Radio Derb – The Spooks And The Press Collaborate Against Trump, Etc.

John Derbyshire of VDARE talks about the intelligence-media complex, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Russia, American schools, Islam and more on this week’s episode of Radio Derb.

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  • The spooks and the hacks. (The intelligence-media complex.)
    My comment:
    -President Trump did a lot. Rex Tillerman literally gutted the “Shadow Government” of the State department. He eliminated almost the entire “7th floor” which constitutes the “Shadow Government who works in tandem or against the established government, and recently used by ex President Obama against President Trump.
    -The “Tyranny of the Media” is exposed due to that press conference. The capacity of liberal elite to use the media as a weapon to manipulate DC. including election results to Fake news is now open.

    -I just watched some videos in “infowars” with a gutsy reporter named Owen Shroyer, who presents a new form of journalism which engages those being interviewed and is not a passive mode for those being interviewed to say what they please without being challenged.
    A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

    -Also border control has increased and is not lumped with the ban on these 7 nations. The legal system only dealt with the ban and not border enforcement which in the Drudge (today -2/19/17) had articles where ICE included several border states. Trump’s new border regulations are extensive.

    Russia’s our enemy? Why?)
    Obama made Russia an enemy over the Ukraine which led to sanctions. .Russia responded with Counter sanctions which mainly affected NATO nations (Europe) and the other confrontation in Syria where Russia backed Damascus and the US backed the Syrian fighters. It is an unnecessary war which Europe is paying. Hopefully Trump and Putin will end the Obama debacle

    Not even wrong. (Trump Derangement Syndrome no respecter of intellect.)
    -The Office of the President can ban anyone from any nation who is not an American citizen and that includes heads of state. Liberals lost this election and by that they lost their input into DC. For 8 years under Obama conservatives by and large had no voice. That liberal lunatic in his blog can rant about anything but that is about it, a rant from a liberal who is losing any moral claim. Liberals have to learn their limitations.

    DHS, Labor, Justice: worrying signs. (Will Trump cuck us?)
    -I got a different interpretation. There is a rise in deportation and a much more stern policy is coming out (according to an article in the Drudge, American Thinker to The Hill)
    American schools for American citizens! (Too many student visas.)
    -The Chinese Students have a right to protest the Dalai Lama and the Indian students (who come 2nd to the Chinese) should have countered since the Tibetan Government in exile is in India. In addition that University should have overseen their policy on the freedom of speech for anyone who wants to speak.
    -Student (non) visas are not immigrants. They bring in large amounts of funds to our higher education and if immigration policies are strictly enforced they have to return after their education is complete. Among the benefits is student exchange where Americans go to other nations and foreign students come here.

    In my opinion America is an open society that should allow this aspect since they are not immigrants or refugees.

    Islam in Europe: the wheel turns. (Keeping up with the zeitgeist.).
    -I would take a page from South Africa to Rhodesia. Regardless if Europeans made these nations their home and regardless how many generation of Europeans were born and lived in these nations they were ultimately purged due to Nelson Mandela and the “anti apartheid” movement supported by Liberals in the US and Europe, especially on Campuses. I can say the same of Uganda and the purge of Asians and Europeans who were “Ugandans” by birth.

    if Europeans can be expelled in Africa, and to some degree, in Asia, the Muslims can be purged out of England. A precedent has already been set in Africa and Asia. People are purged for a number of reasons including being an invasive destructive force upon a nation.

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