Richard Spencer Appears At International Students For Liberty Conference

I just heard about this on Facebook.

I’m not in DC and have no idea what was going on here. I hope Richard shares his account of what transpires later, but meanwhile this is already up:

“Just moments ago, at the latest International Students for Liberty Conference, White Nationalist and Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer had a heated confrontation with FEE head Jeffrey Tucker after the former had set up an impromptu booth in a dining hall at the hotel venue.

For close to an hour prior, Spencer sat and spoke with passerby as they questioned his being at the libertarian event and his societal views at large. Spencer at various points supported the idea of using state force to protect the rightful citizens of his ideal utopia from “outsiders,” as well as spoke very cynically and distrustfully of multiculturalism — something he apparently thinks degrades culture and is therefore wary of.

Various attendees to the conference publicly shared or posted about the happening on Facebook and other social media, showing their unease. …”

Some neckbeard with a weak voice made the video below on Facebook Live:

There was a confrontation with Jeffrey Tucker:

Update: Apparently, Richard was invited by the Hans Hermann Hoppe Caucus.

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  • A neckbeard who larps as a Wizard and a bow tie wearing cuck confront Spencer.

    Any wonder why the MSM fears the Alt Right and not Libertarians?

  • Richard, you should’ve taken the opportunity to read chapters from Rothbard’s Making Economic Sense where he endorses David Duke, and concurs with the conclusions of the Bell Curve. Rothbard, Mr Libertarian, was a race realist.

  • I kind of want to be a part of Spencer’s entourage. Looks comfy. I wouldn’t mind stomping some Antifa scum or liberfagians when they step out of line.

  • The Ayn Rand cultism needs to stop in general. No cult member wants to admit that an ordinary schlub founded his or her cult, so cultists tend to pad their founder’s résumé with all kinds of unlikely accomplishments. Ayn Rand revolutionized our understanding of philosophy! politics! economics! history! psychology! the potentials of art and literature! even human sexuality and romantic love!

    Sheesh, At least this stops short of claiming that Rand also transformed our knowledge of diet, exercise and health, though cult leaders often make pronouncements in this area as well. Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard came up with his quackery called the Purification Rundown, for example. The people who knew Rand in the flesh could see, and smell, that Rand chain-smoked, ate a poor diet, never exercised, seldom bathed and lived in apartments where she let her cats spray everywhere. Considering Rand’s insistence that your moral character writes itself on your body, these facts about her neglect of her bodily condition and the environment she lived in raise awkward questions about Rand’s alleged greatness.

  • The above confrontation is a bit ironic considering that Tucker was mentored by Murray Rothbard. Rothbard was a race realist, and probably would have enjoyed Spencer’s antics.

    • There’s a split going on in libertarianism between Rothbard/Hoppe types and the “Bleeding Heart Libertarians”. The latter are winning the war for the libertarian brand, the former are increasingly coming into the NRx and alt-right folds.

  • Holy shit, Jeffrey Tucker is antifa! This brings me to a whole new level of
    anti-jeffreytuckerism. Of course JT supports the deep state, he is the deep state.

  • There are many good things about living in a society based on principles of limited government, but I would argue that this has become secondary for the many libertarians who are engaged in the futile and self-destructive task of trying to appeal to the left by attempting to reconcile their principles with a concern for social justice. It doesn’t work because leftists aren’t interested in making distinctions and probably don’t see a great difference between libertarians and Nazis, since markets are “oppressive” and anti-egalitarian. All this leftward turn does is alienate right-leaning libertarians who then swell the ranks of the alt-right.

  • Richard finally appears to repeating my point that he can take a punch and wasn’t knocked down.

    He took two hits to the face–and literally walked it off!

  • There is a civil war going on within libertarianism. Long story short, libertarians are trying to broaden their base by appealing to the left (open borders, drug legalization, criminal justice reform, and a recent tendency towards “inclusivity”). This is alienating much of their traditional base and many of these people end up in the alt-right (because, after all, libertarians tend to be educated white males.)

  • I must admit, I feel shame having passed through libertarian ideology to get here to the alt right. Though, early on I found Tucker to be a freak show when he endlessly praised his cell mates after being arrested (definitely not for soliciting gay sex in a public restroom) for some undisclosed reason. It was just so weird to me. That was the beginning of me questioning the entire premise of libertarianism and it’s troubled personalities. It still took me years to get red-pilled.

    • Libertarianism used to be interesting back when it was filled with smart, edgy, politically incorrect White men. All those smart White men have now drifted over to the AltRight.

      All that’s left in Libertarianism are the weed degenerates, trannies, and Koch funded interns.

  • Tucker still has a boner for Ayn Rand, played in this video by an aging, sterile Objectivist cat woman named Jennifer Grossman who runs the Atlas Society:

    It says a lot about the failures of American liberarianism that it derives in part from the writings of three damaged, sterile women in the last century who couldn’t form stable marriages: Rand, of course, but also Rose Wilder Lane and Isabel Paterson. And it also says a lot that Rand managed to transmit her broken model of femininity to new generations, like Grossman’s. No wonder the Rand cult has to engage in the creepy nonstop recruiting of teenagers and college students from normal people’s families to keep their cult in business as the childless older Kool-Aid drinkers die off.

    • Rand’s marriage lasted for several decades, so I think it is accurate to say that her union to Frank O’Connor was stable. It is true the marriage was unconventional in the sense that Rand carried on an affair for several year’s with her young heir apparent Nathaniel Branden- with the full knowledge and reluctant approval of O’Connor.

      • Yeah, but look at the way she treated her husband, an Irish-American named Frank O’Connor who let his wife cuckold him. She also romanticizes infidelity in her novels. Rand represents the sort of degeneracy and social failure that a healthy white patriarchal ethnostate would discourage and stop.

        • As a confirmed bachelor, this really isn’t my area of expertise. However, I think it could be argued that a marriage can be simultaneously stable and non ideal.

  • While there are exceptions (such as our own Richard Storey) most libertarians believe in the magic dirt theory. They believe that we can bring in third world hordes who in their own countries vote for various socialists and communists but once here will become Jeffersonian advocates of liberty and limited government, and with full adherence to the non-aggression principle. They are unwilling to admit that the most likely consequence of replacing our population with a third world people is that we will get a third world government with third world living standards.

    In that video they had a libertarian insisting that we a are not a European country. Well, no, not geographically, but ethnically and culturally we were very much a European country, at least up until a couple decades ago. Now we’re supposed to act as though we’re embarrassed by that fact.

    • These people seem to actually think that if anarcho-capitalism just happened to brake out over the whole world that people wouldn’t naturally group up by race, ethnicity, and religion. They are completely unaware of human nature and reality.

    • Libertarians believe in both the Magic Dirt theory and the Magic Carpet theory — the idea that the government can be independent of the people and culture over which it governs. A “libertarian” state only becomes possible when you have a high trust culture with self-reliant people who value their autonomy.

  • Deracinated politics and economics always attracts the autistic White cucks, like a moth to a flame. It must satisfy some psychological needs they have, making them feel safe and superior. Richard Spencer merely has to show up and the cucks will sperg. They will appear indistinguishable from trash-can tipping Antifa.

    • Richard DOES NOT need to get in anyone’s face. RS need to stay alive, healthy and not in jail. But yeah, that would have been fun to watch 🙂

      • We’re talking libertarians here. The worst that could have happened is that they could have slapped Richard to death with their hankies.

  • I bet a single alt-righter could destroy this room full of low T betas using nothing but his fists. I would certainly like the opportunity to try.

  • Holy shit libertarians are autistic and low-info. “WHAT HOW CAN THE US BE AN EUROPEAN COUNTRY ITS NOT IN EUROPE HEUHEUHEE”

    • These anti-White libertarians have no right to the Founding Fathers. Every single Founding Father and every single President from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln was a White Nationalist. I don’t understand why so many people want to LARP about foreign regimes and foreign history when our own history and our own tradition in the United States is 100% White Nationalist.

      • This confrontation appeared to take place in a restaurant located in a hotel. The pictures of the Founding Fathers weren’t placed on the wall by the libertarians in attendance, and said libertarians weren’t necessarily claiming a “right” to the Founders.

        • Yeah except they constantly cite them to buttress their arguments. They just leave out the ethnonationaiist aspect.

        • But I thought images of the Founding Fathers have become the visual equivalent of racist hate speech or something.

  • Jeffrey Tucker and his little posse are the most annoying people in politics. They should have thanked him for showing up. That is the only reason I even heard about the event.

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