Rachel Summers – Liberals Are Modern Day Witch Hunters

Known as the Dropout Philosopher, Rachel Summers walked away from the Ivory Tower, spent a year in a motorcycle mechanics program, and started research for her first novel, CondAmnation, in a local Harley Davidson shop. Rachel holds degrees in History, Comparative Religions, English Literature, and Philosophy. She is currently writing her fourth novel as well as articles for The Revolutionary Conservative.

Rachel joins us for lively conversation on philosophy, social issues, and esotericism. We begin by discussing Rachel’s background, including her experience in academia. This leads to a discussion on Rachel’s ideological journey, and the thinkers that have had the most influence on her. We then discuss some of the defining themes in her books, including what Rachel refers to as “antinomian mysteriosophy”; this, according to Rachel, is a process whereby socially accepted morality is flipped on its head in order to reach a new level of understanding. This show also explores many other topics, including feminism, the left hand path, modern day witch hunts, and how the totalitarian Left can be defeated.

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Rachel Summers?! AWESOME! Her arrival is a portent of the coming of the “Days of Future Past” timeline where the heroic Sentinel robots will make America great again by rounding up all the mutie scum and killin’ ’em!

Anonymous White Male
Modern liberals are no different than the Catholic Church representatives during the Protestant Reformation. They knew best because the Pope, who represented God (Ha ha ha), told them so and if a Protestant had to be killed to save his soul, well, he should be grateful, since the church knew what was best for him. Do you remember how one of the reputed tests for witches was to throw them in deep water. If they sank, they were innocent. If they floated they were guilty. I wonder if anyone ever floated? I wonder how many of those that sunk were… Read more »

What? You began with a provocative claim, then never explained it. I was disappointed

Liberals are frightened out of their minds and very angry. Their collective depression, downright fear and anger is only going to get much worse It is far more than the elections It is the end of over 100 years of liberalism. From Supreme court Nominees that could reverse decades old rulings, to every liberal policy may come to a crashing end under Trump. but it does not end there The nationalist/conservative movement is also sweeping Europe with Pro Nationalist parties pushing conservative, Christian values over liberal, multicultural EU policies For the American liberal there is no “safe place” not in… Read more »

Gee. — An anti-Christian, feminist Satanist.

Lana: “What’s the root of the destruction of Western Civilization?”

Summers: “Christianity!”

We’re going to need more boxcars.

Jusqu'au Bout

I think if you go way back into history and look at the Romans forcing Christianity on our native people as the beginning of the European/Western Fall… I guess it seems reasonable. I wonder if there is anyone who has written a historically acurate alternative history for this era? It would be an interesting read.


Satanism isn’t bad tbh. LaVeyan satanism is better than christianity in my opinion. It’s..more relaxed yet doesn’t endorse stupidity like a lot of people these days do.


Not everyone is wise enough to forego the tattoos. Be gentle, guys.

Pity of Peace
Did you see the Pussy March in Washington DC? Women dressed up as walking vaginas. Sort of makes sense in our sicko age. It used to be… women were seen as precious porcelain or chinaware. They were not to be used for just any occasion by any person. They were to be saved for the right moments. The right man would come along, one who is worthy and decent. And the woman would belong to him like his precious and priceless chinaware or porcelain. Today, women are seen as toilets. Any bunch of men should release their fluids into them.… Read more »