How the Paris Riots Started & How to End It

Electre, a French activist and nationalist, talks about the ongoing riots in France after an African man claimed he was anally assaulted by French police. She’ll tell about the current horrible conditions in France after mass immigration and what should be done about it.

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  • This is too gross to listen. I sincerely hope Le Pen wins, French nationalism defines France and these creatures from wherever are deported back to the lunatic asylum they came from

  • You can’t do anything until you are in power. Power goes to the faction that has propaganda superiority. Therefore, whatever it is you want to do, first you have to win the propaganda war and take power.

    “In power” is not the same as “in office.” Once pro-whites are in power, anti-whites won’t even be able to get on the ballot let alone elected.

  • All French Muslims and Africans need to be repatriated back to their homelands. The way to do this is to offer large sums of money ($100,000 at least) to all Muslims and Africans who return to their country of origin.

    Millions of French had to abandon their ancestral homelands in Algeria when De Gaulle closed up shop in the Maghreb.In French history, Algeria is essentially considered another province like Alsace or Franche-Comte. This is why Macron had to apologize for condemning French settlement of Algeria as a crime against humanity.

    The French now must return the favor against these rioting bastards by paying them large sums of money to leave under a new programme initiated by President Le Pen.

    • Although it’s hard to think of money better spent, that’s a pretty steep price tag. By the time any such program is implemented, France might have ten million people to pay off – a trillion dollar sum. Even spaced out over twenty years, it’d still take a hefty chunk of the French budget. It could well be the only way to form a moral majority favoring repatriation/deportation, however.

      • Repatriating African and Muslims back to their homelands with financial incentives will be expensive, but it must be done. A similar period is when Finland had severe reparations that had to be paid to the Soviet Union as a consequence for Finland allying with Nazi Germany against the USSR in World War II. The Finns banded together and paid off the reparations quickly. A similar communitarian spirit will awaken in France, the French will accept the financial costs of sending foreigners home because it will mean saving France.

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