Hysterical Antifa Says Milo & “Fascists” Want To Mass Murder Gays, Women & POC

Yvette Felarca, the violent anti-White organizer of BAMN, tells what she thinks fascism is on the Tucker Carlson show while Henrik and Lana provide commentary to go along with her absurd claims.

This is an excerpt from the twenty eighth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members. Watch the entire episode here

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8 Comments on "Hysterical Antifa Says Milo & “Fascists” Want To Mass Murder Gays, Women & POC"

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le Père Mersenne

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Now, that’s a face that deserves punching.

What a “Nasty Woman.”

In her native homeland, she would likely be gang raped and have her throat slit for saying such heinous things… But here, we exercise restraint. The society she is pushing towards, will resemble her own native society, if these Anti-White nut-jobs are not legally kept in check, for their own safety of course.


bring back jim crow.


how is this on MSM and no charges? not even fired for fuks sake


I listened to about 2 minutes of this crazy woman and her lunatic rantings. She is an example why we really do not need to pay attention so much to the liberal insanity and develop our movement regardless what nut jobs like her have to say.

Whether this pile of lunacy approves or disapproves what alternative Right does means nothing to me, and I wasted 2 minutes of my precious time on this liberal lunatic.


I can’t get over the look of psychosis in her face. I am still amazed that its so wrong to be proud to be of European descent. Western civilization is the greatest accomplishment of human history. Period. I don’t understand this liberal masochism.


This lunatic is dangerous.

Pioneer American

Not without support – supposed Milo shooting the s*t on 4chan /pol/: — while it lasts

Containing links:

Nothing criminal, but plenty of socially-unacceptable redpill.