What Will it Take for Europeans to Push Back?

Blondie asks, “What will it take for Europeans to fight back?,” and goes over a laundry list of crimes committed against native Europeans along with talking about the problem of Political Correctness.

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast is a conservative millennial dame living in the liberal hellscape of Seattle & speaking out against globalism, feminism, Islam & government corruption.



    For one, I think the title, ‘Europeans’ is misleading, as Eastern Europeans are, as a whole, behaving much much differently than are their Western counterparts.

    As to ‘what it will take’ : I don’t know. Urban Western Europe has long been awash in a kind of quasi-lazy alcoholick degeneracy.

    As long as someone does not disturb that bubbly flow, I doubt seriously that they would ever push back.

    Why push back? – would be their response to this article…

  • I think deaths won’t be enough. I think we won’t do a thing until whites are a minority and they realise they will never be able to win democratically and the country is already lost. Then they’ll walke up and go to war. That day democracy and most personal freedoms will be lost and the horrors will be unimaginable but, will be regain our soul.

  • Sounds like BintheBofB is missing a major point. A customer receives a bad meal (invasion) by a waiter (police) that’s affraid to return it to the Kosher certified chef (politician) that cooked it up in by order of the Kosher restaurant owner(EU).

    Please look up who is Barbara Lerner Spectre.

    Stop complaining about the meal. It’s the maker not the meal that’s the issue.

  • What will it take for Europeans to push back? I can only guess.

    Since the end of WW2 to the formation of the EU Europeans have lost a lot of their individualism and individual freedoms. They are close to losing almost all aspects of a nation state. Due to massive a bureacracy and an extremely powerful media Europeans are one of the least free people on the planet, especially among developed nations.

    When so many Scandinavian nations cannot even talk about their role in WW2 that is sheer oppression.
    When one includes the Bureaucracy of the EU (4 Presidents – not elected, 9 to 14 institutes, 50 agencies with thousands of regulations, and they are on top of the regulations and laws of the government of each member nation) which in total could be the most Bureaucratic system in the world.

    England started the process with BREXIT. Hopefully France, under Le Pen will follow with FREXIT. Once the (oppressive) EU is gone each European nation will regain control of their borders and immigration. If Europe manage this bit I would be happy. After that happens lets see.

    • I think its an excuse to rape and take. easy to convince dummies that don’t have anything and never get laid. they need to be shown they are better off taking from their own

  • Decades of effective, ubiquitous anti-white propaganda has put white people into a brainwashed state called “demoralization” as explained by Yuri Bezmenov in this video:

    “What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every America to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their communities, and their country.”

    Though he is talking about Marxist programming, everything he says applies to anti-white programming.

    The solution is to undo the brainwashing with effective counter-propaganda. That means repeating a consistent message over and over.

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