice.

      If they don’t get with the program by now, they’re either our adversaries or our slaves.

      • L.A. Beach Goys

        There’s still plenty of time before this political realignment is sorted out. The time will come when our national awakening platues and by that time we need to have a serious platform, resources, connections, influence etc. but for now people are still falling into our lap

        • kenpachi55

          every year a new group of enemies comes to age while whites grow weaker through poor diets and old age. we are already heavily armed. they catch up everyday. white kids in many areas cant buy guns for many reasons while mudskins do it legally and illegally. not to mention more and more brown drone operators being trained. all white militaries become browner and more likely to attack us. we hit our peak, we grow weaker everyday and people that think they are winning become less accepting and tolerant of the radical brotherhood we formed during trumps campaign. we will never get the vote to do anything. we just need to do it

    • Yogiguy

      Yikes! Not too sure that works since this Yogi is non of the above!

  • Albionic American

    Tucker sounds like a crazy homeless guy when he rants about how the government has ruined our laundry detergents, showers, toilets and water heaters:

    I think it matters a lot more that our government has given the country away to the world’s diversity trash who ironically don’t care as much about hygiene as we do.

    • Newfoundlander

      Remember, demographics don’t matter. Somalis love liberty just as much as Saxons. Socialism ruined Chicago. Any day now libertarians will figure out how to win the mestizo vote, and then it’s game over for the state.

      • A. Alexander Minsky

        According to the chart at the end of this video, libertarians are 94% White. That figure is probably accurate if ,as I do, one considers Ashkenazi Jews White. However, for many on this site that statistic probably deserves a second look.

        • Captain John Charity Spring MA

          Tucker has a swarthy oily look. Fat lower lip too.

        • A hymn to Hermes

          Jews are disproportionately represented among prominent libertarians but I doubt among libertarians in general. Libertarianism is false conservatism sold to conservative oriented people via a false historiography. The kinds of people invested in a piety to the vision of their apical ancestors tend to be very goyische, which is representative of most people that self-identify as libertarians.

        • Kikes are never white no matter how lightskinned they happen to be. They are racial strangers and need to be stopped dead in their tracks and expelled for the 110th time. Before they destroy our beautiful white civilisation. I am not even sure if they are truly human. They seem a lot more in-human to me. They see us as animals, cattle.

        • Yogiguy

          The question is not whether you consider “Ashkenazi Jews White” but whether they do. Never heard of anybody that is Kosher genetically refer to themselves as “white.” There may be a good reason why they change their names to sound more goyish, so to speak.

      • Abcdedcba

        I’m dead

      • Jarod

        lol Poor Stefan being defeated by a parody song.

  • David Hollizzle

    Cant find the Mises article wherein Mises’ race realism is confirmed. Can anyone else?

    • Bantz Henriksen

      I don’t know about that, but Mises did say Fascism saved Europe from Communism.

  • Aurelius

    Im violently angry.

    I feel bad for you if you dont know what that feels like.

  • Group_935

    Jeffery Cucker needs to get the message that libertarianism is dying, especially when the countries demographics change.

    • Albionic American

      And perhaps by design. I’ve pointed out the weirdness of the fact that American libertarianism derives in part from the writings of three damaged, sterile women with bad marriages. Libertarianism as a philosophy and a social movement just doesn’t give off a healthy vibe that comes from happily married, fertile white people who run their lives well.

  • John Lindley

    We will continue to be there to deny you brownshirts a platform. Fuck your racism and nationalism.

    • You’re here on one of his many platforms right now, dummy.

      • Lawrence


    • Y Finkelstein

      You’re a neckbeard who converted to Islam. Fuck your Libertarian larping lifestyle.

    • Christopher Corvino

      I’m a Latino immigrant from Brazil who supports free speech. I say fuck u and every other phony white savior sjw using so called anti racism to silence others opinions.

    • Sultan Pepper

      No, fuck you, you faggit!

  • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

    Is Radix dead now? Everything being moved here?

    • Lawrence

      Dont think so. Richard recently said in an interview: ” am the President and Director of The National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. I am also the founder and Editor of Radix Journal,, and a co-founder of the recently-launched”

      I dont think he would have mentioned Radix Journal there, if he was intend on scrapping it with the launch of But it seems it has replaced for Daniel Fribergs part.

    • Bantz Henriksen

      He’s going to use Radix for actual publications. Alt-Right will be where all the new articles come out, I believe.

  • Mark Thomas

    Yes Richard, keep it up but you really need to look at the amount of alcohol you drink. It’s obvious even at this distance that you always are drinking alcohol. You were a little bit tipsy when you made the Hail Trump comments at NPI. I could go on but I mean this sincerely. We need a leader and alcohol impedes that in you.

  • Michael Edwards

    whos Jeffery tucker? never heard of him. is this someone we should be using our time on?

  • Let the debate begin. Jeffrey Tucker, call your office.