Richard Spencer Appears At International Students For Liberty Conference

I just heard about this on Facebook.

I’m not in DC and have no idea what was going on here. I hope Richard shares his account of what transpires later, but meanwhile this is already up:

“Just moments ago, at the latest International Students for Liberty Conference, White Nationalist and Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer had a heated confrontation with FEE head Jeffrey Tucker after the former had set up an impromptu booth in a dining hall at the hotel venue.

For close to an hour prior, Spencer sat and spoke with passerby as they questioned his being at the libertarian event and his societal views at large. Spencer at various points supported the idea of using state force to protect the rightful citizens of his ideal utopia from “outsiders,” as well as spoke very cynically and distrustfully of multiculturalism — something he apparently thinks degrades culture and is therefore wary of.

Various attendees to the conference publicly shared or posted about the happening on Facebook and other social media, showing their unease. …”

Some neckbeard with a weak voice made the video below on Facebook Live:

There was a confrontation with Jeffrey Tucker:

Update: Apparently, Richard was invited by the Hans Hermann Hoppe Caucus.

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