Radio Derb – The Spooks And The Press Collaborate Against Trump, Etc.

John Derbyshire of VDARE talks about the intelligence-media complex, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Russia, American schools, Islam and more on this week’s episode of Radio Derb.

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The spooks and the hacks. (The intelligence-media complex.) My comment: -President Trump did a lot. Rex Tillerman literally gutted the “Shadow Government” of the State department. He eliminated almost the entire “7th floor” which constitutes the “Shadow Government who works in tandem or against the established government, and recently used by ex President Obama against President Trump. -The “Tyranny of the Media” is exposed due to that press conference. The capacity of liberal elite to use the media as a weapon to manipulate DC. including election results to Fake news is now open. -I just watched some videos in “infowars”… Read more »
Rhino ✓

Derb’s “The Talk” article on and his subsequent defenestration from NRO, put me on this path.